It’s very peaceful to go through the sandy land where thousands of dead insects scorched the corpse, except for a few piglets who ran out halfway and ran there at a great cost without encountering traps and attacks.

Further on, the stone steps look like a sky. The road is not too narrow, and the two people will lead to it. The difficulty is that from time to time, the stone thorns will come out from the nearby mountain wall, and they will be pierced if they don’t have enough reaction ability.
Weichi Hanyu walked in the front and looked at the entrance of the first sight. He took out his sword and even split it three or five feet wide. The sword gang was very domineering and slipped from one side to the other side against the mountain wall. The stone thorns were cut off and crackled on the stone steps.
Although there are still stone thorns that have not been solved, there are enough before and after to make people who enter the first sight easily avoid the stone thorn attack. Hu Yingxue and others’ skills are of course easy to pass through with great pressure.
There are many obstacles, and the results are all the same. Every obstacle is either very troublesome or very dangerous, but every time one of them is just able to solve the most troublesome part.
It is very embarrassing for Hu Yingxue to be responsible for solving the obstacles when he is near the top of the mountain.
It’s a pool of water. As soon as they get close, they float with large mouths to feed, or golden or red carp want to fly over. Even if it’s Mahayana, those carp spit out golden light and water arrows, which will turn you into a honeycomb.
To solve them, it is very simple to pick a kind of red fruit next to them and feed them. Just two small trees with red fruits are hung with a few stars. It is not enough to feed a few carp. How can they feed all the carp?
Then the secret government sent a small tree with red fruits, which was planted by three spirits, to dig a tree and send it to the house without a cup of tea. In a short time, there was an extra branch covered with red fruits, and after a little time, all the carp sank to the bottom of the pool to digest, and then the group passed smoothly again.
This card seems simple, but it’s actually very difficult. If Hu Yingxue can’t quickly give birth to the secret house of spiritual planting, he can accumulate the number of red fruits a little bit by wood ability, so I don’t know if he can finish feeding before the island is closed.
When everyone passed the pool for verification, Hu Yingxue picked up a stone and threw it in the past, just like a drop of water falling into rolling oil. The pool was quiet and the carp opened their mouths one by one.
Hu Yingxue’s mouth shook. "Which brain-twitching guy came up with so many things to toss people?"
Atchoo! Mu Tianxuan raised his hand and touched his nose. He touched a piece of poultry fluff from the surface and looked up to see a large piece of larks chasing each other. They rushed to them and released tight encirclement to stop them.
Through chasing larks, we can see that there is a circular stone platform in the middle of the peak. There is a sword in the middle of the stone platform. The black sword body is rolling with red fog. This sword is hanging sideways and floating. At the same time, it is wrapped in thunder and flame, and a ring is hung on the hilt of the sword.
The mysterious black sword has a red fog that churns from time to time. Whenever there is a red fog, the sword will be separated from three thunder and flames. At this time, Huanpei will be given a dazzling white light, which looks like the sword is suspended in the middle as a spiritual source.
I don’t know if it’s been too long. There isn’t much spiritual power around Perry, and it’s floating in the half sword with the handle, which has discounted the suppression of the black sword and made red mist run out a lot.
I noticed that every time red mist ran out to stop them from chasing larks near the stone stage, it seemed that they were unusually close together, so they could fight to the death. Hu Yingxue spread a layer of chasing lark bodies.
At this time, a broken wind struck Hu Yingxue, and when he turned around, he saw that it had been a long time since he saw the five spiritual swords rushing over with colorful huaguang and blinked. "Why are you here?"
Ah Kin’s figure flashed a "feud" on the blade.
There is no head and no tail. Hu Yingxue is a little eager to ask more questions. There is a sudden sound behind him. The sword sound of Qingyue is faint and tired, but it is joy to hear it.
Then their feet and the ground trembled violently, and they circled around their heads, chasing larks like crazy, and rushed to the stone stage one by one, hitting the mysterious black sword. Don’t look at chasing larks, they are not big, but they can’t hold their numbers, leaving a lot of bleeding, and soon they dyed the stone stage red.
Red mist, who was watered by blood and the black body of the Xuan sword, even crashed and suspended in the square sword, like a heavy blow, and flew out with a ring hanging on her face. She was dumped and the five spiritual swords were broken, and Mu Tianxuan got out. tight encirclement just hit Hu Yingxue’s head.
Reaching out and catching the ring, she looked down at the eye pattern, and Hu Yingxue felt a sharp pain in her head. But this time, it was not a study. At this time, she conveniently lost the ring, and her eyes followed the Five Lingjian.
The mysterious black sword in the stone stage has been pulled out of the stone stage by itself. It is wrapped by red mist, and two big seal characters write "Slay God". The light shaking of the sword body seems to be very satisfied with getting rid of the suppression of the sword suspended in the sword before, so the Five Lingjian is very dissatisfied and rushed at once.
Falk and Bing Yi’s competitors joined hands to condense out a barrier, which enveloped all of them. Or was it a little late? It was the five spiritual swords and the excalibur that gave off power and swept Hu Yingxue. Everyone in the line gave a stuffy hum, except for Falk, Bing Yi, Jiu You and You, the Secret House and Gan Kun, who protected Hu Yingxue. Everyone else took out healing pills and immediately sat and meditated to speed up their recovery.
Not recently, this group of people have been hit and entered the lost island. At that moment, their blood surged. Because of some weakness at some distance, they vomited blood or simply fainted. At this time, you can see the full importance of preparation. Put the corresponding healing medicine into your mouth or your partner’s mouth to exercise carefully or help exercise, and it won’t be long before you are alive and kicking again.
"Are those two swords? !”
People in different places shouted this way, which made everyone lift up their faces. A black sword wrapped in red mist was chased by a silver sword wrapped in colorful lights. It was two swords that could feel all kinds of emotions that were no different from people from them.
A sword can blur the resonance of its owner, so it can be said that it is very spiritual. If it can clearly express various emotions, it should be that it already has a sword spirit, whether it is born by itself or sealed directly when refining. There is no difference between having a sword spirit and having spirituality.
Two swords with sword spirit will slobber even if they are not Jian Xiu, but not everyone is very excited when they see them, for example, they are so excited that they feel that they are stuck in the mountains.
He is thinking about how to cross the sea of fire at the foot of the mountain and find two lights coming out from the summit in tandem. What do you think of one sword? How do you look like someone described that two swords, such as Excalibur, are confronting each other? Which one is like a root or a face? Two big seals mark their identities directly.
Someone told him that although killing Excalibur means hitting the pinnacle weapon, it has been sealed and polished for many years, and now it is still a treasure. If it is not weakened to such a degree, it will not let him fight for it, otherwise it will harm him. If you want to control the root, you can’t control anything, and you don’t say it. You will explode in minutes.
I saw a spiritual sword with a high order, chasing Excalibur and chopping Dai Su, and immediately I became nervous. The order of Excalibur will rise bit by bit because of the owner’s cultivation, so I don’t know if it can be repaired. I have the heart to grab it, but I am afraid that the power displayed by another sword seems to be that he can’t stand it for a while and it is difficult to make a decision.
Close-up watching the slaughter Excalibur burst out and the attention of Hu Yingxue and others, such as the Five Spirits Sword, is not there now. Before the Five Spirits Sword chased the slaughter Excalibur from the summit, it was bounced aside, and the sword flew up and waved in front of them one by one, and finally settled in front of Mu Tianxuan.
Swing left first, then right, then wobbly … It seems that Mu Tianxuan was seriously looked at several times from head to toe, and finally gave a very crisp sneer at "so weak"
Mu Tianxuan jumped with the veins standing out on his forehead. "You said I was weak?"
The sword shook "wrong is very weak"
Mu Tianxuan suddenly seized the hilt of the sword and said with a cold voice, "Now I am weak, but it is enough to tidy up you." Then he injected his own thunder force and fire force into the sword.
"Ah ah! Bully the sword! "
Others sobbed at the corners of their mouths to varying degrees, accusing Mu Tianxuan of atrocities, but the small tone was that they felt very cool and wanted to work harder.
Looking at that sword and shaking it, did Hu Yingxue see Ruan Zhen, Xun Xiu or Jing’s sense of sight? Because they are all typical figures in the second-rate goods, I wonder if anyone has found out which sword spirit has less second-rate properties before. She definitely did.