"Well, I’ve finally said something over the years." Professor Yuan nodded his head.

"We are not as gentle as you, but we don’t blame her. It’s all my fault. I let my daughter carry it when she is so young. Everyone blames her for being busy with work all day but neglecting what some girls should learn." Yan said here and blamed herself.
Gentleness can’t help but grab mom’s hand. Mom, don’t say that.
"That said, in fact, I think I am the biggest responsibility here. I have been teaching her how to be a housewife for so many years, but you can rest assured that my cooking is still good."
As he spoke, his lips spread warm and complacent.
Gentle stopped talking. He said that as if he had been training her on purpose all these years.
"Did you see her as soon as you entered the company?" Professor Teng plays jokes on children.
"Actually, it was earlier," he said with a smile, which seemed perfunctory and-
Gentle can’t help but look up at him and see his eyes shining with light.
Yan and Professor Yuan also looked at each other as if they were silently reaching some kind of tacit understanding.
But he remained silent, as if he were just saying that by Professor Teng.
Later, it was only after ten o’clock that the three of us dispersed. On the first floor, we gently grabbed Yan immediately. Why don’t I go home with you?
"No, you’re pregnant now. Just take care of yourself. Go home with your husband. Don’t let him worry about you." Yan said with a powerful look at her daughter.
I know what my mother means gently, but I can’t help but feel a little nervous after watching my mother get into the car.
That’s it? Just go back with him?
He looked at her embarrassed back behind her. Is she unwilling to be alone with him or afraid to be with him?
Are these years too strong?
So she is so difficult to get close to him now?
It’s dark and windy at night, and it seems that she doesn’t even want to look back.
And the man’s tall and straight figure is slowly approaching behind her, with his hands still in his pants pockets, and his long legs are getting closer and closer to her until finally he touches her heel at the tip of his leather shoes behind her.
Gentle low head sharp move.
Because Di Xin’s long shadow covered her, because the wind suddenly disappeared in her head.
He gave a long sigh. Otherwise, where shall I send you to Yunxiang?
Teng always slightly narrowing her eyes casually said a.
There was a flash of cool breeze in my gentle heart, and I didn’t turn my head to say yes
TengYun low eyes looked at her head and raised my hand in the face force knocked a dream about you?
Gentleness only covered her head and looked up at him. "You said you were going to send me to Yunxiang!"
"Ok, I’ll take you there!" He said without looking at her, holding her hand and taking it to the car.
"Hey, I’m pregnant now."
"Now I know how to blackmail me!" Teng always pushed her into the car and forced the door to dare to blackmail him. Good war.
Gentle ears were almost deafened and dare not speak again, because Teng always just said that it was a high note. He didn’t seem angry, but gentle already felt that his bones were cold all over.
Of course, the car will not go to a bar all the way, but their temporary residence is also their new home
Gentle suddenly remembered what happened after he got drunk last night. You said you would send me to Yunxiang.
The sound is so small that she can know it herself.
"Didn’t you hear me when I said you were dreaming?" He turned and glanced at her, and then continued to drive.
General manager Teng is a bit of a turnabout tonight. He turned gently to see him. Apart from the big problems in the company over the years, he will scold her and give her a face. It is really rare to argue with her.
And when she almost married Puyang Ruifeng, he also argued with her.
But today …
She was a little reluctant when she got on the bus. He went to hit the door and didn’t look at her. Please, Mrs. Teng!
Gentle forced car is forced.
After returning home, the gentle feeling is that a layer of haze hangs over his head, and General Teng throws the key into the sofa.
Gentle, don’t talk, follow your husband upstairs
In my heart, I can’t help but think that I still seem to love him with my elders, but now it seems that she owes him a lot of money.