A large ammunition depot was detonated, and the artillery position was severely tossed, with hundreds of casualties. These are nothing. The most important thing is that the commander-in-chief Mozali was killed. Mozali was shot several times and died on the spot. In addition to Mozali, generals at all levels were also killed or injured. More than a dozen people were important generals, and the whole command department was paralyzed

Panduoyom narrowly escaped a bullet. The two men looked at each other stupidly, and even the commander-in-chief died in the same place. How can these useless mercenaries call this battle? It is difficult to resist the attack of others, and the failure of these command systems is even more unbearable!
Failed. This war is doomed to failure.
Pando lamented, "It’s a little strength to make the troops retreat …"
One side of the British general Close quit and roared, "How can we retreat at this time? Don’t forget that General Hurley is still fighting to the death with the Chinese revolutionary army ahead. If we run away, they will definitely be cut off! When the time comes, their isolation and reinforcement will be their only end, and then we will really be the end! Never retreat! "
Yom shouted, "If you don’t retreat, can you withstand the attack of the Chinese Revolutionary Army? Now our officers at all levels have died, and dozens of them are critical positions. Our artillery has suffered heavy casualties after a sneak attack!"
Pando was silent for a moment and said, "Tell General Hurley to retreat immediately. Let’s meet them here and retreat. I hope we can return to India safely …"
Chapter one thousand four hundred and thirty-nine Pig team
The newspaper soon reached Hurley.
Hurley almost lost his pulse when he learned the news. The commander’s deputy command was killed. Now the highest rank of the whole mercenary is himself, the chief of staff. Without two commanders, even if they are capable, they can’t control the whole mercenary. What’s worse, the whole command level of the mercenary is destroyed now. What’s the point of fighting? The Chinese revolutionary army is fierce and abnormal, and it is attacking itself. At present, the partial division has some strength. Although it has been occupying the wind, there is no progress at all, and even the first line of defense has not been touched!
Now the mercenary command layer behind is destroyed, and it is not afraid that the Chinese revolutionary army will collapse when it violently attacks in two or three days. It is very possible to attack our own army before and after then!
Hurley swore a Robert first, and then this Mozali was also a useless man who was afraid of God, and his opponent was afraid of his teammates like pigs. You said that you were in control of the 120,000-300,000-strong army, and you even let people take over the headquarters. I have never seen such a waste!
Now the whole mercenary is really riding a tiger and withdrawing troops now? It’s not shameful enough. It’s only been a few days, and it’s not ten days in total. Let people return to India in a despondent way, and it’s a case of playing less and playing more, and their reputation is ruined. Continue to attack? That’s pure death. Then the Chinese revolutionary army will attack before and after, and that’s a dead end!
Hurley has no idea now, but no one will give you full consideration at this time. Maybe now the Chinese revolutionary army has begun to prepare for a general attack on the mercenaries behind, which is a little late, and the defeat will be lost!
Hurley bullet sink a way "command immediately blocked the news that we will temporarily back to the army to meet behind and then launch a general attack on the Chinese revolutionary army. After the break of the international mercenary division, the British and French allied divisions immediately retreated to the rear. It is necessary to break through the Chinese revolutionary army and surround the two armies. Once the Chinese revolutionary army attacks behind, give me strength to resist and fight and retreat! If we want to meet the army, we will still have a chance to turn over! "
You must never say anything discouraging. Once you say something discouraging, it will be over. The morale of the army will be in chaos, and he will definitely help the sky one day!
The whole army immediately took action.
But he played well in wishful thinking, but Zhang Xiaohuai didn’t give her such a chance!
After Meng Xianzhu returned to the temporary headquarters in Guo Ye, he reported everything to Guo Ye. Guo Ye was so happy that he went crazy. He not only killed the enemy headquarters, but also killed a large ammunition depot of the enemy, and there were also huge casualties.
Then why hesitate to strike while the iron is hot!
Now that it’s dawn, it’s a good time to start work!
Guo Ye ordered a fierce siege against Indian mercenaries. It was a siege!
First, the artillery regiment began a volley of fire, and then the tank brigade jumped at the Indian mercenaries like a tiger out of the box, and nearly 50 thousand people from two divisions of the Chinese Revolutionary Army began a siege!
Pando and other people have not waited for the mercenary command to straighten out the attack of the Chinese revolutionary army.
Gunfire came from all over the sky, and the sound of tanks marching in the distance had already come, and explosions kept ringing. Indian mercenaries were completely out of control, and they could be passively beaten without command, even if they wanted to fight back, they didn’t know what to do
When Pando died, he was anxious and shouted, "Order the military to fight back!"
It was at this time that the Chinese Revolutionary Army’s offensive was unstoppable. Tanks and tanks rushed over before the Indian mercenary artillery fire started, and went straight into the Indian mercenaries and launched a wanton killing!
Cried the middle route army, and even the tank brigade didn’t specifically target infantry mercenaries. They were scared to death. This is a real killer, not to be taunted. Run!
Indian mercenaries began to be defeated by the establishment!
However, the tank brigade ignored the rout of the mercenaries and rushed directly to the mercenary artillery position. In a blink of an eye, it reached the front of the artillery position. At this time, four or five artillery regiments in the entire artillery position were numb with thousands of people. What’s the matter? People have already ran to the front and stayed here to continue attacking the Chinese Revolutionary Army. That’s death.
A large number of artillery throw cannons and start to run away as far as they can. Anyway, they can’t get close to each other or they will be directly pressed into patties by tanks!
Losing artillery positions to cover Indian mercenaries is not an opponent of the Chinese revolutionary army, even though the strength is still twice that of the Chinese revolutionary army, and it is still not an opponent!
Indian mercenaries are now a group of lambs to be slaughtered, full of despair, fleeing everywhere, Pando and others desperately restraining the army, which can estimate a small number of troops around them, and others have already taken the opportunity to slip away.
In a blink of an eye, the infantry of the Chinese revolutionary army has already rushed over and started to break into the ground, and the Indian mercenaries who have been frightened have launched a fierce fight!
The Indian army fled to the back after a crushing defeat.
It took less than an afternoon from the attack to the disintegration of Indian mercenaries, and more than 20,000 prisoners were killed. Without counting the remaining troops, Pando and Yom Klose led a breath and ran out for more than 30 miles before staying.
The Chinese revolutionary army did not continue to fight, and quickly withdrew its troops, because now the elite troops of Britain and France have come from the mountains!
Forty thousand British and French troops did not move slowly. Hurley figured out the key and immediately organized an army to retreat, but Zhang Xiaohuai sent an army to entangle his army.
It took a whole afternoon to break away from each other and run towards the snowy surface.
At this time, it was precisely Guo Ye, the main force of the Chinese Revolutionary Army, who led the occupation of Indian mercenary positions and was urgently deployed.
Enemy meet particularly jealous Hurley is now trapped beast still fighting dying army of more than thirty thousand people began to desperately toward the Chinese revolutionary army position launched a * * offensive in an attempt to break through the Guo Ye organization defense Guo Ye 19th division like nails nailed the position!
Chapter one thousand four hundred and forty Win the battle
Even when Hull’s interest rate led the army to launch a fierce charge to Guo Ye in an attempt to escape, Zhang Xiaohuai led the army behind him and drove it out.
In tandem, 70,000 people wrapped Hurley’s army, and Hurley felt a burst of despair. So many troops were so powerful that this time he was really planted home!
However, the more this time, the more it aroused Hurley’s bloody Hurley’s death order. Either he rushed out of the encirclement and escaped from the birth or he was wrapped in dumplings! It’s time to fight hard when you meet the brave in the narrow road!
Hurley commanded the army to continue its onslaught toward the surface, so we must open a gap, even if all the departments are dead, we must also make a hole in the Chinese revolutionary army! At this time, Hurley’s 30,000-40,000 people are really elite, tough and desperate, and it really made a hole in the southwest.
Hull’s interest rate led the beaten army and dared not go back to flee desperately. Guo Ye was so angry that he ordered the army to chase me!
The Chinese revolutionary army chased after the mountain.
I chased it out of Qiuheli in one breath for twenty or thirty miles.
Hurley was really lucky. Pando and Yom Klose had just gathered up the defeated Indian mercenaries at this time. Almost 60,000 to 70,000 people were preparing to take a breath. Hurley also fled here.
Close is frightened to disgrace. No, we have to repel the Chinese Revolutionary Army for a while to get our way. Charge and cover the international mercenaries. Come back!
Three men commanded some troops to launch an offensive novel against the Chinese revolutionary army/
The snowfields between the two sides are extremely fierce, and Hurley and others are desperate to resist the Chinese revolutionary army before it gradually recedes.
At this time, Hurley was just shocked. It took only a few days for the two commanders to die, and the Gurkha mountain soldiers lost more than half of their casualties. Together, there are only * * ten thousand people. What’s the point?
Pandoclus looked at Hurley. Now Hurley is the supreme commander of the army. Please ask him to make up his mind.
Hurley waves disheartened and sighed, "No way out, immediately order mercenaries to temporarily withdraw from Nepal to rest and immediately request further instructions from Guobao. With our strength now, we can’t resist the attack of the Chinese revolutionary army …"
Few of him had any idea. He retreated to Nepal after a while.
Now, the Chinese revolutionary army is in a state of rapture. This battle was played so happily that nothing escaped from Zhang Xiaohuai’s calculation. Although Hurley finally got away, now the mercenaries have been weakened and more than half of the casualties have been killed. This battle is definitely a complete victory!
Zhang Xiaohuai asked, "Has the newspaper been sent out?"
Guo Ye replied, "The commander has sent it to the president and the chief commander, and I think I will be able to get their reply soon."
Zhang Xiaohuai nodded. Now they must have seen the good news by this time.