The director immediately gave a close-up commentary to the two mecha, and lost no time in saying, "Hello everyone outside the venue. This is the personal finals of the line competition. Now it is the late finals. We see that the two finalists have arrived at the scene and are ready to fight."

"I think everyone is very familiar with these two people, but I still want to be a player here to introduce two finalists. On the one hand, Wang Tianping, the squadron leader of the first-person frenzy squadron, is well known. Wang Tianping has always led the rank list and has never been from the first position in the rank."
"Moreover, players who have been playing games for many days must have heard his name many times in the announcement, and this time, Wang Tianping showed us his superb first name, which is worthy of the name."
"On the other side, the squadron leader of Phoenix-Yunfei Phoenix Squadron is also a well-known player. After occupying Wang Tianping for a long time in the rank list, he is also a top player who often comes to announce."
This is the end of Yunfei’s introduction, which is much shorter than Wang Tianping’s. This is also a very naive explanation. If he can, of course, he also wants to say more, but how do you say the information Yunfei received? Always one step behind Wang Tianping? Ten thousand years old? Always following Wang Tianping’s ass?
It’s hard to say. Yunfei did have many brilliant achievements, but his brilliance was covered by Wang Tianping’s huge aura. He could say that Wang Tianping should be added to the export base, and it would be fun rather than introduction if he said it.
Yunfei’s introduction ended in a hurry, but Yunfei himself couldn’t hear other sounds outside the venue, otherwise I don’t know if it would affect his state.
The random completion of the terrain gave the narrator a sense of anxiety, and there was nothing to say. The narrator immediately focused on this side to distract the audience
"We saw that the terrain environment of the first battle has randomly completed the standard gravity of gravity environment, which is the simplest and most common gravity environment, and it has no bonus and influence on both sides."
"Terrain environment There are not many obstacles in the mountains, but the huge mountain peaks are obstacles. The terrain is not complicated, but it can’t be considered as a wilderness. It seems that neither the patrol nor the arbitrator has obvious advantages and disadvantages."
"The climate is cloudy in the daytime, and it has no influence at all. We see that the random terrain is very interesting, and it is a very fair terrain on the surface, which has little influence on either side. From this point of view, this first battle will become a positive contest between the two sides."
There is nothing wrong with the explanation and analysis. The standard gravity mountain is cloudy, so the terrain can be a strength collision for the patrolman and the arbitrator, but it is obviously not very satisfactory for the two fighter pilots who like to go to the brain.
But this is all a unified decision, and the law has changed. Two people can also think about how to play in this terrain to take the initiative. Just in the different thoughts of everyone, the game shows that there is no specific idea yet, and they both rush out of the center of the field together.
Chapter 215 Role switching
Face-to-face confrontation is not unfamiliar to both people in the field. Except for the hidden stalkers, other types of mecha warfare are face-to-face confrontation with the Lord.
To say that it is a little different, it is the patrol. In the prototype A, the speed and flexibility are second only to the pursuer, and the firepower is second only to the guardian’s defense. The patrol can flexibly change the style of play in many terrain environments.
Actually, the performance of the ice elf is so flexible and changeable. The ice elf can be said to be a typical excellent patrol pilot, while Wang Tianping can be seen from previous battles that Wang Tianping mostly used advanced skills to gain an advantage.
Wang Tianping’s style of play is not like a patrol pilot in the eyes of many people, especially top patrol pilots. He relies on endless advanced skills to carry out the most violent battles, that is, to benefit the technical level and crush opponents in the afterlife.
Yunfei, on the other hand, has not used advanced skills so far. Yunfei is a fighter division who relies entirely on basic skills. Many people in the network talk that this kind of play is actually the most suitable for the energetic patrol mecha rather than the arbiter of offensive and defensive speed imbalance.
On the one hand, there is a violent patrol like an arbitrator, and on the other hand, there is a practical patrol like an arbitrator. No one can predict the direction of the battle between the two.
Wang Tianping, of course, has also heard of the network’s evaluation of him, and he really laughed it off. Now it seems that Wang Tianping has been crushing the other side with advanced skills, but that is mainly because the other side is too weak and there is no need to take out the strength, which is very difficult in the eyes of others. In his ace pilot’s view, advanced skills are all easy moves.
Naturally, it’s not necessary to deal with opponent with a big gap in level, but it doesn’t cost much anyway, and it’s not so simple to deal with these recent battles, the Ice Wizard and several other opponents in the finals. It’s also taken him some effort to get here.
He is said to be an arbitrator-type patrol pilot, because the current opponent’s level is too low. As the players progress, when the real geniuses wake up, his style will become more and more like a real patrol.
And Yunfei? I was ridiculed by netizens for choosing the wrong mecha. Did he really choose the wrong mecha? Of course, not ordinary players see his perfect foundation but not his fighting style.
Whether it’s a double forehand, a double backhand or a forehand and a backhand, whether it’s a long-range or a melee, whether it’s an individual game or a small team game, Yunfei is always attacking the block. Of course, it’s necessary, but he never fights to block more than attacking the block. It’s an aid. His principle is to keep attacking
This is his real fear. For example, when fighting with the ice elves, he chooses to fight back against his opponent’s weapons when the ice elves want to destroy them. When fighting with the ice elves in narrow terrain, he chooses to cut them in a whirlwind.
Even the best skill is the most coherent arbitrator’s basic combo knife method, and even its explosive attack skill makes the attack continue to attack. Yunfei won victory again and again in this attack.
In this case, two mecha came to the center of the site, leaning towards a mountain on Yunfei’s side. From this point, it can be seen that neither of them deliberately slowed down but rushed to the site as fast as they could.
What about after? The audience has imagined several scenes of two people fighting in their minds. At most, Wang Tianping makes gorgeous advanced skills show great power, while Yunfei makes simple basic skills. One by one, both of them can get the wind and come to a deadlock. Then? Then the audience can’t predict it.
But as soon as the two men joined the battle, everyone’s eyes fell all over the floor, and they actually became like this, which made everyone’s imagination go up in smoke.
Neither of the two mecha in the battlefield carried out long-range attacks, not because they didn’t want to, but because they were worried that the gap in making long-range attacks would be caught by the other side, making them passive, so both mecha directly engaged in melee after charging.
In the first round, two alloy combat knives collided, and then several exploratory attacks followed, and then both sides took a step back, and it was the real play after the trial was completed.
It was this scene that startled the audience, because the two mecha moved into a ball again, which was not only beyond their expectation, but also a hundred degrees deviation.
On the battlefield, a mecha displays perfect basic skills, and each blow has little technical content, but it can be hit in the most suitable place, and such attacks continue one after another.
On the other hand, although the other mecha didn’t produce any advanced and gorgeous skills, most of them were rare at ordinary times, and it was difficult for ordinary players to produce skills. Although the skills were not very coherent, each blow played the role of the basic skills
At first glance, there seems to be nothing unusual, but now it is Wang Tianping who makes the basic skills combo, but Yunfei who makes the various skills counterattack. They have finished switching the battle scenes in the audience’s minds.
What’s going on here? The two of them are actually playing against their opponents, and it seems that they are not very strange to their opponents’ playing, but they are very skilled.
If they make the same model, the audience is likely to have two mecha drivers without making a mistake in the information viewing, but now they clearly see that it is indeed the patrolman who is making the most basic skills, but the arbitrator skills are all gorgeous.
After a short circuit, the audience finally came to their senses. They discussed with other players nearby, and some even got in touch with their friends to exchange views.
And the players’ seats, including Dream Liuli and Hu, said that at this time, it was no different from the ordinary audience. They also did not expect the battle to become this kind of field. It was as if they had discussed it. When they contacted each other, they were used to the opponent’s way.
Ordinary players are surprised that top players are also surprised that professional players can’t figure out what the military pilots can’t figure out, and they don’t understand these two people. Players don’t understand the frenzy squadron and Phoenix base, and they don’t know whether this battle will go to the right direction. This problem is becoming more and more confusing now.
Chapter 216 Confrontation
Wang Tianping didn’t make it more suitable for dealing with the arbitrator katar, but made alloy combat knives and shields. This move is very unwise in the eyes of many people. Isn’t it a bit too big to fight like this now?
But the audience soon found that Wang Tianping’s style of play was very different from that of the ice elves. The ice elves made the knife shield cooperate with the knife method, and the shield was the main weapon. Wang Tianping’s knife method should also be cocoa, but now Wang Tianping has not made it.
In his hand, the shield was a defensive device and didn’t take part in the attack. Now it’s more like the simple way of playing in such a high-end battlefield when the two men jointly made the most original sword shield match the knife method when fighting with Barr at first.
Wang Tianping’s actual action showed his answer to the audience. Players found that Wang Tianping’s basic skills were absolutely no less proficient than Yunfei’s shield. Although he didn’t take part in the attack, he was just right in defense, which made Yunfei feel helpless. Although the attack frequency of alloy combat knives in his right hand was not high, it always appeared at the key.
Both shield defense and alloy combat knife attack are the most basic moves, without advanced skills, even some elite players can make skills, but they have not finished the basics and the simplest moves, but they have played a great role through Wang Tianping’s combination.
And Yunfei? At this time, he just made a whirlwind chop, but unfortunately he didn’t make any achievements. After Wang Tianping’s shield was blocked, he took a step back and resolved the impact of the whirlwind chop on the body without giving Yunfei a chance.
Yunfei’s formal engagement with the two men has made many whirlwind cuts. In addition, skills such as double-knife high-frequency attack and some skills are not difficult to look at, but they are advanced skills for ordinary players, but these skills, which are usually effective, have not caused much damage to Wang Tianping.
The exchange of their fighting styles made the audience confused, but their hearts were bright. They had expected this situation before, but they didn’t expect to really enter it.
For no reason, Wang Tian’s advantage lies in his years of experience, solid foundation and many advanced skills, while Yunfei’s advantage lies in his wisdom and skills. It can be seen from previous battles that Yunfei is almost the same as an ace pilot except that his advanced skills are white.
In the face of such an enemy, it is best not to have exposed the strength to fight, and one who can’t simply use violence to deal with the enemy will naturally have to fight with his brain. Therefore, Wang Tianping’s idea is to spell out the experience and also make the basic skills to find Yunfei flaws.
And Yunfei’s idea is similar to that of Wang Tianping. He has studied all the battle videos before. Wang Tianping’s violent suppression style with advanced skills left a deep impression in his heart. The preparation for this battle is mainly to deal with that style of play.
It’s a little difficult to influence advanced skills by relying on basic skills alone, although he is confident that he can do it, but to be on the safe side, he didn’t adopt his best style of play, but combined a few difficult skills that he could make together to form a new combo style.
⑧ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ 931
His idea is to suppress Wang Tianping and prevent him from using advanced skills to solve the battle before Wang Tianping uses advanced skills, so as to avoid his weaknesses as much as possible.
So I thought that both of them didn’t make themselves the best at playing, which resulted in the exchange of roles in the battlefield. Now they have become like this, and both of them are somewhat naive
Wang Tianping’s basic attack and defense balance is flawed. Yunfei has taken the initiative to cause considerable damage to Wang Tianping even if he makes some unusual skills.
The attack power of the corresponding basic play is very general, and the control power base has no shield and does not join the attacker’s combo. It is also not very coherent. How much trouble Yunfei has caused? Yunfei needs a little defense and can fight back with ease.
In the face of this situation, Wang Tianping’s experience brought into play his tricks. With Yunfei’s whirlwind chop, Wang Tianping changed the trajectory of his left arm and added the shield to the attack body. The truly mature knife shield cooperated with the knife method appeared.
This is the advantage of the patrolman with the most kinds of weapons. Wang Tianping rarely fell into a bitter deadlock in the previous battle. Everyone forgot that Wang Tianping was driving, but he was as flexible as the ice elf. Wang Tianping was flexible and absolutely not inferior to the ice elf.
The basic knife shield combined with knife cutting is a kind of knife cutting with great development potential, which can be combined with shield attack to enhance control force, katar to enhance attack force and multi-tube laser gun to enhance attack range. There are countless ways of playing derived from this basic knife cutting.
And the smooth transition from the basic knife method to the mature and improved knife method is not something that ordinary people can do. It is almost negligible in Yunfei’s eyes. When the whirlwind is hard and straight, Wang Tianping has already completed the variant and the next blow is already a shield blow.
This time, expect the unexpected Yunfei obviously underestimated. He still thought that Wang Tianping was still playing before. He didn’t expect that there should be no attack moment, but the arbitrator’s body was greatly impacted and tilted backwards.
Wang Tianping wanted to take advantage of this tilt to break out immediately, but he just took a step forward, so he gave up this practice because he didn’t panic when he saw the body tilt Yunfei, but then this force directly continued to lean back to the mecha bust.
This is the iron bridge that cracked the blade storm in the previous battle. What about the connection? Not surprisingly, Wang Tianping expected that the arbitrator would kick his feet towards the patrolman with his hands on the ground. Wang Tianping controlled the patrolman to jump back and flash across the attack, and Yunfei also took this opportunity to regain his shape.
Shout … At the same time, the two men breathed a sigh of relief and made a gesture again, looking for the opportunity to charge. All this happened in Shi Huo, and the audience didn’t respond yet. It seems that they are still in their dreams. All this ended without even explanation.