"The greed of human nature and the limited resources have finally overwhelmed the planet Hubei, and the resources have almost dried up, and everything has returned to its original state," Kun Jian explained

"The struggle for this limited resource has caused great chaos, right?"
Kunjian nodded. "In order to survive better in this troubled times, martial arts is prevalent again. Our Wulin Sect has also ushered in a blowout development, but the six sects are harsh. Many people choose to join the army and aspire to be the mighty side of the mecha, but some like to steal camp and drill homo habilis to join those small sects without thresholds."
Lei Sheng is worried that "the small sects, three religions and nine streams are mixed, and the more people join in, the more chaotic the sky will be, or the weaker ones will suffer."
Kun Jian said, "I don’t understand these things. I don’t care so much about practicing foreign affairs in my life."
"Every man is responsible for the rise and fall of the sky, but everyone has his own will."
Kun Jian looked at Lei Sheng in astonishment. "I don’t understand a word of what you little guy said."
Well, I can’t help talking a lot today.
Lei Sheng smiled shyly. "I don’t know what I learned in the earth training ground, but I’m very interested in the history of the planet Ersi. Do you have any qualifications in this field?"
"Yes, but are you sure you know that many words?"
I don’t know why your characters are exactly the same as Chinese characters. If these characters are written, of course I know them all, but …
He thought of his age again. "I can ask you if I can’t read, but don’t worry, I know a lot of words earlier. This shouldn’t bother me."
Kun Jian looked at Lei Sheng like a monster. "Well, I’m going to see Master and recommend you to his old man’s house. You have to prepare with me."
Chapter 29
Leisheng nodded his head.
Kunjian left here
After walking for about an hour, Kun Jian turned back and found it. Lei Sheng signaled him to go with himself in Zamabu.
The two men went through the small forest full of buttonwood trees on the mountain to Kunjian, the mountain pass, and took out a warrant to guard their younger brother before they were released.
Winding all the way, the air is more fresh and pleasant, and after three mountain passes, I came to an altitude of 2400 meters and saw a row of magnificent buildings built on the mountain.
Whether to visit the scenery here or not will lead Leisheng to a slant hall.
Through several crescent doors, I came to a small courtyard with a quiet environment. Kun Jian put light steps and gently pushed the door and entered a room.
An old man with white hair and beard sat quietly on the futon and opened his eyes gently without waiting for Kunjiankou to report.
The essence of mans eyes flashed and showed a kind face. After studying Leisheng, he touched his jaw and beard and nodded. "Good indeed, it was a good seedling."
"Would you like to worship my teacher?"
In fact, it doesn’t matter who the teacher is in Wutong. Lei Sheng came here to seek a quiet practice environment. He has practiced martial arts in the divine realm on earth, and he has thoroughly understood the yin and yang forces. He broke through the black hole at the beginning, exhausted what he had learned all his life, not only lost his strength, but also became a baby. Fortunately, his meridians were not damaged, so he can practice martial arts. When the time comes, he will naturally practice again according to the previous method.
Although he is curious about this world martial arts, he doesn’t have to practice this world martial arts.
He doesn’t know and doesn’t care about the status of Kunjian master in the Wutong Sect, but judging from Kunjian people, his master must be no worse.
So Leisheng bowed to the end and said, "Brother Leisheng, meet the master."
"Well … after that, you will be my younger brother who understands the world." People who understand the world raised their hands and gave a virtual hand.
Leisheng straightened up and waited for a question.
The enlightened Taoist looked at his face full of flowers and Lei Sheng couldn’t help asking, "What made his face so dirty?"
Lei Sheng explained, "I don’t know why I can’t get a tan. My skin color is different from everyone else’s. I don’t want to be different and get my face dirty."
The enlightened Taoist laughed. "You’re an interesting kid, and you’re not the only one who has never been to the mountain. Which one is not fair-skinned? You’re not worried that it’s different from everyone, but it’s quite strange that you come from the mountain to get a little tan."
"I’ll personally go to the head teacher younger brother and say that I will bring you this piece of Yu Pei in your name register so that you can prove your identity."
Leisheng took it with both hands.
"Although you have been appointed by me, you are still young and need to learn from your brother Kun Jian."
"brother Bai"
"Well, go to your mountain."
They walked to the mountain in accordance with the words.
However, just out of the Pian Temple, a few people dressed in phoenix tree door ornaments came face to face. A bitter-looking man saw the deliberate avenue after Kunjian. "Hey, who is this? Who is this? I haven’t seen him for a long time. I forgot his name."
People around him burst into laughter.
Kunjian looked at each other with an expression and ignored them, so he took Leisheng away.
It was the other party who wanted to find another project and stretched out his hand and stopped Kun Jian’s way.
Kun Jian glanced at each other coldly. "What do you want to do, Yuduo?"
Yu Duo smiled contemptuously. "This is not to see if you are familiar. Come and see who this acquaintance is. How was your day?"
"What’s it to you?"
Yu Duo stared, "Watch your attitude, you eliminated garbage."
Kun Jian clenched his fist and was about to send Lei Sheng but gently pulled him. "Will fighting here be punished?"
Yu Duo glanced at Lei Sheng. "Who is this dirty little thing? It can’t be your illegitimate child. You didn’t bring him here to make enlightened scholars accept this little disciple. Isn’t that a mess?"
Like seeing the most ridiculous thing in the world, Yu Duo and his companions laughed.
"Do you have any students?" Leisheng suddenly asked
Yu Duo was stunned and suddenly pointed to Kunjian and sneered, "Only a waste like him who can’t get through the seventy-two acupoints can be a teacher. I want students."
Lei Sheng said, "Then you are wrong about a student, that is, a good relationship. As the old saying goes, the waves behind the Yangtze River push the waves before us. We are the phoenix tree school. The foundation is hope, and you will get old. You can’t stay at the top of your game that day."
Yu Duo laughed more after listening to Lei Sheng’s words, and tears almost flowed out. "What waves are there? What are you talking about? I can see that you are just a registered brother of the mountain. You are the foundation of the Wutong Sect. Is it hope? Don’t be ridiculous, okay? People like Kunjian are still rubbish. You don’t even deserve to work for us. You are Kunjian’s teasing. You know that we are boring and sent you to bring us joy. Brother Kunjian has a heart. "
"Laugh as much as you can now, but after laughing, please remember that the Wutong Sect doesn’t depend on your life. My name is Lei Sheng and you’d better remember this name."
Leisheng a serious said
"It’s meaningless to teach them to be brave, to be ashamed and then brave."
What do you mean by that? Everyone present was a little intimidated. They found that the child spoke in a different way.
Kun Jian knew that Lei Sheng was looking for steps for him. He despised a line "Go back and read more if you have no culture."
Say that finish, he flickered past Yu Duo and ran to the mountain with Leisheng.
"Mom, how educated are you?" More than slow lead to god swearing way
Lu Kunjian thanked me for helping me out.
Lei Sheng asked, "They look down on Shanji’s younger brother. Isn’t that how they came?"
Kunjian shook his head. "They were born destined to be Wutong people."