Maybe his throat is covered with fatty oil. His voice has become shrill and thin, and his personality has become difficult to get along with. He always loses his temper and knocks impatiently on the floor with his cane when he is treating patients.

You answer my question and don’t talk nonsense.
He lives alone and talks about life, and nothing interests him.
He lived in Jialige these years, and his love for Kotik was his only fear and last joy. Every night, he played cards in the club and then sat alone at a big table for dinner. Ivan, the oldest and most stable waiter, waited on him and sent him a meal. The chef in the No.17 lafayette Red Wine Club knew that he didn’t do anything, and everyone tried his best to satisfy him lest he suddenly lost his temper and knocked on the floor with a cane.
At dinner, he turned around and cut in a few words with others.
What are you talking about? Who?
When people at the next table talked about Turkin’s family affairs, he asked
Which Turkin family do you think is the one whose daughter can play the piano?
In his case, that’s all.
What about the Turkins? Ivan petrovich doesn’t look old at all, and he still likes to make wisecracks and tell all kinds of anecdotes. Vera Iosifov still reads her novel happily, enthusiastically and simply. Kotik still plays the piano for three or four hours every day. She is obviously old and often falls ill. Ivan petrovich always goes to Crimea to recuperate with her mother every autumn, and then goes to the train to see them off. When the train moves, he wipes his tears and shouts.
And waved a handkerchief
In 1898
Chronicle of diagnosis
The professor received a report from the Lyalikov factory that he immediately went there. This report went on and on, and I didn’t know if the cloud could barely see Mrs. Lialikova, who was obviously the owner of the factory. Her daughter was ill, and the professor refused to send the attending physician korolev.
From Moscow, you have to take two trains and then take a carriage, and then walk about four miles. A troika is waiting in the car. The driver of korolev wears a peacock feather hat and answers the question of korolev like a soldier. It is by no means or at the end of the day. On Saturday evening, workers from the western hills came to the car from the factory to see korolev take a carriage and bow repeatedly. The quiet atmosphere around the birch trees on both sides of the villa at dusk doesn’t make korolev ecstatic. At this moment, on the eve of the holiday, the fields, forests and the sun are all ready for the workers to rest together, and maybe they should pray.
Korolev was born and raised in Moscow, unfamiliar with the countryside and not interested in the factory at all. He has never been to the factory, but he has occasionally read the factory membership. He has been a guest at the factory owner’s house and talked with them. Whenever he sees the factory far or near, he often feels so quiet and flat outside, but inside the factory owner, he may all be embarrassed to talk, knowing that the ignorant and selfish generation of workers are boring and hinder healthy labor. Now he sees that the workers have quarreled, bickered and drunk, and insect companions have retreated to one side to make way for the car. However, from their faces, hats and gait, they
The car entered the factory gate. On both sides of the road, there were workers’ cabins. When I saw women’s faces hanging on the porch, I was careful that the coachman didn’t rein in the horses. He shouted to a yard where there were no weeds. There were five large factories with chimneys not far from each other. In addition, everything in the yard was covered with gray powder like dust. Small gardens were scattered in several places, like oases in the desert. There were also some red or green roof houses. That was the manager’s house. The coachman suddenly stopped the carriage and stopped in front of a house. The room was repainted gray.
Doctor, there are several women’s voices in the front room of the aisle, and at the same time, we hear a sigh and whisper. We have been waiting for you for a long time. It’s unfortunate. This way.
Mrs. Lialikova is an old and fat woman with fashionable sleeves in a black silk dress, but judging from her face, she is vulgar and uneducated. She looks at the doctor with anxiety and hesitates to reach out to the doctor. She is surrounded by a woman with short hair cut, wearing pince-nez 15 and a gorgeous blouse. She is not very thin. Young people call her Hellis Jingna Dmitrieff Na korolev. I guess she is a governess. She is probably the most asked person in this family to meet the reception doctor, and then she falls on her shoulder. You see her, as soon as she sees the doctor, she eagerly talks about the cause of the disease, saying it in detail
The doctor and tutor sat together talking, while the hostess stood motionless by the door, waiting for korolev to learn from the female teacher that the illness was Mrs. Lialikova’s only heiress, Lisa, who was 20 years old. She had been ill for a long time and had seen various doctors from the evening before, so that her family stayed up all night for fear that she would die.
She can be said to have been ill since she was breast-fed. Hellis Jingna Dmitrieff Na has a sweet voice and wipes her lips from time to time. The doctor says that the problem lies in the nerves, but she suffered from lymph node tuberculosis in children when she was a child. The doctor forced the disease into her heart and didn’t come. I think this is the cause.
Let’s go to see the patient. The patient is an adult. He is tall but not beautiful, like her mother. Her eyes are thin and her face is half too big. She lies with long hair and is covered in Ba korolev. At first glance, she thinks that this is an unfortunate person. It’s hard to believe that such a person is the heir of those five big factories.
We came to see you. korolev said it was to treat you. Hello.
He gave his name and held out his hand. It was a cold and not beautiful big hand. She sat up. Obviously, she had seen more doctors. Facing the doctor, she casually showed her shoulders and breasts and was auscultated by others.
My heart is beating fast. She said that the night jump not only scared me to death, but also gave me some medicine.
Don’t worry about it
Korolev listened to her heart and shrugged.
The heart is quite normal. He said it’s okay. There’s nothing wrong with it. Maybe it’s a neurological problem, but it’s also some common ailments, and it’s okay. Just lie down and rest.
At this time, a lamp was brought to him. The patient squinted at the light and suddenly burst into tears with his hands on his head. The ugly impression that the patient left on korolev disappeared with him. When he saw that it was no longer those thin eyes, he no longer felt that the face was half too big. He noticed that it was the painful and gentle expression that looked so smart and moving. In his mind, she was slim, graceful and beautiful, but very simple. He wanted to comfort her, but he didn’t want medicine and doctor’s advice. His mother hugged her. Hold her tightly to her chest. The old lady’s face is so desperate and painful. Mother, she nursed her daughter and brought her up. She spared no effort to make her go to French, dance and music. Dozens of teachers have taught her the best doctors to treat her, and she has a tutor. But her eyes are not white, and her daughter’s tears are so painful. She just feels confused, feels guilty, and seems worried and desperate. It seems that she has neglected something important. She should have done it but who didn’t come? She doesn’t know.
Lisa, you and you and she hugged her daughter tightly and said, my family, baby, my child, tell me what’s wrong with you. Have pity on me and tell me.
Mother and daughter both wept bitterly. korolev sat on the edge of the bed and held Lisa’s hand.
Well, there’s nothing to cry about, he said angrily. You know, there’s nothing to cry about. Well, stop crying. There’s no need.
He thought to himself
It’s time for her to marry
The doctor in our factory gave her potassium bromide, and the tutor said that the worse I found her, the worse she got. I want to say, if it’s for the heart, what’s the name of the potion? I forgot it should be Lily of the Valley drops, right?
She said all kinds of details again, and she interrupted the doctor from time to time, which made her face speechless, and she had a strange expression as if to say that one of the most cultured women in her family was constantly discussing medical matters with the doctor.
Korolev is impatient.
I can’t say anything particularly serious about her illness. He came to his mother from the bedroom and said that since your daughter has been treated by a factory doctor, she might as well continue to be treated. Today, he is treated correctly. I don’t think it is necessary to change doctors. This is a very common disease, but it is not too serious.
He wore gloves and looked at him from Mrs. Lialikova’s motionless tears.
It’s half an hour before the ten o’clock train, and he said, I hope I can catch it.
You’re leaving now, she said, tears rolling down her cheeks. I’m sorry to bother you. Look at Di Fener. Be kind. She looked at the door and said softly, Stay for the night. She is my only child. She scared me all night last night and still hasn’t recovered. Don’t go. Look at Di Fener.
He wanted to tell her that he had many things waiting for him in Moscow, and his family was still waiting for him to go back. He felt that it was unnecessary to spend a night in someone else’s house, and he couldn’t stand it, but he sighed and silently took off his gloves when he saw the other person’s expression.
He lit the candle in the sitting room of his living room, sat in front of the piano and turned over the music score. Then he looked at the picture of the wall painting, which was framed in Phnom Penh. The oil painting was a boat in the rough scenery of Crimea. A Catholic priest held a glass in his hand. The picture was too dry and carved, but the mediocre photo was not beautiful and attractive. Everyone had high cheekbones, and his eyes showed surprise. Lisa’s father Lyalikov had a low forehead and a stained expression. His fat and vulgar body was covered with a cloth bag. There is a medal on the chest of the ceremony, the Red Cross medal, and the room is not luxurious enough. Those decorations are also seven pieces, which are not carefully conceived. On the contrary, the beauty is like that ceremony. The floor is too bloated and inconvenient, and the dazzling chandelier is also very unsightly. People can’t help but think of a businessman who actually wears a medal to take a shower.
In the front room, people were whispering in a low voice, and suddenly there was an intermittent harsh metal sound, which was unheard of in korolev. Now it sounds strange and uncomfortable.
I don’t think I should stay here, he thought, and picked up the music again
The doctor went to dinner and the tutor called him gently.
He went to dinner. There were many dishes and wines on the big table, but there were two people to eat. He was Hellis, Jingna, Dmitrieff, and she ate red wine quickly. She talked while eating and looked at him from time to time through her nose.
The workers are very satisfied with us. Every winter in our factory, the workers perform their own plays, and the slide show is very good to accompany the recitation. The workers should be loyal to us. When I heard that Lisa was seriously ill, she prayed that they had no education, but they were all very emotional.