"Brother Hai, take care. We have to meet the others first." Xiao Wen came to Hainong and bowed his hand to Hainong.

Hainong looked at Xiao Wen’s navy armor, which was better than his trident, and everything was white. Xiao Wen got the ocean heart …
But it’s too late to say anything at this time. Before Xiao Wen got the heart of the sea, he could easily kill Xiao Wen in the temple of the sea. Now it’s over …
He was just feeling that greed in his heart was not so strong that he smiled at Xiao Wen and said, "Take care."
Xiao Wen nodded and quickly let 90,000 return to the blood mark. He took the blue breath and captured Nan Yunqing’s four people and sesame gall. First, they flew to the old turtle and the old turtle said goodbye and then rushed away.
He wasn’t surprised that Sesame Gallbladder could get a water barrier, because the old turtle had already woken him up, but at this time he was really afraid to touch Sesame Gallbladder, because there was a bullet outside that little thing, and all the water barriers …
The sea temple layer is forbidden to block in and not to block out Xiao Wen. It is easy to go outside with four people, but the speed is much faster than when he flies alone before he gets the sea heart!
At this time, his realm has not risen to such a speed by that set of navy armor!
To some extent, that suit of navy armor is actually a part of the ocean heart. It is because of him that he has so many abilities in the blue breath of the sea temple!
Just after more than ten interest rates, Xiao Wen stopped at the side of two people with all the people, and they suddenly appeared to show that the two people were startled.
Zhou Heng and Gu Miaoxin fell to Brother Xinghai.
After taking two people, Xiao Wen rushed out again at such a fast speed that he didn’t take the wrong path and found another wave of people who fell into Xinghai.
After repeated five times, Xiao Wen finally rushed to the six monks in the Maha Monastery, so don’t fall alone in the sea temple.
Everyone has realized that Xiao Wen is afraid that he has mastered some similar virtual world observation method. Otherwise, how could he gather his own monks scattered in the Sea Temple so quickly and accurately?
At this time, the sea temple finally lit up with colorful lights, and all the scenery in the eyes of everyone had a feeling of being near and far away.
After the roar, the whole world suddenly became one!
The Thousand Caspian Sea Temple in Fiona Fang suddenly disappeared, leaving blue sky, white clouds and blue sea, as well as many Gods and Gods.
The Godsworn brothers had already tied up and formed a big sphere, but Xiao asked them that they were not in the center of the sphere, but in the north position of the spherical encirclement.
It’s enough for so many Gods to wage a world war, which really makes people feel suffocated.
It is no wonder that the alliance of gods and gods can unify the celestial world. In the face of such a big force, there is no power to be qualified to challenge.
Then there’s nothing to kill!
Every time I go to the Sea Temple, Brother Xinghai will certainly be killed or injured before entering the temple, and several people will be left behind after the Sea Temple disappears.
What the World God Union has done is just routine.
Then he caught everyone Xiao Wen growling a pair of arms as if he were showing his strength to the sky.
At the same time, his navy armor has a deep and remote blue breath, and he rushed out wildly, and in an instant, it was already full of Fiona Fang thousands of miles away!
The blue breath in the temple of the sea, the blue breath in the temple of the sea, is generally ready to teleport. The monks all recognized this because they didn’t teleport out …
If you can’t teleport, you can rely on the flying world. The Godsworn didn’t hesitate to rush immediately!
Monks in the Maha Monastery were still preparing to help Xiao Wen defend, but when they saw Xiao Wen’s arms stretched out at his side, his palms were holding the blue breath 20 feet away, and he quickly turned clockwise, turning faster and faster, and an impenetrable defense ball was formed in an instant!
The blue defensive ball is spinning at a high speed, which is even very frightening. It sounds like there are several knives spinning around the crowd.
Once again, Xiao Wen, with all the people, rushed forward to the blue defense ball and still protected them tightly.
Just after two interest rates, the right side finally has the first attack!
That’s a red Se fairy sword, and it was directly cut in the blue defense ball!
"Woof, woof, woof …"
As soon as the red Se Xianjian touched the defensive ball, it was hit by the defensive ball, and at the moment of collision, the rotating force of the defensive ball had been applied to the red Se Xianjian, and the red Se Xianjian flew out in the name of turning.
The second attack and the third attack!
But there is no difference between those attacks that are either scattered or flying!
Soon the deep and remote blue defense ball has rushed into the crowd and landed on the surface, and there are more attacks. The deep and remote blue defense ball has not slowed down at all, and it has not even shaken its surface. Even if those colorful lights almost cover up its body, Se is still unstoppable towards the north!
Breakthrough and then breakthrough …
Suddenly surprised all the monks in the human world, and the blue defense ball was instantly blown away!
But there’s no one inside!
Xiao Wen has rushed north enough distance to throw the defensive ball directly and teleport out with everyone!
When he reappeared, he and Brother Xing Hai were already outside the encirclement!
In the deep and remote blue breath, Xiao Wen’s escape speed is amazing, and in a blink of an eye, all the monks in the world will disappear into the sky!
At this time, everyone has doubts in their hearts, including Xiao asking himself to be continued.
Chapter five hundred The Temple
There were 19 people who fell into Xinghai and went to the Sea Temple, but in the end, 15 people went back through the array. The other four people were killed on the spot by the Godsworn, but luckily the Godsworn saw it with his own eyes.
It’s nothing to die a fairy king, but every time a monk dies in this realm, it will cause a shock because there are too few fairy kings in Xinghai.
Although this result was expected before departure, it was still very heavy after coming back, so Nan Yunqing and others were able to make the gains of this trip public immediately, and those hard and precious materials could greatly fall into the Xinghai practice conditions, which finally made people feel better.
Then the people recovered and practiced for a while, and settled down temporarily.
Yu Xiao asked him to shock everyone. He had already been digested by everyone on his way back, but he didn’t have a reason to fall back to Xinghai. Until now, Xiao asked what was going on. He wanted to find out thoroughly first.
This afternoon, Xiao asked, sitting cross-legged on the bed, his mind gradually returned to the moment when he just got the ocean heart.
There is no doubt that he was experiencing the dual evolution of J and NG God’s body at the beginning, but he could concentrate on the same thing at other times because of the impact of both aspects. In that whole process, he was more focused on J and NG God.