They met earlier, when he couldn’t see her. She thought she was too young, and then she would stick to him all the time.

Because when I was a child, gentleness was actually very active, and I would chase after it when I liked it.
At that time, it must be hard for her to resist Teng’s heroic spirit.
Suddenly I thought of my brother and Belle. Did they really end up like that?
Gentle is waiting for him in the car. He said he would go back, just wait and wait, and he couldn’t help wondering what he was doing.
Seeing that the weather is going to rain again, he mustn’t get wet.
When she was thinking about Teng Yun, the phone suddenly rang. She glanced at Wen Yi and actually guessed what Wen Yi was going to ask her or picked it up.
"Elder sister, what time do you arrive? Xiaoliang stewed black-bone chicken soup for you? Oh, come here early, "said Wenyi, as she made a hissing gesture with the girl next to her. The warmth immediately dared not come out.
"I’ll be right out of the supermarket" whispered softly, and then my eyes looked out again.
"Is that true? Did you buy us roast duck? Elder sister said that her horse will come. Ha ha, the horse will come. "When Wenyi got excited, she forgot to say goodbye. Holding her mobile phone, she danced and celebrated with warmth.
Excited like a child, Wen Liang came out of the kitchen and saw that it was not very big. In the living room, two women hugged and jumped like children.
Gentleness was noisy by the sound coming out of the mobile phone, and Nai sighed and then dropped the mobile phone to prepare the car.
I just grabbed the handle and tried to hit it when I heard the door being hit from the other side.
The apex swings and then turns to smell a familiar fragrance …
Recommend the end of the article "The Giants Take a New Wife by Flash Marriage". On that day, at the door of the Civil Affairs Bureau, she held a red static in her hand and looked at him far away.
Twenty-three-year-old Zhuo Xing married 29-year-old Fu Zhi, and this commercial flash marriage surprised everyone …
The pain of her first meeting with him is her deepest memory.
In the middle of the night, a calculation created a pair of cute cute bags …
The second time she married him was after giving birth to a baby.
Dark room, narrow bed, he’s overbearing, leaving no room …
☆, 159 personal company
"You just went to buy milk."
"For your honesty."
Gentle with warm milk in his hand and then turned to look at his head, the man raised his hand and patted his hair gently.
It’s still cold in Mao Mao outside.
"Fool, I regard the roast duck chef as an elder, and my husband with such a high value will never compare you together."
Manager Teng …
What’s the feeling of being played?
"To apologize, let me stay and have dinner with you tonight?"
Teng always said when he started the car
Gentle immediately promised to come.
Warm, excited and nervous, Wen Yi has been waiting at the window, almost eager to see them. When their car drove to the building, Wen Yi excitedly shouted that she was coming.