Avatar and cultivation techniques?

Zhao Xiaocai got excited as soon as he got up. "Master, so you’re going to give me the magical power to practice martial arts?"
That’s the avatar! If I can practice successfully, I am afraid that I will break through the opening period and I will be able to open my orifices one after another!
"I’ll give you the skill of practicing magical powers, but you can’t practice it rashly. Because you don’t have enough immortals, you will be consumed to death!"
Zhao Xiaocai, it’s better to say that it’s impossible for him to cast his avatar rashly because he is consumed by it.
Now Zhao Xiaocai finally understands that the so-called magical power of Charm Ji is a kind of magical power of Heaven, and it is also seventy-two kinds of small magical powers, which can be said to be pseudo-magical powers strictly speaking.
It is still difficult to practice the avatar successfully, but although it is still powerful, it is also good, and it will not be exhausted by the true qi when it is put into use!
It’s not directly that Zhao Xiaocai can be cultivated into an avatar, but he must be cultivated into an avatar first, and then he can really be cultivated into an avatar when the realm of cultivation is reached!
In my mind, Master Cha Tong gave him seventy-two methods to cultivate the magical powers of the earth demon. This time, he said seventy-two magical powers of the earth demon are actually secluded, exorcizing gods, carrying mountains, forbidding water, borrowing wind, spreading fog, praying for sunshine, praying for rain, sitting on fire, entering the water, covering the sun, keeping out the wind, boiling stones, spitting flames, swallowing knives, making pots of heaven, walking in the water, walking with a stick, being in two places, being invisible, and being untied. Shooting and covering, earth walking, star number, array, false shape, spraying, fingering, autopsy, scene shifting, attracting, going away, gathering animals, adjusting birds, forbidding air, vigorously, penetrating rocks, generating light, obstacles, guiding, eating, jumping over rocks, sprouting heads, boarding, drinking water, lying in snow, and stormy days.
Zhao Xiaocai went straight to a big bedroom, and then the whole person was a little embarrassed!
Isn’t this 72-year-old little magical power the famous Sun Wu’s 72 changes!
Oh! By the way, Sun Wu’s cultivation is the Nine Xuangong, that is, the Seventy-two Dungeon Skill in the highest day.
"Master Tong said that Sun Wu’s character is true!" Zhao Xiaocai asked
Every child once had a dream of being a Monkey King, which may be shattered by the real society, but it must be said that this dream is true!
"Sun wu! The little monkey can meet him naturally when you are successful in uniting, "said Tong Jiao.
"Really, master? So what is Sun Dasheng’s realm? It won’t be the period of enlightenment! " Zhao Xiaocai asked
The famous Monkey King wouldn’t believe Zhao Xiaocai if he killed him during the enlightenment period.
"How is it possible! Although the little monkey is hard to make, it is much better than you think. You’d better not think about it and practice quickly! " Unified theory
Knowing that Zhao Xiaocai, a character in Chinese mythology, was really excited, he vowed to practice hard and say that Zhongda Shenggan had a fight.
Zhao Xiaocai went to Anya with the pulse he swallowed and spit out!
Since you can’t refine the spiritual pulse and enter the abdomen, you can put it aside for a while and find another way to simply give this spiritual pulse to Anya!
Anya is very excited to get the spiritual pulse. It’s no problem to have the extremely spiritual pulse to save the moon tree!
After Luna Tree was revived, the Elves no longer worried about being trapped and lost in this terrible place!
In the future, even if the lost land is to destroy Anya, you can move out of here with the whole Elves.
Luna tree has the ability to cross, not with one person but with millions of people.
Resurrection of the luna tree means that the fate of the Elves will not be tied to the lost land, which is indeed a kind of luck for the whole Elves!
According to Anya’s instructions, Zhao Xiaocai put the whole spiritual pulse into the spring of life. It was difficult to produce spring water. The spring of life is like a dead spring eye coming alive. Look at the spring of life!
Zhao Xiaocai’s eyes are straight, so many life springs are about to overflow from the wellhead!
Zhao Xiaocai wondered if she and Anya had let herself soak in the spring of life again and again after saving the moon tree.
This is Anya’s saying that the spiritual pulse broke through Yi Long and then flew out of the fountain of life.
Zhao Xiaocai saw the spirit pulse and wanted to escape, but Anya stopped him. "Don’t shoot it. This is the stage of getting the life spring to become a dragon after its nourishment has risen!"
Chapter 247 The reason of Luna Tree
A Chapter 247 Luna Tree Origin
Spiritual pulse taxiing is a rare sight, even those hundred-year-old monsters may not have seen it!
Fortunately, Anya stopped Zhao Xiaocai’s action sometimes, otherwise even a little accident during the spiritual pulse taxiing may lead to their failure.
If you want to save the luna tree, it is impossible to rely solely on the extremely spiritual pulse. Although the extremely spiritual pulse is huge, it lacks spirituality. It depends on the nourishment of the life spring to give the spiritual pulse the opportunity to transform into a dragon luna tree and merge with luna tree to revive!
Anya Youyou said, "Tens of millions of years ago, there was a pair of lovers, a male dragon, a handsome genius and a beautiful young girl, and an elf queen. They met and fell in love;
It’s a pity that the dragon was already a deterrent race to the heavens and the world at that time, while the Elves were still a subordinate race with weak strength!
How can a dragon genius be combined with an affiliated race! Even if the woman is a race king.
Being oppressed by the dragon, the genius of the dragon and the queen of the elves can avoid the vain attempt to give birth and bring their children back to the dragon to recognize their ancestors and return to their ancestors!
Although there are dangers everywhere, the chances are dangerous and there are also many big opportunities.
Unfortunately, the dragon genius and the elf queen suddenly encountered virtual turbulence one day, which is more dangerous than virtual cracks!
If the virtual crack is a single spell attack, then the virtual turbulence is a large-scale group attack spell!
Compared with the virtual turbulence, the chance of surviving a virtual crack in the virtual reality is simply a drop in the bucket!
Two people constantly fled in the virtual, avoiding the virtual turbulence has not considered so much!
It’s a pity that the dragon genius suddenly felt a palpitation during their escape, and quickly reached out to test whether there was any danger ahead!
As expected, there seems to be no danger in front of him, but the dragon genius just reached out and heard a scream. The whole arm was immediately ground, but when he pulled out, he was afraid that the whole person would be dragged in and turned into slag!
The elf queen’s face turned pale and supported her lover to retreat. She was frightened by the "virtual crack!"
There is a wolf in front and a tiger behind, and they feel desperate!
Is the virtual turbulence behind approaching the virtual crack in front and I don’t know if it’s still in place or if it’s shifted there?
At that time, the two can be in a dilemma and in a hurry!
Nai two people can take out the things in the ring and throw them forward. If the things are not destroyed, it is said that the front is Ann.
Maybe they were really unlucky. This method had a little effect just now, but in the end, they seemed to meet a virtual crack party, because no matter where they threw things, they were ground without slag!
Two people are desperate! There are too many virtual cracks in front of the virtual turbulence, which is simply an attitude of never giving up until they are strangled!
However, when the two men hugged each other and died, a scared tree suddenly appeared behind them, and the virtual turbulence suddenly turned around as if it were induced, saying that the virtual cracks were few and did not move to their side!
I haven’t seen myself dead for a long time. The two of them opened their eyes and finally found a big tree around them!
Trees are treasures! Both of them raised this idea!
Being able to live in vain can make virtual turbulence and virtual cracks retreat. What can it be if it is not a treasure?
It’s a pity that their excitement has not passed yet. Incredible and tragic things have happened! "
Anya said that the mood here is fluctuating!
"Dragon boy because of the virtual crack before wringing his arm, he was bleeding. In principle, the strong at that level can’t be reborn, but it’s no problem to stop bleeding!
But what, that sacred tree, they will appear when they are about to die?
The reason is very simple, that is, the blood of the dragon genius boy attracted it from other places!