Everything seems so real and clear except the fact that the body is getting bigger. The ability to control the changes in the whole environment makes Chen Shaobai feel happy and satisfied, and at the same time, it also gives birth to a stronger desire to break through to a higher level.

He knows that he has broken through the most difficult task. He has spent the marrow as clear as frost and as white as snow. It will take another two or three days to rest, and his hands will fade away and his body will adapt to the skills. When the blood is full and rolling like magma, he will completely enter the swordsmen’s realm, and his strength will increase a lot.
But will the python give it to him like a monster? The answer is obviously no.
"Hiss! Go to hell for me! " The black python, which has always dominated the forest, seems to have never been hit so hard that it spits out snake letters and licks up its tail wound. It took two or three breaths before it recovered from the severe pain and roared. It opened its jaws and bit Chen Shaobai at a faster speed than before.
Perhaps it is just a breakthrough in the realm. Before Chen Shaobai J: ng God will, the so-called concise movement of the other party is more rapid and fast, but it seems to be slow in his eyes.
Although it is slow-moving, his body is completely unresponsive, just like the high-level unified with low-level hardware, and the delay is scary.
In the face of each other’s huge mouth rolling and stirring, Chen Shaobai "slowly" stabbed his sword out of his eyes as calm as a lake.
This sword stabbed him, and he didn’t know if he could live, but the other side was bound to die.
He has enough confidence in his killing.
God’s will is like a knife, and no one can measure it. When Chen Shaobai is ready to hand over his life to heaven, he will clean up the whistling from a distance.
"The genie dares to hurt people!"
Then time seemed to freeze, and a girl named Chivalrous Swordsman, a tight girl in dark blue, suddenly appeared, and her figure suddenly flashed on the ground, dragging out a long ghosting image.
If it hadn’t just broken through Chen Shaobai, I’m afraid I would have recognized that a gust of wind had blown.
The girl who came to the front of the black python held a knife in her hand that resembled wood blade and waved it high.
Three-foot-long solidified sword Gang sprayed from wood blade will split the snake head as big as a door panel.
"Just a head of calcined bone peak small demon doesn’t even have a human form, dare to come out and harm people? It seems that the wind state really messed up "girl back wood blade soliloquize.
Snow …
When I was sprayed with scarlet snake blood, the passing speed seemed to suddenly return to normal. Chen Shaobai slowly put Wan into the sheath and handed it to the girl. "Thank you for your help. Although I dare not say that Yongquan will repay Chen Shaobai, I will keep it in mind."
The other party’s strength is beyond Chen Shaobai’s imagination, and in his heart it has become as high as it can be dismantled by hand.
Such scenes say that the girl smiles at her eyebrows, but then she realizes that her performance is really not superior, and then she thinks of some seemingly loyal people she met all the way from Xian Zhou, but in fact jiān deceives the villain. She will immediately face Se Lengsu up "Chen Shaobai? It’s a good name. I just saw what you did to save your heart in a crisis. It’s a pity that your family is excellent, but your talent is too poor, otherwise you can make a difference in kendo. "
The family is ok? Bad talent?
Chen Shaobai looked at the magnificent hilt hanging from the waist and suddenly realized that the latter was not good at boasting in front of the other side’s superb strength, so he asked, "Dare to ask the woman’s name?"
"Zhu Mohan, is it okay if I take this thing?" The girl shook wood blade’s snake head, and the head-sized sarcoma flew into her hand.
"Of course, no problem." The sarcoma is glittering and translucent, emitting a faint light and fragrant. Chen Shaobai will know that it is not a mundane thing at first glance, but if it is not for Zhu Mohan’s hand, whether he is alive or dead is still a question. The answer is simply.
"Playing the piano outside is your sister? Recently, there are monsters in Fengzhou, such as Beads, Calcined Bones and Shapeshift. This snake is a small demon that is equivalent to the peak of a swordsman, but it takes advantage of its unique talent and can do manual work at the beginning of a swordsman’s life. However, there are monsters that are stronger than it in this world. I don’t know how weak you are. Don’t stay too far away from your sister. "
Chen Shaobai some don’t understand each other.
"There must be no chance to see you again today, so I have to wake you up."
"Although it hurts, I still want to say that your soul has made different achievements. The swordsman is almost the limit and is not suitable for repairing swords."
After emphasizing the talent problem again, I wish Mohan didn’t look at Chen Shaobai for half an eye. Her eyes focused on the small white fox and she said with a little sigh and admiration, "There are two kinds of magical powers to find a fox, even if it is ordinary. If you can raise it well, there are not many creatures that can pose a threat to you."
Chen Shaobai, the little guy who clung to his thigh, knew that he had left his eyes and fought bravely. After exchanging pleasantries with the girl, he set about dealing with the huge body of the black python.
Chapter 51 Find Linghu Purple Pupil
The black python was a powerful horse before his death. It must have been the overlord in this mountain forest. The wolf, the tiger and the leopard were as fragile as ants in front of it, but after being beheaded by a sword, its body looked a bit ridiculous.
Chen Shaobai looked down the profile of the snake body and covered it with hard scales. It turned out that the muscles and blood vessels were firm and fine, and there was no bone organ in it. It was like eating sausages at festivals in previous lives.
After everything settled down, he repeatedly confirmed that he was not in danger of life. The little white fox stared at the black python’s body with shining eyes, and flashed away like a red cat. The short limbs seemed to have no restrictions, so he grabbed the snake and wolfed it down.
See it eat so jubilant Chen Shaobai also gave birth to some interest, although the black python can vomit a person’s words, but after all, he won’t produce any evil psychology.
So he picked up a thin crimson snake meat sword and shook it, so he easily drained the blood. The whole snake meat showed a semi-transparent color, and the muscle texture was fine and compact, and it shone brightly in the afterglow of the sunset. People would consciously recognize it as a tonic if they didn’t taste it themselves.
Chen Shaobai picked up this thin snake meat and put it in his mouth.
Zi …
Perhaps because of the loss of vitality, this piece of meat was directly melted by saliva into a fresh juice and slipped into the esophagus without chewing.
Although there is no doping, its taste is extremely fresh, fragrant and salty, and it has never tasted the natural taste. Chen Shaobai blooms in thousands of tongue buds, and Shu Tai closes his eyes unconsciously.
"It seems that the little guy is still a gourmet … if it weren’t for him, I’m afraid there are rare dishes in front of me. I wouldn’t know. Is that what the word" searching for a fox "means?" Maybe it’s just sharing weal and woe, maybe it’s helping yourself to act as a meat pad. Chen Shaobai now looks at the little white fox with more tenderness and less alert.
"Take more home and let Miao Miao taste it."
Stroking the hilt, Chen Shaobai’s wrist, shaking, sword light flying.
Shua shua shua …
Thirty pieces of founder snake meat neatly piled up into a hill in front of us. Chen Shaobai estimated that it weighed about 200 kilograms, but the huge body of black python was nine Niu Yi hairs by comparison.
After peeling the snake skin and wrapping the meat, Chen Shaobai took a deep look at the fox. "Little guy, you are so stupid. How long will it take to remember? Don’t be eaten as food. Let’s see you later."
Although it’s a great price to find Linghu in his childhood, even Zhu Mohan’s kind of behavior is high and high, and the dragon sees the tail and the knight errant is very important to Chen Shaobai, and he knows that it’s huge, but he didn’t want to use this little guy as a tool just now.
Little white fox can live in this dense forest if he doesn’t go deep into Zixiapo, but if he follows him, he will face a lot of cunning humans. For him, the dense forest around Zixiapo is the most stable home, safer and more suitable for growth.
"Meow?" Small white fox yum! Swallow snake meat in his mouth and turn around. Se is puzzled.
"Don’t play dumb with me. The human world is too dangerous. If it’s predestined, we will meet again."
Having said that, Chen Shaobai turned his head and walked away. Fox seems to be a child’s heart. At present, he gave up the idea of following and ate hard.
After a dozen breaths.
The little white fox suddenly sniffled to confirm that Chen Shaobai had gone far, and then his eyes flashed a decisive Se. He suddenly closed his eyes, and a pair of petite J: ng claws spread flat on his chest, gradually floating a little white light, and he didn’t know whether it was released by himself or attracted from heaven and earth.
The white light of the stars condenses into threads, and the white mans gradually escape from its claws and radiate to the python’s body to wrap it.
So a magical scene happened.
The python’s long body stretched for five feet was compressed rapidly in the white light package, but it disappeared after two or three breaths.
Instead, a pearl bead contains a small snake with a head because it is too small to look like an earthworm.
After all this, the original half-inch long wound in the paw of the purple pupil white fox suddenly cracked and extended to more than one inch. The strange white Se blood dripped on the ground and soaked the blue Se pine needles.
The little fox who swallowed the pearl limped on the ground and quickly disappeared into the dense forest.
After it left, the rapid evaporation of white Se blood made Fiona Fang suddenly covered with a layer of frost within ten meters, with a light and sweet taste.
Immersed in the melodious piano, the scenes that happened tonight have been replayed repeatedly in Chen Shaobai’s mind for a long time.
Being able to spit out people’s words and forge bones, the snake demon’s stomach exceeds its own size, and the purple pupil white fox can inspire a three-foot sword with wood blade. The girl swordsman Zhu Mohan is surprising. There are too many things that he needs to digest well and share with his fiancee when he gets back.