Haven’t come to think much about the huge ice pick, which is directly bombarded by the cover power. The meteor hammer bears the brunt, which is directly knocked off by the ice pick, but the ice pick’s power has not been weakened at all. It is still so forcing people to frown, and the body armor is crazy. At that time, Guanghua General’s defense power has risen to the extreme. This is also a good thing. The sky is slightly more emboldened, and then the arrival of the ice pick is directly to bombard the sky towards the back, and the roots are just unbearable. There was a terrible pain in the’ chest’ mouth. The whole’ chest’ mouth was squeezed and sunken. Fortunately, it had armor defense first, or even it would be nailed to the ground directly by this ice pick. But the strength that armor can bear at this time seems to have reached the limit, but it has a faint trend of going to pieces.

The day after tomorrow, the true balloon with the size of a disk was directly poured out. It was directly bombarded by an ice cone from this side, and it was just a natural blow. It was just that the ice cone was knocked off the sky’ chest’ mouth, and it flew to one side and hit a small hill not far away. It was directly submerged in the mountain and then collapsed. The hill was directly shortened by three or four meters.
The sky vomited one mouthful blood, and then it rushed towards Cather again. At this time, it was already red-eyed, and the whole thing was ready to go all out. At this time, Cather was not much better. Just now, the huge magic consumed his body very much. At this time, it was a weak time, but then another bombardment scared both of them, but one was happy and the other was depressed.
Boom! Once the magic circle of the high-ranking sorcerer outside is bombarded again, it is forbidden to have a protective layer. At this time, it is like being hit hard and the ice is crashing and breaking.
See this wood pass family several high-order wizards at this time is already a burst of smile and refining device of several face’ color’ is ugly to the extreme.
A large number of high-order wizards rushed in and rushed towards the refining institute
Even if you leave a message of * _ *, it will be a success. Please work hard!
[37] massacre
? Banned once broken a large number of high-order wizards like "tide" water poured into the refiner’s ancestral roots, which was unable to resist Cather’s cruel big order.
"Kill one and don’t stay!"
Wizards get orders one by one, and they are even more concerned about the whole refining clan’ door’. At that time, they killed and shouted the big refining clan, but there were more than 20 martial arts strong men who could resist it, and then the wind flying technique could float and fly. Magicians took advantage of all the’ color’ magic, and there was a refining clan whose younger brother fell to the ground and was killed. There was no way to get out of the martial arts strong men’s roots, but they couldn’t touch those magicians. A simple fire dragon technique or a lance attack by magicians was to directly slay one or two younger brothers.
"ah!" Refiners of several King Wu’s strongmen were in a hurry to crack their hands, and they kept getting up and watching their brothers and their families die from the sorcerer’s butcher’s knife. They were all desperate, but the other party kept walking, blocking themselves but refusing to contact themselves, so that their roots could be from exerting their strength and watching their own troops be slaughtered by the other party.
"This is the price you kill my son! Whether you are the murderer of my son or not, you are to blame! " Cather sneered at his son, and he was almost crazy. He vowed to refine the blood of the whole clan’ door’ to pay homage to his son, the little chief of the Mupas family.
"kill!" The sky was red, and the meteor hammer kept flying around him. Some high-ranking wizards unfortunately bumped into his gun. The wizards were weak, and they could bear it. Those wizards who were hit by him didn’t even say a last wish, but they died directly! Both sides are red-eyed, but there is no scruple. Cather is naturally unwilling to lag behind. A lance directly swept through a large number of refiner brothers. Once these refiner brothers were "wave" by the lance storm, they also died beyond recognition.
The two sides are "mixed". Either you die or I die. A magician just burned two refining brothers to death by fire dragon technique, and then his back was also killed by refining brothers. The red-eye brother stabbed a heart-rending show that he could not live, but the refining brothers had not yet come to be glad that he had another weapon directly "inserted" in his heart … It was a desperate play.
The whole refining device Zongzong’s’ door’ is bloody, and it has already been dyed red with S-curve blood. Even the plants inside are covered with blood.
Both sides have their own winners and losers, but it’s doubtful that the refiner is always the case of the refiner. There are many repairs in this fashion, but some of the younger brothers of the fighters in the early Jin Dynasty didn’t even react when they were killed directly, and the high-order wizards of the Mupas family suffered losses. At this time, they are no longer close to the refiner, and Kaiser several people dragged the three of them to make their roots come from the hand.
"You! I swear to god, if I don’t die today, I will destroy you someday. The Mupas family is full of doors! If this oath is willing to soul town in ten hell forever! " Anger, rage, crazy dance, a mouthful of blood gushing out, mumbling something, but actually swearing a blood oath. When the blood oath comes out, his life must be the goal of this oath, vowing to destroy the Manchu of Mupas family.
"You have no chance!" Cather’s eyes’ color’ has also changed. He knows that blood oath is also a blood oath in the West. Once a blood oath is made, it must be irrevocable and it is the most poisonous oath.
With a wave of his magic wand, Kaiser’s hand was condensed by large tracts of red clouds, and then by large tracts of ice arrows. Two kinds of "sex" are mutually exclusive, and in Kaiser’s hand, they actually complement each other and "mix" together and impact towards the sky.
Just now, the magic wand in the hand of the Dark Magic Caregiver was also murmured in Guanghua’s mouth, and the sun was fading rapidly, so it was difficult to’ shoot’ in and then a huge black’ hole’ was formed in the void. In the black’ hole’ with a wave of his wand, there were a large number of white’ color’ skeletons pouring out from the inside, which was actually a magic call. I don’t know where to call these skeletons to help out.
The other two care division also formed a large number of lance meteorites bombarding the refining clan.
With Blue Haizhu, the root of heaven is to be afraid of Kaiser’s fire, but the cloud of fire is mixed with a lance, which makes him have to deal with it carefully. But at this time, he has just made a blood oath, which is fatal. Not only did he not evade it, but he actually rushed directly towards Kaiser. Blue Haizhu formed a huge light group to block the cloud of fire, but he’ shot’ it through the light group every day. He was fearless and evaded the key parts, and the lance crossed his body to get close to Kaiser and gave him a fatal blow.
The weapon kept crossing the sky, and the body endured severe pain and rushed to the front. The whole person became a bloody person from the sky to the outside.
Kaiser root just didn’t expect that the sky was so desperately rushing towards him. He simply forgot to flee. By the time he came to his senses and wanted to flee, it was only three meters away from him. There was no’ flower’ move and no weapon. The sky was just a blow to Kaiser’s chest. Kaiser jumped to avoid the rich combat experience, which made him make a correct judgment and let him escape the important part of the chest. The fist was directly blasted on Kaiser’s shoulder, and the whole shoulder was hit by a steel fist. Head should be broken, blood’ flesh’ fuzzy is almost directly blown off by the blow of the day, holding a magic wand in his hand. One is out of control, and the day is actually picking up Cather’s magic wand without a 56-point thrashing. Holding it with both hands is actually going directly to the knees, and it is actually trying to break Cather’s magic wand directly.
With a crash, the magic wand fell to the sky, and there was a pain in the knee. The magic wand didn’t break.
"Ha ha hubris ACTS you this is a stick? This is a magic blessing made of Cycas, and you want to break it directly. "Cather laughed when he saw this irony, but then he couldn’t laugh when he tried to summon the magic wand. Although the magic wand still listened to his call and wanted to leave the hands of heaven, it was grasped by the sky like iron tongs, and then a crack appeared in his knee again, and the magic wand was broken. The day after tomorrow, it was broken and fell into two pieces, losing its effectiveness.
The sky stared at Cather like a wounded beast, eager to spit out his’ meat’
Cather felt a chill in his heart, and the physical strength of the Eastern fighters was too shocking. The root was not comparable to that of the Western wizards. If it was not for the slight advantage of speed, I was afraid that several of them would have to throw their lives here today.
The sudden outbursts of heaven have made you and the real people in Holland generally angry at this time, just like rushing rivers. they nest’s hand is getting more and more fierce, and he keeps rushing towards the three care teachers. If you want to rein in the western wizards, you can’ force’ them to melee.
At that time, the three care teachers were all in a hurry, taking care of themselves and running around in chaos. These two crazy people sometimes summoned magic to the enemy’s department, and they were stunned by the deadly style of refining.
At this time, the family members of the Mupas clan were almost slaughtered, and the Mupas clan brought more than 70 high-order wizards with about 40 losses. The Mupas clan is worthy of being a hermit sect, although it can be in the middle of combat effectiveness, but its strength is still there to occupy such an advantage. When the overall situation of the Mupas clan strikes, it is even more than half of the casualties. This shows that westerners must deepen their definition of eastern fighters.
High-order wizards have nothing to do after killing people, but they dare not come and help a few care teachers. In fact, they can’t help. They can only increase losses, but they can make things cool.’ Sex’ sets fire to refining devices. Gas fires are everywhere, and they are already surrounded by fires.
A white-haired old man suddenly appeared in the ancestral temple of the refining vessel, shot a magician who was about to light the ancestral temple with a palm, and then drank a lot.
"Ten breath don’t leave the department to die!" Roar with great pressure is specially joined the old soul attack inside log pass family left more than forty wizards department is nose and mouth bleeding on the spot! And Cather and the other three care division also vomited an one mouthful blood in their heads. They looked at each other in amazement and then looked at themselves with high-order wizards. They were all shocked to death by this big drink.
Without hesitation, the big horror in my heart turned and fled far away, and nothing was taken care of. It was rare for me to see you. Suddenly, a mysterious strong man came out and was about to kill him, but he was stopped by the old man’s divine voice.
The white-haired old man’s god’ color’ is mournful and lonely. He looks at the ancestral temple and waits quietly for heaven and others in the ancestral hall.
Even if you leave a message of * _ *, it will be a success. Please work hard!
[3] Medicine store (delivered in the second watch)
? The mighty warrior!
Great prestige shows the identity of the white-haired old man. He is the guardian Xuan of the refining clan. A warrior in the early days of the martial arts chose to stay in the refining clan instead of entering the longevity palace after being invited by the longevity palace. He also didn’t expect that the refining clan actually caused such a big trouble at this critical moment, but he was afraid to make moves easily. Even if the clan came to the longevity palace for instructions, it was necessary to start work when he got the news. When he got back, the clan was already so miserable, except for transferring out in advance.
Xuan’s wrath is to directly solve these high-order wizards. If he hadn’t left, the people in the Palace of Eternal Life wouldn’t have killed those care teachers, or it would have given the West an excuse to wage war. The East side is not ready yet. It’s not appropriate to fight at this time. Xuan is afraid that the four care teachers would have been solved once.
"And you are?" Day three people helped each other into the ancestral temple and looked at the front with a sad face and white hair. The old man in front was surprised and asked, "It’s too much for this old man. It’s just a big drink. It’s a direct shock to more than forty high-order magic teachers and students. Does he already mean the realm of martial arts?" The three people guessed in their hearts, but no one was sure.
"Hey, I am the 17th generation patriarch of the refining clan!" The old man turned around and looked at the ancestral temple. The 17th memorial tablet was engraved with the name of Xuan.
"What? !” The three-person department of Heaven looked at the white-haired old man with a face of shock and an unbelievable expression. According to this algebra, if this old man is really the seventeenth patriarch, wouldn’t it have lived for three or four hundred years?
"Is this a joke?" Lotus scattered first spoke, although the other party saved their lives, but the refiner can’t just trample on it at will.
"Who has time to give you a joke? Haven’t you heard that every major sect has a guardian? I am the guardian of the refining clan! " White-haired old man not anger since wei looked at three majesty said
"Since you are the guardian of the refining clan, why did you watch the refining clan’s younger brother be killed before you shot?" It’s said that there are only three of them left in the whole Sect at this time. The refining clan is bound to be weakened, and it must take a hundred years to develop again.
"You things as simple as that old want to sell is to be able to sell? There are some things you can’t know now, and when you know them later, you will be white, "said the white-haired old man with a sad hand."
"The younger generation paid a visit to the elder", and these three talents believed in Xuan’s words, and each made a ceremony and said.
"All right, don’t stand on ceremony. Go and transfer the Zong you out and the outstanding brother department back to me. No one dares to be presumptuous after I sit in this place!" Xuan waved his hand as if he didn’t care much about these vulgar rituals, and then he ordered the three people to wait for people to be brought to this place. With such a small level of martial arts, the strong are afraid of what day they will feel their shoulders lightly. After all, they can have a backbone after they have a martial arts strong leader.
At this time, the south mountain of Jinling, Chu is already full of excitement. This year, the annual Young Strong Competition will be held here again! All kinds of rare’ medicine’ materials were transported from far away by Chu State to build a competition platform and watch the competition stands. However, this year’s young strong competition is not the same as before. This year’s strength can be said to be far greater than that of the previous one. All the outstanding brothers of the major hidden sects were born and went to the competition, and even the young people in Wuling realm have never been there. This year, because of the outstanding brothers of the major sects, I heard that there are several strong kings of Wu. Although the strength of many sects has not been fully understood, it is obvious to the eye. However, I know that this young strong competition is very interesting, and the organizer of this competition, Chu, has not restricted others from coming in to watch the game. It is not like going to the semi-finals that the family is eligible to come in to watch the game. This time, the grandstand is put for the public and it is very wide. If you can afford it, you can come in.
In this regard, it is to let those rich families who are not strong enough to come in and watch the game. At the moment, there are still nearly half a month before the game. Many outstanding brothers have come here to know some young and powerful people in the contemporary era, but some people have fought, but later they have been reconciled by some older people.
Lin Sheng and Duan Xin stayed in the Lin Fu for a few days and chatted suddenly. Then they also set off with small flowers to Jinling City, which is the most prosperous city in Chu and the whole fairy continent. There is a large population here and a well-developed business. Lin Sheng went to the streets and crowded with people. I wondered secretly when the Northern Zhenghe Huiyang City would be able to reach this prosperous level, even if it was possible to recuperate after a hundred years.
From time to time, there are one or two fighters with long swords or broadswords in the street. These fighters have the root of the martial arts realm at first sight, but they are not qualified to participate in this young strong competition. It seems that they should come to watch the fun. Lin Sheng is holding Duan Xin’s hand and walking on the street. From time to time, Duan Xin is dragging them to buy some gadgets at some stalls.
Suddenly a god swept to Duan Xin oblivious but Lin Sheng is in the mind a surprised.
"Wu Sheng God knows!" Is it the guardian of Liu family that there is a strong warrior in Jinling city? Lin Sheng was amazed in his heart, but the surface remained the same. He didn’t disturb the gods. The gods just stayed in Lin Sheng for a moment and disappeared.
Lin Sheng is lost in thought and secretly thinking that this young strong competition will not be anything unusual. Duan Xin patted Lin Sheng, who was absent, to call Lin Sheng back to God.
"What’s the matter? Elder brother "Duan Xin pull Lin Sheng asked.
"It’s okay, let’s go." Lin Sheng took Duan Xin and walked towards the post to entertain the contestants. The little flower was lying in Duan Xin’s arms and fell asleep. Just now it came to the door of a medicine shop. Suddenly Duan Xin woke up and stared at the big door of the medicine shop. Then he waved his paws at Duan Xin and Lin Sheng and pointed to the medicine.
"hmm? What happened to the little’ flower’? " Duan Xin suspected "confused" and looked at where the little "flower" was jumping around.
"Is it found? Go in and see "Lin Sheng pulling Duan Xin is looking at the" medicine "material shop, and the small" flower "is also sleepy and excited at this time. Where is Lin Sheng’s shoulder atrophy? Others can’t see whether it is a holy dragon or a lovely pet.
It seems that the’ medicine’ material store has been in a state of decay for some years, and the signboard gold-lettered paint has become deformed. At this time, a wooden’ door’ is also tattered. It seems that it is almost across. Looking at this dilapidated sample, Lin Sheng and Duan Xin frowned at the same time, wondering what good things this poor place can have.
Entering the big door is a bright eye. Although it is still very shabby, it is spacious and bright inside. There is a strong’ medicine’ fragrance in the whole’ medicine’ store. Three or two small pages are dot some’ medicine’ materials inside. Lin Sheng looks at Tianqi Gastrodia and Ganoderma lucidum, but they all look like ordinary goods. The’ color’ roots are nothing big.
"Aye, two guests, but what kind of medicine do you want to buy? This is an old shop. It’s all excellent’ medicine’ materials. We have several plants here. I don’t know what the guest officer wants? " The shopkeeper is a little old man with half black hair and half white hair and a small goatee. He looks like a "traitor" and makes both of them very funny. If it weren’t for politeness, they would have laughed.
"Boss, I think you are all ordinary goods’ colors’ here, so you can’t see them." Lin Sheng looked at the ordinary’ medicine’ materials around here and deliberately disdained to say that he was ready to go out. When’ flowers’ came in, he just stared directly at a curtain behind the shopkeeper. It seems that all good things should be in the room behind the shopkeeper.