Seeing that the other four people still have doubts, Dream Liuli explained, "The patrol master the propeller rhythm much better than Windrunner. In many places, the patrol did not need the propeller, but the patrol drove Windrunner to a state where it was necessary to continuously make the propeller state, and then at that moment, the patrol still had the ability to jump, but Windrunner evaded because the propeller was turned off."

Wang Tianping nodded and said, "Dream glass analysis is good. I deliberately created a propeller for the parade, and Windrunner finished the flameout opportunity and then instantly jumped to expose Windrunner to fire at that moment. This is what I told you before. Propeller makes the rhythm respond."
If they think, they bowed their heads and thought for a moment. Just now, the whole action of the patrolman was not going to sacrifice himself in exchange for the opportunity to attack, nor was he going to fight Windrunner with the help of the patrolman. What he has been doing is to make the propeller shorter than Windrunner every time.
It may take less than a second each time, but after going back and forth so many times, the patrolman has enough chance to support a jump, but Windrunner turned off the propeller because of overheating to control the patrolman to leave the line
After carefully recalling the whole process, everyone had a little intuitive understanding of Wang Tianping’s real strength. To be honest, although Wang Tianping had a war experience before, Wang Tianping not only showed more flexibility in manipulating the mecha, but also showed great brilliance in tactical play, which made everyone have Wang Tianping’s illusion. Now, I can’t see the bottom of Wang Tianping’s strength.
Everyone is dreaming that coloured glaze suddenly said to Wang Tianping as if remembering something. "Right, right, I just wanted to ask you. You just saw the BOSS mecha and recognized it as Windrunner at a glance, and it seems that you are very familiar with the properties of Windrunner. Where do you see it?"
Wang Tianping left a drop of sweat on his forehead and has a future soul. He knows all the data of prototype armor and derivative mecha, and naturally knows these methods of methyl warfare very well, so that he can deal with them by corresponding tactics. But how should I say these?
Wang Tianping casually said, "I can’t remember official website."
Dream coloured glaze immediately said, "official website hasn’t come to these derivative mecha until the rank of master sergeant, and official website has also come to all kinds of prototype mecha, but what’s the name, shape, performance and so on are all silent."
Wang Tianping explained, "If it weren’t for official website dialect or when I was in the army, the military department could still find many things that were not in the public network."
Although it’s not a perfect explanation, the dream coloured glaze can’t find any flaw for the time being to let Wang Tianping go without asking, and Wang Tianping also breathed a sigh of relief and hurriedly changed the topic and said, "This problem is here while a large number of new enemies have not been refreshed. Hurry up and pick up the battle benefits. Whoever picks it up is who."
After that, I didn’t wait for others to respond. I rushed to the core device, central processing unit, soldiers’ dog tags and so on in the most central area of the battlefield. Although they were all small things, it is still necessary to collect them at this stage and then exchange them for repairs.
Seeing Wang Tianping’s first step, the rest of the people are not willing to lag behind. They are busy with the enemy wreckage. After being picked up because of the war, the wreckage will soon be brushed off, and it won’t be long before the ground is like being cleaned again.
At this moment, Blackie suddenly asked, "Brother Wang, I picked up something called a technology chip in Zhanli. What is it?"
When Wang Tianping heard the science and technology chip, he immediately came to the spirit. He also got lucky at the first time and picked up one. Besides, he has never seen it again. Surely those military pilots also have some.
He immediately said, "That’s a good thing. Look at what attributes it is and whether you guys have found this thing." Others hurriedly hit the object bar, but in the end, Doudou loves Tintin and found one.
Xiaohe looked at the properties and said, "I have alloy combat knives to increase durability." Doug Aiding also finished checking and said, "I have the armor-piercing effect of laser combat rifles." Wang Tianping thought for a moment and said, "I have a shield durability here. Let’s change it for the three of us."
The two men immediately understood what he meant. The patrolman had a small shield, and it was better for Wang Tianping to avoid the Lord and increase the durability of the shield. Doudou loved Tintin’s marksmanship less than Xiaohe’s, and when he was a shield, he wore more armor for the pursuers, which helped Xiaohe to kill the enemy in the battlefield. Finally, the durability of alloy combat knives was of course reserved for Wang Tianping, the strongest in melee.
After some exchange, all three people got the most suitable things, naturally they were in high spirits, while the other three were jealous and couldn’t wait to kill the refreshed enemy again.
Chapter 24 Hide
Wang Tianping, who got the right technology chip and hit his own property column, was also very excited when he looked at lying there and increasing the durability of alloy combat knives by 5 points. At this moment, he suddenly remembered that there was another thing that he had just picked up with the property.
When I turned my head, I saw that it was a device, which was almost the same as the one he picked up in the front mate and recorded with audio. It showed that it was "Karl’s last words"
Wang Tianping played team sharing and then motioned for everyone to be quiet. Then the screen was still a piece of audio. "My name is Carl, the former major of the Federal Army and the captain of the Fifth Mechanized Hunting Brigade directly under the Hengzhou Military Region. From the day I fled with my brothers, I knew that one day I would be wiped out by my former comrades, but there were some words I wanted to kill my comrades and listen to."
"First of all, I want to say don’t trust Zhang Linlin, the war adviser of Hengzhou Department. Although there is not much strong evidence, I believe that she is an imperial spy. She is very careful about her traces. I didn’t grasp the very certain handle."
"She is responsible for the distribution of independent forces, but in order to weaken the federal combat effectiveness, she downgraded all levels except D and then distributed them to independent forces, which means that all independent forces can receive their own level, so that the death rate of independent forces remains high."
"She also took advantage of her position to steal many military secrets from Hengzhou Military Region, which made Hengzhou’s supply route to Hong Kong frequently harassed by imperial infiltration forces. I was aware of all this, but just as my horse was trying to find more evidence, she suddenly took out evidence and accused me and my brigade of selling arms and stealing military supplies."
"At that time, I knew that there was a traitor in my team. He forged the criminal evidence of me and my brigade for his own identity. I was hard to argue and fled. After sacrificing many brothers, we finally came to this wilderness."
"You can beat us and say that you have great strength. Presumably, this will be rated as A in Zhang Linlin, but you have completed the actual difficulty in A-level psychological preparation, and S-level also said that your adaptability is good, so I can give you the rest."
At the end of the audio, there are some communication records, photos, recordings and records of independent forces in the receiver, which are obviously the evidence mentioned in the audio. At this time, the unified display rings in everyone’s ears, "You triggered the hidden’ spy case’, and the reception of your bank will have different effects on the completion direction."
Hide! Wang Tianping had to sigh that he was so lucky that he had to have keys to open and hide, and the probability of these things falling was very low. The first time he was a squad, he actually dropped the hidden keys.
However, after reading the theory of concealment, everyone felt quite troublesome, because this concealment involved the release of Zhang Linlin’s attitude towards Zhang Linlin, which decided the direction.
You can choose to go back to me and get a reward as if nothing had happened, and then continue to pick up new ones. However, if you hide it, it will end before and there will be no reward. You can also choose to hand over the evidence directly to Zhang Linlin and get an extra reward from Zhang Linlin.
Of course, the best reward is not to turn in the spy case for a while and then find the corresponding NPC to receive the reward.
What should I do? Of course, Wang Tianping is willing to choose the most complicated solution, so the reward will be very rich when it is completed. Maybe there are other rare things obtained in ordinary China and France, but spy cases? This is really out of his hunting range
Then dream coloured glaze said excitedly "spy case! Just leave it to me. "