Road flyover Dayan Camp Clear Water wiped her forehead and looked at Huang Puji Su Chi with a cold sweat. "That wonderful show of children would be strong if it weren’t for the protection of sea animals, even today’s seat would be run."

"The Taoist priest is no match for that wonderful child?" Huang Puji frowning way
Road flyover Bishui shook his head. "Although the magical power has not yet been used, it is somewhat unconfident in my heart. I don’t know who wins or loses. But some time ago, I heard that the child has a magic weapon of fire to restrain me. Although my magical power is great, if I have a magic weapon of fire, I may not be able to compete today. I want to use my magical power to capture the child, but I have never thought about it. I still want to wait for a good opportunity to use my magical power to capture the child and scare him."
Su Chi Huang Pucci’s eyes flashed with concern. "If the Taoist priest even you can’t restrain the wonderful show of children, wouldn’t it be possible to take the opportunity to cross the river? My Dayan army is exhausted and invincible, but the children’s hands are elite."
Road flyover Bishui laughed when he heard this. "The two generals need to worry that being original can’t compete with the child, but they didn’t say that the child can stand being original and dancing like a sea animal. Even if the child is severe, he can’t take the whole river. If he wants to be original, the child can’t cross the cold river."
"It’s good to be so sure of being a good Taoist priest. Now it’s good to wait until the South Yuan Dynasty decides the winner." Huang Puqi was overjoyed
The Taoist Bishui was stunned. "Is there any change in the Southern Yuan Dynasty?"
Su Chi said, "Where is the South Yuan now in fierce fighting? If the South Yuan defeats our Dayan Empire, it will be attacked between Scylla and Charybdis. If the South Yuan defeats naturally, there will be South Yuan reinforcements, and the wonderful children will be attacked on both sides."
Liang Yuan of Dayan camp looked at Yu Duxiu’s eyes with a flash of urgency. "Brother’s cold river is hard to restrain him from moving mountains and moving to a big mountain as a bridge to let hundreds of soldiers pass."
Jade Duxiu has the magical power of moving mountains and filling the sea, or the whole practice world is well known. Liang Yuanyu Duxiu is not interested in jade Duxiu, and its dynamics are normal. This news can’t be concealed from him.
Yu Duxiu thumped his fingers on the table, then returned to the former rhythm again. After a while, Yu Duxiu shook his head with his eyes closed. "No, if Dashan Town is cut off from the cold river, the cold river will be blocked, and the creatures on both sides of the river will inevitably be changed. If the karma is too great, it will be difficult to make a fairy road."
Liang Yuanwen’s eyes were dark. That is to say, he just tried it. He knew that Jade Duxiu was bent on fairy tales. This kind of thing would never be done. It was just a fluke.
"Brother, did you think of breaking the big swallow soldier across the cold water river?" Liang Yuan looked at Jade Duxiu.
Jade Duxiu shook his head. "It’s difficult to cross the river like the next day. If I need a few mountains by myself and rely on his millions of military forces, I will bow down and capture them. Unfortunately, this is because the karma of the two armies’ conquest is too great and there is a struggle for national luck. This kind of power can activate the laws of heaven. If I dare to do it, I am afraid that heaven and man will fail in the near future."
Just then, suddenly there was a rush of footsteps outside the big tent, but I heard a running sound and quickly approached this place.
"Report South Dollar Express"
The hoarse voice reveals a deep fatigue, obviously because of the long journey.
"Did Nan Yuan write?" Liang Yuan frowned at the big tent outside the door and said, "Please come in as soon as possible."
When the curtain of the big tent was lifted, I saw a Taoist shambling in his clothes. This man was covered with mud and wrinkled clothes, so I couldn’t tell where the real Taoist was or where he was a beggar.
"Met Brother Miaoxiu and Brother Miaoyuan," the Taoist plopped down.
Liang Yuan hurried forward to hold the Taoist priest just once, but exclaimed, "Teacher Wang, what’s wrong with you? Who came after you to make such a mess?"
The Taoist named Wang, his eyes were full of scarlet blood, and he trembled and said, "Brother Nan Yuan’s soldiers lost. Nan Yuan’s soldiers lost."
At some point, I cried.
"What?" But see Liang Yuan suddenly if lightning struck a stiff body.
Jade Duxiu is also suddenly open your eyes, and the black and white light in your eyes is straight out and twisted three feet away.
Moment but see Liang Yuanqing tendons suddenly and violently up his hands and grabbed the king’s shoulder eyes are full of ferocious unbelievable "teacher younger brother, are you lying to me? Are you lying to me? "
At this time, Liang Yuan’s eyes were red and stared at the king’s eyes, full of incredible color and hoarse voice, and asked
Jade Duxiu frowned and slammed his finger on the table. If it is like thunder and auditions, Liang Yuan feels that his soul is shaken and ferocious, and gradually recedes. He replies to the clear color and slowly loosens the king’s shoulders and slowly gets up. "Teacher younger brother has come from afar and washes himself first. If you have something to say later, it’s not too late or too bad."
The king’s language is to see Liang Yuan’s undoubted eyes swallow all the words to his mouth, turn around and follow the pro-guard and go out.
When Wang walked away, Liang Yuancai pounced on the table and rummaged through the map.
Chapter 262 The situation is out of control between Scylla and Charybdis
Sparse Li Hua pen holder, paper and inkstone department all fall to the ground, but Liang Yuan dug up a map regardless of the seat.
Looking at digging out the map, Liang Yuan was short of breath and played the map for a long time before he said to Yu Duxiu, "Brother, the situation is not good."
"Don’t worry, the sky won’t fall." Jade Duxiu’s tone is indifferent. At this time, the operation is too forgetful. Look on coldly and shield all feelings. Everything in heaven and earth slowly and deeply came to the table and looked at the map for a long time. "After the defeat of Nan Yuan, we have to be attacked between Scylla and Charybdis. Now the only way is to defeat the big swallow foot soldiers before the other army comes."
"Extinction, national subjugation and destruction of the country" means Liang Yuan’s heart andao "Miao Xiu is so angry in this sentence that it is obvious that he is not as calm as this time"
"I can’t afford to delay. I’ll immediately inform Zhang Jiao about the situation here. Please teach Zhang Jiao to give people hands, or we can fall into the magic weapon of sea animals. Let’s break into Dayan early and cross the hinterland of Dayan in this cold river, that is, meet the enemy again." Speaking of this, a symbol in the hands of Jade Duxiu flew out and turned to the sky.
The two men looked at the map to discuss countermeasures. Just then the camp was lifted and the king came in. At this time, the king was well dressed, and only a pair of eyes were flashing scarlet.
"Teacher younger brother, sit down quickly." Liang Yuan asked the king to sit down and then said, "Teacher younger brother, tell me how Nan Yuan was defeated. I’m trying to plan everything in Taiping Road. It’s hard to understand how the elders in the middle school were defeated in person."
The king’s words were slightly choked with emotion and suddenly got excited and roared, "There must be a traitor in the traitor Taiping Sect who leaked the planning information of Nanyuan. That’s too Yi Dao seems to know that the information of Taiping Dao’s going to Nanyuan Long Bro’s Department just happened to be restrained by the other party at the first hand without any resistance. Too Yi Dao must have known the details of the elders in advance and made targeted arrangements. Otherwise, the elders can and won’t be defeated with one blow."
Jade Duxiu frowned traitor. It’s not the first time he heard the word "traitor". He heard the story of leaving the world. It seems that a traitor leaked some news. Didn’t Taiping Road remove the traitor?
"The brothers and elders of Nanyuan are now?" Liang Yuan looked at that brother.
The younger brother’s eyes were red. "All the elders should have robbed all the senior brothers and fled desperately, and some of them were captured. If the elders hadn’t let me hide out early, they told me to believe in Zongmen if I didn’t play it by ear. I was afraid that Taiping Road would be caught in the net this time."
"bang!" Liang Yuan’s front desk instantly shattered "Damn traitor, damn it, if I know who it is, I can’t beg for death."
Jade Duxiu frowning daoist magic’s rapid deduction is daoist magic’s skill in mathematics, which is mainly due to the military’s skill in deduction and prediction. It is not too difficult to infer traitors.
"I have a precise layout of Taiping Road, and now the defeat of Nan Yuan will have an unpredictable impact on the whole situation, which is more difficult than my Taiping Road’s turning from wind to wind. It is hard to say that the victory or defeat of a battlefield will affect a battlefield and trigger a variety of chain reactions more than the involvement of the bureau. If we can destroy Dayan, we may be able to pull back a game, but we will not find traitors for a day. My brothers and elders in Taiping Road are suspicious of each other and have a gap. We can’t work together as one, if we can beat more than a few clans." Yu Duxiu sighed.
"Alas," Liang Yuan sighed. Now he can think of some way to conquer Dayan.
"I Taiping Road has lost a lot of long brothers this time, but it is a lot of energy-sapping. In the future, the development of the situation has emerged from my Taiping Road." Yu Duxiu let go of daoist magic and sighed.
Taiping Taoist palm teaches a grim-faced look at the hands of Fuofu, and the veins stood out on his forehead, and his hands trembled. Fuofu’s power was too stirring and instant.
"Who the hell is the traitor?" The words popped out through the palm’s teeth.
Who is the traitor of Taiping Road? Zhang Jiao doesn’t know how to plan one thousand mistakes with the help of a cave in the dust, but the remaining clans seem to have got some wind, sensed clues and had to stop Taiping Road, and the plan was completed by more than half.
But later, those clans let their guard down because of negligence, otherwise, Taiping Road’s plan will definitely fail.
Also, if a normal person, who would think that Taiping Road wants more than nine wars?
After the other side relaxed its vigilance, Taiping Road launched a thunderous attack. Unfortunately, there was still a change, and the traitor in teaching actually appeared again.
This time, not only did the information of Nan Yuan’s brother pass, which caused heavy losses to Taiping Road, but also the situation in China took a turning point, and it was gradually out of Taiping Road’s control.
"Who has secretly sent someone to investigate, but I haven’t found any trace? This traitor is too hidden. Now I, the elders of Taiping Road, have fears and scruples. I can’t unite as one again, as if I were fighting against several clans." Speaking of this, I shook my hand. "No matter what, I have to find out this traitor, otherwise my Taiping Road will be even more like a fishbone. If I am found by the seat, I will give you the clues to dispel my soul and never be able to live again."