"You are missing those people when you think about it!" Bare gave her a hint again.

"What’s going on? Look at his expression. What is it then? He said that there are some people who are missing? " Yan Ran suddenly exclaimed, "Oh, I see, it’s …!" while filtering the brains of the leading members of Xuanyuan League in my heart.
Touch touch! !
Just as Yan ran wanted to express his thoughts, the duke mansion suddenly interrupted Yan ran with six consecutive impacts, and then six figures came out of the duke mansion and hit the ground motionless.
"What’s going on!" Everyone was surprised to see that the ring had just been heard in the castellan’s mansion. Everyone’s heart sank. They were attacking the help token. The help token was destroyed.
When I saw the six bodies that fell to the ground, my heart was full of question marks again.
"This is …?"
"See, this is your guess idea. If it is confirmed, I will know that my wife is very clever and will be able to guess." Bare, proud of her nose, scraped a generous compliment.
"Hate who is your wife! Hum, miss cong, tell me! !” Yan ran, climbed a little unnatural purples, stretched out his hand and patted bare’s restless pig hand with a proud white look. Even so, his heart is still very sweet and praised by his heart. What woman will be unhappy! !
Seeing Yan Ran’s charming expression, bare, can’t help but stay. Seriously, it’s beautiful and attractive now. At this time, Yan Ran has a special temperament that makes bare have an impulse to kiss her deeply. If there are not thousands of people who have to enjoy it before watching bare.
Of course, if you want to enjoy this or not, go to the corner and squat automatically! !
"What are you looking at?" Seeing bare, silly, looking at himself motionless, smiling, shy, charming, and blushing, how could she not know what he was thinking? Although it was no secret that they had accepted it in their hearts, he was still shy.
"I …!" I haven’t waited for bare to say what I think. At this time, hundreds of people walked out of the broken door of the Duke’s mansion, and all of them were elites. The elites were the leaders of the strongest players in Xuanyuan League. Of course, we should guess who it was.
Chapter 462 Xu Tianqian humble (two more)
He just disappeared from the battle before he saw the deputy Wang Xu Tian (absolutely arrogant). How could he be in the duke’s house? This is not only that everyone is puzzled, but even Yan Ran wonders that he was ordered to stay here and didn’t find Xu Tian when they went in!
The specific situation has to start from the beginning. In the early stage of the war, Bare received information that a large group of unruly players and gang members were gathered outside. At this time, Bare had a bad feeling in his heart that things were not so simple and he could not guarantee that no one would take this opportunity to attack, but Bare had great confidence in his brothers.
Therefore, I arranged for Xu Tian to secretly select some business experts to quietly lurk in the Lord’s mansion. No matter what happens outside, I must strictly observe the help token from being damaged. In fact, this arrangement has another meaning, which is not just as simple as defending others from making trouble.
Another meaning is that if there is any mistake or a monster breaks through the defense line, they will play a corresponding role. Although these people have more than 100 people, their fighting capacity is absolutely not bad, and it is impossible to break into it in a short time.
It is said that the six thieves rushed in with confidence after smashing the door. One of them dressed in gray was excited. "Eldest brother, we have made great contributions to winning Xuanyuan City. I don’t know what reward Wang’s old man’s house will give us."
After hearing this, the thief called Big Brother walked over and said, "I don’t know what reward Wang will give us. One thing I do know is that this time we are completely right with Xuanyuan League, and I’m afraid they won’t let us go easily."
"What’s the big deal about this Xuanyuan Union? We will be afraid of them! They’re just a little bit lucky. They just hit the help token first. Let’s kill the God Union, but it’s not bad at all. If it weren’t for our late help, they wouldn’t be arrogant. "The thief in gray didn’t take Xuanyuan Union seriously. I don’t know why he was so arrogant.
"That is, what is their Xuanyuan League is far from our Wang!" Several other people agree with that idea of the thief in gray.
"Shut up! Is that what you should talk about?" When the eldest brother heard that the thief in gray had revealed his identity, he was cold and scolded severely
Paused and then added, "Do you know what? If you really want to say that, they would have been destroyed long ago. Can you still successfully establish a compound? You don’t even dare to look down on them with your help …? Hum! Let’s get to work. "
"Yes!" Others are crony to Nuo Nuo.
"begin! !”
Just as they ran to the building help token, a sudden change gave birth to a surprise. After a hundred attacks, the cover was guarded against six thieves. I never dreamed that there was an ambush here, but I was caught off guard for a while and didn’t panic and dodge. But after all, it was very narrow here, where were so many large-scale attacks?
Touch! This kind of blow hit them one by one, even if they are elites, they can’t resist such a fierce blow. What’s more, they are not ordinary players, not inferior to them at all. In this way, six thieves were led by Xu Tian before they came to fight back. The body was thrown out and smashed in front of those thieves who were responsible for defense outside.
And those thieves who are fighting among players in Xuanyuan League are shocked enough to be left dead. Looking at six incomplete bodies, they know that this failure means death, and their faces are frightened. But instead of giving up resistance, they are even more fierce and don’t kill everyone.
As we all know, it’s okay for thieves to engage in assassination and sneak attack, but if they fight head-on, hehe, it’s no different from that egg touching the stone. What’s worse, it’s just an instant thing to destroy them with a lot of stones without granite hardness.
After coming out of the castellan mansion for many days, they directly killed those people who were still dying without looking, and those thieves who were struggling desperately were unwilling to fall down.
"Ha ha, I said, brother, it’s really not human to arrange this job for me!" Xu Tian walked quickly towards bare and complained, "I can’t help but watch you fight outside the siege monsters and we can watch the urgency in our hearts. Don’t really want to rush out and participate. If you don’t think of your command, you almost couldn’t resist."
Although the players behind Xu Tian didn’t speak, they could see from their expressions that they thought the same as Xu Tian.
"Haha, it’s a good thing you didn’t do that, otherwise …!" Bare, up to no good looking at xu day all smiles.
"Don’t, don’t … don’t look at me with that expression. It makes me feel bad!" Know bare, many days to see his malicious expression in the mind a burst of nerves hurriedly stop way
"Eh, why don’t you care if my wings are hard now?" Bare smile is more insidious expression.
"Ahem! Eldest brother, eldest brother, please spare me. If I am wrong, please spare me the lost lamb! " Xu Tian saw bare face more guilty now, and quickly apologized to admit his mistake, otherwise he didn’t know what was waiting for him.

"ah? The first priest will not be surpassed by the first priest? " Xiao Yu obviously can’t believe what I said. "Look at the leaderboard and come out after updating." I have played the leaderboard myself. Now we haven’t seen what is on the leaderboard.

Rank ranking first flying soul mage level 1 second hidden id summoner level 14 third cold front warrior level 14 fourth riding pig to see beauty knight level 13 fifth fighter enemy warrior level 13 sixth fighter double warrior level 13 seventh Haotian shooter level 13 first fire mage level 13 ninth despising Qingyun mage level 12 tenth crazy riding knight level 12 until five people are half level 12, and the names on the ranking list are really old knowledge. Most of them are the first to change jobs. The second hidden id of the gang should be kept low-key, but I don’t know the last three names, but it’s hard to meet Lin Hao after he is a mage. It’s not bad that he is actually level 13.
The first fate in the equipment list guides the artifact owner to fly, the second dark blade epic owner hides the id, the third psychic staff epic owner hides the id, the fourth to the ninth are all epic equipment, and all of them should be career-changing rewards. The first is epic equipment, and the second and third rewards are added. The epic equipment and my artifact occupy the top nine places in the equipment list, and the tenth is gold equipment. It is estimated that most of them are job-changing rewards, and my magic cloak ranks fourth in the list of gold equipment departments such as Mole, Crown Rat, Wang Jian, Snake Bone Staff, etc. md, can you not envy us
Looking at the leaderboard, we ranked first in 1942. Of course, there are 15 rewards for changing jobs until the top ten. There are almost no exceptions. The first one is to change jobs, and the last one is expected to be more than 7.
The helper of the money list is a guy named Caiyuanguangjin. The total amount of gold coins has reached more than 24. It is estimated that some consortium or aristocratic guy bought some gold coins, but the little gold coins we have left can’t be discharged.
After reading several lists, I quickly set the name as hidden. Although everyone knows that it is flying, we can’t let you know anything good later, and most people haven’t seen me. Except for the stationary knight and the cold front, I don’t know that it is the coquettish guy on the list.
"Flying you you you are the first to change your job? No wonder you don’t let others know that you are showing off in this ranking or hiding your career, but after great, my level and equipment depend on you. "
"Of course, no problem. I said that you are the first priest and no one can surpass the first priest. Let’s go and I’ll take you to a place." I took Xiaoyu’s hand and ran quickly in the direction of advance payment
A few minutes later, I came to the store with a light rain. Jeter saw me coming in the store and ran quickly. "Hello, boss, you’re here. Great. Now everything in the store is ready. Just wait for you to decide what the name of our store should be. I’ll customize a plaque and hang it, and then we can determine a time. In addition, we need you to price some things. Our store is not available yet."
I told Jeter a hard time and then said to Xiaoyu, "This is my first shop. There are still two plots of land in other places where there is no money to get a shop for the time being, but it will be ready soon. I will show you here first. By the way, Jeter, I’ll get back to you later. Now you can get your life and professional friends and wait for a while. I’ll meet them and talk to them."
After that, I took Xiao Yu’s hand and walked to the floor, but Jeter stopped. As soon as I said something, I went to work by myself. I took Xiao Yu to introduce the way to the second floor, the third floor and the fourth floor, and then I took her to the fifth floor. I don’t know what the fifth floor was decorated in the end, but I was also curious.
I came to the door of the fifth floor. I slowly pushed the door and took a light rain and walked in. The screen was a big screen. The screen was a landscape painting. I don’t know where Jeter got it. I don’t know if there is a painter’s career in the game. This painting sounds good. It’s spacious to bypass the screen. The living room is spacious. The sofa and coffee table are slightly higher. There is a big high-backed chair with pots of bonsai in several corners. The ceiling is also lit with a magic light. There is a door two steps behind the door. It should be the bedroom.
Looking back at Xiaoyu, this girl is already in a state of sluggishness. I dragged her to the back of the living room, pushed the door and entered the bedroom. When I saw the bedroom layout, I sighed that Jeter had found the talent and the bedroom was like this! More than half of the whole bedroom is a super big bed, and the bed is covered with pillows. There are two sofas and a small coffee table beside the bed. On the other side, there is a safe facing the street wall and a window, and curtains are carefully hung.
At this time, Xiao Yu looked at the environment here, his face flushed and his eyes looked strange. It felt a little wrong to look at me. Xiao Yu didn’t come with me before, and I was afraid that Xiao Yu might misunderstand. I really didn’t know this. I planned to leave a private lounge on the fifth floor, but I didn’t expect Jeter’s decoration to be like this. Well, after we go, I’ll set it up for you and play games. You can come here to rest at any time when you are tired.
After that, I looked at Xiaoyu Xiaoyu and looked at my expression. First, I smiled and bowed my head shyly. Then I said in a low voice, "Lu Yang, after I know, this is our home in the game. Well, I am the hostess here, and if you behave well in the game, we can rest together."
What? Rest together? I was overjoyed. I held Xiaoyu in my arms and excitedly tried to say, "Xiaoyu, why don’t we ~ ~" Before I finished, Xiaoyu pushed me and ran away with a smile, and then said to me, "Now it depends on your performance. I will consider it right. Lu Yang, you should have spent a lot of thought in making this store. You are really a business genius."
I didn’t think about what I would really do with Xiaoyu here now, that is to say, I didn’t lose anything because I refused. Listen to Xiaoyu’s praise for me. This is just a business genius who is used to doing business in many advanced places in reality. "This is just copying reality. I just did it first in the game, and it is much lower to do it in the game."
"You haven’t faced up to this game yet. Now this game is not just a game. It’s so thin. Welcome is really a part of adult life. Many things in it are actually no different from reality. In the game, the requirements for enjoyment will be higher. Many people will think that it is not necessary to do so well in the game, and they will not spend so much time on upscale, but these people are all wrong and regret it too late. You will do this in the first step. Your store will first come into the minds of players, and its popularity will soon rise, which will be of great help to future generations."
I didn’t expect this girl to have a really sharp eye, and judging from her confidence in her words, she always has a good eye and a good business mind, but it’s no wonder that she grew up in a family environment and is bound to have a superhuman keen eye and sense of smell.
"Well, let’s go. I’ll arrange a place where things are right. The signboard isn’t there yet. Xiaoyu, would it be better to help you think about a name?"
"Well, how about your first store called Yuanyang?" Xiaoyu thought about it and said that it is really good to spread it. Anyway, I can’t think of anything good. "Let’s spread it. Now there will be a spread firm in the first few main cities and the imperial city of Wangcheng, and there will be a spread auction house one after another." At this time, I will develop the power and economic foundation in the game in the future.
Chapter 5 dealing with NPC life professional skills division
I came to the third floor with a light rain. This place is spacious and has a simple sofa. Jeter, as I told you, this place is reserved for life professionals and grandmasters.
Jeter quickly found and brought a group of np life professionals. I politely asked everyone to sit by Jeter’s introduction to the tailor profession, one master and one master. The alchemy profession consists of three people, two masters and one master; Cooking profession consists of three people, two masters and one master; Pharmacy profession consists of four people, two masters and two masters; Instrument division is both a master; Four architects, one master and three masters; The appraisers are both masters.
A whole person exceeded the original expectation. I looked at Jetjet, and I was a little embarrassed to say to me, "Boss, there are some people in Gotham who are willing to help the boss reach the master level. I haven’t brought them for the time being. If there are enough people, I won’t call them."
"Well, I’ll talk to the masters first. By the way, let’s call Yuanyang Firm after our store. You can make a plaque and hang it in our store one day." I ordered him after hearing Jeter’s words.
Jeter should leave, and I turned to these masters with a smile and said, "You are all real professionals in Gotham. First of all, I thank you for coming here today, because my business really needs the help of professional masters. Of course, if you can decide to stay after our talk, I can guarantee that everyone will be glad to be here today."
"Dear Mr. Wise Man, let me get this straight. We are all able to develop in our own professional fields when we come here. Because Jeter told us that you are a powerful and mysterious adventurer from different worlds and won the Medal of Wise Man from the Empire, we believe that you can give us what we need for experiments and practice before we come here. Of course, maybe Jeter also told you that our life is not very comfortable. If you can meet our needs and give us a certain amount of gold coins, we will promise to help you here."
"Well, what’s the name of this old gentleman?" I smiled and asked the old man, "Respect the wise man, I am a master alchemist of Howard." The old man replied, "Hello, Master Howard, I am very glad that you can tell me these words frankly, and I agree with you that I am a wise man. I swear to you that if you join my firm, I will let the firm collect all kinds of materials you need for your experiments and exercises every day. I sincerely hope that you can achieve a higher level of return in your field. I believe Jeter told the fight that I will not. I mean to give you how many gold coins each month, but I decide that everything you make in the firm can get a certain return after being sold through the firm. Of course, if you are willing to fix how many gold coins you take each month instead of working for a bigger return, I will respect your opinions. By the way, it may be difficult for you to understand our mutual meaning and enjoy the benefits now, so I can show you a contract. After reading it, you can sign it with me if you want, so you won’t worry that what I said is cheating you. "
I brought up a notarized labor contract for the brain, made some modifications, and gave it to every master and grandmaster present. When I saw Xiaoyu’s doubts, I also gave her a copy. After reading the contract, Xiaoyu smiled at me with great meaning and sent a message in my friend’s newsletter, "Lu Yang, you are so insidious."
I smiled frankly at this. Actually, it’s nothing. In this so-called contract, I didn’t specify that every professional works here, because these people, including the post-convergence professionals, will be assigned to various city businesses to do different things. In it, it is written that the professionals want things, and the businesses buy all kinds of materials every day. At the same time, all the business materials are made into things. Professionals can’t leave the business. They must be handled by the business during the contract period. Professionals should cooperate with the development of the business. We need to help as much as possible, and we must never give technical support to other forces without the permission of the firm. If the firm finds a suitable profession, it can compensate similar professionals for their study and research, but professionals can’t give their skills to people outside the firm, and each professional has a lounge besides his own laboratory and work in the firm. No one will be assigned 3~5 apprentices to command in the future.
In addition, the master can get 5 gold coins directly every month, and the master can get 1 gold coin and 1% reward from the sales profit of his own products. In addition, for each new product that is equivalent to his own professional level, he will get 1 and 2 gold coins respectively, and the sales income will be 5% separately. Because of the special professional characteristics, the architect will receive a 2% reward when he is hired.
I watched the professional masters and grandmasters, a group of old men and women slowly read it and discussed it. Finally, the two appraisers looked at one of me and asked, "So are our appraisers not prepared to accept it?"
"Of course not. I’m also a master appraiser. I’m pursuing what one appraiser wants. I have special plans for the two masters. We can discuss them in detail." I looked at them and said sincerely, "Oh? Dear Mr. Wise Man, are you also an appraiser? " When they heard that I was also an appraiser, they were surprised and asked, "Did I learn the technique of absent-mindedness many years ago by coincidence, or is it that the master has not yet reached the highest level?" I said modestly, "Divination?" Oh, my god, you learned the divination? That’s a god-class appraisal skill. You are really mysterious and powerful as Jeter said, so we are willing to accept the conditions to join your firm in the hope of discussing the appraisal skills with you. "
"Thank you for discussing with two masters. I believe it will be of great help for me to set my skills. I will talk to you in detail about some specific matters later." Then look at others. "So what do you think? If there is any dissatisfaction, I hope everyone can point out that we can discuss it again. "
"Dear wise man, the conditions you gave are very reasonable, and we are all very satisfied. We are willing to sign a contract with you." Alchemist Howard promised to come on behalf of everyone.
"Well, then we will sign this contract together, and then I will give it to the imperial royal family for notarization to ensure its effectiveness."
Everyone was even more happy when they gave it to the royal notary. They promised to come and pick me up. I signed a good contract with them one by one and looked at them happily. I was also very happy in my heart. It was really a bargain.
"Two old gentlemen, now we can talk about it." To solve the others, I have to start to solve two appraisers.
"Great, then please arrange it, and we will definitely cooperate with you." The two people’s consciousness is too high. "Well, I hope the two old gentlemen can buy equipment and some special things in our firm’s exhibition material acquisition and equipment acquisition industry."
Then I talked with the two people for a long time, in fact, it was to ask them to do nothing. What they needed to do was to identify the equipment, but it was in the firm, and the identification was unfair, that is, to identify the number of equipment in their hands first, but they could not really publish the attributes, and then to rate the equipment. I divided it into one to four levels.
First-class ordinary deviation (for example, the price is lower than that of unverified equipment after adding an attribute-free bronze equipment) Second-class ordinary three-class ordinary refined four-class super-businesses purchase equipment at a unified price. After the super and refined purchases, the appraisers will identify it by two appraisers, and the appraisers will get 2% of the value of the equipment. Ordinary and ordinary deviations will not be identified directly.
The firm also appraises and appraises 5% of the value of the equipment, which can be paid directly after appraisal, or the equipment can be put in the firm for sale and then collected, and the appraiser can get 2% of the return. Of course, in this case, there is 5% for sale, but the seller is not worried that the firm will sell the equipment at a low price and earn less because it sells the equipment at a low price.
For me, the two appraisers gladly accepted this arrangement, so that they can keep in touch with some advanced and high-quality equipment, which is helpful for their high appraisal technology and good income. The most important thing is that I promise to take out the divination technique and study it with them when I reach the master level.
Chapter 51 Consignment Guild Token
Jeter, who sent a group of life professionals, has come back for a while and told me that the plaque has been completed and brought back. I told him all the arrangements for the professionals and asked him to continue to invite more np professionals to get back the title deed and real estate license from him. Now the real estate license has been revised in the government hall and turned into a shop.
Then set Jeter as the shopkeeper of the firm and put him in charge of things here, and then set up a special guest in Xiaoyu to withdraw 1% gold coins from the highest firm’s funds in the firm and freely enter and leave the lounge on the fifth floor. Of course, there is no limit to the safe on the fifth floor because it belongs to a private safe, and all other safes can’t be opened except the owner.
Immediately after leaving the store, I ran to the warehouse with a light rain, taking out all the equipment inside, helping me to pack some left, and there were many left in the warehouse. After I directly connected the warehouse with a private safe, I stopped running the warehouse and took a light rain directly in the safe. Looking at so many advanced equipment, I lost my thinking ability. I smiled at Xiao Yu mysteriously and pulled her to the store.
Give the equipment department to Jeter and ask him to clean up these equipment departments before going into business. Whiteboard suits and bronze equipment are placed on a container whiteboard, and a container is reserved to sell unidentified equipment at the back of the container. Two pieces of silver and gold are placed in the viewing-only display cabinet every day, and the rest are placed in the advanced display cabinet on the second floor. I also told him the pricing standard and asked him to buy the equipment for reference, so that the price can be fixed by himself.

What are we going to do now?

There are only four people left in the department, such as Chengyi and others. Cheng Yin was wronged because he was too close to the gate and was shot dead by an arrow from Larocca.
The more Han Sui thinks about it, the more he feels that his body has lost strength and his horse is getting slower and slower. His face is as pale as his beard and hair color.
"Han Gong stays in the green hills, so we can find a small tribe to settle down temporarily and come back for revenge as soon as winter is over."
See Han Sui has finished like a walking corpse idea around only a few people have said.
"Whatever. I’m so tired now."
Killing and killing Han Sui, who was ambitious, finally found that everything he had got was not important, but those he had ignored were no longer available.
Family and friendship!
And now it’s about to welcome this season, winter, maybe the winter of life, and there are so many defeated soldiers who are always in fear!
Maybe they will sell themselves as well.
But it doesn’t matter.
Snow has been swirl up.
Unlike Jiangnan, the northwest snow lasts for many days, and the snowflakes are as big as goose feathers, heavy and not as gentle, slender and full of girlish beauty as Jiangnan snow.
Xiping county will definitely not be able to go back. In that case, he will either starve to death on the road or freeze to death alive.
However, the good news is that less snow can stop the same thing. Since they are also biological mothers, can Feng Zhang be afraid of such heavy snow?
Besides, heavy snow can cover up the traces of one’s own army.
The snow is getting stronger and stronger, but it seems that it has stopped. It is like someone throwing it into the ground, and it is so dense that you can see a few meters around.
Soldiers have crowded together to gather warm weapons, and most people have thrown them away. In such a cold day, if the body is in direct contact with metal objects, the snow will stick together as soon as it melts, and if it is divided, it will tear a bloody layer of flesh.
I don’t know how long I’ve been walking, but I’ve lost my way. If it weren’t for the snow, I’m tired and hungry, the soldiers would have mutinied.
No home, no food and drink, no rest, no shelter from the snow, just eating by fighting hard. Why does the northwest people follow you, Han Sui?
It’s not like they can get paid, jun!
Han Sui felt that there were thousands of eyes on his back, and he stayed like a knife and fork, ready to dismember himself at any time, but when he looked back, no one looked at him.
Is it an illusion?
"There’s someone in front!"
I don’t know who shouted that the soldiers were hungry, and they stepped on the thick snow layer to see it.
Maybe I met some small Qiang tribe.
But the soldiers rushed forward first, their eyes were afraid, and then they came back, and their faces were written with despair!
It’s Marten!
Thousands of people in Marten suddenly appeared in front of Han Suijun like ghosts, and no one spoke as if no one was panting. It was not until Han Suijun approached them for more than ten meters that he found an army standing quietly here!
The horse-shaped banner is covered with a layer of snow like their thick fur hats and fur jackets, and it is like ordinary rocks, so you can’t find it until you get close to the roots.
It was not until then that Marten moved and shook the snow, and a snowflake fell straight.
Look at him wearing a furry fur hat and a thick warm fur coat, everyone’s eyes are on fire and they can’t wait to help him strip from head to toe.
The soldiers behind Marten did the same. At this time, they moved a few steps and shook off the snow. They were dressed exactly like Marten, wearing thick fur coats.
Shivering with the cold of Han Sui soldiers is simply the difference between heaven and hell.
Want to rob? I dare not. Marten soldiers are covered with cloth so that they won’t stick to their skin.
"Brother Boyue has been waiting for a long time."
Marten tone has a playful tone in it. Han Sui understood it as soon as you listen. It seems that today is doomed.
"Shoucheng can’t believe that even you … it’s just that it’s the best ending to die at the hands of your brother, but please let Shoucheng go of my hand before he dies."
Those soldiers whose teeth were shaking with cold suddenly felt a strange warmth in their hearts. When Han Sui was at the end of his tether, he still wanted to save their lives!
"Han Gong …"
Some soldiers sobbed, and the tears were frozen as soon as they got out of their eyes, and they were set in the corner of their eyes like a broken diamond.
Han Sui side Yang Qiu, Liang Xing heard Han Sui through sigh opportunity novel "I’ll get close to Marten, you Ma Chong in the past, so that he can live".
Both of them are one leng. I can’t believe that Han Sui actually thought about fighting for his life at this time and nodded his head.
I, Han Sui, can’t be so timid even if I die! I’ve killed many people in the northwest for decades, so I don’t know how many people have been killed.
"Brother Boyue, don’t blame me for being a brother. Come on, my son Meng Qi has been in Cao’s prime minister. And secondly," Marten raised his head and his eyes were completely big. "I’m Ma Shoucheng, not you! I married a wife in my life, and I loved her more than you killed her! I swore that I would have to avenge her in my lifetime! Not yet renewed! "
"Right now!" Old Han Sui took advantage of Marten’s impassioned expression to pull out his sword and rushed to him. He knew that the two generals around him would come back together and all the troops would beat these thousands of people to death even with their bare hands.
Sure enough, Liang and Yang Er will do it, but they will all target Han Sui.
Liang Xing cut Han Sui’s whole horse’s ass with one knife, and Yang Qiuze was shot in Han Sui’s throat!
Han Sui is really didn’t expect even the two men betrayed him!
"Han Gong! You want to die! Nobody wants to die! It’s no wonder that you have today. "

The director immediately gave a close-up commentary to the two mecha, and lost no time in saying, "Hello everyone outside the venue. This is the personal finals of the line competition. Now it is the late finals. We see that the two finalists have arrived at the scene and are ready to fight."

"I think everyone is very familiar with these two people, but I still want to be a player here to introduce two finalists. On the one hand, Wang Tianping, the squadron leader of the first-person frenzy squadron, is well known. Wang Tianping has always led the rank list and has never been from the first position in the rank."
"Moreover, players who have been playing games for many days must have heard his name many times in the announcement, and this time, Wang Tianping showed us his superb first name, which is worthy of the name."
"On the other side, the squadron leader of Phoenix-Yunfei Phoenix Squadron is also a well-known player. After occupying Wang Tianping for a long time in the rank list, he is also a top player who often comes to announce."
This is the end of Yunfei’s introduction, which is much shorter than Wang Tianping’s. This is also a very naive explanation. If he can, of course, he also wants to say more, but how do you say the information Yunfei received? Always one step behind Wang Tianping? Ten thousand years old? Always following Wang Tianping’s ass?
It’s hard to say. Yunfei did have many brilliant achievements, but his brilliance was covered by Wang Tianping’s huge aura. He could say that Wang Tianping should be added to the export base, and it would be fun rather than introduction if he said it.
Yunfei’s introduction ended in a hurry, but Yunfei himself couldn’t hear other sounds outside the venue, otherwise I don’t know if it would affect his state.
The random completion of the terrain gave the narrator a sense of anxiety, and there was nothing to say. The narrator immediately focused on this side to distract the audience
"We saw that the terrain environment of the first battle has randomly completed the standard gravity of gravity environment, which is the simplest and most common gravity environment, and it has no bonus and influence on both sides."
"Terrain environment There are not many obstacles in the mountains, but the huge mountain peaks are obstacles. The terrain is not complicated, but it can’t be considered as a wilderness. It seems that neither the patrol nor the arbitrator has obvious advantages and disadvantages."
"The climate is cloudy in the daytime, and it has no influence at all. We see that the random terrain is very interesting, and it is a very fair terrain on the surface, which has little influence on either side. From this point of view, this first battle will become a positive contest between the two sides."
There is nothing wrong with the explanation and analysis. The standard gravity mountain is cloudy, so the terrain can be a strength collision for the patrolman and the arbitrator, but it is obviously not very satisfactory for the two fighter pilots who like to go to the brain.
But this is all a unified decision, and the law has changed. Two people can also think about how to play in this terrain to take the initiative. Just in the different thoughts of everyone, the game shows that there is no specific idea yet, and they both rush out of the center of the field together.
Chapter 215 Role switching
Face-to-face confrontation is not unfamiliar to both people in the field. Except for the hidden stalkers, other types of mecha warfare are face-to-face confrontation with the Lord.
To say that it is a little different, it is the patrol. In the prototype A, the speed and flexibility are second only to the pursuer, and the firepower is second only to the guardian’s defense. The patrol can flexibly change the style of play in many terrain environments.
Actually, the performance of the ice elf is so flexible and changeable. The ice elf can be said to be a typical excellent patrol pilot, while Wang Tianping can be seen from previous battles that Wang Tianping mostly used advanced skills to gain an advantage.
Wang Tianping’s style of play is not like a patrol pilot in the eyes of many people, especially top patrol pilots. He relies on endless advanced skills to carry out the most violent battles, that is, to benefit the technical level and crush opponents in the afterlife.
Yunfei, on the other hand, has not used advanced skills so far. Yunfei is a fighter division who relies entirely on basic skills. Many people in the network talk that this kind of play is actually the most suitable for the energetic patrol mecha rather than the arbiter of offensive and defensive speed imbalance.
On the one hand, there is a violent patrol like an arbitrator, and on the other hand, there is a practical patrol like an arbitrator. No one can predict the direction of the battle between the two.
Wang Tianping, of course, has also heard of the network’s evaluation of him, and he really laughed it off. Now it seems that Wang Tianping has been crushing the other side with advanced skills, but that is mainly because the other side is too weak and there is no need to take out the strength, which is very difficult in the eyes of others. In his ace pilot’s view, advanced skills are all easy moves.
Naturally, it’s not necessary to deal with opponent with a big gap in level, but it doesn’t cost much anyway, and it’s not so simple to deal with these recent battles, the Ice Wizard and several other opponents in the finals. It’s also taken him some effort to get here.
He is said to be an arbitrator-type patrol pilot, because the current opponent’s level is too low. As the players progress, when the real geniuses wake up, his style will become more and more like a real patrol.
And Yunfei? I was ridiculed by netizens for choosing the wrong mecha. Did he really choose the wrong mecha? Of course, not ordinary players see his perfect foundation but not his fighting style.
Whether it’s a double forehand, a double backhand or a forehand and a backhand, whether it’s a long-range or a melee, whether it’s an individual game or a small team game, Yunfei is always attacking the block. Of course, it’s necessary, but he never fights to block more than attacking the block. It’s an aid. His principle is to keep attacking
This is his real fear. For example, when fighting with the ice elves, he chooses to fight back against his opponent’s weapons when the ice elves want to destroy them. When fighting with the ice elves in narrow terrain, he chooses to cut them in a whirlwind.
Even the best skill is the most coherent arbitrator’s basic combo knife method, and even its explosive attack skill makes the attack continue to attack. Yunfei won victory again and again in this attack.
In this case, two mecha came to the center of the site, leaning towards a mountain on Yunfei’s side. From this point, it can be seen that neither of them deliberately slowed down but rushed to the site as fast as they could.
What about after? The audience has imagined several scenes of two people fighting in their minds. At most, Wang Tianping makes gorgeous advanced skills show great power, while Yunfei makes simple basic skills. One by one, both of them can get the wind and come to a deadlock. Then? Then the audience can’t predict it.
But as soon as the two men joined the battle, everyone’s eyes fell all over the floor, and they actually became like this, which made everyone’s imagination go up in smoke.
Neither of the two mecha in the battlefield carried out long-range attacks, not because they didn’t want to, but because they were worried that the gap in making long-range attacks would be caught by the other side, making them passive, so both mecha directly engaged in melee after charging.
In the first round, two alloy combat knives collided, and then several exploratory attacks followed, and then both sides took a step back, and it was the real play after the trial was completed.
It was this scene that startled the audience, because the two mecha moved into a ball again, which was not only beyond their expectation, but also a hundred degrees deviation.
On the battlefield, a mecha displays perfect basic skills, and each blow has little technical content, but it can be hit in the most suitable place, and such attacks continue one after another.
On the other hand, although the other mecha didn’t produce any advanced and gorgeous skills, most of them were rare at ordinary times, and it was difficult for ordinary players to produce skills. Although the skills were not very coherent, each blow played the role of the basic skills
At first glance, there seems to be nothing unusual, but now it is Wang Tianping who makes the basic skills combo, but Yunfei who makes the various skills counterattack. They have finished switching the battle scenes in the audience’s minds.
What’s going on here? The two of them are actually playing against their opponents, and it seems that they are not very strange to their opponents’ playing, but they are very skilled.
If they make the same model, the audience is likely to have two mecha drivers without making a mistake in the information viewing, but now they clearly see that it is indeed the patrolman who is making the most basic skills, but the arbitrator skills are all gorgeous.
After a short circuit, the audience finally came to their senses. They discussed with other players nearby, and some even got in touch with their friends to exchange views.
And the players’ seats, including Dream Liuli and Hu, said that at this time, it was no different from the ordinary audience. They also did not expect the battle to become this kind of field. It was as if they had discussed it. When they contacted each other, they were used to the opponent’s way.
Ordinary players are surprised that top players are also surprised that professional players can’t figure out what the military pilots can’t figure out, and they don’t understand these two people. Players don’t understand the frenzy squadron and Phoenix base, and they don’t know whether this battle will go to the right direction. This problem is becoming more and more confusing now.
Chapter 216 Confrontation
Wang Tianping didn’t make it more suitable for dealing with the arbitrator katar, but made alloy combat knives and shields. This move is very unwise in the eyes of many people. Isn’t it a bit too big to fight like this now?
But the audience soon found that Wang Tianping’s style of play was very different from that of the ice elves. The ice elves made the knife shield cooperate with the knife method, and the shield was the main weapon. Wang Tianping’s knife method should also be cocoa, but now Wang Tianping has not made it.
In his hand, the shield was a defensive device and didn’t take part in the attack. Now it’s more like the simple way of playing in such a high-end battlefield when the two men jointly made the most original sword shield match the knife method when fighting with Barr at first.
Wang Tianping’s actual action showed his answer to the audience. Players found that Wang Tianping’s basic skills were absolutely no less proficient than Yunfei’s shield. Although he didn’t take part in the attack, he was just right in defense, which made Yunfei feel helpless. Although the attack frequency of alloy combat knives in his right hand was not high, it always appeared at the key.
Both shield defense and alloy combat knife attack are the most basic moves, without advanced skills, even some elite players can make skills, but they have not finished the basics and the simplest moves, but they have played a great role through Wang Tianping’s combination.
And Yunfei? At this time, he just made a whirlwind chop, but unfortunately he didn’t make any achievements. After Wang Tianping’s shield was blocked, he took a step back and resolved the impact of the whirlwind chop on the body without giving Yunfei a chance.
Yunfei’s formal engagement with the two men has made many whirlwind cuts. In addition, skills such as double-knife high-frequency attack and some skills are not difficult to look at, but they are advanced skills for ordinary players, but these skills, which are usually effective, have not caused much damage to Wang Tianping.
The exchange of their fighting styles made the audience confused, but their hearts were bright. They had expected this situation before, but they didn’t expect to really enter it.
For no reason, Wang Tian’s advantage lies in his years of experience, solid foundation and many advanced skills, while Yunfei’s advantage lies in his wisdom and skills. It can be seen from previous battles that Yunfei is almost the same as an ace pilot except that his advanced skills are white.
In the face of such an enemy, it is best not to have exposed the strength to fight, and one who can’t simply use violence to deal with the enemy will naturally have to fight with his brain. Therefore, Wang Tianping’s idea is to spell out the experience and also make the basic skills to find Yunfei flaws.
And Yunfei’s idea is similar to that of Wang Tianping. He has studied all the battle videos before. Wang Tianping’s violent suppression style with advanced skills left a deep impression in his heart. The preparation for this battle is mainly to deal with that style of play.
It’s a little difficult to influence advanced skills by relying on basic skills alone, although he is confident that he can do it, but to be on the safe side, he didn’t adopt his best style of play, but combined a few difficult skills that he could make together to form a new combo style.
⑧ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ 931
His idea is to suppress Wang Tianping and prevent him from using advanced skills to solve the battle before Wang Tianping uses advanced skills, so as to avoid his weaknesses as much as possible.
So I thought that both of them didn’t make themselves the best at playing, which resulted in the exchange of roles in the battlefield. Now they have become like this, and both of them are somewhat naive
Wang Tianping’s basic attack and defense balance is flawed. Yunfei has taken the initiative to cause considerable damage to Wang Tianping even if he makes some unusual skills.
The attack power of the corresponding basic play is very general, and the control power base has no shield and does not join the attacker’s combo. It is also not very coherent. How much trouble Yunfei has caused? Yunfei needs a little defense and can fight back with ease.
In the face of this situation, Wang Tianping’s experience brought into play his tricks. With Yunfei’s whirlwind chop, Wang Tianping changed the trajectory of his left arm and added the shield to the attack body. The truly mature knife shield cooperated with the knife method appeared.
This is the advantage of the patrolman with the most kinds of weapons. Wang Tianping rarely fell into a bitter deadlock in the previous battle. Everyone forgot that Wang Tianping was driving, but he was as flexible as the ice elf. Wang Tianping was flexible and absolutely not inferior to the ice elf.
The basic knife shield combined with knife cutting is a kind of knife cutting with great development potential, which can be combined with shield attack to enhance control force, katar to enhance attack force and multi-tube laser gun to enhance attack range. There are countless ways of playing derived from this basic knife cutting.
And the smooth transition from the basic knife method to the mature and improved knife method is not something that ordinary people can do. It is almost negligible in Yunfei’s eyes. When the whirlwind is hard and straight, Wang Tianping has already completed the variant and the next blow is already a shield blow.
This time, expect the unexpected Yunfei obviously underestimated. He still thought that Wang Tianping was still playing before. He didn’t expect that there should be no attack moment, but the arbitrator’s body was greatly impacted and tilted backwards.
Wang Tianping wanted to take advantage of this tilt to break out immediately, but he just took a step forward, so he gave up this practice because he didn’t panic when he saw the body tilt Yunfei, but then this force directly continued to lean back to the mecha bust.
This is the iron bridge that cracked the blade storm in the previous battle. What about the connection? Not surprisingly, Wang Tianping expected that the arbitrator would kick his feet towards the patrolman with his hands on the ground. Wang Tianping controlled the patrolman to jump back and flash across the attack, and Yunfei also took this opportunity to regain his shape.
Shout … At the same time, the two men breathed a sigh of relief and made a gesture again, looking for the opportunity to charge. All this happened in Shi Huo, and the audience didn’t respond yet. It seems that they are still in their dreams. All this ended without even explanation.

"well! To tell the truth is really just’ a little believe’ and can’t believe it yet. "

Lin smiled and said, "Then let me tell you something that will make you sure that I am the thing!" "
Bing Lian also smiled and said, "You try!"
Lin Bao smiled and said, "Do you believe that the nutrient solution formula is for me to go out?"
"I believe this!" Binglian said, "You said you had other nutrient solution formulas, which is easy to verify. There is no lie."
Lin asked, "Do you know how many people have eaten this nutrient solution formula now?"
I don’t know! Binglian replied very directly, "But there are certainly thousands of people who have eaten it."
Lin continued to ask, "How many people will eat it in a year or two?"
"By that time, it is estimated that everyone on this planet will have eaten it," said Bing Lian. "Of course, this means that there will be no more nuclear explosions. If we continue like this, it will take a year or two, and we will not find enough materials to configure this nutrient solution in a few months."
"In this era, the energy device of the armored robot is a nuclear reactor … I’m afraid some players don’t know that if the prisoner base doesn’t know it," Lin has figured it out. At that time, the fifty-five criminals fled immediately after seeing the armored robot, which proved this thing. Otherwise, there were just fifty-five of them who knew that Lin said, "The nuclear explosion was caused by nearly one hundred nuclear explosions by players, and hundreds of players died … Although it may continue to happen, it will definitely not be supported as frequently as this one or two months."
"That’s true!" Ice lotus also wants to understand that "I’m afraid everyone will have eaten this nutrient solution by that time."
"This nutrient solution is poisonous!"
When Lin said this, he spoke in the same tone as before. It seemed that it was not a big deal, but it was a stormy wave when it fell into the ears of Bing Lian. Not only Bing Lian, but even Lin, who had never spoken, was greatly shocked.
Bing Lian asked, "Is it really poisonous?"
Lin nodded "well! This matter is also easy to confirm, isn’t it! "
"And you are?"
Bing Lian knows all about the first three special trainings, especially the second special training. Lin finally won because he got a base and buried several bombs in the base. Although it was not a bomb, it made no difference.
Being able to make this kind of foresight in special training … She knows that there are thinking roots that can be done in players, which is not a normal player’s thinking. If it is placed in ordinary games, it is a player who destroys the normal operation of the game and the balance of the game.
In reality, there will be such a person, but there will be no such player in the game!
In her opinion, it is the only one!
"hmm!" Lin smiled and said, "Did you believe it this time?"
"Don’t believe it?" Ice lotus said, "What do you want to tell me about this? Want to control me to help you? "
Lin shook his head and said, "Do you still need to show my identity to control you to help me? Need to expose my big plan? "
Bing Lian wondered, "Then who are you?"
Lin said, "I want you to help me, not to control you to help me, but to help me, you must trust me and I must trust you. If I can prove that I am, you will definitely believe me, won’t you!"
"That’s true!" Bing Lian said, "If Long Zhi had not been controlled to delete the number, then Long Zhi would have won the individual track competition … If you can give the championship to your partner, you will definitely be a trustworthy person. You will never betray your partner from the perspective of interests!"
"hmm!" Lin said, "There are three awards this time. If you want the first one, it’s you!" "
"What?" Ice lotus couldn’t believe what she heard.
Lin asked, "What what?"
"What will you give me the first reward? What will choose me? " Bing Lian can’t believe this kind of good thing will fall on her.
"First of all …" Lin turned to look at his life and said, "If it weren’t for you, my wife would have been eliminated. If it were someone else, my wife would have experienced more suffering. For me, my wife is definitely more important than this special training award!"
"Is she really your wife?" Now that Binglian believes in Lin’s identity, she also doubts her life identity, which has to make people doubt … Lin’s identity is no secret now. Lin is a clone, and now she has fled to the universe and I don’t know where to hide. Moreover, Lin is alone from the earth. How can there be an extra wife coming out?
Lin nodded. "Hmm!"
Bing Lian asked, "In reality?"
Lin continued to nod. "Hmm!"
Bing Lian said, "Did you leave the earth alone?"
Bing Lian was stunned when she heard this definite answer. She is also a smart person. Then she said, "No wonder there is such a simple player in this special training who was originally a clone like you … made by the God Corps?"
"It must be your reward!"
Bing Lian turned the topic to the topic and said, "Just because I helped her, are you willing to give me the first reward?"
"Yes!" Lin said with a smile, "but it’s only if we can hold on until the end and get a reward!" The second reason I chose you is because you can put those np together, which proves that you have enough ability. The third reason … "
"There is a third reason?" What’s the correspondence between ice lotus and ice lotus is one reason.
Lin said, "Of course, the third reason is because of you. You entered this special training alone, and there is no partner in this special training."
"eh!" Bing Lian asked, "How do you know this?"
"I can see that …" Lin said, "It is impossible for special training players and players to be arranged together after entering, but after entering special training, there will be a way to connect. In this place where there is no communication tool, either you come to me or I will come to you … If you want to find someone, you have to agree on a secret code, but I haven’t found any secret code around here."
"So it is!" Bing Lian asked, "Is there anything else?"
Lin said, "the fourth reason is a non-reason, because you are a woman and I chose you as my partner!" "
Ice lotus is very strange "because I am a woman? What is the reason? "
Lin explained, "I don’t have a mutation to be seen by other players. Even if I don’t, I will be suspected of being targeted by all other players … but you are different. You are a woman and you can’t be suspected of being mutated because of you. You are normal and won’t be targeted too much! And with my help, when everyone has eaten this nutrient solution for a while, you will be an enemy player and prisoners will not be your opponents! "
Ice lotus carefully thought about a … If everyone ate this nutrient solution, they were poisoned.
I just thought of Binglian when I met a key question and asked, "What is this nutrient solution poison?"
Lin said, "It’s a lethargic poison!"
"Sleeping toxic?" Bing Lian’s eyes are full of doubts. Obviously, she doesn’t know much about this technical term.
Lin said, "In short, you have eaten a lot of this toxic nutrient solution, but in fact, you are not poisoned. A little chemical will remain in your body. If another substance enters your body through your nose or mouth, it will produce a chemical reaction to produce a highly toxic substance!"
"So that’s it!"
Ice lotus, this is the meaning of poisoning in Linkou. That’s how the enemy in Linkou came.
Suddenly Binglian laughed and looked at Lin and said, "But I haven’t promised to help you. Why did you tell me so much? Are you so sure that I will help you? "
Chapter three hundred and twelve Towards the end!
"Are you so sure that I will help you?"
Hear this sentence ice lotus Lin smiled "ha ha! To be honest, I really can’t think of the reason why you don’t help me. Give me one if you have something to say! "
It’s Binglian’s turn to be upset. When Lin saw Binglian frowning and flashing her eyes, she knew that Binglian would definitely help herself. Now she just doesn’t want to be dominated by Lin in words.
Looking at Binglian’s distressed look, Linkou said, "I can give you the biggest benefit from the actual benefit. You can’t refuse it on the benefit side. If you want to be famous, if you can live to the end, it will prove that you have defeated me. Although your fame is rapidly rising among ordinary players, you can become famous in the circle of experts!"
After a pause, Bing Lian didn’t refute Lin Cai. "This is special training. The most important thing is training. Sometimes you can train … If you are with me, you can get a lot. Otherwise, your life expectancy will not exceed ten years!"
Bing Lian was surprised. "Is there something wrong with this mutation?"
"What about you?" Lin said, "Are you really that kind of mutant?"? It is no secret that genetic variation leads to cell variation and the enhancement of body function will inevitably lead to the acceleration of cell metabolism and the decrease of body cell life span! "
"…" Ice lotus leng a she really don’t know this.
Lin looked at Binglian in surprise and said, "You don’t even know this?"
"eh!" Ice lotus nu way "it’s not what common sense is less to get access to the university … if I read a good word still need to play games! Make a fuss! "

And he always pushed people out before Yan Xue, and now he can’t wait to put people in his arms so that no one can see that he has reached the point of sharing a bed, although the two have not broken through the last line of defense.

Yan Xue doesn’t have no feelings for Xiao Jin, but she can’t accept Xiao Jin’s attitude. Everything is in his charge. So what does he think of himself as a plaything?
Now that he is well, he feels qualified to be by his side. If he is seriously injured again, will he have to push himself out as before? This kind of love is like a castle in the middle, and it may collapse at any time. How could she sink in?
Just as Yan Xue was immersed in her thoughts, Xu Lihao said to Xiao Jin, "Please let go of my sister, men and women. Don’t you know?"
Owl Jin’s eyes flashed with murder. "This is something we don’t have outsiders to intervene in." Xu Lihao ignored those who raised their hands and played against Owl Jin. If you like someone, you should give her enough respect. Where did this bastard know that Yan Xue was respected?
Although Xu Lihao can’t beat Xiao Jin, how can Yan Xue look at Xu Lihao and help him deal with Xiao Jin because Yan Xue makes Xiao Jin look even uglier?
Seeing that Xiao Jin’s palm was about to hit Xu Lihao, Yan Xue was in the way. Xiao Jin narrowly withdrew his palm. His eyes were scared and he shouted at Yan Xue, "Did you even care about your life if you killed him?"
Yan Xue said lightly, "He saved my life. I naturally won’t watch him get hurt. Don’t you have business to talk about? I won’t participate. "
Yan Xue finished pulling Xu Lihao and left to stay alone. Did Xiaoxue already choose Xu Lihao? Since when does Xiaoxue regard another man as so important?
Yan Xue took Xu Lihao out of the house and let go of his sleeve. She said to Xu Lihao, "You!
Said, "You don’t want him to care about him, he is a pervert." Xu Lihao knew as soon as you listen that she could save herself because she owed him a favor, but she was sincere in maintaining Xiao Jin.
Xu Lihao couldn’t tell whether he was disappointed or sorry, and finally asked gently, "Have you accepted him?"
Yan Xue didn’t answer for a long time. They had been sitting silently in the corridor until Xu Li Hao couldn’t answer. When she couldn’t answer, she heard Yan Xue gently say, "I don’t know." She didn’t know how she felt about Xiao Jin and knew that Xiao Jin wouldn’t let go. If both of them were alive, they would entangle.
Xu Lihao smiled and gently rubbed her hair and said, "If you don’t want to be white, don’t think about it. Let Brother Yi give it to you. If he can’t meet the requirements of Brother Yi, Brother Yi won’t let him marry you."
Yan Xue listened and smiled. "Thank you, Brother Li. Maybe I don’t know what love is yet, but I know that I feel very at ease to have a righteous brother like you." Xu Lihao giggled because of Yan Xue’s words.
Just when they were both relaxed, a voice suddenly sounded, "Do you think you can catch up with your girlfriend with this smile and stupidity?"
Xu Lihao immediately got up because of this abrupt sound, and Yan Xue was protected behind him. The martial arts must be here. Xu Haolang said, "It’s not a hero’s fault to hide his head and expose his tail."
The crisp sound sounded again, "We didn’t hide our heads and tails when we came. We were sunbathing on the roof. It’s true that you have to come here to talk and disturb our sunbathing."
Xu Lihao and Yan Xue looked up at the roof at the same time and saw a man and a woman sitting leisurely on the roof looking at their looks and temperament, and they knew that they had a lot of connections, which made Yan Xue strange. She felt that the speaker was very familiar.
It is said that Feng Zhu Xuan Re Yan Xue lived together almost day and night when they were at the base, but Yan Xue was always protecting Feng Zhu because of Feng Zhu and Xuan Re, and she had some complaints about both of them, so she didn’t know enough about them.
Phoenix bamboo and Xuan can recognize things with one eye, but in Yan Xueshen, she has to pass repeated verification to be sure
At this time, Yan Xue felt that this woman was very familiar, but she had not guessed that the bearer was Xuanre Yan Xue and said lightly, "Excuse me for sunbathing? Don’t you know that you come to see the thief uninvited? " These two people may be sent by which forces to spy on the news.
XuanRe ha ha smiled "inn is not to welcome visitors? We should be guests when we come here! "
"I haven’t heard of the people who closed the inn. They are still guests. Advise the two to leave or don’t blame us for asking the two to leave." The cold eyes in Yan Xue’s eyes flashed, and it seems that the two men are more severe. When the time comes, they will stall them and let Li Dage call someone.
"Stubborn crazy wife and princess want to escape" generation elder sister 13
Xuanyuanchao law stipulates that men can only take concubinage when they are thirty, except for the royal family, which has opened branches and scattered leaves. However, it happened that just after passing through, Yunyan Ning was married to Taitai, so Yunyan Ning was divorced and constantly struggled in the road of having an affair with an almond.
Disrupting the marriage of the concubine, ruining the marriage of the famous imperial palace, making the palace smoky, and still not moving, so Yunyan Ning used his killer weapon.
It is said that the Seven Emperors adored the Princess Taifei but accidentally ran to the bed of the Seven Emperors. When someone broke in, she had the strength to say, "I should be divorced this time!"
The man who had been lying beside her turned over and said with a smile, "It’s only natural that husband and wife share the same bed. How did Taifei know that I was resting here with my seventh brother tonight?"
Cloud inkstone coagulation horrified to see the ghost too "help! 138 show love!
Seeing Xuanre and Yan Xue’s explosive war, the ghost deep sitting beside Xuanre said to Xuanre, "You can’t beat her." Looking at Yan Xue’s breath, the ghost deep knew that Xuanre’s ordinary people’s physique was definitely not a move in her hands.
Xuanre looked at Ghost Deep with disdain. Who said she was going to fight in person? She’s not stupid enough to know that there are a lot of troubles in this world. She looks like a weak woman, and maybe she can kill herself in an instant, unless she’s stupid enough.
Xuanre said "Come" to the ghost deep behind. In Yan Xue and Xu Lihao’s stupefaction, Xuanre has taken a big step back, waiting to see that the ghost deep will beat Yan Xue out of the water and not hit a woman. If Xuanre can’t think of it, it’s okay for the ghost deep to not hit a woman except her.
Ghost deep looked at Xuan Re move suddenly corners of the mouth a smoke, how could he forget if he never disturbed routines to play cards! If you look forward to looking at yourself, Yan Xue said, "We’re here to find Fengzhu and friends of Chongyang Mountain."
Chongyang Mountain? Know friends from Chongyang Mountain? Yan Xue looked at the temperament of the two people, and it cleared up like a mist in his mind. Yan Xue kept a close eye on Xuanre’s hard work!
Yan Xue jumped at Xuanre with a blink of an eye. Yan Xue reacted too suddenly and moved too fast, and immediately he came to Xuanre.
In front of Xuanre, the ghost deep has also been blocked, but I don’t know how Yan Xue did it. I have no strength to bypass him in front of Xuanre. For so many years, the ghost deep has never been so flustered. If something happens again in front of your face, he will be crazy.
Ghost deep suddenly turned back to Yan Xue, but when he turned his head, he was shocked. In his eyes, Xuanre had always been weak and stopped Yan Xue.
However, I still see Yan Xue afraid of things in Ruoruo’s hands for a moment, but I am riding to Ruoruo’s body for a moment. Two women are full of images. You scratch me, I catch you, and it’s a pleasure to roll on the ground. How many people have never seen the world in Ghost Deep and Xu Li Hao? However, at this time, they are white-faced.
Xu Lihao, you worship the goddess and roll around in the image of Di Hao. He really doesn’t know what kind of expression to put on!
Yu Mingyuan also has a stroke at this time. Since if she wakes up, she has been refreshing her own acceptance of the law. He is surprised at the beginning and can calmly watch.
"Ah … how dare you grab my hair? I’ll spell it for you." Xuanre was combed neatly by Ghost Deep. At this time, the ancient women’s hair has been scattered, and it is no different from the crazy woman when it is scattered.
"Catch your hair or light, I can’t wait to dismember you ten thousand pieces of Xuanre. How did I offend you with Yan Xue? Do you know that I was almost raped because of your bad drama? " Yan Xue killed Xuan Re at this time.
She was calculated by the enemy, and that’s what she thought until she died. Whoever wanted to harm her turned out to be her closest friend. If she didn’t know Xuanre, she would have become a sworn enemy if she had been someone else.
Xuanre pushes Yan Xue, who is riding on her body, and then rides to her body. She thinks that there is a queen fan squinting at Yan Xue. In fact, at this time, there is no queen fan in her long hair.
"Are you almost raped? You almost raped a man. Pay attention to the order. Please don’t reverse black and white! " Xuanruoyi’s words said that he was not afraid of big things, but he didn’t expect the conversation between the two to be heard by Xiao Jin, who came out of the house.
Xiao Jin, although he has been growing up together for a long time, how could Yan Xue have such an experience? However, when he heard that Yan Xue was almost defiled, he burst into blood and gas and regarded Yan Xue as a treasure. How could he accept Yan Xue being calculated like this?
Owl Jin’s eyes are full of murder, so he will kill Xuanre. However, when he moves instantaneously, he is stopped by the ghost deep. How can he let him go of murder and fight together without saying anything?
Fengzhu came out to see Xuanre and Yan Xuehao rolling around the corner of her mouth. She couldn’t help but say, "Go away again, you two will be gone. If you don’t mind if there are a few men watching, just forget it."
Women never fight according to the routine. When Yan Xue pinched Xuan Ruo’s neck, Xuan Ruo took the opportunity to tear off her belt. When Xuan Ruo pulled Yan Xue’s hair, Yan Xue tore off her collar. Xuan Ruo’s slender neck was exposed, and even the pink underwear was faintly visible inside.
Fengzhu words Xuanre and Yan Xue naturally don’t care about sunbathing on the beach in a bikini triangle in modern times, which is also a common thing. Now they just tear off their coats. How can they care?
However, these two people don’t care about people who care about them naturally. When they heard this, Ming Yuan and Xiao Jin played happily. Then they instantly separated and tore the ground apart. When everyone looked at it again, they wore a man’s coat respectively.
Phoenix bamboo see two people or with black-eyed light said, "have you had enough? If there is nothing, then rest assured that I will not let others stop you. "
Although the tone of Fengzhu is light, it is obvious that the two people have some scruples about Fengzhu’s words. The trio has been accustomed to listening to Fengzhu’s orders for a long time in the past. They no longer stare at each other and put aside their faces like lazy eyes, and they have to spit out overnight meals.
Ghost deep and owl Jin talk to phoenix bamboo. Xuanre and Yan Xue are like children who have made mistakes and have been reprimanded by adults. Generally, they can’t help but look at phoenix bamboo. Although they are not unhappy, they also reveal discomfort.
Fengzhu didn’t care, but Xuanre and Yan Xue quit. Xuanre stared at Mingyuan and said, "What’s your look?" Yan Xue also said faintly to Xiao Jin, "You men had better stay cool when it comes to women!"
What else can Mingyuan and Xiaojin do? I am rejected by my own women, but I dare not complain anymore. Who makes the women around me my God? How dare they make them unhappy!
Xu Zhongyong looked at the ghost deep and owl Jin, and the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but become warped. But the phoenix bamboo around him was like an induction. Although he didn’t speak, his eyes were white. It means that you are cool and stay there!
Xu Zhongyong touched the nose and saw the eyes of Ghost Deep and Xiao Jin gloating. He also despised it back.
Fengzhu said to Xuanre, "Come in and talk!" When they re-entered the house, Ghost Deep consciously found a comb and looked at Xuanre elegantly. Obviously, he is used to doing this kind of thing.

"You see, treasures are so easy for you, sometimes it’s as simple as that, but few people are willing to deal with these seemingly sloppy and dirty NPs. Do you know what it costs me to get the clue if I lose those two spell scrolls?"

Ye Feng shook his head, but his heart gradually turned white with a smile. The devil asked him to meet him and chose the meeting place in an obscure pub.
He gave his online game experience to Ye Feng in the most direct way, and Ye Feng guessed vaguely what he wanted to do …
Chapter 22 The Power of Faith
The smiling demon turned to look at Ye Feng and held out a finger. "I met a traveler who was dying of thirst in the desert, and then I gave him a bottle of spring water and some bread with a total value of one gold coin. He thought that the benefactor who saved his life deserved to be rewarded, so he told me that there was an ancient earl tomb buried in this desert with amazing wealth …"
"treat eternity as a real world. No, it is a real world. You can regard it as a dream. You can choose to continue or terminate the dream at any time. If you really blend in with it, you will gain a lot from its history, culture and precipitation!"
Smiling demon finished taking a sip of wine and turned to enjoy the snow outside the window.
Ye Feng pondered for a long time and finally couldn’t help but ask, "How do you talk to np about psychological barriers?"
"Psychological disorder?" The smiling devil frowned gently. "What should have psychological barriers? If you take it as a real world, how can you have psychological barriers?"? Besides, np is more sociable than people wearing masks in reality, isn’t it? "
Ye Feng nodded "yes! But I said that’s not it … "
"I am white! It seems that chatting up is really an art! " The smiling devil smiled. "For example, when I came in and saw them drinking and chatting by the fireplace just now, I went over and said," Boss, these friends have bought me drinks! "
"It’s that simple?" Ye Feng startled.
"It’s that simple!"
"Don’t they see that you invite them to drink with ulterior motives? For example, clues? "
"I have always been sincere to np. Don’t underestimate them. Although these np’s on the mainland are fighting very hard, Shui Pi’s fighting capacity is not strong, but the ability to distinguish sincerity and falsehood is unusually high. To exaggerate, I think they can understand people’s hearts."
Always sincere to np! A faint word is full of sadness, but Nai Ye Feng sighs and smiles. The devil didn’t hear the words behind him
Back to god, Ye Feng asked again, "What about the wild? For example, you met a np hunter."
"simple! Hey, my friend, I think your leather armor is really rotten. The root can’t stop the sharp teeth of wild animals. I just have a good quality here … or I have some gold coins here to mend it … "
"Not really?" Ye Feng’s brain was dizzy.
The smiling devil smiles without saying a word, which he does often.
"What if people don’t care about you?" Ye Feng asked again.
"Say hello to show your kindness and then leave." The smiling devil shrugged.
"Then what if np neither entrusts to speak nor gives clues? You don’t talk nonsense."
"Ha ha, in fact, most of the time, I can’t get anything or information, but I can’t hold my np friends. Besides, chatting with np is a pleasant process. You can hear many stories about unofficial history in mainland China, which are much better than reading those third-rate online novels. Every city or village in eternity has its own heroes who say that if you are a story-loving person, you will also move these heroes …"
The smiling demon laughed lightly at Kan Kan and talked about Ye Feng, but kept silent and listened.
Later, most of the time, I crossed Ye Feng in this way, and gradually I became envious of the smiling devil and yearned for his game style, but he knew that this kind of ranger-like life was doomed to his fate, and now it is like this.
He’s a president, commanding a million congregations, dominating one side, and the overlord can’t be as idle as a smiling demon!
Responsibility! Since everyone has come together because of him, and since he promised that they would create an era belonging to the gods together, he should shoulder this responsibility.
He pondered for a long time and looked at the smiling demon. "Do you have any regrets about Tianfengmeng?"
The smiling demon shook his head and nodded. "It’s not true at all, but in general, I feel ashamed. Unfortunately, I miss those who fought together under the banner of Tianfengmeng. I forgot to say thank you to them when I left!"
"Tuoba, if a guild wants to climb to the top of the world, it must first have a flag president recognized by the congregation, or believe that there is such a person in the guild to have unparalleled centripetal force. I once believed in Tianfeng League, and millions of congregations pointed out by Jianfeng fought with me, so that the guild was a real samurai! And you are like me. You are a belief in the field of gods. Although you have not reached my height, it is not far away … "
"However, if you get something, you will lose it. The invincible division will collapse with you. After Tuoba, you will go back to my old road, and the gods will sink like Tianfeng League until it is replaced by a new king!"
"No! Even if I am away from the gods, I am still a god! " Ye Feng determined way
"impossible!" The smiling devil smiled indifferently. "You, the master of the gods, can’t have a guild to compete without you, can you?"
"Not bad!"
"It is true that there are many masters of the gods, and there is no guild like to destroy the myth. The gods are bound to be a dominant leader. But have you ever thought that there is no master cloud, which is the dominant factor of the gods-but it is not the most important factor? The so-called belief is that he is the only one who supports a guild. Everyone, such as Optimus Prime, Luoshen, Qingcheng, Tianzong, Silent Lion and Huayu, is a leading master. Maybe you will take the place because you are away from one of them."
"Not bad!" Ye Feng did consider this issue.
"But I can assert that impossible! Take the broken mark as an example. In the mythical era, he was the executive president of Tianfeng League, and his personal strength was very high in the guild, especially his ability to control the field. People in China District can be second to none. After I left with Sunset Snow, he naturally became the leader of Tianfeng League all day. Maybe you don’t know that the overall strength of Tianfeng League was even better than myth, but in the end it was a fiasco. Because I left, my faith was gone, and people’s hearts were scattered. "
"This is the power of faith and the sorrow of a believer. I said that when you leave the gods, you will surely decline! You have to remember that no one can be invincible, including you and me in different times and different kings! If I had not chosen to leave four years ago, I was confident that the Tianfengmeng era would last, but it was only a matter of time before the Tianfengmeng era was subverted. Even if there was no myth, there was no sunset of the gods and snow, it was an accident, but even if there was no accident, I just followed the trend. "
Ye Feng’s eyebrows are slightly locked. "You said that I agree with most of them, but you ignored the power of money. The generous guild benefits can also make a guild have a strong cohesion. The original myth is a good example. As far as I know, Indra was not strong at that time."
Smell speech smile demon sharp eyes looking straight at Ye Feng "do you think I can win in myth?"
Ye Feng can’t help but lag behind the former king. Even the majestic domineering still makes people stare …
Chapter 22 God’s Choice
Ye Feng no longer refutes the idea of smiling devil, but he is still unwilling in his heart. Although he knows that smiling devil is right, he still hopes that the gods will continue to flourish after everyone tries to break this so-called "belief theory"
In the eternal operation period, he hopes that the gods can become the only eternal hegemon!
Is it possible? He has no confidence.
At this time, the smiling devil took out a small cloth bag from his backpack and pushed it to Ye Feng. "You want to regenerate ten crystals. How many do you want?"
"Ten? Are you a local tyrant? " Ye Feng was frightened.
"I am really the biggest local tyrant forever!" The smiling devil is very calm
"I want it!" Ye Feng’s eyes are shining and he is reborn with a crystal, but he can’t get one. He has no place to buy polar crystals if he has money. With these crystals, he can get the phoenix heart and his king Jin Peng can hatch.
"no!" The smiling devil flatly refused to "sell you at most!" "
"Don’t you keep the resurrection flying mount? You don’t need a plane super giant like you. Who dares to provoke you? " Ye Feng’s flattery and good heart-to-heart atmosphere are instantly destroyed.
"At most, one is reserved for Sunset Snow and one for Nuo Nuo."
Nuo Nuo?’ Ye Feng one leng.
"Oh, that kid," Ye Feng suddenly laughed. "Are you really having an affair?"
The smiling devil didn’t lift his eyelids. Since he took out two rebirth crystals in his bag, it means that he is too lazy to answer this question of talking about divination.
"Ten million gold coins!"
“wha?” Ye Feng was furious. "It was agreed earlier that you want to sit on the ground and start with four 3 million?"
"Four is three million, and ten million is the more you buy, the more expensive it is!"
What the hell is this logic?

Liverpool scored a goal in the first five minutes of the game, which was surprising, but after the game resumed, Barcelona showed their strength at home, their strong ability to control the ball and their oppression of their opponents

Football is controlled in Barcelona most of the time.
When Barcelona wants to play calmly, opponents really feel very strong. They just keep playing. It is impossible for opponents to press and grab the ball. Barcelona hopes that opponents will have a chance, but if they don’t do that, Barcelona will always play the ball. There is no good chance. They rarely take the initiative to move the ball forward. Occasionally, the football goes to the frontcourt and then two or three feet pass it to the backcourt. They always do this. Although their ball is gorgeous, it makes people feel sleepy for a long time.
Then Barcelona suddenly attacked.
They attacked without warning, from Deco to Iniesta, from Iniesta to Van Bommel, to Eto ‘o, to Ronaldinho, and then to Eto ‘o. Finally, the Camerons put the ball directly into the net.
This is the attack in the 36th minute at half-time.
"Eto ‘o! ! Eto’ o! !” The commentator of Camp Nou shouted excitedly, and the commentators of various TV stations also explained the goal, which shocked the fans who were sleepy just now.
The goal was too sudden.
The goal came too smoothly, and maybe the whole process could be shaped without any tension. Barcelona almost scored the goal in Liverpool’s goal, which is really impressive, not to mention that Liverpool has been trying hard to defend and the defensive formation has been stable. Even so, Barcelona scored such a goal.
The Nou Camp stadium immediately fell into a cheering ocean stand. Barcelona fans shouted Eto’ o’s name "Eto’ o! Eto’ o! Eto’ o! "
Of course, Eto ‘o didn’t score the goal alone. His only contribution may be that he scored the last goal. Most of the others were attributed to his teammates. This goal also reflects the offensive characteristics of Barcelona. They rely on the team’s integrity and continuous cooperation, which will make opponents tired and dazzled. It is really difficult for opponents to defend.
This goal also made Barcelona fans finally sulk.
Liverpool scored a goal at the beginning, and Barcelona fans were depressed. It is conceivable that this is the Nou Camp stadium, and there are two goals in two rounds. Even if they are optimistic, Barcelona fans think that the team may be eliminated from the Champions League. After these dozens of minutes of competition, they think Barcelona will definitely be the winner.
"This is Barcelona! This is Barcelona! " The fans rushed to shout.
"Barcelona managed to get a goal back …" The English commentator’s voice was a little naive. Before the game, Barcelona was always in possession of the ball. Everyone could see that Barcelona’s goal was a real problem. "Liverpool should pay more attention to not defending and how to change the situation. It is not surprising that they will lose to Barcelona at this rate."
This is the opinion of English commentators and most senior football players. The main point is not to score goals, but that Barcelona is firmly in control of the situation.
Barcelona’s ball control is in control of the situation. Their ball control rate has been 70%. This ball control rate means that Liverpool is pitiful when taking the ball. When taking the ball, there are not many natural attacks, so there are not many opportunities. In the previous game, apart from that goal, Liverpool had two chances to shoot, all of which were long-range shots from the periphery. They never scored in Barcelona’s restricted area once.
Barcelona has an advantage in various data.
This may not be a problem, but it is enough to say the situation of the two teams now
More importantly, Liverpool are passive, and they dare not attack Barcelona, which is almost the same as admitting defeat. Although Liverpool has a goal advantage, there are still half a game, and a goal advantage is really nothing. What’s more, if Barcelona scores another goal, it will be able to eliminate Liverpool by virtue of the away goal advantage.
The game was rather unfavorable to Liverpool.
At the end of the half-time, neither team scored again. At half-time, many media and fans who supported Liverpool took a long breath when they heard the referee’s whistle.
Liverpool were lucky to watch Barcelona score a goal in the last game of the half-time.
Back in the dressing room, Liverpool players are also in a heavy mood. At the opening stage, they scored a goal with small tactics, which was quite good, but they didn’t expect it to be like this in the next 40 minutes. It shouldn’t be said that they didn’t have the strength to fight back after being beaten. When they didn’t have the ball at all, they didn’t have much chance. Barcelona just kept controlling the ball to limit their attack times. This may be the’ Barcelona rhythm’ said by various media in China.
When the two teams played at Anfield Stadium, Liverpool didn’t feel that Barcelona was so strong, and these forty minutes were really a great test for the team. Liverpool cooperated well, and its ball control ability was also top in the Premier League, but it was really far from Barcelona.
They don’t know what to do.
Back in the dressing room, the players are waiting for Benitez to come back. They hope the head coach can tell them how to play at half-time, even Zhang man of iron. He feels very depressed at half-time. It is the first time that he has such a strong feeling that he can’t get the ball in the frontcourt and wants to participate in the defense in the backcourt. Because Barcelona’s attack is definitely a’ field level’, many times the football is delivered in the backcourt and he can’t do anything when he goes to the backcourt to participate in the defense.
That kind of feeling … Zhang Tiehan also realized Barcelona’s strength.
It’s no wonder that many media believe that Barcelona is the team with the highest hope of winning the championship. They are really strong and much better than Liverpool, especially in controlling the ball. Zhang Tiehan and all the Liverpool players can worship it, but it is not necessary to win it.
Zhang Tiehan actually still has a chance.
In addition to the opening goal, Zhang man of iron got another shot, which was in the corner of the restricted area. It was a counterattack opportunity at that time, but that time Zhang Tiehan didn’t play a positive football and flew directly out of the bottom line. He was also annoyed by the shot. If he could score, the team would be much better!
That’s what he thinks
What is strong in Barcelona? He thinks about it a little. He values his own performance more. If he can seize every opportunity, what opponent is invincible?
Benitez walked into the dressing room.
He has been thinking on the road. It shouldn’t be said that he fell into thinking from the middle of the half-court. He has been thinking about it until now. Many people know that the Spanish are best at tactics. He is a tactical master. He likes to think about tactical issues best.
Now it is a tactical problem before him.
He has been thinking about Barcelona tactics and Liverpool’s coping methods for a long time. Maybe he has been thinking about the phase problem for a month. He has come up with many tactics to deal with Barcelona’s playing style, such as Li and Barcelona playing the same physical confrontation to prevent the other side from controlling the ball, or attacking and attacking constantly and frequently, like Arsenal playing fast to score goals with Barcelona. Unfortunately, both methods are not suitable for Liverpool.
Now he has to face this problem.
He gave the team the choice of being the best at defending and fighting back, which is the best tactic. Liverpool can play the best, but when Barcelona played smoothly and let them control the rhythm of the game, it was too passive, which was equivalent to handing over all the initiatives.
The team still has a goal advantage, but it is too unsafe in the face of Barcelona’s attack.
Benitez will not hand over the initiative and let Di decide the future of Liverpool, especially if he still has a good card in his hand.
Zhang tiehan
This is the best card in Benitez’s hand
Other teams don’t have Zhang Tiehan as their Liverpool opponents, so they have to face the problem of restricting Zhang Tiehan. Benitez doesn’t think about this problem, but he has to think about how to give full play to Zhang Tiehan.
It is happiness to have such a player with outstanding personal ability.
In this way, the team has more choices. Without Zhang Tiehan, Benitez will almost certainly give up letting the team defend and try to keep this goal advantage, because he has no other choice but to have a chance.
But having a man of iron is different.
Having a man of iron means that the team has the ability to fight back, so he will not give up letting the team fight back to find the hope of scoring goals.
However, when he walked into the dressing room, Benitez said the first thing was "We should defend more closely …" To be continued.
Chapter four hundred and fifty This fucking face is not!
Tighter defense?

At this time, he was concentrating on dodging the white shadow of the blade and didn’t notice the change of the patrolman. There were so many things that he had to pay attention to. Some observant viewers found that the patrolman had quietly changed his weapon and the stalker was unaware of it.

After several turns, Wang Tianping seized the opportunity to swing his right arm at the pursuer and forcibly stopped all the moving guns facing the pursuer!
Concentrate on avoiding the white shadow and still retreat. Suddenly he found that the patrolman had stopped and made a mistake? The white shadow is unclear. He can’t do it yet. Motive A continues to retreat with inertia. If Wang Tianping makes a mistake, then the propeller must be turned on. Just as he thinks so, the pursuer is shot.
The impact of such a close-range multi-tube laser gun is great, and the white shadow has not yet been thought about what is going on. What will happen if you get shot? The stalker has already appeared an inclined white shadow. After some exercises, you barely fell down, but at this time the second shot has arrived and it is in the middle.
The white shadow sighed in my heart. With the firing rate of multi-tube laser guns and such close impact, I have no evasive ability at all and when I start the propeller, the patrolman can kill myself with one shot before the barrel is overheated, but I can keep the mecha from falling to the ground as much as possible.
The durability of the stalker’s outer armor dropped like a roller coaster, with the last shot left. Wang Tianping first sent a friend application to the white shadow, and then fired the last shot to expose the white shadow to the competition venue.
Soon, I sent a friend application and got it. By replying to Wang Tianping, I sent a message asking if the other party could speak Chinese. The answer was that I could chat a little, so there should be no problem. Then the two made an appointment to go to the arena to learn from each other sometimes, and then Wang Tianping was ready to fight.
With the establishment of the United Council of the Earth, the largest number of Chinese and English have become the world’s lingua franca, which makes it easier for people with other languages to travel around the world if they don’t learn one of these two languages and stay indoors.
Wang Tianping’s victory field was cheered by the audience. Although it has not been a few days since now, the name Wang Tianping has become a banner in the eyes of ordinary players, and now he has seen his strength with his own eyes. Wang Tianping has risen a lot among players.
At the same time, the number of people queuing to challenge Wang Tianping has also increased greatly. Just now, the white shadow was changed to make the white shadow more powerful. Wang Tianping, these players, instead of being afraid, were more excited. Just now, there were more than a dozen people waiting in line. Even the last player, Wang Tianping, is likely to quit if he can’t get his roots, but he is still in the last place with a little expectation.
For Wang Tianping, the wheel battle is formal. Although the strength of these players is worthless to him, if you really want to learn from each other to improve your level, you still need to find those military pilots. However, Wang Tianping also needs to find hidden and talented players and further increase himself among players. It is the easiest to achieve this by competing with many players in the arena.
Chapter 42 Give strength to the strong enemy
At six o’clock on the fifteenth day of the first month, Wang Tianping and Lin Yun took off their helmets. Lin Yun patted Wang Tianping on the shoulder and said, "Boss, this time, you can make a big splash. The big square outside is full of people. Everyone was famous before the live broadcast of the game. This time, you have a long face in front of the world players."
Wang Tianping said with a smile, "This is just an arena where everyone can participate without any restrictions. Wait until the next line competition. Hehe, then we can all become stars. You have to refuel."
Ye Shuhong, two people talking and laughing, has prepared dinner and invited them out for dinner. Ye Shuhong came to the restaurant and said, "Come on, let’s sit on the balance. After the New Year, the chefs and nannies all go home for the New Year. I have cooked this dinner for a long time. I don’t know if the craft has gone backwards."
Lin Zhenglong also took a bottle of wine and said, "Come and sit down. Today, our third son has a good glass of scales, and you don’t come often. This time, we must have three people dry this bottle."
Wang Tianping nodded with a smile and said, "No problem. This bottle of keys is Lin Yun. It is estimated that he went to the bottom of the table without two cups."
Lin Yun immediately objected that "I can’t drink so badly before I drink. I can drink half a catty at least. Of course, I can’t compare this bottom hole with half a catty without discoloration."
The four of them had a reunion dinner, talking and laughing, and Wang Tianping’s feeling of estrangement and loneliness was gradually melted in this warm atmosphere. He was very grateful to the Lin Yun Wang Tianping family for trying to help him. To some extent, the Lin Yun family was already his family.
After dinner, the line continued. This time, when the nine people were all here, everyone was discussing what to do. The unified sign sounded "Congratulations to the members of the Phoenix Independent Team, Phoenix-Yunfei, Phoenix-Hero King, Phoenix-and Phoenix-who became the first players to pass the secret arsenal perfectly."
Phoenix Independent Team is the former independent unit founded by "Phoenix-Yunfei" who has been chasing behind Wang Tianping, and the vice of "Destroying the Secret Arsenal" is the vice of the rank of scholar. Wang Tianping missed the vice because of his promotion.
Everyone, including Wang Tianping, was a little surprised when they heard the news. They all knew that the difficulty of private vice included 99%. In fact, it was not difficult to have a good team. There was no problem. In fact, all three people in the army said that they had formed a team with elite players and brushed it several times. 99% of them fell short in the final BOSS.
And boot camp is randomly assigned to the same number. There are only a few military pilots, and many of them are alone. It is difficult to form the last BOSS of a strong and tacit team. None of them played in the past.
Even Wang Tianping, a single perfect expert, is suspected of opportunism to a great extent. Plus, for him, it is really not enough for novices to practice their hands, so there will be such wonderful achievements as single perfect in the unified notice.
Private deputy is still so difficult. It can be imagined that with the promotion of rank, the deputy must be more and more difficult, and the number of people required is also increasing. This time, it must be that 30 pilots of Phoenix Independent Team have struggled together for a long time to get this deputy perfect first kill.
It seems that this "Phoenix-Yunfei" is still a little real. Wang Tianping thought to himself that since he has never met his nemesis, he has brushed off a higher-level deputy perfect first kill, so he can’t lag behind.
Wang Tianping said to the crowd, "Let’s not discuss the next action. Hehe, since the other party is so awesome, we can’t be silent. Tonight, our goal is to kill the sergeant’s deputy perfectly."
Hearing this goal, the rest of the people are also eager to try, because the rank vice is different from other general vice, and the difficulty of general vice is not high. Most of them don’t even give a final BOSS to some small bosses, which is worse than what they used to do as a team and hide.
The rank vice must not only have the final big BOSS, but also the whole difficulty is not comparable to other rewards. Of course, it is also the highest and most important thing in the same period except hiding. It is a great honor for the players and the army to complete the perfect first killing system.
When the course of action was determined, the nine men teamed up to go to the army station without delay, where they found the sergeant’s deputy publisher, and it happened that this middle-aged male NPC was the chief of staff who rescued the Hengzhou Military Region from hiding not long ago.
Before the completion of the sergeant, who was the deputy publisher of Hengzhou City, it was not clear to everyone. They rescued the chief of staff before everyone was promoted to sergeant, so the chief of staff took on this NPC. The hidden estimate is the only one. After all, there is no chief of staff to let others save it, and there is no pirate spy Zhang Linlin to release the team there.
There is a Federation and an empire in the rank of deputy, but it is the same because the game world is too vast. The NPC released is that every city has a private deputy, which is the instructor of each boot camp, but further NPC is the five flowers gate.
Seeing the chief of staff, the chief of staff first said, "Oh! It’s you, Wang Tianping and you. Thank you very much for saving me from pirates. Your strength and courage have left a deep impression on me. Keep on cheering. I am very optimistic about you. I will recommend you to the front when the time comes. "
NPC correspondence is very human, not like other ordinary games, no matter what happened before, NPC said that there will always be a sentence that will not set things outside.
Wang Tianping said, "You’re welcome. The chief of staff is a soldier of Hengzhou Military Region. These are all things I should do. I came here because we have been promoted to sergeant and asked if it is suitable for us at this stage."
NPC interaction is also a big selling point of the game. If certain conditions are met, there may be unexpected gains, but so is official website. How to do it depends on the players themselves.
Analyzing NPC’s information, position, function, etc. Judging NPC’s personality in dialogue with NPC sometimes likes what it likes and sometimes goes against it. Generally speaking, different correspondence may bring different results, but unfortunately, no player has been able to get very different results so far. This function is still under study, and Wang Tianping is no exception.
Chapter 43 Deputy Sergeant Rank
NPC interaction, including Wang Tianping, has no clue among the players. Even the military pilots who know the "Baby God" plan don’t know everything about the game. They don’t come to play, they come to train.
The game is a platform, and they need to know that it can simulate the driving of mecha in the game, so how to gain more in the game is not their first goal.
What to do? Wang Tianping also vaguely feels that the so-called interaction either means that you can get a special reward for hiding or rarity when you meet certain conditions, or it is another parameter to form a chain in one.
But all this is just a guess. For example, now Wang Tianping and his staff have completed the rescue of the chief of staff before, but the chief of staff also praised them for that thing. Although his words seem to reveal a little influence on leaving the deep blue for a while, it is still a thing of the future.
The chief of staff brushed aside the pirate ship, and then pointed out that Wang Tianping had been promoted to sergeant because of their rank, and said, "Are you good enough to be promoted to sergeant? Very good. Congratulations. Since you are so excellent, I have one here that is very suitable for you."
"Actually, the reconnaissance satellite orbiting the deep blue planet found some anomalies when it passed through the Antarctic region, where there seemed to be traces of human hair and heat source, but after our army sent a reconnaissance plane, we didn’t see anything. I want you to go to the field for reconnaissance-there may be some huge conspiracy there."
The general statement sounded in everyone’s ears, "Wei Chenglin, chief of staff of Hengzhou Military Region, issued a report to you on’ Investigating the Antarctic Region of Deep Blue Planet’. Do you accept it?" "accept"
The chief of staff went on to say, "You go directly to the military airport located in Hengzhou, and I will arrange a transport plane to parachute you directly to the Antarctic region. Pay attention to the harsh climatic conditions in the Antarctic region, where there is no place for you to stay. You must take the mecha on the transport plane and then directly transfer the mecha from CIC. This process is not simple. I hope you will not have non-combat layoffs."
Mecha shot! Was the mecha! The rank and rank of sergeant are really different, not to mention the process, the strength of the enemy, and finally the final BOSS is a big test.
Wang Tianping is an ace pilot, and it is not a difficult problem for him to often throw a spy plane for an unknown planet, but others are different. Even the three soldiers have not experienced such training. After all, they have only been in contact with the mecha for a few months, and most of them are basic training. They have not learned this skill yet.
It stands to reason that a successful online game will not appear and cannot be completed, all of which will appear before the player can reach the current level, that is to say, it should not be a problem for the system to judge that when the player reaches the rank of sergeant.
It happened that Wang Tianping was a variable, and now the players’ strength, whether it is a frenzy team or a military pilot, can’t be so perfect to complete the hiding, and it is impossible to be promoted to sergeant so quickly. Their speed is an abnormal state.
The idea of the system is that the elite players should have been promoted to the rank of sergeant for a long time, but there is still a long way to go. It is difficult to get promoted quickly by virtue of the fact that they meet the player’s level at this stage.
Elite players must accumulate more experience and skills at this stage to raise their level to a higher level, so that they can get good results in teams with high difficulty levels, and they can brush out good comments in the rank of sergeant, hide them, or choose to deliver them before they get little rewards, or train again or find strong teammates.
After a while, the level of players will be improved, even if ordinary players are on the basis, there will be no problem. Elite players and military pilots have the ability to brush out the perfect evaluation of the rank of sergeant and the completion of the S-class team is even hidden, so it will not be a problem for the mecha to vote.
But now, the frenzy team can rise so fast to a great extent with Wang Tianping. With his strong technology and years of experience as a pilot, he can always play a key role at the key moment and work out reasonable tactics to help the team tide over the difficulties before it can perfectly complete the concealment, which has triggered many difficult battles and seems to be the only one. Only in this way can he get a lot of military promotion.
At present, all the teams in the frenzy team are sergeants, who are ahead of the players in the world, and the three of them have attracted much attention because they have surpassed one of their bases, including "Blood Dragon-",but their skills are not as good as those of Wang Tianping, but because of his careful guidance, the talent is too short, and the rest of them may be unbeaten against the military pilots now, but they are far from winning.
Everyone looked at the column and the sergeant frowned. What can I do? Wang Tianping thought about a private channel with the army and said, "Hu Jun and Jia Liang, you two should be okay. We also practiced parachuting before."
Hu Jun said, "Yes, we did practice it, but the problem is that we practice parachuting alone, even if the armored personnel are lowered, the armored vehicles will also descend together, but we have never practiced sitting in the car and descending with the car."
Jia Liang said, "However, it is not impossible to control the parachute according to the main points of parachute descent, which is also similar to the human shape and structure."
Zhang Kexin also said, "Don’t forget me. Although I’m not an armored soldier, our communication soldiers have also been trained in parachuting. Otherwise, would you fight with your armored soldiers without our support?"
Wang Tianping’s three faces are red, which is true. In this era, intelligence is overwhelming. Without the support of communication soldiers, surrounding maps, level instructions, friendly signs and marching routes, it is really impossible to fight. Just throw them behind enemy lines and wait for them to be surrounded.
Chapter 44 mecha cast
The four ended the private channel dialogue, and Wang Tianping hit the squad public channel and said, "Now there is no other way. I have to bite the bullet. I practiced parachuting when I was a soldier, but I have never experienced armored parachuting. We have actually tried it, and even if it is a group annihilation, we have accumulated a little experience at a time."
All right, although there are some worries, everyone is not afraid of challenging people to adjust their mentality immediately and go to Hengzhou Military Region Airport together.
Lu Wangtianping said to the crowd, "The first difficulty in individual parachuting is that there is no problem if you can’t look at such a high distance and dare not jump and jump once."
"Then the umbrella bag hits the main umbrella bag. Don’t worry, the drawstring is fixed on the transport plane and will automatically press the key at the set height after jumping. It is because the main umbrella bag is out of order and you don’t need to hit it when you need it, otherwise you will fall to your death."
"Once the parachute is officially connected, it is to adjust the angle according to the wind direction and altitude so that it can land at the scheduled place. This process is complicated, and it can’t be said clearly in a few words. If we can land safely, let’s meet again."

Although Chu Yun wants to run, if he runs, he can be sure that Lin Weiwei will haunt you even more.

Chu Yun said hello to several tutors, and when he sighed a few words with the pastor when he changed jobs, he scolded him a thousand times in his heart.
Chu Yun quietly waiting for your ya to do an incredibly fifteen minutes didn’t finish … And at this time, the pianist changed his job and the tutor waved to Chu Yun.
Chu Yun saw it and walked up to him. I don’t know what the tutor told him to do in the past.
The tutor who changed his job as a pianist pretended to cough twice and said, "I’ve been thinking about it for so many days. Since you can pass the test tower, I don’t think ordinary professional roots are suitable for you …"
Hearing this, Chu Yun was beaming and said, "Are you going to hide my career for me?"
"Fuck you, I don’t have a hidden career, but I know where I can get a hidden career …" Said the piano teacher, and then sighed with regret. "But what if I tell you? It’s hard, it’s hard … "
Chapter 57 Don’t thank me!
What do you mean, it’s hard to hear this sentence that Chu Yun is not happy? Then I just have to show it to you and say, "You told me I would get it!"
"Well, since you want to know and tell you, you people from other worlds won’t really die anyway …" Then the piano teacher changed his job as a tutor and slowly said, "There is a dreamy fairyland called Tianlu Rainforest three thousand miles south of Xuanwu City. In this place, there lived a hermit who could pass his test and get it, but for decades, no one could pass it but failed, and people became bones."
"It’s hard for no one to listen for decades …" Chu Yun said with a pie pie.
"What do you mean, it’s hard to listen, but it’s hard to come …" Then the pianist changed his job as a tutor and asked, "Have you ever heard of the bully Xie Shuang?"
"Xie Shuang?" Chu Yun shook his head. "Who is it?"
"He is the only son of the duke of Xuanwu City, Yuncang Mainland is the world’s most arrogant, but he still failed and finally turned into a push of bones." The pianist changed his job as a mentor and said with deep regret, "After Xie Shuang’s death, the duke was angry and sent a thousand masters to destroy the hermit master, but as a result … all died and the last one didn’t come back."
"If I become his heir, wouldn’t I want Xuanwu City Lord to become an enemy?" After the pianist changed his job as a tutor, Chu Yun immediately thought of the interests.
"You say good if you really become the real master brother will become an enemy to the duke; But if you can get the master’s head to avenge the Lord, the Lord will grant you a request. "
"requirements?" Chu Yun’s heart moved, "Is there even a mysterious device?"
"You want to be beautiful about the mysterious device. This requirement must be borne by the duke."
"Don’t say this or test it …" Chu Yun took the hermit’s head with a wry smile? This is simply death!
"Although the test is very difficult, it is a bit what you hope to pass the test tower." Although the pianist has no confidence, he still has luck with Chu Yun.
"Then I’ll give it a try!" Chu Yun is determined to hide his career temptation, even if he becomes the enemy of Xuanwu City Lord.
"By the way, what is the occupation of the hermit?" Chu Yun asked curiously, although it is a hidden career, if it doesn’t meet his needs, he can be happy in vain.
"Of course it’s a pianist. If it’s not a pianist’s business, I generally don’t care." The pianist changed his job as a tutor and snorted.
Lin Weiwei completed her job transfer half an hour later, and Chu Yun was dragged by her to brush the blame.
Chu Yun, on the other hand, is thinking about the hermit’s hidden career, which is overwhelming for players.
The swordsman’s name is Sword Soul after changing jobs, but this is the first change. In the world of "The King", every profession has changed jobs three times, and each time it changes jobs, it will become stronger and there will be a more powerful name.
It’s like Chu Yun’s pianist’s name is Qinming and the priest’s name is Sage after a level 1 turn.
The second turn requires level 5, and the third turn must reach level.
Ordinary occupations have one turn, two turns and three turns. If you get a hidden occupation, there is no two turns and three turns, but even if there is no two turns and three turns, it is not comparable to ordinary occupations.
When he came to the leveling field, Chu Yun first asked Lin Weiwei to join the Bauhinia King Group, and then gave him a vice president position, intending to let her help manage it.
Lin Weiwei, the vice president, smiled more brightly than a flower. Chu Yun wondered if she was suffering from anthomaniac.
"I have a very important thing to do now …" At the moment, two people were sitting on a boulder and Chu Yun said to Lin Weiwei seriously.
"What is it?" Lin Weiwei consciousness asked.
"When you need to leave for a while," Chu Yun said that if you can’t get the hidden root, you won’t have the heart to train.
"I’ll go with you" Lin Weiwei said with a smile.
"This is a hard job …" Chu Yun doesn’t know how long it will take to get there in the South 3.
"Do you think I will be afraid of suffering?" Lin Weiwei seriously way
"Even if you are not afraid of hardships, who will manage the guild if you go with me? Don’t forget that you are the vice president …" This is a month less. In so many days, Chu Yun hopes that Lin Weiwei Mengyao will work together to expand the guild.
"Would you like me to do a small job for you?" Lin Weiwei a hum a way
"We are best friends, and we have blocked each other’s bullets. Don’t you even help this?" Chu Yun intends to be emotional.
"I don’t care, I’m going with you!" Lin Weiwei grabbed Chu Yun’s arm.
Chu Yun is going crazy and says, "I have a dream Yao."
The meaning of this sentence is obvious, that is, I have a dream Yao. Please stay away from me.
"I know that I treat you as my brother. Is it a problem for my sister to follow my brother?" Lin Weiwei explained.
"This ….." Chu Yunyan quickly grabbed Lin Weiwei’s shoulder and added, "I have a bet with Mengyao’s father. This bet is too difficult for me. Would you please ask this sister to help my brother?"
**** *w*w*w**** ***o*m
"What bet?" Lin Weiwei got rid of Chu Yun and grabbed his shoulder with a blank face.
"I just want to earn 500 million yuan in five years, otherwise I will share it with Mengyao forever!" Although I don’t want to talk about this bet, Chu Yun has to say that if Lin Weiwei keeps pestering his roots, he can’t get down to business.
"What? Five Yimeng Yao dads are deliberately making things difficult for you! " Lin Weiwei is indignant. What is this concept? It’s almost impossible for a person with no identity background!
"Yes, 500 million is not that I don’t want to take you with me, but I really can’t afford it!" Chu yun ke nai Dao
"I …" Lin Weiwei was speechless at the moment.
"500 million is a desperate number, but I still have to fight for Mengyao!" Chu Yun eyes firmly staring at Lin Weiwei.
"I, I …" Lin Weiwei’s thoughts were hard to calm down. "I promise to help you expand the guild."
"Thank you, Vivian …" Chu Yun was happy to hear her say that, but ChuYun really wanted to give her a big hug.
"If you don’t thank me, I will be happy if I become a Yaoyao elder sister." Lin Weiwei hurriedly explained.