I have seen the contents in the bag, and all the old people in the pavilion were immediately angry. Fan Zeng lowered his head and moved his mouth with mocking eyes, and the light was hidden in the half-drooping eyelids.

No matter what Fan Zeng is thinking at this time, several of them feel more pleasing to the eye as they look at Fan Zeng. It’s cold. Before someone gave a pillow, they were still worried about how to explain to the world that this award was so shabby and shameful. Fan Zeng sent them a reason. It is her honor for Liu Bi, a woman who has no background and can gasp at them, to make sacrifices to their reputation.
Chapter 276 Five years
Liu Bi knew that it was disgusting to let her go to cloud nine to send the award. People there thought it was nothing to deduct something from the award, but I didn’t expect someone to give some advice to those who were getting more and more stupid, and let them make a decision that they regretted afterwards.
However, before Liubi gave gifts, not all the departments fed the baiwenhang. She received the pavilion for the first time, and the old people decided to carry her out as a scapegoat. As the saying goes, the arm can’t be twisted but the thigh is worse. In front of Tian Shu Palace, she is not even natural. She immediately ran away after receiving the scenery.
Holding the idea that you are unkind and I am unjust, Liu Bi pretended to be suspicious at a meeting with many practitioners before running away. It was because someone suppressed some of the survey results that Cang Shuo and Yu Wen’s family turned against each other.
Although it’s Liu Bi’s word and credentials, the divination masters can ignore this. Moreover, there are some people who are willing to do it. Soon the news will spread all over the world. What is the result of the investigation? Secondly, most people are very concerned about who suppressed that part of the investigation, which made the Yuwen family and ascended a cloud against each other. There are many twists and turns.
Yuwen family is currently active in front of people. Yuwen Ji, the first parent, once occupied Tian Shu Palace. Although he didn’t take over the old identity, he still spoke a lot in Tian Shu Palace. Wei Wei was still dissatisfied with this, but he dared to talk privately about who the founder of Tian Shu Imperial Palace was the ancestor of Yuwen family, and the position of Yuwen family as the first family in the mixed world was indeed worthy of the name.
Besides, when the Sect of ascended a cloud was founded, few people knew that it seemed to appear in front of people, and they had considerable strength to provoke them. In the end, they realized that some people couldn’t provoke people who didn’t usually participate in things, but they definitely didn’t keep a low profile. If there were ascended a cloud, the movement would definitely be small again and again. What is mysterious and powerful for the world?
One is the first family in the mixed yuan world, and the other is a powerful clan with a mysterious veil. If the two collide, it will definitely make the mixed yuan world pull up a huge wave. It’s anyone’s guess what it will turn into. It’s just a matter of figuring out that there is a faint conspiracy. The Yuwen family actually let Liu Yaoxin do something, and the Yuwen family has never tripped over Cang Shuo, Qingyun and Ji Qian in the dry yuan world.
There is no shortage of wise people in the world, and everyone in Yuwen family and ascended a cloud kept silent. Even after the incident of Cangshuo and Yuwen Haojie, Cangshuo and Qingyun and Ji Qian did not do those things. Later, Yuwen family and ascended a cloud found that there were many people who wanted to fan the flames, and there was no news soon. It was not until that year that Ji Qian, Cangshuo and Qingyun brought dry world practitioners to join the alliance that they were reminded of some of the past events.
Now, people who have experienced those past events can’t help but exclaim, "Are you finally going to settle accounts?"
Things have developed unexpectedly again, and the Yuwen family and ascended a cloud still didn’t respond this time. All kinds of speculations were flying all over the sky, even if someone dared to ask them face to face, they didn’t move. They didn’t ask anything, that is, they didn’t say anything, but they couldn’t do any speculation at all, but in fact, the Yuwen family and ascended a cloud didn’t idle.
It has been prepared for more than ten years, and there is just such an excuse. The Yuwen family’s rectification action has been stared at by the world every day. The Tian Shu Palace has decayed into a present state, which is longer than the history of Tian Shu Palace. There are also many problems in the Yuwen family’s department, and there is nothing to raise fat moths. It must be cleared up. This shows that the first family has come to the Ministry to rectify the movement, and outsiders have not heard any wind.
The ninth heaven doesn’t need to be rectified by the Ministry. It’s a general mobilization of Zongmen. It’s a necessary project, but the most lively thing is that those technical fields, such as exchange refiners, alchemists, symbols, arrays, etc., didn’t take out the closet part, told some experiences and new discoveries, or discussed some puzzles. Everyone at the audience knew that they had gained a lot.
Yuwen family cut off the dead branches and leaves, and ascended a good watering and fertilization effect, but the effect is the same. Without the wave resources, moths and eating an inside-out wall grass, it cannot be said that it is difficult for the family to break into Yuwen family department, and it is not easy to break into the department here. Now, due to more exchanges, many people are close to each other, and there is no room for provocation.
I didn’t see the Yuwen family and cloud nine make any big noise. People who like to watch the scene of bustle and people with ulterior motives are depressed, but some people are more depressed than them. After releasing some words, they have been covered in the past and have no chance to get in touch with the planners. There is nowhere to make them always say, be calm, don’t say, listen to these four words. I am tired of saying these four words, but I can’t find the right opportunity. If I am bored again, I have to hold back.
Compared with some people who are also anxious to repair heights, Hu Yingxue is really comfortable. Because of the communication in the exhibition department of the ascended heaven, she returned to the ascended heaven without closing. She took a group of disciples and grandchildren to join in the fun of the tournament or sat with an alchemist to exchange needed goods. She also didn’t forget to practice sword burial, test dreamland and ask the tower of heaven. She can often be seen in line.
Hu Yingxue’s fate with Ganyuan World is probably that in the end, he followed her to Cangshuo’s temporary home and fell to the blade, and then he ran to Kunwu Mountain. There is also a sword peak, but the blade is modeled after his sword peak. The sword burial trial dreamland is still in the blade, and the spirit of the first spiritual wisdom mountain is in charge, but the reward is the sword code. Because the master’s sword has not been found, it has been brought here by the blade.
Know sword burial trial dreamland naturally, there are many people eager to try their own island. Every day, people line up to find a door. Hu Yingxue and Luo Shenjun ask for a place. Luo Shenjun gave her a waterfront near Zhongfeng with a young hand. The so-called waterfront is a lake where a mother Xuan turtle Lao Wu also wants to settle down in the lake. After a fight, the two turtles actually met each other, which is a beautiful talk.
The Pagoda didn’t move into the cloud nine and was placed in Jiuqu Mountain. Although Hu Yingxue, the owner of the Hidden Dragon Pavilion, was not fresh enough to give away something from the Hidden Dragon Pavilion. Naturally, it was better to put it in the Hidden Dragon Pavilion site. When Jia Cong left, he gave Zhang a burst of pictures and had trouble communicating with his classmates, so he ate it thoroughly. It was very convenient to arrange a send-off next to the sword peak of the blade and next to the Pagoda.
After the interview, the Pagoda has always been a money-making project in the Hidden Dragon Pavilion. Hu Yingxue will not give the Pagoda to Zongzhong Jiutian, nor will he take advantage of it in vain. Except for Hu Yingxue, the young pavilion owner and her straight people, others will have to pay for the stone.
To Hu Yingxue, I felt that all the disciples should be given a discount, but the result was that they were rejected. They became more and more friendly to each other, and the same family proved what it meant to be a good stone. If Zhang Qing hadn’t come forward to persuade them to pay a hundred tickets one by one.
And those people can not only spend money, but also earn Hu Yingxue. Let Zhang Qing arrange someone to help her set up an Yibaoge in Fengkuo City, and help those people in Zongzhong to sell things. Because it is a private property, Zhang Qing and Govin discussed choosing someone from Hu Yingxue’s servants who signed the life and death contract to take care of it.
Because it’s natural to sell things for the same family, it’s possible to draw as little as possible, but that’s how the store earns Lingshi or Man Cang can’t sell things. After communicating with each other, most of them will put new harvest or newly-born ideas into practice, which is particularly good to keep or send to their own families. All the others are thrown to Yibaoge to sell Lingshi for materials.
Dan medicine, magic weapon, symbol, array diagram, etc. are various and of high quality. Many people have already entered the door. Many people will still be dazzled when they see the shopkeeper take out the list. Therefore, after only one year of business, Yibaoge has become a must-see place for Fengkuo City. Now it has been five years, and there are definitely many people who come to the mixed world every day.
The business of Yibaoge is so good, naturally, some old forces like Wanbaoge won’t make a move, and some modest forces have died down before they make much noise, but it’s not Hu Yingxue or Hidden Dragon Pavilion, but Long Rui, the duke of Fengkuo City, who will directly expel several large-scale shops from Fengkuo City, and even the old forces like Wanbaoge are scared to stop immediately.
However, I heard that Hu Yingxue still sent the town building to be a machine puppet. The body of Yibaoge can’t be reduced. It has nine floors. It’s half wrapped around the building and half lying on the roof. It’s very eye-catching. A little observation will reveal that it’s not a living thing, but even if I don’t know whether it’s a machine puppet, the shopkeeper will be a little more afraid of placing it here.
On this day, a group of people came to the front of Yibaoge, but they didn’t directly walk in. The first seemingly gentle man looked up and someone immediately said, "This Taoist friend doesn’t worry that the red dumpling suddenly and violently hurts people. This puppet will attack Yibaoge people with intent."
The man’s voice just fell, and a bodyguard and a dresser behind him laughed. "My master, the puppet master of Red Dumpling, is an old acquaintance, and he probably knows a lot more about it than you do."
The active predecessors thought that this line of people should be born in an extraordinary way, so they wanted to take the initiative to sell well. It would be better if they could make friends with nature. After listening to the words of the bodyguard, how could they not recognize themselves? It was self-defeating, bowed their hands and turned around and left in a hurry.
After the man left, he raised his head and stuck his head out. "Is Wan Wenbin really looking for my master?"
Gentle man is Wan Wenbin. After he came back from Ganyuan World, he went back to Zongmen and closed it. He didn’t go out to smell speech until a month ago. He said, "I want to get together with Hu Shimei, but no one can see you, so I came to ask if it’s closed."
I shook my head. "The master didn’t close it, either in the sword burial trial or in the candlestick tower. I’ll inform her when you sit inside and wait for the master to come out."
L: That means not waiting too long. Wan Wenbin looked up at the sign of Yibaoge and smiled. "Then I’ll go in and sit down and wait. This store and Hu Shimei will have something good. I hope I can bring Lingshi."
I opened my mouth and gave a slightly giggle. "Only when there is not enough Lingshi can something be done. With Zhenjun and my master knowing friends, you can definitely default on who you owe first, and Zhenjun will not default."
"I’m sure I’ll put all my life behind me," said Wan Wenbin, taking his group of people into Yibaoge.
When Wan Wenbin entered the door, he moved his head back, ignoring the eyes projected around him. He lay on the top of Yibao attic for five years, shaking his head once in a while, never moving his head so much, not to mention communicating with people. A machine puppet is absolutely different from a clever machine puppet, and many people are shocked.
This impact is too great, and Wan Wenbin, who rose out of Dalian, has been valued. Wan Wenbin is a celebrity in the mixed world. Soon, it was said that he entered the Yibaoge industry. People from the city know that the shopkeeper and some things sold in the cloud nine came out from the cloud nine. Now Wan Wenbin, who is a mixed four-jie and one-friend, will not discuss again who is the shopkeeper.
This time, I didn’t let everyone down. At noon the next day, a luxurious treasure car filled with auspicious clouds was riding on a clouded leopard guard. The guard entered Fengkuo City and crossed several streets. Finally, he stopped at the gate of Yibaoge. The shopkeeper and Xiao Er had already waited at the door of the store to lift the bead curtain of the treasure car, so they turned over and bowed low.
A crisp impact rang out from the treasure car, wearing a white neutral robe and vestment. Hu Yingxue came out of the treasure car. Her hair was as simple as before, and she had a bun. Because the five-spirit sword could be stored as a body, the golden hairpin had long been on duty, and the color of the tunic was matched. Today, a white jade hairpin was inserted and a swaying jade carving butterfly was inserted obliquely. It seems that she is chasing the jade hairpin, and the lotus flower is very smart and more luxurious than those with pearls.
See Hu Yingxue posture tunic around immediately high and low sounded an alarm.
"It’s the five-star brother of cloud nine."
"Five-star brother is also a woman with ten/nine, and Hu Yingxue, a super-Dan medicine, was refined in Huimeng that year."
"If it’s really her, we’re not generally lucky to know that many people want to find her and beg for Dan when she comes back from the dry world. So many people with status want to meet her, but we met by accident."