"Help you make an appointment with Zhang Chuer …" Han Ping seems to be shaken.

"Well, if I make an appointment, your account will be ten thousand more. If I declare success, my account will be thirty thousand more." Yin Dang, with deep pockets, completely defeated Han Ping’s defense.
"Where is the appointment?" Han Ping agreed directly. After all, it is a wonderful thing for an ordinary person to get 30 thousand yuan.
"Green Coffee"
Yin Dang hung up and sneered at the corners of his mouth. "Hum, aren’t you arrogant? I have a way to get you out and throw yourself into the arms of the young master."
Yin dang was afraid of not being safe and repeatedly beat the words of the remaining two people. The remaining two people were also ecstatic and quickly promised to be afraid that Yin dang would go back on his word
Hang up Yin Dang * * * smiled and went to Green’s coffee preparation.
After ventilation, the three roommates called Zhang Chuer together and prepared to take money to do something bad.
"Chu Er, I’m Han Ping. I’ll wait for you to come to Green Coffee once. The three of us will comfort you. Well, just remember to come."
Han Ping hung up with a smile and easily got 30 thousand yuan to make her very happy.
On the other side, I didn’t know that Zhang Chuer was happy and was moved by three roommates. I almost had to leave tears to pack up and go straight to Green Coffee.
But waiting for her is an abyss.
In the green coffee Han Ping three people took her into the room just entered Zhang Chuer with a smile face immediately solidified and turned to leave.
"Hey, Chu Er, don’t leave in a hurry." The three roommates were in a hurry at that time, which depends on their money
"Don’t you want to know about Longyou and that woman?" Instead, Yin Dang drank coffee with a calm face.
Hear this sentence Yin Dang Zhang Chuer steps stopped looking at a face of carefree Yin Dang sat on the sofa.
"Ha ha, you have to listen to me before Chu Er says these things," Yin Dang said.
"What’s the matter?" Zhang Chuer Qiao face is indifferent.
"Ha ha, Chu Er, I like you deeply. Do you like Longyougen or not? I can give you happiness. Come with me. Don’t think about the man who broke your heart." Yin Dangyin suddenly softened up and held out a big bunch of roses from his body with a look of hope.
"It’s impossible. Even if I don’t go with Longyou, I won’t go with you. You should be dead." Zhang Chuer didn’t look at Yin Dang’s words.
"What can I give you happiness?" Yin Dang shouted sullenly and angrily.
"There is nothing I don’t like you." Zhang Chuer’s words made Yin fall from head to toe like falling into icehouse.
Chapter One Close Call
It’s sunny outside the window and the sun is dazzling. Longyou lies on the windowsill and looks at the scenery outside, but the mood is so low.
He is very upset that the whole person has lost almost a circle in the past few days. Since Zhang Chuer left angrily, he has counted every day that he wants to make up with Zhang Chuer during the Cold War, but he doesn’t know how to do it.
Worry longyou sighed and picked up a bottle of wine from the side of the desktop, regardless of the degree of the wine. He looked up and drank the original sunny face, and his face was full of sorrow at the moment.
"The young master also drowned his sorrows by drinking."
There was a sneer in my mind, and the white light flashed in front of me, and email appeared in front of Longyou.
"How can you come out?" Longyou was slightly taken aback.
"This is an illusory body, but you will feel distressed when you look at it by drinking, little master!" Email jiaochen way
Who knows longyou turned his head and looked into the distance, ignoring email in front of him.
"Young master will be like this. Not everyone can enjoy such a blessing. It proves that you have great charm. Anyway, besides Zhang Chuer, don’t you have Miranda Kerr? Since Zhang Chuer is angry and left you, let her go. According to the charm of young master, there will be a lot of beautiful women who will throw themselves at each other in person. Zhang Chuer is blind and blind, and will regret it one day." The so-called lazy stretch of email is very humanized and leans against the balcony bar.
"Don’t say that Chu Er! Chu Er, don’t you know where I am? " Longyou light is wrinkly to knit the brows wrinkle "and others don’t know you don’t know? Miranda Kerr and I have nothing at all! "
"I believe that the young master will take that Miranda Kerr in his pocket one day. Well, I won’t say much about your little lover." Email’s ear moved and she heard a slight step, but she smiled and disappeared in front of Longyou.
A burst of footsteps sounded like a kitten, but Miranda Kerr guessed that Longyou was in a bad mood and found it.
I don’t want to face Miranda Kerr’s dragon tour reality. I just wanted to slip away quietly, but Miranda Kerr hugged me from behind.
"Why did you leave as soon as you saw me?" Miranda Kerr was wearing a thin robe, and her chest was full of backlog, and her back was a little sad and angry.
In the face of Miranda Kerr, I feel a little embarrassed from my heart. Since Miranda Kerr appeared, almost everything around me has been constantly. First, I was shot and then Chu Er left angrily. All this has nothing to do with this sweet-looking Miranda Kerr.
Longyou gently took Miranda Kerr in his hand and said, "Chu Er has misunderstood us. I also told you that I am not your husband. Please don’t do this again."
Miranda Kerr noncommittally smiled and didn’t respond to Longyou’s words. She smiled and pulled Longyou into the room to eat the juice she had prepared herself.
"Did you listen to me! Can you restrain yourself a little! " Even if it is a good temper, there are some outbreaks at this time.
"You mean me …" Miranda Kerr cried with tears in her eyes. "I’m watching you drink alone and want to get you some juice to drink. I’m afraid you hurt yourself and you mean me."
It is said that tears are a woman’s greatest killer. Miranda Kerr’s tearful eyes are dancing, and the pear blossoms are raining, which makes Longyou’s anger disappear by more than half.
Chloe is just a poor girl with amnesia. I blame her so much for being irresponsible and secretly blaming myself.
Patted and sobbed, Chloe said, "It’s bad that Chloe doesn’t cry. Brother Long shouldn’t send a dragon to you and drink all the juice of Chloe’s love, okay?"
"Really?" Miranda Kerr rolled over and sat up, with tears in her eyes, and gave the table juice to Longyou. "You won’t be angry with you if you drink all Chloe."
"Sure enough, it’s still a little girl’s nature. It’s no wonder that Chloe didn’t solve it herself." Seeing Chloe jumping for joy, some Nye shook his head
After putting Miranda Kerr to sleep, Longyou decided to go to Chu Er in person and tell the truth. He believed that Chu Er was not the kind of unreasonable girl.
At this time, it is close to late autumn, and it is always mixed with strong winds. Even though Longyou is wrapped in a thick coat, he can’t help but make a cold war.
He can’t help but think of whether Zhang Chuer will feel as cold as himself now. When he thinks of this, he just tightens his pocket and warms up.
I am very familiar with Longyou in Zhang Chuer dormitory, and it didn’t take long to arrive.
Longyou came from the car, and it was not so easy to get into the girls’ dormitory. Longyou was stopped by the aunt who managed the girls’ dormitory like other boys.
"Aunt, this is for you to prepare food taken late at night. It’s hard to keep the dormitory every day." Longyou took out a bag of food and handed it to the aunt of the dormitory. He and the aunt of the dormitory were familiar with each other because he often came to the dormitory to pick up Zhang Chuer to play. Naturally, he had already flattered the aunt of the dormitory a long time ago.
"Come to see Chu Er again," said the aunt in the dormitory, who didn’t push to take off the food and put it aside.
"Yes," Longyou said absently, and his eyes kept looking towards the building.
"You haven’t come to see Chu Er for so long. Since you are a couple, how much you should care about her? Otherwise, let others beat you to it! You haven’t come to see Chu Er these days. There is a student who is pursuing Chu Er every day. Even if Chu Er refuses him, he is still stalking him. Chu Er has been asked out to play by him. "Aunt said.
"But I heard that the student is not a good thing either. He is famous for his playboy in the school. He played a lot of girls with his family’s money. I think this time he asked Chu Er out. It must be an evil plan. I advise you to hurry over and have a look!" Dormitory aunt kindly told Longyou
Longyou immediately tightened up after listening to the aunt in the dormitory, and turned around and ran out of the dormitory.
Although he doesn’t know what the student’s sex is like in aunt’s mouth, he is not at ease whether Yin Dang wants another man to ask Zhang Chuer out! His woman can touch it herself!
At the same time, the atmosphere in the box is also instantly solidified. Zhang Chuer roommates can’t think of Zhang Chuer’s face with power and appearance. Yin Dang didn’t have a crush but refused directly. Although they knew that Zhang Chuer didn’t like Yin Dang, it was still absolutely shocking when they saw it with their own eyes.
Yin Dang is in a very angry mood at the moment. I wonder when he confessed that Yin Shaoshao was rejected. Which woman didn’t stick to him after worrying about the past, but this Zhang Chuer refused him again and again! This is a shame for him Yin Dang!