"Nuo Nuo, you … don’t worry too much. Hugh will be fine. He’s lucky!" Chen Haoxuan put Shen Nuo aside and coaxed Shen Nuo.

However, Shen Nuo is like a lost doll at this time, and she is indifferent to how people around her talk to her.
"Nuo Nuo seems to have lost his soul now. If anything happens to Lu, I’m afraid of Nuo Nuo …" Liu Fei and Chen Haoxuan were afraid to continue talking in the middle.
"Hugh Sifu’s life will be fine. Shen Nuo and I guarantee that Hugh will be fine!" Chen Haoxuan tried to shake Shen Nuo’s arm. "But can you talk to us?"
☆ Chapter 196 Lu Xiusi I’m pregnant!
But even if Edward chan said so, Shen Nuo was indifferent.
"What can I do?" Liu Fei watched Shen Nuo’s heart ache and shed tears.
At this time, the housekeeper has also come over. He carefully said to Shen Nuo, "Madam and the old lady will arrive soon!"
Shen Nuo eyes only turned around at this time, but she took a symbolic look at the housekeeper and then her eyes were still staring at the door of the intensive care room.
"The master is coming?" Liu Fei was worried and asked, "If he comes here, he will definitely blame Nuo Nuo indiscriminately …"
Edward chan immediately motioned Liu Fei to shut up and Liu Fei quickly banned it.
Sure enough, when Lu Fu and Lu Mu arrived, Lu Fu really pointed to Shen Nuo and swore, "You are really our Lujia Sang Men star. How many things have happened to my son because of you? Don’t you know it in your heart!"
Shen Nuo or very disappointed as usual glanced at Liu Fu eyes and turned to the door.
Section 151
"Why? You’re not happy to say something about you. I’m your father-in-law. Can’t I say something about you? I don’t think you need to be with Hugh! " Liu Fu was very rude and said this sentence in front of everyone.
"Uncle" Liu Fei was really angry, so she stood in front of Shen Nuo to protect her. "When you criticize people, you should first find out the cause and effect. This matter is that someone deliberately framed General Lu. What does this have to do with Shen Nuo!"
"What kind of onion do you dare to talk to me like this! If it weren’t for Shen Nuo, the Sang Men star, Hugh would be lying in the hospital now? " Liu Fu was very angry when he saw Liu Fei being so rude.
"Uncle Lu" Chen Haoxuan knew that Liu Fei was really reckless, so he quickly pulled Liu Fei aside to apologize to Liu Fu. "I’m really sorry. This is my wife, and she was in a hurry to contradict you. Please forgive me!"
"I said who! It turned out to be Hao Xuan. "Lu Fu’s tone was got." I said, why didn’t Lu Xiusi learn well recently? I used to be with you all the time! "
"I still call you an uncle. Do you talk like that?" See Liu Fei Liu Fu spray Edward chan is not this tone.
"Liu Fei, stop it. Chen Haoxuan stopped Liu Fei." You talk back to Lu Xiusi’s father like this. How can you let Shen Nuo face him? "
Liu Fei heard Chen Haoxuan say that it was really reasonable, so he left Shen Nuo a face and was angry and hid away.
"Son, what’s the matter with you!" At this time, Lu Mu is also possessed and will rush into the intensive care room.
"Madam, please calm down first-this is a hospital and the young master will be rescued!" Butler had never seen Lu mother so irrational that she quickly stopped her.
"How did this happen?" Mother Lu was put aside by the housekeeper and wept bitterly.
At this moment, the emergency room door was pushed, and almost at the same time, everyone rushed in.
"What happened?" Take the lead in saying that Liu Fu is the owner of the Lujia family. Everyone pays attention to the doctor’s expression.
But to everyone’s great disappointment, the doctor shook his head.
"Sorry, we tried our best!" The doctor sighed naively.
"What did you say? How is this possible? " Lu Fu didn’t believe what the doctor said. He shook the doctor’s shoulder angrily.
"You go in and have a look!" Because the doctor really tried his best, he let them in to see Lu Xiusi for the last time.
At this time, Shen Nuo pushed the crowd crazy like crazy, regardless of everyone’s obstruction.
"Lu Xiusi, how can you do this to me? How can you do this?" Shen Nuo is crazy, holding Lu Xiusi’s body tears like broken beads.
"Shen Nuo" Liu Fei was very distressed and grabbed Shen Nuo’s arm. "People can’t be resurrected after death. Don’t … it’s so sad!"
At this time, however, Lu Xiusi was lying in the cold bed, and the pale blood covered his handsome face.
"My son!" Liu Fu saw Hugh Lu lying in bed and couldn’t help but feel weak in his legs. Chen Haoxuan looked at him and quickly held him.
"Uncle Hugh … I’m sorry for your loss!" Edward chan looked at lay Lu Hugh thought the in the mind is unspeakable guilt.
"Lu Er, you have survived so many big winds and waves before. Why haven’t you passed this hurdle?" Lu mu can’t bear the pain of her heart, and keeps herself upright by supporting the wall.
"Shen Nuo" Lu Fu suddenly pointed the finger at Shen Nuo. "It’s all because of you. Do you know that the person lying in front of you is killed by you!"
"Uncle, how can you say that Shen Nuo doesn’t want manager Lu to become like this? After all, manager Lu is Shen Nuo’s husband. How could she do such a thing!" Liu Fei was very angry when he saw Liu Fu pointing this matter at Shen Nuo.
Why care about those who have nothing to do when Lu Xiusi is already lying here?
However, Shen Nuo went straight to Lu Xiusi as if she couldn’t hear the people around her swearing at her.
"What is this crazy woman … going to do?" Liu Fu was surprised to see Shen Nuo look abnormal and walked over to Lu Xiusi, so he thought about stopping her quickly.
Shen Nuo first took one look and turned into a linear monitor, and made something that surprised everyone.
"Lu Xiusi, I am pregnant!" Shen Nuo this time when landing Hugh personally said to Hugh Lu.
Shen Nuo kept his eyes fixed on the monitor. Just when everyone was crazy, an unexpected thing happened.
In the monitor, Lu Xiusi’s heartbeat actually jumped again.
"This is …" Everyone looked at the monitor screen and was very surprised.
"Go and call a doctor!" Liu Fu looked at the sudden appearance of the picture and was so excited that he didn’t know what to say, so he quickly asked Chen Haoxuan to call a doctor.
"I’ll go!" Chen Haoxuan hurriedly ran out after hearing Liu Fu’s command.
"Son, if you want to hold on to the doctor, the horse will come!" Liu Fu stumbled to the front of Lu Xiusi and looked at Lu Xiusi very nervous and said
"Hugh" Shen Nuo watched Lu Hugh suddenly recover his heartbeat because of her speech. "I knew you wouldn’t lose me."