It was not until a month passed that the Eastern Wilderness gradually recovered its former calm. The Eternal Star Field Expeditionary Force seemed to be an episode, and the monks saw a grand fireworks and then dissipated.

In recent days, the circulation around the world has gone back to the ancient celestial remains, and the sages outside the sacred land no longer cover up their identities and stir up the storm in the five realms.
Not long ago, two ancient suns flew in from outer space, and the dazzling light flashed across Zhongzhou like two suns.
It is said that these two ancient demon saints are only the first to explore the road, and behind them, their people come from an ancient star called Huosang Life.
Fire mulberry also helps the ancient star field. In the ancient years, three ancient stars, fire mulberry, Tongtian and Gouchen, have been to the ancient star of Honghuang to find the immortal map.
And the fire mulberry ancient star is absolutely powerful, and the ancient star of the great universe shoots the sun and says they have it; In ancient times, ten holy-class ancient suns made a great disaster in ancient China, and the powerful big cave was born and cast into nine arrows to shoot the nine suns with a continuous bow.
In the end, the old sun of Huosangxing, who can be admired for nine days and ten places, crossed the star field and came. He was a quasi-emperor and let Da Yi fall.
The most striking thing is another news. When the heavenly grace was experiencing the outside world, the Archaean royal family collided and fought and fell into the inexplicable ancient land, which actually touched the ban of Archaean times and made an ancient palace alive.
According to the ancient creatures of the royal family, this palace belongs to the immortal emperor of Taikoo!
After getting the news, the gods who were entrenched in the vicinity of Zi Shan couldn’t sit still. At the beginning, they failed to meet the gods, which led to the suffering of Yaochi today. This time, the emperor’s palace was born, and there was absolutely no mistake.
On that day, the ancestor king led the army out and went straight to the palace of God.
The northern domain ginger family received the news that Li Yu’s face moved, and now the emperor has given him a tree in Yaochi. The immortal palace should be difficult to dig, but it was unexpectedly touched by Ye Fan.
However, he didn’t care too much. He just sent a robbery out to the place where the palace was born.
"In Archaean, this land was the most vigorous in the world, with abundant vegetation and ancient medicines everywhere, and the aura was enriched. It is a pity that the prosperity will decline. This is the law that everything obeys."
Duan De, who lives in Huangshan Mountain in the northern domain, was born as soon as he heard that the immortal emperor’s palace was born. The black emperor was also very excited. I didn’t expect that besides Zi Shan, he could occupy an immortal palace again.
Li Yu looks up. From the terrain, it is a rising dragon. It can be seen that mountains are entrenched like dragons, and the ups and downs of ridges are strange and majestic, stretching like the sun, the moon and the stars.
In Archaean times, this terrain will be more mysterious and magnificent, otherwise it will not be seen by the immortal emperor to build a palace; However, the emperor wanted to turn into a fairy before he sat down, which led to a great change in the environment in the northern region, and even this place was affected by the wave
They went deep into Wan Li for more than a dozen years before they came to the deepest part of this ancient vein. I have to say that this mountain is extremely vigorous and rarely comparable.
Hua! There is deafening water ahead, and the waterfall hangs. The sound of Qianchuan is like a landslide and tsunami, and Ma Benteng is huge with thousands of troops.
The mountain gate is wide, and there are nine spectacular waterfalls. After walking in, there are countless magnificent scenery, and the green hills are swaying in five colors, hanging like a mythical world.
Not far away, a large number of ancient creatures are coming to the flag waving department, which is particularly conspicuous.
"Shenxing Palace will never tolerate outsiders trampling!"
Chapter three hundred and four Taikoo kill rob emperor even out of the sky.
"The emperor’s palace will never be trampled by outsiders on the residence of Taikoo God. How can foreigners set foot on it to explore this is an insult to God’s majesty!"
On the one hand, there are many ancient creatures rushing out of the huge domain, and the leader is impressively a semi-saint, almost becoming a human figure, which shows that he is powerful
The Ministry of Gods followed with flags and banners, and thousands of troops were under great pressure. They rushed out and fighters broke through the sky.
"This is the residence of Archaean God, a place where all nationalities worship, and no foreigners disturb it!"
They are very strong and want to occupy this place.
I have to say that this banner is very effective, and a small number of ancient creatures are really shocked. There is still a fear of respect for the immortal emperor in their bones and veins. That is the first emperor in ancient times who surpassed God.
However, such as the top royal family, the fierce family and the Taikoo royal family, they are not so interested, especially the powerful ancient royal family.
What’s so ancient? Who hasn’t got an ancient emperor yet? Isn’t it a joke to respect the immortal emperor instead of your own ancient emperor?
Not to mention the fact that the holy emperor overthrew the immortal emperor’s Dojo in the last years of ancient times. It can be said that the ancient emperors were more or less aware of the fact that their people had gone out since the present, and they naturally didn’t care much about the fact that there was no ancient emperor’s suppression department.
Seeing this scene, those proud people with long eyebrows of God’s descent felt angry, but the accompanying ancestor Wang shook his head and held them down. Now they are not too old, and the gods are imprisoned in Yaochi. It is not the time when their scenery swept the sky.
Without the support of a great ancient sage in secret, I’m afraid their words are not as good as those of a royal family now.
"The ancient gods will not die, and the emperor will go to the palace. God knows what kind of gods will be left!"
"At the beginning, the immortal emperor’s skin and coffin gods were all present in the fairy house world, and the heirs were found in the jade pool. Now even the palaces have been excavated. It’s really horrible."
"Yeah, I’m afraid those ancient creatures will be enraged again this time, but I’m not a vegetarian, and some sages are born and I’m not afraid of them."
After a long time, many Terran monks arrived in the East Wilderness, and I don’t know how many powerful forces arrived here.
Ji’s family, Jiang’s family, Yao’s pool, Yaoguang and other polar forces all appeared at the first time. Ancient saints were born to explore this place, and the ancestors and kings of all ethnic groups confronted each other with some fears and did not plan to start work easily.
Many people in the ancient tribe are very tight-minded. These terran details have indeed revealed a part. Although they don’t talk much about unity with each other, they are still very scary when they agree with each other.
"Such a treasure land may be left by the immortal emperor to his children, but as a result, you robbed the coffin of human skin, and the children were taken by you to raise trees. Now you have to dig the palace. This beam is extremely rich."
Duan De is amazing. If there is a big chance, the ancient emperor will come into contact with things frequently, which can be said to be predestined friends. But like Li Yu, it can be said that doomed love has made a fortune for others before and after.
"Afraid of what the emperor did in those days, Purple Mountain was also called the Ancient Emperor Mountain. Those God-born chaos has not been suppressed, and even the immortal medicine has turned to follow the emperor."
The black emperor is otherwise very proud. It seems to him that the immortal emperor is not a good thing. The emperor has explored many secrets, all of which are the conspirators behind the ages.
It can be said that the ancient war of God is that he provoked and triggered a series of bloody chaos, and the emperor also confronted each other; However, this foundation will not intervene in the spirit of the Emperor.
"I have a destiny, that’s me."
Li Yu’s brow stretch doesn’t matter.
I have to say that this mountain is very broad, and their location is just a mountain gate. The whole area is towering and steep.
The ancient gods left a palace, which can be said to be a treasure house for future generations. It is too much to say that it is a great nature.
Even the ancient creatures of the royal family are tempted to explore the face of the gods, which is precious.
There are several special mountains in the four fields of this place, which are far away from here. Every peak has an ancient temple, which is obviously a treasure house surrounded by bundles of fiery eyes.
"In the past, all ethnic groups respected the ancient gods, but after the rise of an ancient emperor, the prestige was not as good as before. More and more ancient people deviated from the camp."
At the ancient sacred entrance of Jijia, there is still an ordinary man standing beside him, with an ordinary and quiet temperament, just as the vast edge is empty and endless.
"All families are honored? Which generation of emperor is not respected by all ethnic groups? This is not something to be proud of. It is also self-inflicted to be overturned by the holy emperor. Even the Xia Dynasty has an account to calculate. If you look over it, I am afraid it is not as simple as one or two. "
Li Yu’s carefree mouth means that many people’s eyes are not flashing, especially the Taigu royal family, many of whom look at each other, and the Black Emperor Duan De reveals an intriguing smile.
In the distance, there is a god who will lead the big yelling, "What is this nonsense?" !”
"Who slanders Shen Ying! Who is impatient with the majesty of the emperor? "
This is a three-eyed ancient clan that has reached the realm of Dacheng king. At this moment, when it roars and drinks in all directions, the wind blows and smashes the hills, making many people afraid to talk again.
"I said, like your god I Terran dry! How dare you yell here! "
Li Yu is full of black hair, the wind is flying wildly automatically, and his eyes are like two flashes.
He stared at the big three-eyed ancient creature’s eyes, and the light shot violently for dozens of miles, piercing the sky like two heavenly swords and chopping the body, and there was a terrible flame burning
Poof-poof, the screaming three-eyed ancient creature’s whole left arm was blown up, dripping with blood, and the bones were dense.
"Heng yu? !”
At that time, the gods around me were shocked and angry, and this hateful black-hearted devil targeted them again and again!
Immediately, a semi-saint stepped in to save this leader, but when Li Yu’s eyebrows turned to Guanghua, the terrible eyes suddenly condensed into substance, and too many terrible means turned into a ray of source auditions and killed them out.
In the roar, the mountains rumbled down and turned into dust, and the ripples pushed hundreds of miles of rocks and collapsed clouds, making the ancient creatures turn into a blood fog.
Even the semi-saint who came to the rescue hurried and retreated. Long Yindao drank the source sound, and the shock revealed surprise. In just a few days, Heng Yuxiu actually climbed to the grave, one step away from Dacheng!
This speed of practice is simply horrible and really uber.
"What happened to the noise?"
In the distance, there was a strong fluctuation from a towering peak, where the law of blood gas transpiration covered the sky, but it was the arrival of the ancestor king