Zhong Yingtian’s mouth flicked a few times and then smiled. "Mr. Mu, you’re right. I owe you three million."

"Well, bring it!"
Mu Haiteng stretched out his right hand together.
Seeing the Muhai-like clock should be a great day, and the mood is transient.
Is that it? Is it that urgent?
A mass of magic thoughts poured out from Zhong Yingtian’s head to Muhai.
"Mr. Mu will give you this money afterwards," Zhong Yingtian said softly, attaching it to Mu Hai’s ear. "Today, you won the first place and can enter the Dragon Net. Please come with me."
"Please go back today!" Zhong Yingtian looked back at the crowd and said
Then he went straight to the stairs and walked briskly.
Muhai’s eyes showed a sharp light and quickly followed it. This can finally enter the dragon net.
Muhai suppressed his excitement and calmed his mood.
Soon a group of people returned to the hall.
"Rain is falling all, just wait for me here."
Say that finish MuHai followed Zhong Yingtian out of the door.
Zhong Yingtian turned around with Muhai seven times and almost fainted Muhai.
Zhong Yingtian stopped in a piece of greenery.
He took out a tablet brain and pressed the hand print to drill a thick arm column on the ground.
There is a scanner in the column.
The ground shook after Zhong Yingtian aimed his eyes at the scanner.
A wide underground staircase appeared in front of Muhai.
Chapter 14 Confidentiality Agreement
Muhai Zhong Yingtian is located in a stone room.
It’s as dark as ink and opaque.
"Hum …"
Suddenly, when the lights came on, Muhai closed his eyes slightly.
There are two chairs in the stone room, and a table looks like a conversation place.
"Zhong Lao, who are you?" Mu Hai said
"Look at it."
Zhong Yingtian took out an agreement from nowhere and handed it to Muhai.
"Confidentiality agreement! ?”
I was slightly surprised to see the front four characters.
Patience MuHai looked at that need a magnifying glass to see clearly word by word.
That’s why he has a strong knowledge of God. Ordinary people have long abandoned it for fear of dizzy eyes when they see such dense words.
"Let me join dragnet is to be a dragnet agent? Why are there so many rules and regulations that bind me? Can’t you enter the house once a year? "
"Girlfriends can’t meet?"
Muhai called out to show more anger than to throw the confidentiality agreement to Zhong Yingtian.
"That’s right!" Zhong Yingtian looked at Mu Hai calmly. "Mr. Mu’s entry into Dragon Net is something that others dream of."