Your honor is really great! That’s amazing, my Lord. It’s really murderous. At first glance, it’s a powerful monk climbing out of a sea of blood.

However, adults are really kind and kind-hearted. With adults in charge, the medicine family is really calm and clean, and no one dares to bully them casually anymore.
After kowtowing respectfully in front of Sun Haofang, the Antarctic old star just flew away and announced several laws of Sun Haofang.
Sun Hao, sitting cross-legged in the training room, did not enter the training state without a horse. His eyes looked straight ahead and his mouth said faintly, "Don’t Taoist friends feel tired after watching it for so long?"
The ripples in the room flashed like a mirror. A naked man was surrounded by a piece of animal skin, and his face and body were full of tattoos. The strange monk appeared in the mirror.
The friar swaggered into a small stool with an unknown animal in his hand and chewed his thigh with a shiny face.
In the room mirror, this monk doesn’t look particularly tall, but Sun Hao couldn’t help but narrow his eyes slightly after seeing this monk’s modeling and said, "The waist is a hundred feet high and the road is friendly and majestic."
The monk’s face was slightly surprised and he said, "Do you see my real body now?"
Sun Hao pointed his finger at his side and said, "There is a fairy mountain next to you, and it seems like a toothpick in front of you; The animals in your hand should be virtual beasts, pale wolves and thighs. I really didn’t know that your appetite would consume a lot of heaven and earth resources. "
The friar grinned. "It is said that Sun Haosun is a real rising star in the virtual world. The first person in Mahayana is really famous. It is better to meet you than to give me a great surprise."
Sun Hao leaned down slightly to face the mirror and said, "There is a big multiplier in the virtual world, but ten people can be so mighty as adults. It is also the only Terran in Mahayana. Sun Hao, Sun Chenxiang, has seen the ancestors."
According to the information revealed by Hao Anyi, the monks of Zuwu, Wuzu and Zhenzu ranked in the top five.
Chapter 2543 Zuwu invitation
Zuwu’s eyes flashed with a thumbs-up sign. "I recognized the origin of the seat at a glance, but you are quite rare. It seems that the guy at ease is afraid that you will suffer. He has already told you something, but it is Zuwu who knows a Zuwu dream."
Sun Hao looked solemnly and said, "Sun Hao Sun Chen Xiang"
Zuwu Menghan said with a smile, "Welcome, Aquilaria, welcome to Mahayana and become a virtual world. Another statue of top power, you can have more words in the virtual world from now on, and of course congratulations. You must also take more responsibilities in the virtual world from now on."
Sun Hao looked as usual and said in his mouth, "There are seniors. I just advanced, and the younger generation needs to follow your rules. It is not stressful, but Aquilaria wonders, why are you so idle to witness the whole development from beginning to end without intervening?"
A Mahayana can come and eat melons!
In the whole process, Sun Hao had to be extremely alert to the sudden intervention of Zuwu even when he was angry.
Zuwu haha laughed. "I said that agarwood, you won’t have such a big event in the virtual world. If a new Mahayana appears, it won’t disturb his friar. Hahahaha, this ten thousand years is just the turn of someone who is on duty to cross the Mahayana robbery. I naturally want to see it. What’s so strange about this?"
Corleone nodded and said, "So that’s it. So the dragon goddess and phoenix mother are on duty before adults."
Zuwu burst out laughing. "Bugs and birds have been on duty together for ten thousand years. Ha ha ha, laughing me to death. Two Mahayana Johnson actually didn’t recognize you. Instead, they told me that there was a stunning junior in the medicine family. Ha ha ha these two idiots."
Sun Hao said in a low voice, "It is normal that Aquilaria sinensis completely closed all its breath and closed all its senses that day."
Zuwu’s face showed a sigh of emotion. "To tell the truth, I admire you before and after seeing Aquilaria Du Jie. Advanced Mahayana, you are really extraordinary."
Sun Haoyou sighed, "I didn’t expect so many things to happen. Many things are not what I hope or want to see."
Zuwu haha laughed. "Come on, don’t get cheap, but also tell me how to practice at our height. Who can do ten beauties without a story? Maybe after waiting for tens of millions of years, you will suddenly find that these sadness and truth are precious memories."
Sun Hao said sincerely, "Thank you for your guidance."
Zuwu Ha ha smiled a few times and said with a straight face, "Aquilaria sinensis finally chose to shelter the medicine family, which is a lot of causes and effects. As you choose the taxiing medicine family, you are stable because of you, and you have benefited a lot from the worship of the medicine family monks."
Sun Hao said in a low voice, "My friends have entrusted me with my duty."
Zuwu nodded. "The friar world can be as affectionate and righteous as agarwood. There are really not many friars. By the way, agarwood, I’ll tell you one thing."
Sun Haogong hand "please adult advice"
Zu Wulang said that "Mahayana has got rid of racial restrictions, except for the feelings in his heart, Mahayana can be regarded as a monk with great racial power, but there are unwritten rules in the virtual world. A Mahayana monk can pretend to be the mother of five races."
Sun Hao paused slightly and said, "Is there anything particular about this?"
Zuwu touched himself and said gently, "This requires you to gradually realize yourself in the future. In a word, your mother needs to carefully choose the future, which may be beneficial to your Mahayana practice."
Sun Hao bowed down and thanked him. "Chen Xiang is white. Thank you for your advice."
Zuwu’s face showed a little bit of laughter, and his hands put in his mouth and said, "Thank you is not necessary. I was found out by you this time, but I won’t come back here with my hands. I am trying to get rid of Aquilaria sinensis."
Corleone said slowly, "Please ask adults for advice."
Zuwu’s eyes widened and he said, "If my perception is not wrong, your body is inextricably linked with my witch, and I feel my ancient sacred blood in your blood. I wonder if I feel right?"
Sun Haobai understood that the ancestral witch had referred to a slight shock in his heart. Sun Hao’s body changed instantly, and Xingtian’s witch spirit stood proudly in the room.
If it weren’t for the tall rattan sour public houses and certain attributes, Sun Hao’s tall body has directly overturned the roof.
Head Xingtian body belly button mouth Sun Hao buzzed and said, "Yes, this is another form of my body, Xingtian Witch."
The ancestors were dying in a cold dream, and their eyes lit up, and they clapped their hands and said, "Great! It’s great! The ancient wizard Xingtian is a great blood wizard, and Xingtian is a famous witch. Although he is a great wizard, he can really fight. I am in the top five. Hahahaha! Xingtian has a good blood, and it’s great that you are Xingtian’s blood."
Laughing and laughing for a while, Zuwu was in a good mood. This just said to Sun Hao, a witch’s spirit form in Xingtian, "I am due to the fact that you are in front of you. Didn’t I say that? Friar Mahayana in the virtual world can have the strength of five matriarchal theories, and my sorcerer’s virtual world ranks among the top ten. Now, on behalf of the sorcerer, I carefully invite you to join my sorcerer camp and become my sorcerer’s ancestor. I wonder what you think? "
Cheng Zuwu? Will the witch family also be listed as their mother family? Sun Hao heard that Zuwu’s proposal was not from one leng.
So far, Sun Hao doesn’t know much about the mother family, except that once he becomes a town monk, there is no doubt that he has assumed the corresponding responsibilities.
I really don’t know if I’m suitable to bear the second ancestor wizard because the strength of the witch family is not weak and there are ancestors sitting in the town.
Zuwu seemed to perceive Sun Hao’s mood and said with a smile, "First, you are a member of the Xingtian Witch clan and an important member;" 20% of the ancestors are good for you. There is no harm in allowing you to quickly dominate the virtual world. Hahahaha, to tell you the truth, if you don’t feel the blood of your witch family, whether your drug family planning can be so successful is really two words. I have to intervene in some things a little, and it will be difficult for you to finish. "
Sun Hao couldn’t help but think of some past events when he heard about the ancestors. It’s true that he and the witches have many origins, not only his own blood is Xingtian’s blood, but also he was sheltered by the male and female witches when he was in vain, and the male and female witches who were in vain were the virtual forces among the witches.
There is also the fact that Girlan seems to have entered the virtual witch clan to practice himself. At that time, he planned to visit Girlan in the future when he was in the virtual witch clan. There is no doubt that it would be more convenient for him to go to the witch clan as his ancestor.
After all, it has been a long time since Girlan entered the virtual world, and it is not necessarily easy to find it without help.
I hope she can do well.
Wanted to think Sun Hao also felt that he was destined to be alms with the Wu family, but he also showed a sincere expression on his normal face. Sun Hao leaned down slightly and said, "It’s better to be respectful than to do it because of the respect of adults. When the overall situation of the medicine family is stable, the agarwood will go back to the Terran report and then go to the Wu family to visit the Zuwu adults."
The ancestral witch died in cold laughter. "Good, that’s good. Then I’ll expect you to come back. Hahahaha, when you go back to the Terran, you will be able to become an ancestral witch, which is not only beneficial to my witch, but also a great help to yourself."
Sun Hao said, "OK, then it’s a deal. Besides, no matter your honor, believe it or not, no one can stop Du Jie from entering Mahayana. No one can stop me from killing Fujitsu!"
The ancestor Wu Meng died in the cold and suddenly burst out laughing. He said to Sun Hao with a thumbs up, "Good Mahayana bearing is really Mahayana bearing, so I won’t bother you. I’ll see you when you come back."
Chapter 2544 There is fate
The ripples in the room gradually faded, and the ancestral witch’s body returned to normal slightly. Sun Hao felt that the ancestral witch’s breath disappeared and he really left.
Whether or not you choose to become an ancestor or a witch will have to go there sooner or later. I don’t know what happened to Girlan after all these years.
I need to go to the witch clan to find out.
After so long, the situation in Girlan may fall, become a family or practice, which are all possible.
Sometimes, even if Sun Hao means something, it is still the ability to happen to some things, and nothing can be changed, right?
There is another reason why Sun Hao wants to find Girlan, that is, many incomprehensible things have happened around Girlan.
Sun Hao has been puzzled for several times before and after until now.
I remember that when I was a leader and I didn’t meet Girlan, there was a mystery, so I could tell myself to be kind to take myself to Brother Zhong Xu, that is, Girlan.
Sun Hao, who wanted to break his head, didn’t know who told himself such predictive information. Later, there were several similar experiences. For example, Sun Hao still didn’t know when it was and whether it was an illusion or not.