"Cut the grass without uprooting they are tall once more in the spring wind"

Some people gasped at Ning Caichen’s words and felt cold at heart. Although that was said, how many people can do it?
"Today and later generations will come to Emei again"
Some people sigh that not only Emei Mountain collapsed, but also the Emei Sect lost its former glory. Now it is in ruins, with blood on the earth and the smell of fierce war left behind, except for inviting the moon and Xing Tianzong.
Ning Caichen’s white clothes are fluttering and purples, and the blood is dotted like a bloody flower. Wei Zhaung is enchanting and beautiful. Behind him, he looks calm. Crimson Lotus is in a coma. He invites the moon and Bai Feng, Wang Sheng’s swan. Bai Feng, as always, looks calm and handsome. There is no change in his face. However, Wang Sheng’s look at this moment is somewhat complicated.
"Even if you kill the enemy, you can never go back!"
Wang Sheng spoke softly and looked lonely. At this moment, Emei was destroyed, but he didn’t get the pleasure of revenge. Instead, he felt a tingling in his heart and died, like the destruction of Emei. Like the past, he couldn’t survive and dissipate completely even if he slaughtered thousands of people.
"Your name is Xing Tianzong!" Ning Caichen looked aside. Xing Tianzong was dressed in elegance and elegance in Tsing Yi. "It seems that Emei has no male brother."
"I’m not from Emei, but I’ve lived here for more than 20 years." Xing Tianzong looked at Emei Mountain with a complicated look and finally looked at Ning Caichen. "Are you going to kill me?"
"Do you think I want to kill you?" Ning Caichen looked at Xing Tianzong and asked, "He has seen this man in the Shu Mountain Shadow."
"There should be no …" Xing Tianzong smiled. He didn’t feel the murder from Ning Caichen.
"I am very similar to someone you know?" Ning Caichen asked again at XingTianZong.
"You look like my master?" Xing Tianzong looked at Ning Caichen with a complicated look. If he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, it would be hard to believe that there are such similar people in this world. If he hadn’t seen his master die in the disaster of heaven and earth in the previous year, he almost decided that Ning Caichen was his master.
"Is it very similar?" Ning Caichen continued.
"Almost exactly the same. If it weren’t for the disaster that I saw him die in the first place, I would have recognized him …"
"Can you tell me one?" Ning Caichen glanced at Crimson Lotus’s invitation to the moon and asked Xing Tianzong, "Your master and the invitation to the moon have a good relationship."
"My master’s name is Mu Liuyun, and I knew Jenny very well more than 20 years ago. It’s a pity that my master didn’t survive the disaster of heaven and earth and got married. Later, I followed Jenny to Emei Mountain for more than 20 years. For more than 20 years, Jenny has always missed my master …"
Xing Tianzong said something.
"So you just took me as your master." Ning Caichen visited Xing Tianzong.
"I know you’re not Jenny." Xing Tianzong looked complicated and looked at Ning Caichen. "Jenny has never forgotten the master."
"Real Jenny has been extinct, and Jenny and I have been living in seclusion in the back of Emei for more than twenty years …"
Xing Tianzong and Ning Caichen chatted directly in the virtual space. Xing Tianzong said something about his teacher Mu Liuyun, who is almost exactly like Ning Caichen, Emei.
"Jenny has always opposed extinction and warned her that her utilitarian heart is too strong and her killing heart is too strong, and she has lost her monastic heart."
"Jenny has always warned me that monks should be careful not to be bound by feelings for life like her."
Speaking of which, Xing Tianzong laughed himself.
"Do you like inviting the moon?" Ning Caichen asked again.
"A little before …" Xing Tianzong did not shy away. "But now I have learned a lot when I broke through the realm of Yuan God. Now I see that your feeling is even weaker."
Ning Caichen looked at Xing Tianzong, whose eyes were calm and clear, and Ning Caichen looked at each other.
"It may be the best result for Jenny to follow you. If I leave, I will visit you in the state of Jin later."
"I won’t kick you out …" Ning Caichen said.
"Ha ha, I didn’t expect you to be joking …" Xing Tianzong smiled. "It seems that you are not as cold-blooded as you said."
Xing Tianzong bowed his hand and finally turned into a streamer to photograph the distance.