The world media cloud Rome hundreds of different TV stations are paying attention to this game.

Although it is a pity to play the European football summit before the final decision, it is still the focus of attention.
Is it that Dream Team 3 beat Lazio to reach the final and became the first successful defending team after the Champions League restructuring?
Or is the ever-victorious teacher just better than the students, and the Blue Eagle is soaring again?
Chapter two hundred Interesting warm-up before the game
Lazio and Barcelona played at 7: 45 pm local time.
When the team was warming up before,
The fans entered the stadium an hour before the game.
Today, the north stand is still swinging
Even in the Champions League, Lazio doesn’t play at home for uneducated fans.
But speaking of which, who cares about the incorrigible now?
They are already finished.
A group of backbone cores have been caught in, which is to "pick up soap" according to the winning saying.
Non-indoctrinated groups have also been declared illegal organizations have been forcibly dissolved.
There are no non-indoctrinated groups now.
How about those members who are not civilized … Who cares about them!
The Barcelona players who came out to warm up also noticed the swinging north stand.
"It turned out to be true!"
"Lazio really banned those football hooligans!"
"Although I think it’s great that they did this, will it lead to some lack of fighting capacity of their fans …"
"I’ve heard all the names of non-civilizing schools in Barcelona, which are really famous … I think maybe we will play a more polite away game today, which is really good news for us!"
Not only Barcelona players are curious about the North Stand, but Barcelona fans are also interested in swinging in the North Stand.
They talked a lot.
They know what the Lazio North Stand is.
But they obviously don’t know much or they all have a little knowledge.
Barcelona fans are very happy to see the North Stand with their own eyes.
The incorrigible faction makes them worry about a group of people and football hooligans. There is no reason to say that now these people with strong fighting capacity have been driven out. How horrible is Lazio’s home court?
That’s not what we want?
This is awesome!
These Barcelona fans just believe that they have little knowledge of Lazio.
Don’t know much
I know a little, but I don’t know the most-they know that the incorrigible fans have been driven out, but they don’t know that Lazio’s fighting power is really strong!
Those Barcelona fans who want to do whatever they want at home in Lazio with a relaxed mind will have them suffer …
Lazio are warming up while Barcelona players and fans are talking about swinging in the North Stand.
They have long been used to the north stand.
Anyway, through these games, everyone knows the fighting capacity of ordinary Lazio fans.
They are no less than the incorrigible ones, and they are the main force to create the home atmosphere, as before and after the incorrigible ones were expelled.
Both teams are warming up before the game.
Although the TV broadcast has been signaled, the TV station does not broadcast live to the audience. At this time, various TV stations are doing various live programs in the rear.
What’s the good live broadcast of the warm-up before the game?
All you can see before the warm-up is the audience, the media and the reporters.
Don’t say this warm-up before the game is really interesting.
Everyone watched with relish.
Because there was an interesting scene on the court-Lazio was here at half time and Barcelona was there at half time.
Then the players from both teams formed two circles, and someone was playing monkey tricks!