But a certain tendency of self-destruction Qin Fenggen doesn’t care about this.

Or to put it another way, the more mysterious Asano Ning’s identity is, the greater the attraction to Qin Feng’s madness.
Reading this memory, Pei Wende is not sure whether Qin Feng really loved this mysterious Japanese girl at that time.
Pei Wende only knew that Qin Feng did his best to help Asano Ning recover her appearance and help her get out of the haze of destroying her disability.
In this case, although the lady didn’t like this woman who suddenly appeared and robbed herself, she still took out the source of all the sins-a heart.
It is a deep red heart that is constantly beating.
Madam, in other words, this is the reason why Jiajiabao and his family originally fled from the Great Wall to Tanzhou.
It is said that this is an immortal heart.
The family has kept it for generations, but it still beats as it did at the beginning, showing no signs of decline.
The deep red liquid obtained by Asano Ningqian is the product of this heart’s blood dilution.
With the special effect of this heart, the whole family has enjoyed a long life for generations, and the family members are also handsome and beautiful.
It can be said that up to now, Qin Feng looks normal.
The problem lies in Qin Feng’s depressed and distorted personality. He actually stole the heart one day and ate it directly.
It is not known how Qin Feng thought at that time.
Because he saw only the fragments of Qin Feng’s lantern before his death, not the thinking logic and ideas of the other party at that time
Pei Wende knew that after secretly eating the heart, Qin Feng was completely twisted and turned into madness.
First, for no reason, Asano Ning changed her name to "Ninger" to help her integrate into her present life as soon as possible.
Then he induced Asano to change his appearance and move closer to his "Ninger" in his mind.
Finally, Qin Feng found that the simple "whole" root method achieved the image of "Ning Er" in his heart and hunted the women in the village.
He pieced together the most beautiful organs he thought of women in order to complete the perfect image of "Ning Er" in his mind.
From that moment on, Qin Feng, once a human being, disappeared and was replaced by a murderous maniac with no humanity.
Shen Qinfeng’s family members naturally noticed the change of their own children.
In particular, after Asano Ning was found to have transformed into a host of human face sores.
Without hesitation, Mrs. Spoiling invited a famous mage from outside and spent a lot of money to make the other party push all the sins to Asano.
What happened afterwards was just as Pei Wende knew.
Jiabao people listened to the famous mage’s statement, and regarded Asano as the source of all disasters, and then quietly imprisoned the foreign family.
Of course, this is not fear. The villagers don’t want to kill Asano Ning.
But according to the famous mage, only in this way can we completely eliminate facial sores.
This is nonsense, of course, but the real reason is that my wife resents Asano Ning for taking away what she has, so she tries to keep and torture her.
Two of the three most important men in my life have betrayed me.
Now even her favorite son has abandoned herself and turned into a murderer. She can transfer her resentment to Asano.
In a sense, although the lady’s hands are not stained with human blood, it is her jealousy and madness that lead to all this.
Feeling guilty, the housekeeper can be regarded as her helper
Qin Feng, who was doted on by his wife, is the culprit and the direct promoter of this situation.
Chapter 30 The undead Rev.
Pei Wende silently opened his eyes and looked at his face, which had stopped struggling. Qin Feng’s face could not tell whether it was pity or indignation.
Pei Wende doesn’t pity Qin Feng. He is a little sad that the truth is so "simple"
There is no malicious ghost-raising in my imagination, and there is no malicious manipulation by people behind the scenes …
The source of all this is only a woman’s jealousy and doting, which led to this wave of dozens of "man-made disasters".
"Front son …"
Being stopped by the red fox, Mr. W also saw Qin Feng stop struggling, and then he couldn’t help falling to his knees and crying.
Even if Qin Feng is not his own son, his feelings for Qin Feng have never been adulterated.
After all, in a sense, his wife and housekeeper are all his "lovers", which is naturally a member of the staff.
At this moment, there was a sudden flash of thunder in the sky
The heavy rain that had been brewing for a long time finally poured down, and this bleak picture added a little sadness.
A little green snake seems to have just wanted to express something when a very strange situation happened.
Click …
I don’t know if it’s flesh and blood tearing or bone cracking …
Seeing that Qin Feng had just stopped struggling, he looked up again and looked at Pei Wende with great interest.
"Bodhisattva heart? King Kong means? "
Pei Wende stared at a strange gesture with horror, squirming "Qin Feng".
"How long have I been dead?"
"I didn’t expect another’ king’ to appear in this world?"
As soon as this statement came out, Pei Wende suddenly realized that this was not Qin Feng, but an unknown person who was revived by Qin Feng’s body.
"Who are you?"