That harsh, dazzling, thick gang gas looks even stronger than ordinary experts! The root is not like the level of vigorous spirit that a master at the peak of realizing the truth can have!

"Come on"
Su Yu muttered a pair of bright eyes.
Su Yu’s right palm suddenly swung into his chest, and the blood shot out of his chest, causing pain, which was resisted by Su Yu, who was already prepared.
"Hey ~!"
"Hey ~!"
"Hey ~!"
Nine reiki whirlpools suddenly appeared on Su Yu’s head, like nine bright suns, and began to breathe around the reiki crazily. Su Yu’s body cultivation law began to work hard and kept gathering reiki!
"Hua ~!"
Thick aura is like a flowing water, giving off a crisp and smooth sound.
Of course, after the aura reaches a certain level, Su Yu will absorb the condensed aura and compress the right palm.
"boom! ! !”
Vigorous explosion! Body explosion!
Powerful body and meridians are constantly absorbing vigorous qi and desperately compressing every trace of vigorous qi to support more and more vigorous qi influx!
Forcing * * all potential!
Threatening the brink of death to stimulate the human body to explode into Jedi survival * *! Let the threat of life and death of the great treasure of the human body erupt constantly!
No, not death as a threat.
But really die!
Die once!
Strong aura is too strong. Su Yu only supported for three hours.
"bang! ! !”
Suddenly exploded!
Su Yu’s whole person was blown into flesh and blood powder, strong gang gas and aura flame, and everything was burned into fly ash!
There are nine reiki whirlpools that are still bright and continue to swallow a lot of reiki.
Chapter 394 Nine turns of life and death! Reshape the body of God!
"Hey ~!"
"Hey ~!"
"Hey ~!"
Nine reiki whirlpools keep whistling, and a large number of reiki quickly gather here.
A faint light flashes, and Su Yu drifts out. He can clearly feel the pain from the depths of his soul! He is being mentally exercised!
Reiki keeps tearing, instilling, washing and tempering him!
This kind of pain from the soul body seems to be that there are 10 thousand knives slowly cutting, which is very painful!
It happened that Su Yu had to grind his teeth to resist being tortured by exercise, and tried hard to gather his spirit and began to practice aura, constantly condensing his flesh and blood.
Scientifically speaking, human beings are composed of several groups of components and quarks or smaller components, and the result is as small as energy! All physical bodies are composed of several energy combinations, including people!
And reiki is the purest energy of heaven and earth!
In particular, the aura of the super-high-level cave is enough to cultivate a saint with a strong spiritual temperament!
Reiki people began to slowly gather Su Yu’s concentration, while supporting the powerful reiki tempering, and constantly controlling every detail structure of the new body.
From blood vessels, dirty, bones, muscles, skin! From hair, facial features, limbs!
Su Yu has to personally participate in every detail, which also gives him a different understanding of his body.
Su Yu’s spirit ignores the passage of time.
A large number of aura shimmers gather together, and a bronze male body full of explosive power is slowly born.
Su Yu’s face is still a long hair, but his height is slightly higher and some muscles are more symmetrical.
The first life and death nine turns over!
Su Yu spent seven days remodeling her body for the first time!
Su Yu is forced!
"Didn’t the system say that a life and death process should be completed in one day? What? It took me seven days to rebuild my body! "
Su Yu hurriedly asked about the system
The process of nine turns of life and death has begun, and it is impossible to end, but Su Yu’s first nine turns have a situation!
[drop! Unified emergency analysis! 】
Tong started to alarm crazily, and it didn’t know what Su Yu’s appearance was. He didn’t remember the real imperial scroll. This is a special case!
However, there is no time to prepare a lot of reiki for Su Yu and gather nine reiki whirlpools crazily. The light is getting more and more intense!
Su Yu must make a second turn now! Otherwise, his body will be directly impacted into a basket case by massive reiki, and his mind will be greatly affected.
Su Yu gave an indication when he was almost unable to hold on.
[According to statistics, the host suggests that you delay the support reiki acceptance! At the same time, reshape the body more carefully without worrying about the passage of time! 】
[It takes nine days for normal life and death to turn nine, and the situation of the host is just the most special! According to the overall analysis, this is a good change! It is much better for the host to support it for a longer time to reshape the soul and body. But the pain in this process will be more intense! 】
Unified tone is very serious.
Su Yu bit his teeth and chose to believe in the system.
The palm of your hand was once again inserted into the heart, and Su Yu’s eyebrows were tightly wrinkled with the crazy influx of reiki.