"What a fool?" He felt her hair judo.
"You have solved it for me." Her heart was soft and her face was ruddy.
He looked at her head with a light smile, then at her eyebrow eye. It was so quiet until she looked at each other, and then he spoke the melodious sound like a grand piano, which made people feel excited.
"I’m your husband. Naturally, I have a duty to solve everything for you unless I can."
"My gentle husband is the most important man in the world. You can have these two words."
Gently raise my hand, hook his neck, sip his lips and smile and tell him the fact.
She is subtle and active.
That kind of reserve is the best way to shape her.
She seldom goes into hysteria. She is quiet most of the time.
But this afternoon, she was probably really angry before she turned to Han Xi.
The most unhappy time for her during this period is the warmth, and this is it again.
No matter how big she is, she won’t be tempted by anything.
Even a small grievance of someone will make her want to draw a sword to help.
She has another sister, but he is more worried.
Worried about her extra work.
"So your score for me is still quite high." Teng always raises his eyebrows and makes people feel sweet in his jokes.
"Of course."
"Is it because you are in a good mood now that you get a high score and then you don’t look at me again when you are in a bad mood?"
He seems sincere but gentle, but his heart is a little tight.
I couldn’t help but look at him with black eyes. She loved his eyebrows most, and then raised her hand and gently held his face.
"Teng Yun, I don’t want that day for a generation."
It’s also true that she confides low.
She loves him very much. She knows that it will be her own generation’s regret to miss him. How can she be willing to miss him?
If I really let go that day, then the reason can be that I have to.
Because it’s all love, it’s like he would rather be wronged than tell her that he is afraid of losing another relative and forced to divorce her.
I’m afraid he was almost crazy when she was dying.
So the two of them hugged each other quietly for a long time before they suddenly remembered that what happened the next day after Anli and two girls went to trouble us that day was you?
Teng always squints slightly, as if thinking hard and then smiling lightly.
It’s a shallow smile that makes me feel tender. Teng always has a black belly and affirms that he did it.
"I did one."
"Punch people’s tires?"
Gentle …
"Cut their car."
"Teng, you are a public figure. You should make such a …"
"I want to take it out on you," he said affectionately
Be gentle, open your mouth and want to educate your husband and adults.
"But I didn’t do it myself. I heard that someone went to puncture the tire."
Gentle, I can’t believe that two famous men, black and white, actually climbed the wall to someone’s house by themselves after such a little thing …
"Are you angry? Angry that I didn’t go in person? "
"I …"
"I’ll go myself."
"You …"
"I love you dearly"
"You, you, you …" Tenderness was vomiting blood with anger.
"Do you know that in fact, Yun Xiang and Yun Jian taught the girl a lesson on the spot that day? I heard that you will be sent to the hospital. You will have to do something that big again. News reports have come out. If people know that it is you and Yun Jian, then you …"
"I don’t care. I don’t think he will care about wanting your heart."
She’s still worried. She almost laughed, but then she was worried.
Hey, what a heartbreaking man
"Don’t be so impulsive later."
Gentle low way is not just so stubborn.
"Okay, I promise," Teng always obediently.
It is particularly unacceptable.
Two people left the office building for dinner last night, but they met Su Jin and her boyfriend in the restaurant.
Su Jin was surprised when she saw her, but her eyebrows were surprised for a moment, and then she was quietly there, looking at Teng Yun and hanging her eyes.
Gentleness is also a lag, and then I nodded to the big star. People don’t think much of their gentleness. It is estimated that they have done excessive things to their girlfriends.
So I also understand that manager Teng is generous and so clever.
Light one is three words, but it makes people listen to it with a smile.
"Since it’s such a coincidence, let’s sit together."
Su Jin’s boyfriend said that Su Jin was nervous and turned to look at him, but the man smiled faintly.
Su Jin’s eyes are flashing with some complicated emotions, but he can’t see through tenderness, so he also quietly pays attention to it and doesn’t talk much
Anyway, she is the most outgoing person when these four people talk together.
So I knew that my situation was not so good and gentle, so I sat quietly beside my husband.
"Manager Teng, do you want a drink?"
"A cup of coffee" Teng always said lightly.
Gentle know him a drink, but because he wants a car.