Followed by the old emperor, the generation of Gu Hua, the big emperor and others, they also broke through or set foot on the Great Sage one after another or achieved brilliant and brilliant quasi-emperor.

It’s still more Ren Huang ethnic groups. The blood of the King has revived and sublimated. Recently, a group of people’s physique has changed into a real person, Wang Ti!
"Oh, my god, special physique can evolve like this. Is this how the protoss formed earlier? Or is it that Ren Huang’s immortal blood has changed to another level than bullying? "
"This is a horrible blood source, and the level of strength is too high. Wang Ti is the most basic for that kind of blood, but it is accompanied by changes. This is the scene!"
"If only I could be born in the imperial race, the starting point is so high that it is incomparable to add up his extreme forces."
I don’t know how many people envy and are so excited that they can’t be the breakthrough candidate.
More people are eager to join the ranks of ethnic groups in Ren Huang. It is a glorious thing to find an ethnic marriage in Ren Huang.
You know, it’s quite a fate to derive physique from the source of blood, and it changes directly from blood to flesh. It’s hard to imagine that a person needs strength and must be immortal and powerful
"King’s blood recovery is this Wang Ti? It is in direct proportion to practice the imperial court’s humanitarian law!"
The blood vessels are approaching, and the jumpers are happy to feel the transformation of the strength level, and they are not ordinary people, Wang Ti. It is the new king’s blood that Ren Huang inherited from the combination of Hengyu’s blood essence, which can also be called Heng Wang Ti!
His people are also very excited. They are the first generation of people. Everyone has a king’s blood, far more than before. They can sublimate into two kinds of blood, and Wang Ti has poor transformation potential.
"Even if such an ethnic group is dispersed, it is also a sublime Wang Shijia; It is more terrible than the protoss in those days. There is a difference between the blood sources of both sides. "
A few people are shocked. If you think about it, you can know that the ethnic group is terrible. Everyone is strong. Even now, Wang Ti is also a human body.
But with the passage of time, Ren Huang’s ethnic owner, Wang Ti, will naturally become more and more, which is a huge base. In the end, all the ethnic groups are Wang Ti!
At that time, you can be called a real person and the kings of the royal family will rise together!
"It’s a brilliant achievement of the brilliant ethnic group. If Ren Huang goes further in the future, I’m afraid everyone is a constant Wang Ti, and the blood of the enemy king is terrible for the family."
Even a few people of Wanlong Emperor can’t help but admire that this is much better than their ancient royal family. I’m afraid only pure blood can compare one or two.
However, this is also a good thing for them. After all, it is now an immortal imperial court. Ren Huang ethnic group is the main vein, and they are the branches. Although their status is worse than that of former’ hardcore allies’, it is also a brilliant achievement.
At least they can’t reach such a level at the peak.
"Is this the end of the post-Wang Shijia Alien Terran?"
Li Yu’s heart moved and thought of a lot of ripples that he stirred up when he was alive. When he handed them to swim, it was naturally stormy waves, but some things became more and more clear, that is, from himself.
Perhaps this is also a means of self-protection in history.
Gradually, this noise gradually calmed down all beings, witnessing the glory of Ren Huang’s ethnic group, more Yan Emperor’s testimony, and an extra contemporary emperor.
This made many Zhijilu Tianjiao people’s eyes twinkle. They had seen the immortal imperial court. Although they failed to see Ren Huang’s respect, they still got the response from the venerable people.
Although the seal of the heavenly heart is consistent, they still have many ways to try. The most difficult thing is to break the suppression of the contemporary emperor and become an emperor, but this difficulty is not generally great; What’s more, it’s not so simple for Yan Di past lives Daoguo to gather fighting power.
The remaining method is Ren Huang’s poor evolution road, Xianxian Road and Zhuxian Road; They can try to transform themselves or practice the five secret realms, which are the seeds of Tao, and then they can become Tao by themselves.
It is not that no one wants to try to break all kinds of repression and become an emperor. Some people are considered to have such potential, such as tyrants and gods. If the holy king can break the shackles, he will have earned the double chain strength of "the body is suppressed by all means", which will be terrible.
On quiet days, Li Yu occasionally travels to the world of mortals to purify his body and mind and construct the universe. However, there are several great robberies to help him complete the practice, which is equivalent to nine times that he drives all beings to evolve at the same time, and the practice efficiency is very high
The tyrant, God-killing worm, who was trained by him, has been able to take charge of himself. Now the main training object of the imperial court is Xuanwu Emperor, who brought out the immortal, tearful, green, golden and holy spirit. Although it is still pregnant, once it is born, it will be a proper high-end combat force.
Li Yu also has some impressions of it, that is, a fierce man who lived a second life on his own and succeeded in the fist of the Emperor of Heaven, which is really worth cultivating.
Yaochi Stone Fetus Holy Spirit Road is somewhat similar to chaos. She absorbs a lot of special physique, Jingxue, and is naturally different from the Holy Spirit. But for the immortal imperial court, it’s nothing. There is no shortage of roots for the master of the imperial way
In the past thousand years, I have also been pregnant with the nine-story, nine-horned emperor tower and added another battle force; The demon emperor misses the demon emperor’s ruler, blood and essence. There are also signs of metamorphosis. After all, he had a lot of obsession.
The thoughts of Ren Huang in the lunar calendar and the Holy Emperor of the Sun on the Eucharist of Mars were completely stabilized, and another special way of practice was for Duan De to find out the nine-day spiritual practice from his memory.
Li Yu once again found out that Qing Di was coming, and then he came to the strange world to find some complete little guys and asked about it.
There are some ups and downs in the level of true immortals, and there are great differences. According to the past, ordinary true immortals need a star field to support them, otherwise it will be enough for him to practice and swallow the essence of heaven and earth, which will dry up Gan Kun.
However, those tianjiao who are perfectly cultivated into immortals have different combat power, far exceeding that of ordinary true immortals, and their contrast volume is also different, visible or different from person to person.
"Is the development direction different? After all, it is normal for some fairy kings to create different levels of true immortals. As far as orthodoxy is concerned, I’m afraid that the secret realm left by the Emperor of the Wild Heaven should be the world of mortals, which is different and more powerful than the quasi-fairy king. It seems that it is not completely influenced by the realm. "
Li Yu pondered and measured the difference of several kinds of so-called true immortals, so that later generations also had Daewoo or extreme comparison, and the combination of the two was the quasi-fairy king; The Daewoo level includes the true fairy of humanity.
Strictly speaking, his earnest immortal road is still suitable for those who have got the perfect kind of immortal seeds, and many aspects will continue this road. If anyone is willing to go to the immortal imperial court, there are immortal seeds to give.
He also wants to try the elixir. Can it be planted perfectly to achieve enlightenment? Or is it that the things changed after the fall of these fairy kings are stronger than the perfect species? It may be even more horrible to achieve a true fairy.
"Buried out the immortal ancient method in the years? True fairy road? You need fairy seeds. "
After all, there are some interests in this road. After all, the perfect species are ready-made, but they are all arrogant people. They must first try Ren Huang to leave Jin Xian Road. After all, humanity and Yin Xian are the five secret roads, and they are the most suitable.
Later, Zhang Bairen, who joined heaven, had no scruples. He thought it would be good to grow into an immortal perfectly. Anyway, the original practice was to mess with the ancient method, but his realm still needed polishing and he put it on hold for the time being.
500 years have passed in a hurry, and the reincarnation disk has passed for 5,000 years. The nine major humanitarian forces have once again built a cosmic structure, reaching ten levels and becoming more and more vast.
And Li Yu once again came to the strange world and grabbed the world. The mark of the ancient world also flew out and merged into a sea of thousands of ways. He walked into it to become a multi-level robbery.
I ignored it earlier, but now I have a flash of light, so I have to try.
A hundred years later, the strange world, Tianxin, was torn apart and suddenly came out of it, bringing out the mark of the ancient world. The whole body was surrounded by thousands of roads and countless traces intertwined.
He stood there floating and exhausted the Tao, and the Tao was too vast, giving people an unreal feeling. The vision in a pair of golden eyes made everything in the world rise and fall, if it covered the long river of years!
"Let’s call Heaven of Science a robbery."
Li Yu clapped his hands and smiled with satisfaction. After that, there was a fairy light in the cosmic community that blended into the imprint of the heavenly heart, which greatly strengthened the repair of the defect, and it was also a reward.
This robbery was born from the birth of Tianxin, and the name of Heaven is perfect.
Hao is boundless, majestic, magnificent, ancient and so on. Heaven of Science means boundless and desolate, and when it was born, it was boundless and ancient.