"ah? The first priest will not be surpassed by the first priest? " Xiao Yu obviously can’t believe what I said. "Look at the leaderboard and come out after updating." I have played the leaderboard myself. Now we haven’t seen what is on the leaderboard.

Rank ranking first flying soul mage level 1 second hidden id summoner level 14 third cold front warrior level 14 fourth riding pig to see beauty knight level 13 fifth fighter enemy warrior level 13 sixth fighter double warrior level 13 seventh Haotian shooter level 13 first fire mage level 13 ninth despising Qingyun mage level 12 tenth crazy riding knight level 12 until five people are half level 12, and the names on the ranking list are really old knowledge. Most of them are the first to change jobs. The second hidden id of the gang should be kept low-key, but I don’t know the last three names, but it’s hard to meet Lin Hao after he is a mage. It’s not bad that he is actually level 13.
The first fate in the equipment list guides the artifact owner to fly, the second dark blade epic owner hides the id, the third psychic staff epic owner hides the id, the fourth to the ninth are all epic equipment, and all of them should be career-changing rewards. The first is epic equipment, and the second and third rewards are added. The epic equipment and my artifact occupy the top nine places in the equipment list, and the tenth is gold equipment. It is estimated that most of them are job-changing rewards, and my magic cloak ranks fourth in the list of gold equipment departments such as Mole, Crown Rat, Wang Jian, Snake Bone Staff, etc. md, can you not envy us
Looking at the leaderboard, we ranked first in 1942. Of course, there are 15 rewards for changing jobs until the top ten. There are almost no exceptions. The first one is to change jobs, and the last one is expected to be more than 7.
The helper of the money list is a guy named Caiyuanguangjin. The total amount of gold coins has reached more than 24. It is estimated that some consortium or aristocratic guy bought some gold coins, but the little gold coins we have left can’t be discharged.
After reading several lists, I quickly set the name as hidden. Although everyone knows that it is flying, we can’t let you know anything good later, and most people haven’t seen me. Except for the stationary knight and the cold front, I don’t know that it is the coquettish guy on the list.
"Flying you you you are the first to change your job? No wonder you don’t let others know that you are showing off in this ranking or hiding your career, but after great, my level and equipment depend on you. "
"Of course, no problem. I said that you are the first priest and no one can surpass the first priest. Let’s go and I’ll take you to a place." I took Xiaoyu’s hand and ran quickly in the direction of advance payment
A few minutes later, I came to the store with a light rain. Jeter saw me coming in the store and ran quickly. "Hello, boss, you’re here. Great. Now everything in the store is ready. Just wait for you to decide what the name of our store should be. I’ll customize a plaque and hang it, and then we can determine a time. In addition, we need you to price some things. Our store is not available yet."
I told Jeter a hard time and then said to Xiaoyu, "This is my first shop. There are still two plots of land in other places where there is no money to get a shop for the time being, but it will be ready soon. I will show you here first. By the way, Jeter, I’ll get back to you later. Now you can get your life and professional friends and wait for a while. I’ll meet them and talk to them."
After that, I took Xiao Yu’s hand and walked to the floor, but Jeter stopped. As soon as I said something, I went to work by myself. I took Xiao Yu to introduce the way to the second floor, the third floor and the fourth floor, and then I took her to the fifth floor. I don’t know what the fifth floor was decorated in the end, but I was also curious.
I came to the door of the fifth floor. I slowly pushed the door and took a light rain and walked in. The screen was a big screen. The screen was a landscape painting. I don’t know where Jeter got it. I don’t know if there is a painter’s career in the game. This painting sounds good. It’s spacious to bypass the screen. The living room is spacious. The sofa and coffee table are slightly higher. There is a big high-backed chair with pots of bonsai in several corners. The ceiling is also lit with a magic light. There is a door two steps behind the door. It should be the bedroom.
Looking back at Xiaoyu, this girl is already in a state of sluggishness. I dragged her to the back of the living room, pushed the door and entered the bedroom. When I saw the bedroom layout, I sighed that Jeter had found the talent and the bedroom was like this! More than half of the whole bedroom is a super big bed, and the bed is covered with pillows. There are two sofas and a small coffee table beside the bed. On the other side, there is a safe facing the street wall and a window, and curtains are carefully hung.
At this time, Xiao Yu looked at the environment here, his face flushed and his eyes looked strange. It felt a little wrong to look at me. Xiao Yu didn’t come with me before, and I was afraid that Xiao Yu might misunderstand. I really didn’t know this. I planned to leave a private lounge on the fifth floor, but I didn’t expect Jeter’s decoration to be like this. Well, after we go, I’ll set it up for you and play games. You can come here to rest at any time when you are tired.
After that, I looked at Xiaoyu Xiaoyu and looked at my expression. First, I smiled and bowed my head shyly. Then I said in a low voice, "Lu Yang, after I know, this is our home in the game. Well, I am the hostess here, and if you behave well in the game, we can rest together."
What? Rest together? I was overjoyed. I held Xiaoyu in my arms and excitedly tried to say, "Xiaoyu, why don’t we ~ ~" Before I finished, Xiaoyu pushed me and ran away with a smile, and then said to me, "Now it depends on your performance. I will consider it right. Lu Yang, you should have spent a lot of thought in making this store. You are really a business genius."
I didn’t think about what I would really do with Xiaoyu here now, that is to say, I didn’t lose anything because I refused. Listen to Xiaoyu’s praise for me. This is just a business genius who is used to doing business in many advanced places in reality. "This is just copying reality. I just did it first in the game, and it is much lower to do it in the game."
"You haven’t faced up to this game yet. Now this game is not just a game. It’s so thin. Welcome is really a part of adult life. Many things in it are actually no different from reality. In the game, the requirements for enjoyment will be higher. Many people will think that it is not necessary to do so well in the game, and they will not spend so much time on upscale, but these people are all wrong and regret it too late. You will do this in the first step. Your store will first come into the minds of players, and its popularity will soon rise, which will be of great help to future generations."
I didn’t expect this girl to have a really sharp eye, and judging from her confidence in her words, she always has a good eye and a good business mind, but it’s no wonder that she grew up in a family environment and is bound to have a superhuman keen eye and sense of smell.
"Well, let’s go. I’ll arrange a place where things are right. The signboard isn’t there yet. Xiaoyu, would it be better to help you think about a name?"
"Well, how about your first store called Yuanyang?" Xiaoyu thought about it and said that it is really good to spread it. Anyway, I can’t think of anything good. "Let’s spread it. Now there will be a spread firm in the first few main cities and the imperial city of Wangcheng, and there will be a spread auction house one after another." At this time, I will develop the power and economic foundation in the game in the future.
Chapter 5 dealing with NPC life professional skills division
I came to the third floor with a light rain. This place is spacious and has a simple sofa. Jeter, as I told you, this place is reserved for life professionals and grandmasters.
Jeter quickly found and brought a group of np life professionals. I politely asked everyone to sit by Jeter’s introduction to the tailor profession, one master and one master. The alchemy profession consists of three people, two masters and one master; Cooking profession consists of three people, two masters and one master; Pharmacy profession consists of four people, two masters and two masters; Instrument division is both a master; Four architects, one master and three masters; The appraisers are both masters.
A whole person exceeded the original expectation. I looked at Jetjet, and I was a little embarrassed to say to me, "Boss, there are some people in Gotham who are willing to help the boss reach the master level. I haven’t brought them for the time being. If there are enough people, I won’t call them."
"Well, I’ll talk to the masters first. By the way, let’s call Yuanyang Firm after our store. You can make a plaque and hang it in our store one day." I ordered him after hearing Jeter’s words.
Jeter should leave, and I turned to these masters with a smile and said, "You are all real professionals in Gotham. First of all, I thank you for coming here today, because my business really needs the help of professional masters. Of course, if you can decide to stay after our talk, I can guarantee that everyone will be glad to be here today."
"Dear Mr. Wise Man, let me get this straight. We are all able to develop in our own professional fields when we come here. Because Jeter told us that you are a powerful and mysterious adventurer from different worlds and won the Medal of Wise Man from the Empire, we believe that you can give us what we need for experiments and practice before we come here. Of course, maybe Jeter also told you that our life is not very comfortable. If you can meet our needs and give us a certain amount of gold coins, we will promise to help you here."
"Well, what’s the name of this old gentleman?" I smiled and asked the old man, "Respect the wise man, I am a master alchemist of Howard." The old man replied, "Hello, Master Howard, I am very glad that you can tell me these words frankly, and I agree with you that I am a wise man. I swear to you that if you join my firm, I will let the firm collect all kinds of materials you need for your experiments and exercises every day. I sincerely hope that you can achieve a higher level of return in your field. I believe Jeter told the fight that I will not. I mean to give you how many gold coins each month, but I decide that everything you make in the firm can get a certain return after being sold through the firm. Of course, if you are willing to fix how many gold coins you take each month instead of working for a bigger return, I will respect your opinions. By the way, it may be difficult for you to understand our mutual meaning and enjoy the benefits now, so I can show you a contract. After reading it, you can sign it with me if you want, so you won’t worry that what I said is cheating you. "
I brought up a notarized labor contract for the brain, made some modifications, and gave it to every master and grandmaster present. When I saw Xiaoyu’s doubts, I also gave her a copy. After reading the contract, Xiaoyu smiled at me with great meaning and sent a message in my friend’s newsletter, "Lu Yang, you are so insidious."
I smiled frankly at this. Actually, it’s nothing. In this so-called contract, I didn’t specify that every professional works here, because these people, including the post-convergence professionals, will be assigned to various city businesses to do different things. In it, it is written that the professionals want things, and the businesses buy all kinds of materials every day. At the same time, all the business materials are made into things. Professionals can’t leave the business. They must be handled by the business during the contract period. Professionals should cooperate with the development of the business. We need to help as much as possible, and we must never give technical support to other forces without the permission of the firm. If the firm finds a suitable profession, it can compensate similar professionals for their study and research, but professionals can’t give their skills to people outside the firm, and each professional has a lounge besides his own laboratory and work in the firm. No one will be assigned 3~5 apprentices to command in the future.
In addition, the master can get 5 gold coins directly every month, and the master can get 1 gold coin and 1% reward from the sales profit of his own products. In addition, for each new product that is equivalent to his own professional level, he will get 1 and 2 gold coins respectively, and the sales income will be 5% separately. Because of the special professional characteristics, the architect will receive a 2% reward when he is hired.
I watched the professional masters and grandmasters, a group of old men and women slowly read it and discussed it. Finally, the two appraisers looked at one of me and asked, "So are our appraisers not prepared to accept it?"
"Of course not. I’m also a master appraiser. I’m pursuing what one appraiser wants. I have special plans for the two masters. We can discuss them in detail." I looked at them and said sincerely, "Oh? Dear Mr. Wise Man, are you also an appraiser? " When they heard that I was also an appraiser, they were surprised and asked, "Did I learn the technique of absent-mindedness many years ago by coincidence, or is it that the master has not yet reached the highest level?" I said modestly, "Divination?" Oh, my god, you learned the divination? That’s a god-class appraisal skill. You are really mysterious and powerful as Jeter said, so we are willing to accept the conditions to join your firm in the hope of discussing the appraisal skills with you. "
"Thank you for discussing with two masters. I believe it will be of great help for me to set my skills. I will talk to you in detail about some specific matters later." Then look at others. "So what do you think? If there is any dissatisfaction, I hope everyone can point out that we can discuss it again. "
"Dear wise man, the conditions you gave are very reasonable, and we are all very satisfied. We are willing to sign a contract with you." Alchemist Howard promised to come on behalf of everyone.
"Well, then we will sign this contract together, and then I will give it to the imperial royal family for notarization to ensure its effectiveness."
Everyone was even more happy when they gave it to the royal notary. They promised to come and pick me up. I signed a good contract with them one by one and looked at them happily. I was also very happy in my heart. It was really a bargain.
"Two old gentlemen, now we can talk about it." To solve the others, I have to start to solve two appraisers.
"Great, then please arrange it, and we will definitely cooperate with you." The two people’s consciousness is too high. "Well, I hope the two old gentlemen can buy equipment and some special things in our firm’s exhibition material acquisition and equipment acquisition industry."
Then I talked with the two people for a long time, in fact, it was to ask them to do nothing. What they needed to do was to identify the equipment, but it was in the firm, and the identification was unfair, that is, to identify the number of equipment in their hands first, but they could not really publish the attributes, and then to rate the equipment. I divided it into one to four levels.
First-class ordinary deviation (for example, the price is lower than that of unverified equipment after adding an attribute-free bronze equipment) Second-class ordinary three-class ordinary refined four-class super-businesses purchase equipment at a unified price. After the super and refined purchases, the appraisers will identify it by two appraisers, and the appraisers will get 2% of the value of the equipment. Ordinary and ordinary deviations will not be identified directly.
The firm also appraises and appraises 5% of the value of the equipment, which can be paid directly after appraisal, or the equipment can be put in the firm for sale and then collected, and the appraiser can get 2% of the return. Of course, in this case, there is 5% for sale, but the seller is not worried that the firm will sell the equipment at a low price and earn less because it sells the equipment at a low price.
For me, the two appraisers gladly accepted this arrangement, so that they can keep in touch with some advanced and high-quality equipment, which is helpful for their high appraisal technology and good income. The most important thing is that I promise to take out the divination technique and study it with them when I reach the master level.
Chapter 51 Consignment Guild Token
Jeter, who sent a group of life professionals, has come back for a while and told me that the plaque has been completed and brought back. I told him all the arrangements for the professionals and asked him to continue to invite more np professionals to get back the title deed and real estate license from him. Now the real estate license has been revised in the government hall and turned into a shop.
Then set Jeter as the shopkeeper of the firm and put him in charge of things here, and then set up a special guest in Xiaoyu to withdraw 1% gold coins from the highest firm’s funds in the firm and freely enter and leave the lounge on the fifth floor. Of course, there is no limit to the safe on the fifth floor because it belongs to a private safe, and all other safes can’t be opened except the owner.
Immediately after leaving the store, I ran to the warehouse with a light rain, taking out all the equipment inside, helping me to pack some left, and there were many left in the warehouse. After I directly connected the warehouse with a private safe, I stopped running the warehouse and took a light rain directly in the safe. Looking at so many advanced equipment, I lost my thinking ability. I smiled at Xiao Yu mysteriously and pulled her to the store.
Give the equipment department to Jeter and ask him to clean up these equipment departments before going into business. Whiteboard suits and bronze equipment are placed on a container whiteboard, and a container is reserved to sell unidentified equipment at the back of the container. Two pieces of silver and gold are placed in the viewing-only display cabinet every day, and the rest are placed in the advanced display cabinet on the second floor. I also told him the pricing standard and asked him to buy the equipment for reference, so that the price can be fixed by himself.