However, except for these two three robberies and scattered immortals, everyone is white. This is just an illusion. Maybe in one sentence, this white boy will suddenly explode and three robberies and scattered immortals will have a big war. After a series of mental devastation, these small sects have a strange feeling about 6 Can. It seems that nothing is surprising in this young man’s life.

"Did you hurt Ding Yin?" There is no anger, curiosity, expectation and a little appreciation in Ding Yuan’s eyes
"Please forgive me for not controlling my strength when I was forced to fight back."
Hearing 6 Can words, the onlookers secretly scold shame because he killed Mo Gucheng and others in front of Ding Yin, and it has always been when he easily attacked people and could not control his strength.
"Dan ding pie? I remember that their leader was just a baby. I didn’t expect this century-old exhibition to be so good. You are very good! " Ding Yuan smiled and praised as if the wounded coma was not his great-grandson, but his great-grandson.
Boss, you have a strange attitude. Do you still have a daughter who is not married? I’m going to say this little brother is owned by a famous grass. Don’t even think about it! "See Ding Yuan more and more strange attitude, without continuing to play directly interposed.
Master Dao knows this little brother? "Ding Yuan one leng didn’t expect Buddhism and the white boy turned out to be familiar with the sample.
"I’m not familiar with Brother 6, but I’m familiar with this wood …" Buddhism is very irresponsible to lead the woman to the Second Sword Emperor.
"I don’t know if the second sword emperor and he are …" Wan Fozong and Emperor Huang Zong actually have and are already brothers, which makes Ding Yuan pause and wonder if 6 Can is suitable for the plan in his heart.
“!” Two precious words spit out two words, but it’s a murderous look. Those brothers who kill the immortal sword are all limp and resist the murderous look in the second place, which makes them consume the real yuan.
When the original suddenly looked at 6 Chan again, there was a little more horror in the eyes. There was no one in the scattered immortals on three continents and six islands who didn’t know the meaning of the word. It was almost a taboo. It can be said that whether it was the Taoist Sect of Louguan or the Sword Sect of Zhuxian, it could be besieged and killed, but it didn’t dare to offend.
Brother, your dream lover seems to have a big background. That Ding Yuan just fluctuated greatly in fairy tales. He seems to be afraid of this name. It seems that you are in trouble after you want it! "Ice debris in ning Haitang is very good.
6 can roll their eyes. It seems that the identity of the fairy is not as simple as that of the emperor, but 6 can is not worried that he has Warcraft skills and modern experience in chasing women, but he doesn’t believe there will be any trouble when he has enough in hand.
Until now, the onlookers just knew each other. Think about just now, echo each other was like two people. Everyone once again cursed the shame of these two people at the bottom of my heart. Ding Yin was stunned in silence for no reason. He was able to make peace with the scattered fairy fearlessly. This 6 Can really didn’t put Ding Yin’s so-called face in the eye.
"Ha ha, Master of Buddhism, Second Sword Emperor, and Six Brothers, let’s talk about it again in the mountains. I’m afraid someone will say that we have no hospitality!" Ding Yuan’s long laugh and two affectionate leads the mountain of Buddhism and Taoism.
On weekdays, several sects have been fighting constantly, but when Huashan Sword Theory is a technical place where all sects coexist peacefully, how much hatred must be put here. This is also one reason why Huashan Sword Theory continues proudly. Such exchanges against the border waters are necessary and have been acquiesced by almost all sects.
However, today, the default rule behind 6 Canshan Mountain is bound to be broken. 6 Canshan will never take the common interests of the three continents and six islands into consideration, and there are birds in three continents and six islands.
As a result, an almost inevitable battle vanished because of the arrival of three robberies and scattered immortals. However, after today, the name of 6 Can of Danding Sect will be as loud as that of Hidden Dragon Disaster. Some people secretly decided to name their future female 6 Can. It seems that with this name, they have human ability.
With the guidance of three robberies and scattered immortals, 6 Can, Shi Dao and others were naturally led all the way smoothly to four quiet houses waiting for Huashan to discuss the sword.
There is also a small episode here, that is, the Second Sword Emperor once had hostility towards Qian Swift, a woman with a similar breath to 6 Can.
Although 6 Can and the fairy may not really have anything, the Second Sword Emperor has regarded 6 Can as a choice for the fairy in the future, and now there is a breath that is flat after the same repair, which makes the quiet two a little annoyed.
And 6 Can’s subsequent explanation is to make the Second Sword Emperor and the Buddhist monk stunned, so that a person can jump directly from the infant period to the early stage of Du Jie and have the same ability as 6 Can. This little brother, who they think is very strange, shocked them again.
I don’t know if it’s because of the requirements of the second species and the attempt of Qian Swift. On the surface, it’s aboveboard, but it’s still my niece’s practice of excluding potential rival in love, which makes the Buddhist monk lament that the world is getting worse and worse.
Of course, the result is naturally that both sides did not try their best, but the second sword emperor won, but the second Buddhism and Taoism were very impressed with the strength of thousands of swift.
After a contest, the Second Sword Emperor and Buddhism gained a better impression of Qian Swift. After knowing her blood feud, Buddhism patted her chest to ensure that this time it would help to kill a few more people. If the people know that these four people are talking about shooting to death in the refined house of the Sword Sect, how many people don’t know what a face it is.
In four people-in fact, six can and Buddhism two people-to discuss a set of plans that are not rigorous, and they are constantly laughing strangely in the refined house where they enjoy it.
"The second sword emperor can be in? Visit Ding Yuan! "
Three days later, a sudden visitor broke the temporary calm of four people.
"Can the Second Sword Emperor move to Paiqian Mountain for a Syria …" This arrival, Ding Yuan is polite and outrageous, and a three-robbery scattered fairy almost pretends to be a junior.
"I said, is there anything wrong with the old man?" Buddhism monk in Ding Yuan love dearly eyes to fill a bowl of Zhu Xian sword sent fairy wine some drunk said.
The original scattered fairy hesitated a glance at the sword in hand and kept silent for two sword emperors.
"Don’t be like a bitch if you have a fart! ) conscience of heaven and earth, this is the explanation of Taoism. The thief said baldly that the old water didn’t do anything. Sisters, if you are angry, draw a circle to curse and explain Taoism! ) "said Buddhism impatiently.
"A man who claimed to be the Lady of the Second Sword Emperor injured several scattered immortals and broke into the mountain gate!" Ding Yuan face a red grind said.
Tao Dengyuan’s eyes were round, his hands were stiff, the wine bowl was tilted, and the drinks poured down his crotch. You Zi was oblivious as if he had heard the most incredible thing of the day.
Chapter 41 Fierce woman
"There’s a lady who calls herself the Second Sword Emperor who is now in Qianshan …" Ding Yuannai repeated it again.
"Ha, ha, ha, laugh me to death. Are you kidding? Second, there will be women who like this wood? Second, they must have made a mistake … "The Buddhist monk laughed and clapped his shoulders and two bloody bodies, and all three sticks could not make a fart to be with him. I have never heard of any woman who dared to get close to the second sword emperor for thousands of years.
Buddhism is so said, but 6 Can has some doubts, because just now, when Ding Yuan said the second sword, Mrs. 6 Can showed that her hands trembled slightly with two swords. It seems that things are not as simple as Buddhism.
The Second Sword Emperor suddenly got up and ignored others and strode toward the outside.
"Can’t be true?" The Buddhist monk was stunned and looked at the quick departure. Second, the color changed behind him, and his body moved quickly. He whispered to his mouth that there was going to be big news! "
"Hehe, let’s go together!" 6 Can ordered Yi and Qian Swift to pull up their bodies and follow.
On the mountain road ahead, the strength of a few people is revealed. The first two are like a black flash, which is thousands of meters away.
Followed by Buddhism, a three-leaf lotus robe floated, but it smelled like a true Buddha. The principle of three robberies and scattered immortals was a bit difficult. Two people’s degrees of Buddhism and Buddhism were beyond his ability, and he could barely follow even if he flew with the sword.
The easiest thing is that 6 Can Qian Swift’s feet are flashing with rolling thunder. It’s like walking leisurely along the way. 6 Can still keeps telling Qian Swift something.
See two people relaxed appearance Ding Yuan sighed again in the heart. If this 6 can is not familiar with the second class, it is really the best candidate for that matter.
What can these monkeys do! Let Xuan Xin, that old bastard, come out to see me! "There are thousands of meters away from Qianshan when a binge drinking makes Ding Yuan look gloomy again.
"This woman is so fierce!" 6 Can is smiling. Since I came to this era, I have seen all women follow certain rules. Even Mo Qingyi can be said to be naughty. It seems that both the fix-up world and the secular world are male society. The appearance of such a fierce woman makes 6 Can remember to cross the former world.
After a huff, it was obvious that the woman’s demands were not met. The reddish light came out from the front, and it seemed that the whole atmosphere was shaking violently.
"Three two robberies and scattered immortals are seriously injured!" At this time, the powerful gods of Ning Haitang can already detect the things ahead. "I didn’t expect it to be her!" Ninghai Tangyin misses "Sister, do you know her?" That won’t do. Is this woman really the second lady? Incredibly, even his sister, who has been trapped for thousands of years, knows such a person.
"This fierce woman, but how did she get together with Er?" Ning Haitang seems to have fallen into some memories and directly looked at 6 can cultures.
But Ninghai Tang’s words still let 6 Can receive some messages, which can be called fierce by Ning Haitang, a woman who once robbed the scattered fairy, and this woman who claims to be the second lady will never be simple.
When 6 can and others came to the scene, the hill was already a mess, and more than a dozen scattered immortals at all levels fell all over the floor, and all the corners of their mouths were obviously badly injured.
A woman with a very high figure is carrying a giant sledgehammer similar to a 6-can mine hammer, and the English eyebrow stands on her hips, and she is furious.
This woman is one meter tall and well-proportioned according to the present standard, and she is not weird because of her high height, and her appearance is quite good and heroic.
"two! Is that why you’re here? !” Seeing the arrival of Er, the woman suddenly became angry, pointing to those who fell to the ground and scattered immortals and asked Er.
Ding Yuan’s face is like the bottom of a black pot. This woman is too fierce. Although Huashan’s sword-protecting mountain array has not started, there is still a strong ban on this mountain peak. Just now, these dozen people, including two three robbers and scattered fairies, formed a large array to trap people. I didn’t expect that I had just left. Not only was the large array broken, but these scattered fairies were also seriously injured.
"hope don’t be ridiculous!" The second sword emperor seems to have never thought that it was really this woman’s face, Chen Shuishui’s face, that was slightly red.
"I’m fooling around? ! Two, you bastard! You came here on our wedding day! Also said that I was fooling around! " Call if female rage will hand hammer hit the top of the mountain, the whole mountain with violent shaking.
When this tough woman said this, including Ding Yuan, everyone was stunned and injured. More than a dozen people were secretly cursing. What are you doing here if you don’t get married? We were so wronged this time.
At ordinary times, the glib words keep explaining the Tao. The master’s eyes are wide open. At the end of Er and Xi Ruo, he says dryly, "Xiao Er, I didn’t even know you were married …"
"Don’t worry about men’s things …" Second, I want to be hard and strong, but I saw that if the murderous eyes were honest, a few mouths finally remained silent.
"You are my second that evil monk Buddhism? !” When I saw Er, I was restrained by myself, and I hoped that the war would be burned to the monk who was staying to explain Taoism.
"The little monk is the Taoist priest …" Buddhism hurriedly put his hands together and was about to preach. Suddenly, the woman came over in vain. The woman charged herself with being a monk, so the big monk Ma had a hard time dealing with such an identity woman, Cong Ru, and he had no experience.
"The Second Sword Emperor, you see this Huashan sword-fighting period …" Ding Yuan coughed out and wanted a statement. Since this woman is really a Second Sword Emperor woman, it seems that this matter can be blackmailed today. After all, it is a taboo to use force in Huashan.
"Dead old man! Second, I didn’t get married because of this damn Huashan sword theory. In this case, I will tear down this immortal sword school and ruin Huashan sword theory here! "
If Mr Voice down a hammer in his hand toward Ding Yuan head stung.
Ding Yuan never dreamed that he stabbed a hornet’s nest andao without saying a word, just like flicker to avoid such a huge magic weapon-flying sword root method.
But he was horrified that the sledgehammer seemed to have some kind of posture, and it was difficult for him to move his strength, so he could watch the sledgehammer enlarge in his eyes and look pale.