Ito Bowen frowned and said, "What fatal mistake?"

Li Jian Shang Wen replied, "That is, we kept North Korea and returned Taiwan Province to Ito Pavilion in the Republic of China. The strategic position of Taiwan Province is too important, especially for China and Japan. China is the most favorable strategic barrier along the southeast coast of China. For Japan, Taiwan Province has caught our throat in South Southeast Asia. Look at the map! "
When talking, I saw that Shang Wen pointed the’ stick’ in his hand at the military map and said, "Gentlemen, whether we launch the Java War to invade Java or transport the Indian Ocean resources back to Taiwan Province, it is the only way for us! If the Chinese tiger wants to send warships back and forth here, then we don’t even have a chance to breathe. This is our fatal flaw! "
Li Jian Shang Wen went on to say, "This is the original intention of the Chinese tiger who would rather give up North Korea than take back Taiwan Province Island. From this point of view, all of us have lost to the Chinese tiger. We have released North Korea’s status to Taiwan Province Island, and now we can reap the consequences …"
Ito Sukeyuki disdain "warship cruise? Then we will send a joint fleet to escort or directly destroy Taiwan Province! "
See ShangWen a face of nai looked at Ito Sukeyuki said, "the east pavilion you are too arrogant escort? We can protect it for a while and we can protect it for a lifetime. Don’t we join the fleet and say goodbye, guarding the waters of Taiwan Province every day? Kill Taiwan Province? Don’t you dare to think about it! At present, the Taiwan Province garrison has reached three army divisions, and the Kaohsiung military port is being built in the Republic of China. In the future, it will be the most powerful base of the Chinese navy, much more than Lushun. Can you destroy it if you want? "
Chapter one hundred and sixty-two Dead ambition to see
Ito Sukeyuki heard Li Jian Shang Wen say that his face would have some "Li Jian". What do you say? Anyway, now that Taiwan Province has fallen into the hands of the Republic of China, it is too late for us to say anything! "
Ito Hirobumi’s face suddenly sank and he shouted, "Ito Jun, we are discussing the important issues of our country. Don’t be angry. On the contrary, I feel that it is very reasonable to see what Jun said. Listen carefully!"
Ito Bowen, the leader of the military and political circles in Japan, has an absolute handle here to suppress Ito Sukeyuki
Li Jian Shang Wen went on to say, "Ito Pavilion has a solution to this problem at present, but it is also a temporary solution that cannot be cured …"
Ito Bowen replied, "Tell me your opinion immediately. It’s better to have a way than no way."
Li Jian Shang Wen replied, "Ito Pavilion’s way is to’ draw’ the salary from the bottom of the pot and completely’ chaos’ China so that Zhang Jian can’t reunite China in a short time or prolong his reunification with China!"
Ito Sukeyuki disdained, "Li Jianjun, our influence on China’s political situation is very limited. Now it is not six or seven years ago that our China spy machine was badly damaged …"
Ito Bowen gave Ito Sukeyuki a hard stare and then looked at Rijian Shangwen and said, "Tell me about your specific ideas."
Li Jian Shang Wen replied, "Two ideas. First, we sent’ elite’ cadres to Wuchang to meet Yuan Shikai, now the majority of the Qing court. Yuan Shikai took out certain benefits and said that Yuan Shikai formed an alliance and we supported the joint fight against Zhang Jian. I want to face Zhang Jian’s rapid growth. Yuan Shikai is the most frightened one. He will definitely agree to our alliance discussion. The second Taiwan Province is the most important two people. One is Governor Shi Dakai, and the other is Chief of Staff and Taiwan Province First Division Teacher Zhang Lin. Shi Dakai is old and doesn’t manage daily affairs very much. Most things fall to Zhang Lin. Zhang Lin was born in the northeast. Our imperial spies were close to each other. This person has always been ambitious. If we dispatch spies, we can say that Zhang Lin encourages him to push * * * * * * * at all times, it will be the most fatal blow to the Republic of China! "
Everyone took a breath in a gasp. The first way is to say that the second way is too vicious and the risk is too high. Since Zhang Yi is willing to hand over Taiwan Province to Zhang Lin, it must be very convinced that it is difficult to succeed in poaching!
Ito Bowen’s eyes flickered and said slowly, "The first way to see you is easy. I think Yuan Shikai will promise us to help Yuan Shikai support for a while, but there is still no big problem; But the second method is too risky. Once something goes wrong, it will kill you. "
Li Jian Shangwen took a deep breath and said, "High risk also means high return. If we can successfully convince Zhang Lin, it means that Taiwan Province will fall into the hands of our Japanese empire in the future, and then it will become passive and active. Although the risk is high, we believe that we can try it. Isn’t there an old saying in China that we can’t bear to be a wolf!"
Ito Bowen looked at Yamagata Aritomo. The two men looked at each other and nodded to each other. It seems that the two Japanese people were finally set up to see Shangwen and said that they were moved.
Yamagata Aritomo sink a way: "We are in favor of this plan, but it is very important for us to send people. We need a very’ fine’ capable person, which is impossible for ordinary people."
Li Jian Shang Wen replied, "There are many candidates that Zhang Lin is familiar with in the first regiment of Shanxianjun. We can choose one of them to make contact with Zhang Lin first. When the time is ripe, I will personally come forward to talk with Zhang Lin, hoping to say that he is always rebellious!"
"Are you going in person?"
Ito Bowen was shocked and replied, "Li Jianjun’s trip is too dangerous. You are now the pillar of our emperor’s world. How can you make risks yourself?"
Li Jian Shang Wen smiled. "Ito Jun, if this thing is done, we can completely occupy the strategic initiative in China in the next ten years. If it fails, we will also struggle to completely withdraw from the competition for Asian hegemony. Compared with the future of the empire, my life is nothing. Please approve my request and please Ito Pavilion!"
Seeing that Shang Wen is full of talent is because he was born in a buffer region and once ruled the emperor for a long time, it was difficult to win the letter of ruling the emperor, which also led to his long-term depression in the Japanese military field. No matter how hard he worked, he could never really squeeze into the core circle of the Japanese military and political circles. These bosses respected him the most and secretly kept away from him.
It’s hard to stand up for a long time to formulate a national defense development strategy on our own, but it’s a perfect seam, but we will encounter great resistance every time we implement it.
Now it is found that Shang Wen is in despair and pain of the empire every day, and he is unable to stretch his ambition to himself. He came up with this way, either to die for his country or to benefit from this opportunity. The empire has won a great turn. This is a real politician and strategist’s choice for the future!
Ito Bowen sighed in his heart when he saw that Li Jian Shang Wen was firm in God’s’ color’. He didn’t know that Li Jian Shang Wen was the only way to cure the emperor’s opposition. Seeing Shang Wen has never been very cold. What can he do? He has persuaded the emperor for many times, and there is no effect. He has made up his mind and will definitely be his confidant!
Ito Bowen sighed and said, "Well, I must make sure that you are safe. If this opportunity is really successful, I think the misunderstanding of you in the emperor’s heart will be solved. I look forward to your success!"
A tense high-level meeting of the Japanese Ministry finally made it clear that Shangwen’s proposal had come to an end. If it was not successful, it would be a success or failure. This is the final creed of Shangwen.
Li Jian Shang Wen bowed to Ito and others one by one, please, I hope the empire can work hard to reach the peak!
Chapter one hundred and sixty-three Shi Dakai was seriously ill.
Beijing, latest chapter visit:
Zhang Yi and others just returned to Beijing from Jinzhou via Tianjin, and they did not disperse but went straight to the presidential palace.
A few people have just stepped into the presidential palace, but they haven’t come into the courtyard yet. A staff officer was about to run out in a panic when he saw Zhang Yi and others come in and hurriedly called, "President, you’re back. I’m going to send you a telegram outside!"
Everyone is surprised!
Zhang yi faintly felt a little bad and hurriedly asked, "What’s the matter? What happened? "
Staff have calmed a mood replied, "President Taiwan Province has just come to quote the stone master old illness is hanging by a thread! Please hurry to Taiwan Province with Miss Shi. If you are late, I’m afraid you won’t be able to make it! Miss Shi is crying in the room now. Please go and have a look! "
All the people were taken aback. Shi Dakai is in danger?
Now that Shi Dakai is over ten years old and has been seriously injured several times in his early years, his body and bones are really worse than before. I didn’t expect his illness to come so quickly!
Zhang yi heart flame hurriedly drink a way "you several departments waiting for me to go to the backyard! Let’s start the discussion later! "
Say this, Zhang Yi rushed to the backyard and left Xu Huaijin and others looking at each other. Although several people are very familiar with Shi Yun, at this moment they are not good at going deep into the backyard and have to wait in the front hall.
Zhang Yi went straight to Shi Yun’s boudoir’ door’ and heard Shi Yun crying. There were’ female’ soldiers around him constantly exhorting him.
Zhang yi directly pushed open the "door" and came in.
Shi Yun looked up and saw Zhang Yi still crying.
Zhang Yishen said, "Don’t worry about rhyme, my Lord. Let me see it!"
The’ female’ soldier handed the newspaper to Zhang Yi, and Zhang Yi took it and carefully read it. It was sent by Zhang Lin and said, "Shi Gong is critically ill, please ask the President to hurry south!"
Now Taiwan Province and Beijing have not answered the phone, even if they want to know the details, it is impossible.
Zhang Yi went on to say, "Yuner, let’s go back to Yuting and ask your master if his illness is really serious, and I will accompany you to Taiwan Province in person!"
Master treats himself with sincerity. I don’t know how many problems I have solved since two people met in western Liaoning. Without master’s fear, Germany would never be so harmonious now! Now the old man is seriously ill, and he will go to Taiwan Province for both public and private purposes!
Shi Yun said with a hard face, "You have to let Grandpa run to such a remote place in Taiwan Province. Now Grandpa is ruined by your life …"
Zhang Yi’s face is like Naixin’s way. Isn’t it that you suggested that the master should sit in Taiwan Province? Now he is not himself, but now the six gods of Shi Yun can’t refute Zhang Yi’s kind words and comfort.
After a long time, Shi Yun was quiet and hurried to pack things. He said, "No, I’m going to Tianjin to take a boat from Tianjin to Taiwan Province!"
Zhang Yi rubbed his hands and said, "Don’t rush to rhyme. I’ll settle down in Beijing for a while and we’ll go together at noon …"
Shi Yun is still crying hard.
Zhang Yi patted Shi Yun’s shoulder and said, "Okay, rhyme, don’t cry. Shaochuan and others are all outside. I’ll arrange things one day and go to Taiwan Province with you! Come on, let’s go out together and don’t let everyone worry. "
Shi Yun gradually stopped his sadness and followed Zhang Yi out to the front desk.
At this time, Xu Huaijin, Tang Shaoyi and others in the front office are waiting in the hall. Some are sitting on the sofa and others are walking back and forth in the hall.
See Zhang Yi Shi Yun came out and hurriedly gathered around to ask.