Pei Wende’s impression is that there will be a special protector at the entrance of the temple.

Depending on the size of the temple and the method of holding it, there are either two or four deities, or there are different numbers of them
Respectively corresponding to different immortal images such as Wei Tuo’s Lohan, Hum and Ha, and Four Heavenly Kings.
Theoretically, even if it is humble and lonely, the position of the protector at the entrance of the temple is definitely indispensable.
Of course, Pei Wende doesn’t know whether this kind of temple, which lacks the protector in the eyes of knowledgeable people or practitioners, is generally called wild temple and demon temple.
A temple with a protector may not be able to resist the invasion of evil spirits, but a temple without a protector will certainly breed evil spirits.
This yogi’s eyes are common sense.
After all, in a sense, the temples where all sentient beings gather incense are the places with the most abundant spirituality, and the possibility of giving birth to evil spirits is naturally greater than that of ordinary places.
"Well, should I go in now?"
Although I don’t know the specific meaning of the protector to the temple, Pei Wende is not stupid and can naturally realize the subtleties of the temple opposite.
Not to mention that there is a man-eating giant tiger hidden in this temple, and he can’t be too cautious.
Just when Pei Wende wanted to pay attention to this strange temple, a panting girl, supported by two or three maids, slowly appeared at the end of the road.
Judging from the girl’s dress and bun, she seems to be a well-off country squire who has not yet reached the age of marriage.
It’s not unreasonable for a girl who hasn’t married yet to appear in front of an ancient temple in the middle of nowhere.
You know, even if this concept is very open, such a situation rarely occurs in the Tang Dynasty
"Who? Who is it? "
However, before Pei Wende continued to think about the specific reason, a girl who was wearing Tsing Yi and kept a high vigilance at all times suddenly shouted at 1.
For a second, everyone, including the girl, turned their attention to Pei Wende’s hidden tuft of grass.
I didn’t expect that I would expose Pei Wende in this way. It took me a long time to react, and I seemed to be exposed inexplicably.
"That … this … I …"
Pei Wende hesitated for a long time, but he didn’t know how to explain himself hiding in the grass.
According to Pei Wende’s original plan, he is going to lurk outside the temple and find out what is going on in the temple.
If we can successfully find the Taoist priest disguised as a giant tiger with white eyes and white forehead, Pei Wende must shoot an arrow at it at a distance of 100 paces first, no matter how good or bad.
Who knows that the plan has not changed quickly?
Pei Wende’s side has not yet found out the specific situation of the temple, and a group of young ladies and maids who have inexplicably appeared here have exposed him.
It must be the worst idea to continue to lurk or play dumb.
After all, this group of young ladies and maids show up at this temple, and when they come, they will definitely host themselves in the temple.
"Ahem, I’m lost."
So Pei Wende gave a reason why she didn’t even believe in ghosts in her surprised eyes.
"Lost? True or false? "
"Next to the road? Can this also get lost? "
"Even if you want to talk to our little girl, find a better excuse!"
Although the girls were polite enough to suppress their laughter, Pei Wende heard ridicule from their whispering voices.
It seems that Pei Wende, who is wearing a long bow and holding a short knife, has no deterrent at all because of his unique way of appearing and poor reasons.
Of course, it’s more likely that Pei Wende’s face is too immature, and it doesn’t look much bigger than her own unmarried young lady.
All the girls can regard Pei Wende as the kind of juvenile who is harmful to people and animals after a short period of consternation.
Even the most vigilant servant girl in Tsing Yi stared at Pei Wende with a look on her face, and she was ashamed to write "How could this be stupid?" Quasi-dialect
"Little husband, if you really get lost …"
"You can find the official road when you walk in the direction where we are coming for about half a wick."
After an awkward silence, the girl who was surrounded by the maids finally took the initiative to rescue her with a smile.
"But it’s getting late now. When you get to the nearest town, it’s estimated that it will be dark."
"If you don’t mind, Xiao Langjun can come with us to the Mulian Temple for a while, and then find a way to go home at dawn."
Judging from the girl’s tone, she obviously didn’t really believe what Pei Wende said, just because she didn’t want Pei Wende to be too embarrassed
"It happened that my family and the old host of the temple were a little bit incense, and his compassion would definitely not refuse."
Chapter 13 Tsing Yi Maid
A moment later, the front yard of Mulian Temple
"Get lost? Want to stay in the temple for one night? "
Slightly frowned, the old abbot of Mu Lian Temple glanced at the girls with a slightly embarrassed expression behind him, and Naipei Wende finally did not refuse the girl’s request.
"Since it is Li’s benefactor who requests the poor monk to be duty-bound."
"But there is already a mage staying at the temple today. If the layman doesn’t dislike it, let’s live with that mage for the time being!"
Although it seems to be talking to a girl, the words in the old abbot’s words are obviously explained to Pei Wende.
"No problem, no problem"
Seeing this situation, Pei Wende nodded in agreement and didn’t ask the question of "why not let yourself live alone"
After all, when Mulian Temple comes, there is not much temple monks and this group of girls come.