Wei Cang saw this scene but frowned and stopped in the same place for a moment, then he did not hesitate to change a direction.

"Elder Wei, will you be too cautious?"
Xu Ping some unhappiness unexpectedly eyes Zhang Dan questioned Wei Cang decision.
"I have a fairy device that can sense some mysterious breath. I feel great danger when I pass through the fairy device in this ancient restricted area. It is always right to be cautious."
Wei Cang dare not offend Xu Pingnai can explain and say
In fact, Wei Cang has been able to practice until now and has become the third elder of Taiyin Sect. He said that this fairy instrument has contributed a lot! It is because of this mysterious function of the fairy and his caution that Wei Cang can live safely to the present.
And it is precisely because Wei Cang is cautious that Grandpa Xu Ping will agree that Xu Ping will follow Wei Cang into the realm of cultivating immortals in order to compete for the immortal mansion.
Moving on in another direction, Wei Cang has accelerated a lot this time.
The deeper you go, the more plants and animals there are in the ancient forbidden zone, and they all have the same feature, that is, they are getting bigger and bigger!
After a day’s progress, almost all monks felt wrong.
The ancient forbidden area is not very large, and it is absolutely impossible for the deification period to enter the depths one day!
"This box is a bit odd! I suspect that this forbidden zone is not the same world as the cultivation world, but a separate world, which is connected with the cultivation world at the entrance! "
Wei Cang face became dignified slowly mouth way
"Another world? There are creatures here. Is it a mysterious world? " Xu plane suddenly revealed joy color mouth asked.
"It’s not the Xuanjie Xuanjie, but it’s still the Great Avatar Godsworn, who has arranged the law of heaven and earth to draw on the spiritual power of the outside world to become a holy place for cultivation, but it’s obviously not here, and I can feel that this side of the world is very old, and it may have been left over from ancient times."
Wei Cang low mouth frown up.
"This place is so old that it may really be where the Xiandi mansion is!" Xu Ping still has a face of excitement.
"Come on, let’s be careful. There may be a big crisis here." Wei Cang did not refute it. Obviously, the general idea is to be careful when you wake up.
The next journey became a little silent, that is, Xu Ping seemed to feel a little depressed and silent.
So fast, after a day, I haven’t seen the edge. Xia Qi and Wei Cang are wondering if they haven’t entered the depths of the ancient restricted area!
By this time, it is certain that this forbidden area is definitely a world root and does not belong to the cultivation of immortals!
Moreover, nowadays, the wild beasts around the restricted area are becoming more and more powerful, and many of them are comparable to the wild beasts at the beginning of the deification period, which also makes the group nervous.
Just after Wei Cang just managed to slay a huge savage beast, there suddenly came a tremor in the depths of the restricted area, and the anger of heaven and earth suddenly roared!
This violent roar shook the heavens and the earth, and the clouds were shaking, and the earth was shaking, and the branches and leaves of the ancient trees shook violently, and the power was terrible.
"I’m afraid this kind of power is comparable to the peak of the gods!"
Wei Cang looked at the distance with horror and looked a little scared!
Wei Cangxiu is in the sixth floor of the deification period, which can make him feel scared and say that this brute is powerful.
"Come on, let’s go and have a look."
But deep in the eyes, although there are some fears, Wei Cang still doesn’t hesitate to drink low and rush in the direction of roaring.
Xia Qi several people can naturally follow.
Soon Xia Qi knew what Wei Cang knew about the brute beast and dared to rush over, because there were many strong people rushing to the roaring place along the way.
Chapter three hundred and forty Broken temple
The roar resounded through the sky
Although hundreds of miles away, you can feel a strong horse breath just listening to that roar, which is daunting.
It’s such a power, but many strong people who have entered this place have roared at the beast like the tide, and the direction has swept away.
Xia Qi followed Wei Cang several people and was among many monks.
Soon Xia Qi’s eyes changed, and the ancient trees suddenly disappeared and replaced them with a desolate place!
There are many broken temples in this desolate place, and the desolate land seems to tell the vicissitudes of time.
And beside these broken temples, there are many wild animals who seem to be waiting for these broken temples.
At this time, the battle was disturbed by the intrusion of many monks, and the savage beast was regarded as an intruder, and a fierce battle took place.
Xia Qi suspended in front of Wei Cang and others, and his eyes looked to see that there was a war going on around the broken temple at the moment.
An elephant with a huge body like a mountain is covered with a layer of armor, but its eyes are shining with golden light, which is very strange, while two ivory tusks are tens of meters long and glittering like jade.
At this time, this elephant was entangled in the huge body of the three strong men, and they were afraid of rampaging. From time to time, their golden eyes shot a golden light into everything, which made the three strong men flustered.
What’s even more frightening is that the elephant ivory shines like jade, and the light is very beautiful, but it is the sharpest weapon of the elephant. If it is gently lifted, it will directly pierce the three gods and dare not collide.
"It’s from Qingfeng Valley!"