What are we going to do now?

There are only four people left in the department, such as Chengyi and others. Cheng Yin was wronged because he was too close to the gate and was shot dead by an arrow from Larocca.
The more Han Sui thinks about it, the more he feels that his body has lost strength and his horse is getting slower and slower. His face is as pale as his beard and hair color.
"Han Gong stays in the green hills, so we can find a small tribe to settle down temporarily and come back for revenge as soon as winter is over."
See Han Sui has finished like a walking corpse idea around only a few people have said.
"Whatever. I’m so tired now."
Killing and killing Han Sui, who was ambitious, finally found that everything he had got was not important, but those he had ignored were no longer available.
Family and friendship!
And now it’s about to welcome this season, winter, maybe the winter of life, and there are so many defeated soldiers who are always in fear!
Maybe they will sell themselves as well.
But it doesn’t matter.
Snow has been swirl up.
Unlike Jiangnan, the northwest snow lasts for many days, and the snowflakes are as big as goose feathers, heavy and not as gentle, slender and full of girlish beauty as Jiangnan snow.
Xiping county will definitely not be able to go back. In that case, he will either starve to death on the road or freeze to death alive.
However, the good news is that less snow can stop the same thing. Since they are also biological mothers, can Feng Zhang be afraid of such heavy snow?
Besides, heavy snow can cover up the traces of one’s own army.
The snow is getting stronger and stronger, but it seems that it has stopped. It is like someone throwing it into the ground, and it is so dense that you can see a few meters around.
Soldiers have crowded together to gather warm weapons, and most people have thrown them away. In such a cold day, if the body is in direct contact with metal objects, the snow will stick together as soon as it melts, and if it is divided, it will tear a bloody layer of flesh.
I don’t know how long I’ve been walking, but I’ve lost my way. If it weren’t for the snow, I’m tired and hungry, the soldiers would have mutinied.
No home, no food and drink, no rest, no shelter from the snow, just eating by fighting hard. Why does the northwest people follow you, Han Sui?
It’s not like they can get paid, jun!
Han Sui felt that there were thousands of eyes on his back, and he stayed like a knife and fork, ready to dismember himself at any time, but when he looked back, no one looked at him.
Is it an illusion?
"There’s someone in front!"
I don’t know who shouted that the soldiers were hungry, and they stepped on the thick snow layer to see it.
Maybe I met some small Qiang tribe.
But the soldiers rushed forward first, their eyes were afraid, and then they came back, and their faces were written with despair!
It’s Marten!
Thousands of people in Marten suddenly appeared in front of Han Suijun like ghosts, and no one spoke as if no one was panting. It was not until Han Suijun approached them for more than ten meters that he found an army standing quietly here!
The horse-shaped banner is covered with a layer of snow like their thick fur hats and fur jackets, and it is like ordinary rocks, so you can’t find it until you get close to the roots.
It was not until then that Marten moved and shook the snow, and a snowflake fell straight.
Look at him wearing a furry fur hat and a thick warm fur coat, everyone’s eyes are on fire and they can’t wait to help him strip from head to toe.
The soldiers behind Marten did the same. At this time, they moved a few steps and shook off the snow. They were dressed exactly like Marten, wearing thick fur coats.
Shivering with the cold of Han Sui soldiers is simply the difference between heaven and hell.
Want to rob? I dare not. Marten soldiers are covered with cloth so that they won’t stick to their skin.
"Brother Boyue has been waiting for a long time."
Marten tone has a playful tone in it. Han Sui understood it as soon as you listen. It seems that today is doomed.
"Shoucheng can’t believe that even you … it’s just that it’s the best ending to die at the hands of your brother, but please let Shoucheng go of my hand before he dies."
Those soldiers whose teeth were shaking with cold suddenly felt a strange warmth in their hearts. When Han Sui was at the end of his tether, he still wanted to save their lives!
"Han Gong …"
Some soldiers sobbed, and the tears were frozen as soon as they got out of their eyes, and they were set in the corner of their eyes like a broken diamond.
Han Sui side Yang Qiu, Liang Xing heard Han Sui through sigh opportunity novel "I’ll get close to Marten, you Ma Chong in the past, so that he can live".
Both of them are one leng. I can’t believe that Han Sui actually thought about fighting for his life at this time and nodded his head.
I, Han Sui, can’t be so timid even if I die! I’ve killed many people in the northwest for decades, so I don’t know how many people have been killed.
"Brother Boyue, don’t blame me for being a brother. Come on, my son Meng Qi has been in Cao’s prime minister. And secondly," Marten raised his head and his eyes were completely big. "I’m Ma Shoucheng, not you! I married a wife in my life, and I loved her more than you killed her! I swore that I would have to avenge her in my lifetime! Not yet renewed! "
"Right now!" Old Han Sui took advantage of Marten’s impassioned expression to pull out his sword and rushed to him. He knew that the two generals around him would come back together and all the troops would beat these thousands of people to death even with their bare hands.
Sure enough, Liang and Yang Er will do it, but they will all target Han Sui.
Liang Xing cut Han Sui’s whole horse’s ass with one knife, and Yang Qiuze was shot in Han Sui’s throat!
Han Sui is really didn’t expect even the two men betrayed him!
"Han Gong! You want to die! Nobody wants to die! It’s no wonder that you have today. "