Whoosh ~ ~ is the blink of an eye Li Feiyang has rushed to Yu Gong Fang and then jumped high and Lei Jian stabbed Yu Gong all over.

~ ~ Li Feiyang, it doesn’t matter. This channeling immediately provoked an exclamation. This guy’s degree … It’s terrible.
Yu Gong was also startled by Li Feiyang’s degree, but he didn’t react slowly. The jade fan instantly protected his body and his predecessor, Qi, and a cloud of white light had appeared in his hand.
Li Feiyang’s sword cut in the jade fan immediately broke into a burst of gold and jade, and the jade fan came over and laughed. "So that’s it … I want to win by degrees, but your mana is too low! ! Look at it … impossible! "
Jade Gonghua didn’t say that finish, but suddenly he felt a sharp pain in his abdomen, and then he saw Li Feiyang’s left hand shaking several gorgeous golden lights and easily penetrating the jade fan and hitting him in the body.
Jade male body really yuan disorder immediately before he made any response Li Feiyang hands thunder Excalibur sideways crazy split a then spin a week from the split in the face.
Pa ~ ~ A blue sword mans severely penetrated the jade fan and cut it in the jade male body.
Jade male body was immediately wrapped in blue flow and paralyzed, but his eyes were full of horror and hard to look. As a result, Li Feiyang’s sword turned around and it was the same sword!
Pa ~ ~ a sword with mans also hit the jade male body is the second and third …
Poof ~ ~! Yu Gong poured blood out. He urged the jade fan to protect his body, only to see Li Feiyang throwing a golden light at him and then squeezing his right hand horizontally!
Ka Cha Cha Cha ~ ~ Lei Feng vented his anger on Yu Gong … To be continued.
Chapter 9 Death Fight
The fate of Chapter 9 Fight to the death
Gong finally blew up the new fast novel Qi★ Li Feiyang worried that Guo had released three five-thunder spells in a row, and directly chopped Yu Gong into dust. The only thing left was the jade fan.
Li Feiyang walked out of the ring and went straight to the front of the jade fan to pick it up, and then walked back to Taiwan with a jade fan Shi Shiran.
"Li Fei, the brother of the five elements, asked Tiantong for advice!" Look at Li Feiyang. It seems that he is going to keep rolling in this ring.
Wow ~ ~ the square brake was in chaos, noise and amazement. Only then did people recover from the scene just now, and the famous Yu Gong died like this? ! So … So easily killed by a repairman who seems to have a fusion period?
Just now, Yu Gong was in the ring, and that was when the young Junjie was waiting for the prestige day. One person was his opponent, and one person was required for three strokes … Li Feiyang … but it was also rare to kill Yu Gong! Moreover, it’s really a pity that the technique is varied and the means are sharp and quick! !
At that time, everyone looked at Li Feiyang’s eyes and became full of awe.
Jean Wan Ding looked at Li Feiyang’s eyes full of complexity and a little inexplicably moved. I don’t know what. She quietly looked at Mu Zhuoqing behind her. At the moment, she was looking at Li Feiyang with deep affection and worship …
Jean Wan shook her head as if to throw something out and sat down silently.
Xiao injury happened to look at the expression of Jean Yue Wan’s expression in his eyes. He pondered and smiled.
Jian Gong and Jiu Gong looked at Li Feiyang slowly, and there was a scorching light in their eyes.
Fighting spirit!
The outstanding practitioners, especially the young generation, are all arrogant, and the three of them will come here today to defend themselves in the ring to deal with Godsworn Tian because Wu Yue has already visited them one by one and made a bet to decide the outcome.
Three people all lost to Wu Cangyue, who was willing to come here to keep it. However, the young monk’s department was defeated, and the position of this collar was given to Wu Cang Yue. Of course, if possible, they also lost to Wu Cang Yue in front of the Ministry of Heaven and Man, so he could be all the people.
The three of them lost to Wu Cang Yue and did such a thing. Although they were willing to lose the bet, they felt very unhappy. The day before, Wu Cang Yue was the only one who could win them, but they didn’t expect the public to be killed by this unknown Li Feiyang!
What’s even more exaggerated is that this person who seems to have a fusion period and doesn’t even have the ability to fly, but can exert such a tough skill, must be not simple.
Aggressive in the hearts of wine and sword, the two men looked at each other and were planning to challenge before, but they saw Wu Cang Yue jump up and step on a golden sword whistling towards this side, and the sword awn was as dazzling as a horse.
"Wu Cangyue, the younger brother of Taiyimen, came to teach Master Li a brilliant move!" Wu Cangyue’s breath is like spring thunder blooming in Chongxuan Temple, and the echo is endless. Not only the young monks, but also the heads of various factions are furious and discolored, so the repair is too strong!
Li Feiyang looked coldly at Wu Cangyue while he was waiting to speak, but he heard Wu Cang Yue Lang say, "In front of so many fellow practitioners, you agreed to stop at once but killed Yu Gong Li Feiyang without mercy. Can you make friends with heaven and man?"
Li Feiyang one leng knot Wu Cang Yue continued, "I don’t want to make moves, but if you are not punished for killing people, then justice is in people’s hearts?" Li Feiyang, if you still have the consciousness of the yogi, waste it yourself. It’s not difficult for me to ask you. "
"Are you blind? Why should I kill Yu Gong? Pretend your mother is fair? " Li Feiyang cursed and immediately provoked a burst of laughter from all the monks present, but even so, many people spoke for Li Feiyang.
"Brother Wu, this younger brother is trying to avenge his elder sister. That jade male and frivolous female brother really went too far."
"Yes, if there weren’t so many people at the meeting, if he dared to do so, he would have been killed by his predecessors." "Although it is said that" point to stop ",I think this jade man has gone too far …" "Just forget it …"
Li Feiyang looked at Wu Cangyue with a sneer, and listened to the people’s discussion about Wu Cang Yue’s complexion. He still said that there was a reason for this, but there was one more thing but he didn’t say it! "
Wu Cangyue turned around and saluted Taiyimen’s direction, saying, "Today, my brother wants to do justice for heaven, except for the evil of this Uber collusion, please allow him."
Hear Wu Cang Yue said that the presence of the monks is a big surprise.
And? Li Feiyang? Collaborate with evil?
Taoist Tianfeng replied, "So?"
Wu Cangyue said, "That’s the way it is …" He told the story of Li Feiyang, who lived in Lu Yu in the Five Elements as usual with Yin, but it was hidden. Yin wanted to rob Jingjunbao as usual, which means that Li Feiyang colluded with Uber and almost killed both of them.
"Is there such a thing?" "No, the yogi colluded with the uber. Doesn’t he care about his legacy?" "Don’t blame this small integration period for being so severe, it must be the uber’s evil method …" At that time, some people scolded Li Feiyang, others were deeply puzzled when he spoke, but the theory of Wu Cang Yue’s eyes has reached his twice, and he has won a lot of people’s favor righteously.
"Wu Shaoxia is really righteous and worthy of being a brother sent by a noble family." "Yes, yes, Taimen is Taiyi | admirable … Is this Wu Cang Yue Li Feiyang’s opponent?" "What are you? What he said just now is absolutely not up to the standard without then. I guess it’s even worse … "
"Is there such a thing?" Taoist Tianfeng exclaimed in the distance and asked, "Dear Master, am I telling the truth?"
Dear up light way "half is true and half is false"
How to say it? "road flyover tianfeng asked.
"I’m really colluding with several goblins … but he didn’t hurt one person. This essence didn’t help two demons to behead another Uber …" Dear first told Li Yang about killing Hou unbeaten with Baixiang and Yuankite, but he didn’t know that Li Feiyang didn’t tell the truth. No one except a few of them knew that Hou unbeaten was a Millennium repair … but it was too shocking. Li Feiyang certainly wouldn’t be stupid enough to let people know.
Dear, after saying these things, I told you what happened when Yin coveted Jingjunbao Bow as usual and then clashed with them.
The yogi present suddenly exclaimed again.
Many sect leaders have frowned. They obviously want to know more about it. Road flyover Tianfeng, who has been living for so long, absolutely can’t be unaware of the truth. Then at the moment, he still pretends not to know and ask and answer … There is something wrong with it … It seems that Road flyover Tianfeng and Road flyover Tianfeng are not easy to deal with.
Dear voice as usual, I immediately dismissed it. Just now, I was kind like an old friend catching up, but now it’s like a needle in the mouth.
More importantly, if you say yes, isn’t this too much as usual?
Road flyover Tianfeng replied with a smile, "Dear Leader, don’t worry about protecting Yin, and don’t get angry. It’s been so long and other witnesses are present. I can’t tell for sure that the five elements of ancestors have misbehaved. Dear Leader said that there is no evidence … On the other hand, how can I covet a magic weapon without a magic weapon? Hehe … Tell me more. Since the disciples are going to challenge your brother, I think young people can solve it themselves. What do you think of your brother? "
"Master, please allow me to live and die with Brother Wu. He slandered me. I can’t just give up." Dear Li Feiyang said before he spoke, but his eyes flashed clean. Well, the five elements of Zongdi heard that Li Feiyang was killed by Wu Cang Yue. Others didn’t seek revenge and offenders were dealt with by the door rules! "
As soon as I was amazed at the practice, I heard Taoist Tianfeng say, "My brother also listened to me and ordered that if Wu Cangyue was killed by Li Feiyang, others would not seek revenge and offenders would be expelled from Taiyi!"