"You are missing those people when you think about it!" Bare gave her a hint again.

"What’s going on? Look at his expression. What is it then? He said that there are some people who are missing? " Yan Ran suddenly exclaimed, "Oh, I see, it’s …!" while filtering the brains of the leading members of Xuanyuan League in my heart.
Touch touch! !
Just as Yan ran wanted to express his thoughts, the duke mansion suddenly interrupted Yan ran with six consecutive impacts, and then six figures came out of the duke mansion and hit the ground motionless.
"What’s going on!" Everyone was surprised to see that the ring had just been heard in the castellan’s mansion. Everyone’s heart sank. They were attacking the help token. The help token was destroyed.
When I saw the six bodies that fell to the ground, my heart was full of question marks again.
"This is …?"
"See, this is your guess idea. If it is confirmed, I will know that my wife is very clever and will be able to guess." Bare, proud of her nose, scraped a generous compliment.
"Hate who is your wife! Hum, miss cong, tell me! !” Yan ran, climbed a little unnatural purples, stretched out his hand and patted bare’s restless pig hand with a proud white look. Even so, his heart is still very sweet and praised by his heart. What woman will be unhappy! !
Seeing Yan Ran’s charming expression, bare, can’t help but stay. Seriously, it’s beautiful and attractive now. At this time, Yan Ran has a special temperament that makes bare have an impulse to kiss her deeply. If there are not thousands of people who have to enjoy it before watching bare.
Of course, if you want to enjoy this or not, go to the corner and squat automatically! !
"What are you looking at?" Seeing bare, silly, looking at himself motionless, smiling, shy, charming, and blushing, how could she not know what he was thinking? Although it was no secret that they had accepted it in their hearts, he was still shy.
"I …!" I haven’t waited for bare to say what I think. At this time, hundreds of people walked out of the broken door of the Duke’s mansion, and all of them were elites. The elites were the leaders of the strongest players in Xuanyuan League. Of course, we should guess who it was.
Chapter 462 Xu Tianqian humble (two more)
He just disappeared from the battle before he saw the deputy Wang Xu Tian (absolutely arrogant). How could he be in the duke’s house? This is not only that everyone is puzzled, but even Yan Ran wonders that he was ordered to stay here and didn’t find Xu Tian when they went in!
The specific situation has to start from the beginning. In the early stage of the war, Bare received information that a large group of unruly players and gang members were gathered outside. At this time, Bare had a bad feeling in his heart that things were not so simple and he could not guarantee that no one would take this opportunity to attack, but Bare had great confidence in his brothers.
Therefore, I arranged for Xu Tian to secretly select some business experts to quietly lurk in the Lord’s mansion. No matter what happens outside, I must strictly observe the help token from being damaged. In fact, this arrangement has another meaning, which is not just as simple as defending others from making trouble.
Another meaning is that if there is any mistake or a monster breaks through the defense line, they will play a corresponding role. Although these people have more than 100 people, their fighting capacity is absolutely not bad, and it is impossible to break into it in a short time.
It is said that the six thieves rushed in with confidence after smashing the door. One of them dressed in gray was excited. "Eldest brother, we have made great contributions to winning Xuanyuan City. I don’t know what reward Wang’s old man’s house will give us."
After hearing this, the thief called Big Brother walked over and said, "I don’t know what reward Wang will give us. One thing I do know is that this time we are completely right with Xuanyuan League, and I’m afraid they won’t let us go easily."
"What’s the big deal about this Xuanyuan Union? We will be afraid of them! They’re just a little bit lucky. They just hit the help token first. Let’s kill the God Union, but it’s not bad at all. If it weren’t for our late help, they wouldn’t be arrogant. "The thief in gray didn’t take Xuanyuan Union seriously. I don’t know why he was so arrogant.
"That is, what is their Xuanyuan League is far from our Wang!" Several other people agree with that idea of the thief in gray.
"Shut up! Is that what you should talk about?" When the eldest brother heard that the thief in gray had revealed his identity, he was cold and scolded severely
Paused and then added, "Do you know what? If you really want to say that, they would have been destroyed long ago. Can you still successfully establish a compound? You don’t even dare to look down on them with your help …? Hum! Let’s get to work. "
"Yes!" Others are crony to Nuo Nuo.
"begin! !”
Just as they ran to the building help token, a sudden change gave birth to a surprise. After a hundred attacks, the cover was guarded against six thieves. I never dreamed that there was an ambush here, but I was caught off guard for a while and didn’t panic and dodge. But after all, it was very narrow here, where were so many large-scale attacks?
Touch! This kind of blow hit them one by one, even if they are elites, they can’t resist such a fierce blow. What’s more, they are not ordinary players, not inferior to them at all. In this way, six thieves were led by Xu Tian before they came to fight back. The body was thrown out and smashed in front of those thieves who were responsible for defense outside.
And those thieves who are fighting among players in Xuanyuan League are shocked enough to be left dead. Looking at six incomplete bodies, they know that this failure means death, and their faces are frightened. But instead of giving up resistance, they are even more fierce and don’t kill everyone.
As we all know, it’s okay for thieves to engage in assassination and sneak attack, but if they fight head-on, hehe, it’s no different from that egg touching the stone. What’s worse, it’s just an instant thing to destroy them with a lot of stones without granite hardness.
After coming out of the castellan mansion for many days, they directly killed those people who were still dying without looking, and those thieves who were struggling desperately were unwilling to fall down.
"Ha ha, I said, brother, it’s really not human to arrange this job for me!" Xu Tian walked quickly towards bare and complained, "I can’t help but watch you fight outside the siege monsters and we can watch the urgency in our hearts. Don’t really want to rush out and participate. If you don’t think of your command, you almost couldn’t resist."
Although the players behind Xu Tian didn’t speak, they could see from their expressions that they thought the same as Xu Tian.
"Haha, it’s a good thing you didn’t do that, otherwise …!" Bare, up to no good looking at xu day all smiles.
"Don’t, don’t … don’t look at me with that expression. It makes me feel bad!" Know bare, many days to see his malicious expression in the mind a burst of nerves hurriedly stop way
"Eh, why don’t you care if my wings are hard now?" Bare smile is more insidious expression.
"Ahem! Eldest brother, eldest brother, please spare me. If I am wrong, please spare me the lost lamb! " Xu Tian saw bare face more guilty now, and quickly apologized to admit his mistake, otherwise he didn’t know what was waiting for him.