"I just know one."

Waved his hand
Then take out a cellular phone and open it.
"Sure enough, let’s exchange numbers."
The little girl turned and left.
"Feed …"
Called two
I didn’t stop, so I just chased it.
"Don’t go in a hurry. Let’s go to dinner together. You know, meeting is fate. It’s fate."
"What’s your name? My name is Seven Nights. Call me Brother Seven Nights if you don’t mind. "
"Don’t don’t talk or brother take you to buy lollipops? Still want to see goldfish? "
The little girl acted with her teammates.
Mai Ye Shen Li, Flanda and Takitsubo Rikou are her teammates.
Her name is Kinuhata Saiai.
There was no reaction until I saw Flanda.
Seven nights …
Isn’t it the Flanders?
It’s a little inaccurate to say it’s family, but it should be the person who adopted her and her sister.
These things are known to teammates, but no one has ever seen them for seven nights, which is not something you can see if you want to.
They say seeing is believing.
Now I have seen it with my own eyes and found that Seven Nights is just like a lolicon.
After all, many girls are drawn.
"Flanda …"
"it’s nothing if it’s not super."
Shake your head
I came to ask a question, but I thought it might not be a good idea to ask such a question.
Maybe find the answer yourself?
Kinuhata Saiai thoughtfully.
And Flanda is a little confused. Looking at her, I don’t know what she wants to say.
But if you think about it, it’s probably no big deal, so there’s no struggle
"All right, let’s go."
In the shrine
"Kinuhata Saiai …"
Lying on the table for seven nights, biting my nails and thinking
You can guess from the fact that you are "super" and like B-movies.
Prop core member-Level4 nitrogen armored Kinuhata Saiai
A 12-year-old girl who works in the dark.
No matter what age it is, you can’t be like ordinary people, little girl
This is also the first time to meet Flanda’s teammates.
"Looks like a good girl, Flanda. It’s good to have such teammates."
Or the object to be careful is just Shen Li of Maiye.
Mai Ye Shen Li has a bad temper. It doesn’t matter whether you are a teammate or not when you get angry. Just cut the waist and show it to the public.
This is how Flanda died in the original book.
Although it was Franda’s fault first, it was understandable. After all, Franda had to take care of her sister.
So she can’t die. If her ten-year-old sister dies, there will be no one to take care of her.
Unfortunately, in the end, he died at the hands of his leader.
But not this time.
She doesn’t need to protect her sister by herself, and she can’t rely on herself for everything.
She stayed behind for seven nights.
Seven nights will not allow her to die.
"But then again, the world is really dangerous!"
Although it is a modern world, it seems to be relatively peaceful.
However, three wars broke out soon after.
"But it seems that there is no Chinese participation in World War III …"
Don’t whisper at the thought of this for seven nights.
It seems that we have been deliberately avoiding the rising power, although many of them have Chinese elements.
"Who cares?"
Yawning without too much entanglement.
The door suddenly opened.
Qiu Sha, the goddess of Ji, walked in and still had no expression.
"Brother Seven Nights should take a bath."
Should come together.
Stretch and leave the living room with Ji Shenqiu Sha to go to the bathroom.
Although I said I would wash them separately, I still wash them together occasionally, and I don’t think it’s strange.
Occasionally, there will be a third person, Fremeyer.
When I walked into the bathroom, I found that Fremeyer had been playing with the little yellow duck in the bathtub.
Looking at Fremeyer and looking at Ji Shenqiu Sha.
Think of Franda and think of some teenage girls in the ninja world.
"Ah? !”
Suddenly I seem to want to know something.
"It seems that I have lived like an emperor unconsciously. Is it an illusion?"