These tens of thousands of people look like a lot, but once scattered in this dark swamp that stretches for thousands of miles, it is estimated that even a few people can’t afford to splash. Only physical action can do it.

Sophie Su also gave up the Spring and Autumn Sword Hall np to act together, but followed the company’s big troops. After all, np in this game is not very reliable. Worse, except for the monster in this swamp, the dragon warrior is his biggest threat at present. Judging from his manners, the old man must be a dark wizard with similar strength, Lou Wenbo.
Once the scent of the white fox disappears, the old man will surely find out that he was cheated.
I still want to come out with my little girl today. If I meet the old man, I can rely on her to save my life. Unexpectedly, when my little girl hears that she is going to the sewage swamp, she immediately shakes her head like a rattle, and now she can rely on the elite of the Fifth Army.
After entering the swamp, I found that the yin chill in this dark swamp is far more intense than the mass graves nearby.
In particular, the black fog that shrouded in the swamp all the year round greatly restricted everyone’s vision. However, in the periphery of the swamp, monsters were mainly all kinds of snakes and lizards, and there were also some carrion and skeleton attacks, which were not high. Everyone pushed forward for more than ten miles and did not encounter any danger.
This kind of physical action is really a good opportunity to mix experience, especially with the elite of the Fifth Army in front and others in the front, so it is safe to take the opportunity to mend the knife in the back.
However, in this game, it seems that the distribution of experience in fighting monsters is calculated according to their respective injuries, and the Sophie Su attack is still pitiful at present
"The big deal is to practice this swordsmen’s profession. Anyway, the advanced swordsman is handsome enough …"
Sophie Su secretly put in experience to raise the swordsmen’s career to level 2, so that his attack can be higher.
However, to his surprise, the Taoist priest was different when swordsmen increased their professional additional attributes at each level.
Professional swordsman
Grade 2
Occupational additional attribute
Power 2
Agile 1
Intelligence 1
Constitution 4
Yuan qi value 5
It seems that apart from the influence of basic attributes, the growth of each professional attribute is different. This swordsman’s strength and physique are twice as high as that of Taoist priests, but his vitality is half that of Taoist priests.
The setting sun has not yet set, but this gloomy swamp is opaque. From time to time, objects can be heard crawling out of mud and puddles in the dark.
That’s when the dark creatures in this swamp wake up and the night belongs to them …
Chapter 26 Fortification
As night falls, people also enter the depths of the swamp.
Sophie Su, holding a torch, followed closely behind the elite players of the Fifth Army for fear of falling behind, and at the same time he couldn’t help but miss his professional ability as a dark Taoist.
Monsters, zombies and skeletons here are prominent and tough. Sophie Su once had insight to see that those zombies have reached level 2, and the attack power is as high as about 3 points. Although the action is slow, it is easy to raid from the mud in this dark swamp, which is far more threatening than those zombies in the mine.
It is said that many players have died in this swamp due to zombie sneak attack, and there are also casualties among elite players in the road ahead, which makes many low-level players retreat, especially a large number of professional players who have no fighting ability to live are already worried.
However, now that we are in the deep swamp, we have to go through dozens of miles of swamp alone before returning to the city. Although all the monsters have been cleaned up, who can guarantee that there are no zombies hidden in mud and puddles? The only thing we can do is to follow the elite players in front and go deeper into the swamp.
Of course, these troubles are for low-level players, such as beauty manager, who went back to the city alone after learning that the company was ready to go to Beiyuan City. It is very easy for her 6-level attribute to deal with these 2-level zombies.
Xu Fuzong, who has never been blamed alone, has already entered the elite team of the Fifth Army directly on the pretext that the leaders of the Fifth Army discussed matters of cooperation, but it is the safest among that group of masters.
"Hey, Su, how much experience have you got today?"
Suddenly, someone patted Sophie Su on the shoulder to keep him nervous. Sophie Su couldn’t help but get a fright. Looking back, he was an old acquaintance … and brought himself into this game, the fat supervisor.
"Are you there, director?" Although Fat has now resigned and devoted himself to the game, Sophie Su is still used to calling him Fat Supervisor.
"Of course, how can you not take part in this excellent opportunity for leveling? It’s almost enough for me to be promoted to a lower level after playing all day today."
Sophie Su quietly made insight into him and found that this guy had already reached level 12. I remember that he was a level 1 boxer in that mine at that time. From level 1 to level 12, he needed experience, but obviously, many of them have been practicing crazily recently.
Moreover, this fat equipment looks good, not only wearing a compact light armor, but also the gloves in his hand are made of black iron. Although it is not very extreme, it is far better than his bronze sword. It is estimated that this fat man earned a lot of benefits when he was in the mine.
"My weapon is too bad to get thousands of experiences." Sophie Su was a little depressed and waved his bronze sword, which was covered with mud.
"Take your time. Everything in this game is too expensive to die. People who don’t dare to go out with hundreds of millions of wealth say hello." Fat said with some self-deprecation and handed a small porcelain bottle at the same time. "This is a few small Dan keys that can save a life at any time."
Sophie Su can’t help but feel a warm heart. Although this fat is a bit black, the opponent’s employees are not bad.
But at this time, he lacks everything except medicine. In that ring, all kinds of pills are calculated by weight.
"Stop moving forward and camp on the spot!" A sudden order came from the front
Sophie Su couldn’t help wondering, "Why don’t you fight?"
"Maybe someone is going to quit the game and have a rest and eat." Fat looked around with a torch and took the lead in choosing a cleaner place to sit.
Sophie Su remembered that many people didn’t make the nutritional game cabin like themselves. After a day of continuous fighting, it is estimated that it can’t hold up.