When the female reporter saw that Mu Ming had no chance, she quickly handed it to Gu Jingke with a microphone. "What do you think of this hijacking case?"

What surprised her this time was that the latter still ignored her footsteps and kept walking around in circles. The female reporter was not disappointed and was going to rush in again, but she didn’t know that her peers were more brave than her.
Directly rushed to the front of two police officers to stop him, but before he could say it, he was interrupted by a cold voice. "Pull the cordon immediately, and please stay away from here!"
A police officer immediately evacuated the crowd, but the female reporter was fascinated by Gu Jingke. This man is so individual!
People are also good-looking and cold, but when she sees many men, she is instantly shocked. When she sees her peers with purple eggplant color on her face, she is actually a little happy.
Look, he’s stealing news! Now the Lord hasn’t even given him a chance to speak! Soon the cordon was pulled up and the crowd was evacuated, and the reporters were taken to the outermost floor, and there were some good citizens in front of them.
Mu Ming and Gu Jingke soon found that the parties to the case had no crowd to stop them and saw the situation there.
The hijacker is a man with a slight emaciated height and figure, and his face is sloppy. He is close to the door of a store and aims at the neck of the hijacked person with a dagger.
That’s where the aorta is. If it can’t be treated with a knife, it’s doubtful!
Mu Ming thinks that the hijacked woman is familiar, but she can’t think where she has seen it. Maybe she has met once … Maybe she is too embarrassed at this time to recognize it.
As soon as the man with a gentle spirit saw the police approaching, he immediately became excited, clasping his fingers around the woman’s neck and shaking forward with a dagger. "You should step back quickly!"
"If you don’t step back, I’ll take her with me!" He buckled the dagger to the woman’s neck again without pity.
Mu Ming stayed behind Gu Jingke, and Gu Jingke stayed where he was in order to stabilize the gangster’s mood. He looked at people and sipped his lips. "You can say anything for the hostage."
"Fart joke!" The man laughed and didn’t believe Gu Jingke at all. "Are you so stupid? You say a few words and I’ll believe you? I know that I let this dead woman go, and the only one who gets caught is me! "
Gu Jingke didn’t intend to meet his requirements. Everything was just a delaying tactic, so it can be seen that people were not attracted to give up this trick.
"Do you know her?" If you hijack a person casually in the street, how can a’ dead woman’ call names? If you can say that these two people are familiar with each other.
If so, we can consider whether it is retaliatory hijacking.
"Of course I know this dead woman. If I didn’t know her, I would arrest her!" The sloppy man’s eyes are red and the woman is excited. "Bitch should die!"
"Why should I suffer alone? The root is unfair! " He said that he was unfairly treated. "If it weren’t for this woman, how could I be like this? I would have been …"
Behind the words, he didn’t say regret in his eyes. Looking at the hand, the woman is even more uncomfortable. The hand holding the dagger is also close to the woman’s neck. "It’s all you! If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be like this now! "
"Even if you kill me, you won’t get her, but you will die miserably!" The woman was not afraid to stare at the man and was full of ridicule. "How can you match her now?"
"It’s just a dream!" She smiled at the corners of her mouth. It was very cold. "I tell you that daydreaming like this is best done less, or you won’t know how to die!" "
The man was angered by him, shaking his fingers and barely holding the dagger. Gu Jingke couldn’t hear what the woman said here, but he knew that the woman’s words angered the man, which was very unwise.
His eyes quickly narrowed and his eyes closed. He organized the language and said, "Since we know each other, it’s not good to hide so many misunderstandings."
The man’s eyes looked at Gu Jingke with some sadness. "What’s the misunderstanding! This dead woman hurt me! "
He was so excited that he thought of something. His eyes were so wide that he almost popped out of his eyes. His dagger was close to the woman’s neck, and there was a small blood stain quickly exposed.
This is not sure about the strength! His mind is so messy now that he can’t control himself to walk and move!
"Don’t come here!" He was sloppy and shook a few times, and his body trembled slightly. "Back off, back off!"
At that time, the scene was deadlocked and quickly turned around and picked up the car walkie-talkie and solemnly ordered "snipers to prepare and aim at gangsters!"
There is no need for the police to move snipers until it is necessary. As soon as the snipers leave the gangster’s roots, there will be no way out. One second before hanging up, Mu Ming said, "The snipers are waiting for orders!"
Pinch off the words Muming glanced at Gu Jingke’s situation and finally turned around and waved to the nearest police officer, who immediately ran over. I didn’t expect to be an acquaintance-Wei Xiaoguang.
After saying a few words to him, Wei Xiaoguang immediately turned to the crowd and asked, "Who is the policeman?"
The policeman has never appeared since the police came here. It is impossible that people have already left, and they have to wait until the police come, but now they have not appeared.
At this time, a woman came out of the crowd and raised her hand and said, "I am." This figure is very familiar, as if I had seen it somewhere.
When people approached, Wei Xiaoguang found out that this woman was a witness in that case. It seems that her sister’s name is Xu Jing.
Xu Jing looks as good as jade in a corset, but her face is a little stiff. Bai Muming glanced at her and was surprised. "Is the hijacker your sister Xu Ran?"
Seeing her nod, Muming guessed, "Do you know who the gangster is?"
Xu Jing nodded again. "He is my ex-boyfriend." Speaking of this, Mu Ming understood that at the banquet, Xu Jing regarded her as a bitter altar and poured everything on her.
Now that the boyfriend of the client has come, and one way is to hijack the person Mu Ming’s face and stare at Xu Jing for a while, "Why was Xu Ran hijacked?"
Xu Jing slightly leng leng didn’t expect Muming to respond so quickly that she would ask her about the specific matters. She bowed her head and said, "Little Ran and I walked out from the inside after shopping, and suddenly he rushed out from behind."
"At that time, he directly pushed Xiao Ran with a dagger, and Xiao Ran was hijacked by his dagger when we still didn’t respond." After Xu Jingying was dumb, I quickly called the police. "
"I didn’t expect him to become like this." Xu Jing covered her face. "What should the police officer do now?"
"Didn’t you say that your sister became her girlfriend after you broke up with him?" Muming rubbed his forehead and felt that this emotional thing was complicated and his mind was a little messy.
Xu Jing wiped her tears and looked up. "Xiao Ran broke up with him in a few days. I don’t know what happened to the rest. I broke up with him and I changed everything."
Mu Ming looked at Xu Jing in meditation and turned to look at the stiff atmosphere and frowned. "What’s his name?"
Her sister’s name Mu Ming knew Xu Jing and naturally knew who she was asking. After thinking about it, she honestly confessed "Liu Yu"
Mu Ming glanced at her and turned to walk. "You come with me." Xu Jing was a little nervous. When she walked, her body was shaking. She was brave, but she could see such a thing happen to herself.
She’s still afraid. No way! After all, the feeling of being blackmailed … the feeling that one’s life is in someone else’s hands … is extremely uncomfortable.
Mu Ming winked at Gu Jingke, who turned to look at Xu Jingbai for a few minutes. "Are you going to let her make Liu Yu hostage?"
"Yes" Muming blinked and pursed her lips. "Let her call for another session to calm down." If this method is good for the hostages, the hostages will be in danger if they are not lucky.
How do you know if you don’t try? Snipers have a chance to kill Liu Yu, but in the end, it is not too emotional to understand human life like this.
Xu Jing listened to the conversation between the two people behind her, knowing that she would be refused when she went out to publicize, but she didn’t want her ex-boyfriend to die like this. She raised her steps and took a few steps forward.
After all, she loved him. If he really died like this or Xu Ran was injured, the family might not spare her.
"Sessions I am Xu Jing, and you should remember me." At this time, Xu Jing has reached Gu Jingke’s side, staring at the sessions and trembling is not a performance.