Xiao Lingyu shook his head firmly and said, "I can give you a profit because I didn’t think of it at that time, but I certainly won’t be benefited by you again.///"

It’s impossible to let him go if he kills a young master of terms. If he kills another one, he can’t believe that Ji Hongxuan can settle the matter.
Qi Hongli wants his second brother to die, but his father Qi Zhenghao certainly doesn’t want this.
"In that case …"
JiHongXuan words to this suddenly toward Xiao Lingyu alongside of.seem to a palm.
But this time, when the palms are opposite, thick black toxic smoke poured out from the palm of Jihongxuan’s hand.
Xiao Lingyu’s first dark call was bad, and then he was ready to retreat, so that he didn’t expect those black poisonous smoke to drill into his body crazily, even though he had comparable artifact body defense, he could prevent these poisonous smoke from invading his body.
Fortunately, Xiao Lingyu is also a highly toxic body, with severe toxicity in his body. Even though these toxic fumes are more toxic than others, he can temporarily suppress the method and destroy his body.
But in this way, Xiao Lingyu’s state is greatly limited, and the toxic smoke is full of his body, which not only attacks him constantly, but also blocks his meridians and penetrates into the abdomen at the same time.
"How can he have such a fierce poisonous flame hidden in his body? Is it because he was wrapped in poison lotus?" Xiao Lingyu was amazed.
This Qi Hongxuan has not yet shown the strength of the monarch period, but he Li’s poisonous smoke and physical strength can already face the monarch period, and it is possible to kill the monarch period
"Brother Qi has the strength to kill yourself. Second brother will invite me?" Xiao Lingyu crush those poisonous smoke asked incredulously.
Qi Hongxuan didn’t rush to attack, but smiled and said, "After all, he is my second brother. Although I want him dead, I can’t do it myself. If I do it myself, I will rebel and put my family behind me. The most important thing is that I don’t want to expose my strength yet. How about Xiao Xiong’s willingness to join me now?"
Xiao Lingyu still shook his head and said, "Your own brother will murder me. I don’t trust you to be such a person."
Ji Hongxuan still smiles and says, "Sometimes I don’t choose."
Xiao Lingyu replied, "Whether you have a choice or not, don’t just pull others."
"Xiao Xiong in that case, then we can’t be friends in terror."
After some consideration, Xiao Lingyu decided to stay in Duhucheng.
But before going to town, he still sent a message to Xiong Meng asking where they are now.
Xiong Meng several people went to the VIP building to celebrate and then drank some drinks. Naturally, they went to the opposite side of the VIP building and asked for several rooms to meditate and rest. Now they are still in that store.
Xiao Lingyu put away Xunzhu and went into Duhucheng, and then it took several hours to squeeze into the store opposite the VIP building.
When I saw Xiong Meng again, Xiao Lingyu said, "I changed my mind. I decided to stay with you and build a mercenary group that is no worse than Tianchi Armored Group!"
"Ha ha, that’s great. Just now, we were still hesitating whether to take care of the mercenary group. Now that Xiao’s predecessors are willing to stay, we won’t consider it any more." Xiong Meng laughed happily.
"I wonder what made Xiao Xiong change his mind?" Static girl asked a very serious sample.
"As Zhang Hai said, it’s so lonely to walk alone in the divine world. One hero and three people help me suddenly want to find some helpers."
Xiao Lingyu smiled and explained, "Of course, I don’t want to benefit you or send you. I think a few people are still congenial and want to walk a little more with you. If this road is not smooth, Xiao Mou is willing to be a pioneer."
"Hey, hey, we believe in Senior Xiao!" Xiong Meng before rustic laughter way
"We plan that Xiao Xiong also knows if Xiao Xiong has any plans for coming back this time?" Static girl asked again
"I ask for a quick control of the butler’s mercenary group, but I can’t let the butler lose his attention to this mercenary group." Xiao Lingyu calmly tunnel.
Chapter 72 Filariasis mercenary group
? Chapter 72 Filariasis mercenary group
"I wonder what made Xiao Xiong change his mind?" Static girl asked a very serious sample.
"As Zhang Hai said, it’s so lonely to walk alone in the divine world. One hero and three people help me suddenly want to find some helpers."
Xiao Lingyu smiled and explained, "Of course, I don’t want to benefit …
Chapter 73 Opportunities are all created
? Chapter 73 Opportunities are all created
However, there is an exception to everything. Today, a deputy head of the delegation has something to do. He heard that a master of the Shenjun period has just joined the league and decided to challenge one on a whim.
In Xiao Lingyu, a figure appeared on the platform to prepare for the challenge, and the tribe on the top of the stone building slammed into the center of the platform.
Chapter 74 The airship was besieged
? Chapter 74 The airship was besieged
It is far from enough for housekeepers to gain a firm foothold in Duhucheng. They need to have their own armed forces and their own ways to make money. It is naturally the first choice for housekeepers at the beginning of their development to form a mercenary group that is both shocking and profitable.
Filariasis mercenary group can be said to be in charge of furniture …
Chapter 75 Ambush 1
? Chapter 75 Ambush 1
"According to the housekeeper’s information, these employers are a middle-class family member in Duhucheng. They may come out this time with a lot of magic stones and their family has collected them for many years. Their family originally had a strong mercenary group, but almost all the strong ones fell during the execution …
Chapter 76 Ambush 2
? 564 Chapter six hundred and sixty Ambush
? With the powerful output airship, it has been struggling for nearly three hours, but it still has not been surrounded by birds and beasts.
But the airship’s position at this time has a dazzling divine light foaming at the mouth.
The divine light with colorful glow, though not showing too much power, gives people a warm and solemn feeling.
"No wonder there are so many birds and beasts here. There is a situation here." Guan Yichuan squinted.
After watching it for a while, Guan Yichuan was a little moved. He felt that it was very likely that a high-ranking baby would be born, which was an opportunity for him and the housekeeper.
But with this thousand mercenaries, I didn’t come to take risks to get treasure, but in case of an accident in the execution, it will not only damage the name of the filariasis mercenary group, but also attract family censure, which is likely to bring this thousand people into danger.
But if you really get great benefits in the face, your position in the family will rise immediately. If you get the baby, you can be greedy for it alone …
Guan Yichuan’s mind is active, and his heart is entangled in what should be done.