Long Yaoyang, the son of the Bat King, is a genius who has participated in many experiences under the supervision of the Bat King. He went to Japan with his sister and made great contributions to the imperial rebellion, which made the young people who were full of praise from the lion king look forward to it; For the vast majority of people in the field, a new generation of imperial successors who are commensurate with their predecessors are sitting on the ground!

He actually, without the slightest image, sat, was, was,!
Xinger is silly, the ruling is silly, Ling Xuzi is silly, and Spike is all silly. Even the lion king and even Tang Qing are stupid.
"It’s completely over, which can be regarded as offending this big bat."
Tang Qing’s face turned into a bitter gourd, and she immediately thought of the serious consequences it would cause. As the king of bats, this situation is tantamount to slapping his face in public. The anger in his heart is enough to turn volcanoes into ashes.
If Tang Qing were in the position of the king of bats, I’m afraid she would jump up and turn her face on the spot. Even if you turn the sky upside down, you must find the venue first.
Tang Qing doesn’t think he is wrong, even if he does it again, he will still do it. He knows best that he, the duke, looks like a boundless scenery, but he is actually a pawn in someone else’s hand. His every move is like stepping on a tightrope between two cliffs, but if he slips, he will be doomed.
The secrets, missions, treasures and souls he carries are his most reliable cards. Hand over these things, is equal to hand over your own life, how can you promise!
Why do you believe in the three kings? With what?
Even the lion king has a successor, and even bridled eyebrows don’t know everything, let alone a bat king who has just known him for less than half a day!
Tianjiao? Pillar? Leader? Fame? Strength of character?
Life is his own. Before he came to this world, Tang Qing knew better than anyone, let alone now.
What’s more, Tang Ye has to consider not only himself, but also many things that have become a part of himself. With his temper, he always needs to save his hand before he can raise his combat power to threaten Godsworn.
This is the will that nothing can be transferred, and it is his ultimate criterion! Not to mention the bat king, even Ziyang came in person, and so did he.
But this does not mean that Tang Qing is willing to offend the king who makes him feel admired like this. He can play the fool in front of the bat king, and even be a blatant rogue, because he is a junior!
Identity is there, people are generous if they don’t care about him, but they lose their identity and morality if they care about him. However, it was inadvertently made into the present situation, and it was in full view. Unless the bat king is really broad-minded enough to be humiliated, he will definitely put this bad account in Tang Qingtou, for sure.
Is the Bat King humiliated? Obviously not.
Handsome but not frivolous, dignified but easy-going, wise and not grandiose, proud but not disgusting, almost all the advantages are concentrated in the bat king. However, at this moment, this god-like figure finally fell into the dust and was completely rude.
Face as heavy as water? Too light!
The bat king’s face is as black as Drogba’s, the veins stood out on his forehead dancing happily, and his body is shaking uncontrollably, just like a volcano about to erupt. In the face of a group of silly goods, the bat king’s sharp eyes glanced around, like a dragon patrolling its own territory.
He has the strength, more qualified.
The pressure is coming! If the heavens and the earth are closed, it cannot be resisted.
Everyone bowed their heads as far as they could see. Xinger turned pale and wanted to say something with trepidation, but he couldn’t say anything. Like a little white flower struggling in a hurricane, fragile and sad. Shuang’er leaned against Xinger’s leg and grabbed Xinger’s hand with his little hand. The tender joints were white. Seems to want to give her strength, but even the body can’t stand, and she can only lean against Xinger’s equally trembling body, rustling and shaking.
It was definitely an unintentional move. As the king of bats, how can you vent your anger at these people? It was entirely because his son failed to live up to expectations and accumulated resentment before, which led him to leak a little coercion and eventually led to such an ending.
In fact, the king of bats has tried his best to control it. Otherwise, with the strength of these people, coercion alone is enough to make their souls burst and die on the spot, and there will be no second possibility.
"Spicy next door!"
As if she had been dug a knife in her heart, Tang Qing’s remorse vanished like smoke, and her chest was instantly filled with rising anger. She could no longer consider what the bat king, the lion king and the tortoise stood up.
"Girl, this is your brother, don’t give him a gift!"
Pointing to his own bat king, Tang Qing’s eyes are more fierce and fierce, as straight as a lion poised to pounce, full of madness in his unruly.
The upheaval suddenly rose, and with this announcement without any respect, all the staff in Yanlong looked sharp and biting, and their fears were forcibly suppressed, which was followed by vigorous fighting spirit and pride.
A few soft curtain, outside the door that a group of wild beasts wrapped by Tang Qing’s words became ferocious and outrageous, ruling, spiritual deficiency, and even Song Yanfei Shuairen, a little monk, used his means to cultivate himself as a crazy course, struggling to resist the invisible coercion and shock around him.
"All directions!"
With a loud binge drinking, dozens of strong men who didn’t have any training quickly spread out and in a twinkling lined up in three walls, with layers of flesh and blood, firmly protecting the monks in the center. It’s like the blood wall of the meat shield washed by the tsunami, and it can carry the surging waves that are overwhelming.
In the blink of an eye, a large group of members from Yanlong changed from a loose sand to a reef rooted in the earth. In Hong Tao, which seemed to destroy heaven and earth, it stood firm.
This is Tang Qing’s latest creation, which uses Jin Suozhen’s remoteness in the war, and combines the dual strength of monks and exercisers to compete with unknown high-ranking monks. Unexpectedly, the first application of this formation was actually a deterrent to the bat king. At the same time, it confirms the effect, and also makes everyone intuitively realize for the first time how horrible it is to turn Godsworn.
Ou Yezi is at the forefront and bears the greatest pressure. The old man’s messy hair and beard drifted away in the wind, as if being pulled by countless palms. Although he can’t mobilize mana, he is still a medium-term baby. Gather the strength of dozens of people, including the three Yuan Babies. Faced with the slightest bit of coercion leaked by the Bat King due to emotional agitation, it is like an ancient tree swept by a hurricane, drifting and uncertain, and may be uprooted at any time.
It was hard, after all.
The human wall has kept the roar of the wind from rising; Everyone’s face has an indescribable awe, but they have not retreated half a step. If a gladiator blocks a car and a dragonfly shakes a tree, it will be shattered at any time, but it is awe-inspiring.
The monks and their wives surrounded by people are safe and sound!
No one took out his weapon, and it was no use taking it. If the Bat King wanted to, these people would concentrate all their strength, and they were just ants trying to move mountains. Where could they move?
"Brother’s accomplishments are amazing. These people are just younger generations. I don’t know what mistakes they have made. Do you need brother to be so reprimanded?"
Xinger’s face is still pale, her voice is trembling, but she has the stubborn and malicious taste of Tang Qing. Xinger, the wind, had a strong character, and was smoked and dyed by Tang Qing for many days. At this time, under heavy pressure, his nature was finally revealed completely.
Feng Xinger is a disciple of the Lion King, and the Lion King is the uncle of the Bat King. Strictly speaking, this sound is true.
However, the account can’t be calculated like this. It is tantamount to slapping the bat king’s face again to fix it as her brother.
Tang Qing sneered, like a fox who stole a chicken, but with the unruly tiger. Xinger’s face went white, and he raised his eyebrows in the crowd. The Spike soldiers looked fierce and glared at him, and looked at the imperial tianjiao-the king of green-winged bats!

Chapter 612: Turn the power of God into a double-faced duke.
Chapter 6012: Turn the power of God into a double-faced duke.