Ge Shilie Liangbi quickly reacted and said, "It’s not a matter of how much loss if the route for providing foodstuff is cut off. If you don’t withdraw, the army will be wiped out."

"How do you know that will be wiped out? Hmm? What if it’s not? What if the army can break through Licheng before the food and grass are exhausted? "
Yan hong Liang avenue "you will know that you drag out an ignoble existence one by one! But you don’t know how to kill yourself and make sense later! I knew it. Get out! Even if the retreat is successful, will it be better than not retreating? Nothing will be lost?
When Cao Mengde was short of food and grass, the army complained that Cao Mengde killed the grain officer and pushed all the blame on him. Then he opened the warehouse to let the army eat enough and beat Yuan Shu with one puff! This is death and afterlife! "
Six people looked at Yan Hongliang and listened to his confused speech. At that time, they couldn’t say anything to refute the truth.
However, Li Tong, the deputy commander-in-chief of Zuojun, soon realized that something was wrong.
"Cao Cao didn’t get cut off when he was short of food. He really didn’t have any food to eat, but he could still withdraw it. He didn’t want to fall short, and our army … really had been cut off and the retreat was in jeopardy!"
Seeing that his nonsense was punctured, Yan Hongliang became angry from embarrassment.
"This kind of thing I don’t know need you? Are you motivated? !”
Yan hong Liang reached a finger Li Tong "before I show off your knowledge what do you want? Do you want to rebel? Somebody! Drag me out! Get up! "
Yan hong Liang ordered QinBing to come in immediately outside the account and dragged Li Tong out with a face of consternation.
More than five people watched this scene happen in shock and thought the world was crazy.
What’s wrong with retreating at this time?
Why didn’t the emperor retreat?
Doesn’t he know that once the army runs out of food, it will collapse by itself?
He doesn’t know that a tall war horse is worse than a little donkey without food to eat?
More than five people have gone over this question in their heads, and finally Yan Hong ran to see it, and Shi Lieliang reacted first.
But the right leading deputy viceroy moved into or didn’t respond to come over immediately Li Tong excuse.
"Li Tong is loyal and has no rebellious mind. Please examine him!"
Yan hong Liang glared round and glared at each other.
"Help inverse thief speak I see you are malicious! Somebody! Pull it out! Get up! Dismissed! Give me a good reflection on my mistakes! "
So he was pulled out and relieved of his post for no reason.
There are six people at the top decision-making level, and there are only four left.
The left leading viceroy Yan Hong ran to see the right leading viceroy Shi Lie Liang Bi, the right overseer Shan Yongnian, the head of Hedong Military Forces, Yan Hong Yiying.
In addition to reacting, Yan Hong ran to see Shi Lieliang’s disciples Shan Yongnian and Yan Hong Yiying were too scared to say anything.
"Can’t withdraw! We can’t tell the foot soldiers about it. At present, the only vitality of our army is to conquer Licheng before the food runs out! Defeat the thieves! This is the only choice! "
Yan hong Liang forced four people to organize an army to storm Licheng with one hand of cutting.
The Guangfu army tried to cut off my logistics and threatened me to withdraw. I wouldn’t withdraw! I must make them pay! !
Yan hong roared with bright red eyes and then drove four people out of the military account to organize an attack.
After four people left the chancellorsville in shock, Yan Hongliang collapsed and sat in the chair for a long time before returning to absolute being, clutching his chest and gasping violently.
be over; be doomed
be over; be doomed
be over; be doomed
It’s over. It’s all over.
The route for providing grain was broken, and the back road was broken. Hebei Guangfu army counterattacked and his troops were defeated.
At this time, even if he retreats, he may not be able to withdraw, but the key is that once he retreats, his fate will be in his own hands.
You will die if you go back.
If you don’t go back, there’s still a chance, and you can master the army to make a last-ditch effort!
Nothing can be withdrawn! You must take Licheng immediately!
Yan Hongliang clenched his teeth, his face turned red and the veins stood out suddenly and violently on his forehead.
He is not like a gambler now, but a gambler who has lost his eyes and can’t give up the last hope of turning over.
He can’t retreat from his own interests, and the interests of the emperor can never retreat.
Whether the emperor or the minister, this kind of dynasty rulers never put the national interests before their own interests. If something goes wrong, the interests of dynasty rulers will always come first, and they will always come first anyway.
It doesn’t matter if the country is damaged.
It doesn’t matter if people die.
It doesn’t matter that the famous minister and general died here.
As long as the palm-grabber is still alive and can continue to palm, nothing is important to him.
I’m the only one in the world. If I’m not the only one, I’ll take care of your waves!
Yan Hong brightened up his position and position, and he decided to tie the whole Jin Guo and Jin Jun to his chariot and make a gamble with him with a very low winning rate.
Of course it’s good to bet if you win …
Then go to hell with me!
But everyone knows that this glimmer of hope has disappeared with the interruption of the route for providing foodstuff.
Yan Hongliang expected [defeating the main force of the Guangfu Army and conquering Licheng before running out of food and grass] This kind of thing can’t happen unless he is also a great care teacher, and a meteorite can just hit Su Yonglin’s head. That’s really something to say.
But Yan Hongliang is not Liu Xiu.
After being kicked out of the chancellorsville, Yan Hong ran to see Shi Lieliang. Because the disciple Shan Yongnian was Yan Yanliang’s relative and absolute confidant, he deliberately excluded the disciple Shan Yongnian and took Yan Hong Yiying together to meet and have a meeting.
"Do you really want to continue playing?"
"That’s death."
"I think so, too."
"But we won’t retreat."
"Why are you like this?"
"Yeah what don’t withdraw? Don’t withdraw when your eyebrows are on fire? "
Yan hong yi ying hasn’t understood the first festival here yet.