At this time, he was concentrating on dodging the white shadow of the blade and didn’t notice the change of the patrolman. There were so many things that he had to pay attention to. Some observant viewers found that the patrolman had quietly changed his weapon and the stalker was unaware of it.

After several turns, Wang Tianping seized the opportunity to swing his right arm at the pursuer and forcibly stopped all the moving guns facing the pursuer!
Concentrate on avoiding the white shadow and still retreat. Suddenly he found that the patrolman had stopped and made a mistake? The white shadow is unclear. He can’t do it yet. Motive A continues to retreat with inertia. If Wang Tianping makes a mistake, then the propeller must be turned on. Just as he thinks so, the pursuer is shot.
The impact of such a close-range multi-tube laser gun is great, and the white shadow has not yet been thought about what is going on. What will happen if you get shot? The stalker has already appeared an inclined white shadow. After some exercises, you barely fell down, but at this time the second shot has arrived and it is in the middle.
The white shadow sighed in my heart. With the firing rate of multi-tube laser guns and such close impact, I have no evasive ability at all and when I start the propeller, the patrolman can kill myself with one shot before the barrel is overheated, but I can keep the mecha from falling to the ground as much as possible.
The durability of the stalker’s outer armor dropped like a roller coaster, with the last shot left. Wang Tianping first sent a friend application to the white shadow, and then fired the last shot to expose the white shadow to the competition venue.
Soon, I sent a friend application and got it. By replying to Wang Tianping, I sent a message asking if the other party could speak Chinese. The answer was that I could chat a little, so there should be no problem. Then the two made an appointment to go to the arena to learn from each other sometimes, and then Wang Tianping was ready to fight.
With the establishment of the United Council of the Earth, the largest number of Chinese and English have become the world’s lingua franca, which makes it easier for people with other languages to travel around the world if they don’t learn one of these two languages and stay indoors.
Wang Tianping’s victory field was cheered by the audience. Although it has not been a few days since now, the name Wang Tianping has become a banner in the eyes of ordinary players, and now he has seen his strength with his own eyes. Wang Tianping has risen a lot among players.
At the same time, the number of people queuing to challenge Wang Tianping has also increased greatly. Just now, the white shadow was changed to make the white shadow more powerful. Wang Tianping, these players, instead of being afraid, were more excited. Just now, there were more than a dozen people waiting in line. Even the last player, Wang Tianping, is likely to quit if he can’t get his roots, but he is still in the last place with a little expectation.
For Wang Tianping, the wheel battle is formal. Although the strength of these players is worthless to him, if you really want to learn from each other to improve your level, you still need to find those military pilots. However, Wang Tianping also needs to find hidden and talented players and further increase himself among players. It is the easiest to achieve this by competing with many players in the arena.
Chapter 42 Give strength to the strong enemy
At six o’clock on the fifteenth day of the first month, Wang Tianping and Lin Yun took off their helmets. Lin Yun patted Wang Tianping on the shoulder and said, "Boss, this time, you can make a big splash. The big square outside is full of people. Everyone was famous before the live broadcast of the game. This time, you have a long face in front of the world players."
Wang Tianping said with a smile, "This is just an arena where everyone can participate without any restrictions. Wait until the next line competition. Hehe, then we can all become stars. You have to refuel."
Ye Shuhong, two people talking and laughing, has prepared dinner and invited them out for dinner. Ye Shuhong came to the restaurant and said, "Come on, let’s sit on the balance. After the New Year, the chefs and nannies all go home for the New Year. I have cooked this dinner for a long time. I don’t know if the craft has gone backwards."
Lin Zhenglong also took a bottle of wine and said, "Come and sit down. Today, our third son has a good glass of scales, and you don’t come often. This time, we must have three people dry this bottle."
Wang Tianping nodded with a smile and said, "No problem. This bottle of keys is Lin Yun. It is estimated that he went to the bottom of the table without two cups."
Lin Yun immediately objected that "I can’t drink so badly before I drink. I can drink half a catty at least. Of course, I can’t compare this bottom hole with half a catty without discoloration."
The four of them had a reunion dinner, talking and laughing, and Wang Tianping’s feeling of estrangement and loneliness was gradually melted in this warm atmosphere. He was very grateful to the Lin Yun Wang Tianping family for trying to help him. To some extent, the Lin Yun family was already his family.
After dinner, the line continued. This time, when the nine people were all here, everyone was discussing what to do. The unified sign sounded "Congratulations to the members of the Phoenix Independent Team, Phoenix-Yunfei, Phoenix-Hero King, Phoenix-and Phoenix-who became the first players to pass the secret arsenal perfectly."
Phoenix Independent Team is the former independent unit founded by "Phoenix-Yunfei" who has been chasing behind Wang Tianping, and the vice of "Destroying the Secret Arsenal" is the vice of the rank of scholar. Wang Tianping missed the vice because of his promotion.
Everyone, including Wang Tianping, was a little surprised when they heard the news. They all knew that the difficulty of private vice included 99%. In fact, it was not difficult to have a good team. There was no problem. In fact, all three people in the army said that they had formed a team with elite players and brushed it several times. 99% of them fell short in the final BOSS.
And boot camp is randomly assigned to the same number. There are only a few military pilots, and many of them are alone. It is difficult to form the last BOSS of a strong and tacit team. None of them played in the past.
Even Wang Tianping, a single perfect expert, is suspected of opportunism to a great extent. Plus, for him, it is really not enough for novices to practice their hands, so there will be such wonderful achievements as single perfect in the unified notice.
Private deputy is still so difficult. It can be imagined that with the promotion of rank, the deputy must be more and more difficult, and the number of people required is also increasing. This time, it must be that 30 pilots of Phoenix Independent Team have struggled together for a long time to get this deputy perfect first kill.
It seems that this "Phoenix-Yunfei" is still a little real. Wang Tianping thought to himself that since he has never met his nemesis, he has brushed off a higher-level deputy perfect first kill, so he can’t lag behind.
Wang Tianping said to the crowd, "Let’s not discuss the next action. Hehe, since the other party is so awesome, we can’t be silent. Tonight, our goal is to kill the sergeant’s deputy perfectly."
Hearing this goal, the rest of the people are also eager to try, because the rank vice is different from other general vice, and the difficulty of general vice is not high. Most of them don’t even give a final BOSS to some small bosses, which is worse than what they used to do as a team and hide.
The rank vice must not only have the final big BOSS, but also the whole difficulty is not comparable to other rewards. Of course, it is also the highest and most important thing in the same period except hiding. It is a great honor for the players and the army to complete the perfect first killing system.
When the course of action was determined, the nine men teamed up to go to the army station without delay, where they found the sergeant’s deputy publisher, and it happened that this middle-aged male NPC was the chief of staff who rescued the Hengzhou Military Region from hiding not long ago.
Before the completion of the sergeant, who was the deputy publisher of Hengzhou City, it was not clear to everyone. They rescued the chief of staff before everyone was promoted to sergeant, so the chief of staff took on this NPC. The hidden estimate is the only one. After all, there is no chief of staff to let others save it, and there is no pirate spy Zhang Linlin to release the team there.
There is a Federation and an empire in the rank of deputy, but it is the same because the game world is too vast. The NPC released is that every city has a private deputy, which is the instructor of each boot camp, but further NPC is the five flowers gate.
Seeing the chief of staff, the chief of staff first said, "Oh! It’s you, Wang Tianping and you. Thank you very much for saving me from pirates. Your strength and courage have left a deep impression on me. Keep on cheering. I am very optimistic about you. I will recommend you to the front when the time comes. "
NPC correspondence is very human, not like other ordinary games, no matter what happened before, NPC said that there will always be a sentence that will not set things outside.
Wang Tianping said, "You’re welcome. The chief of staff is a soldier of Hengzhou Military Region. These are all things I should do. I came here because we have been promoted to sergeant and asked if it is suitable for us at this stage."
NPC interaction is also a big selling point of the game. If certain conditions are met, there may be unexpected gains, but so is official website. How to do it depends on the players themselves.
Analyzing NPC’s information, position, function, etc. Judging NPC’s personality in dialogue with NPC sometimes likes what it likes and sometimes goes against it. Generally speaking, different correspondence may bring different results, but unfortunately, no player has been able to get very different results so far. This function is still under study, and Wang Tianping is no exception.
Chapter 43 Deputy Sergeant Rank
NPC interaction, including Wang Tianping, has no clue among the players. Even the military pilots who know the "Baby God" plan don’t know everything about the game. They don’t come to play, they come to train.
The game is a platform, and they need to know that it can simulate the driving of mecha in the game, so how to gain more in the game is not their first goal.
What to do? Wang Tianping also vaguely feels that the so-called interaction either means that you can get a special reward for hiding or rarity when you meet certain conditions, or it is another parameter to form a chain in one.
But all this is just a guess. For example, now Wang Tianping and his staff have completed the rescue of the chief of staff before, but the chief of staff also praised them for that thing. Although his words seem to reveal a little influence on leaving the deep blue for a while, it is still a thing of the future.
The chief of staff brushed aside the pirate ship, and then pointed out that Wang Tianping had been promoted to sergeant because of their rank, and said, "Are you good enough to be promoted to sergeant? Very good. Congratulations. Since you are so excellent, I have one here that is very suitable for you."
"Actually, the reconnaissance satellite orbiting the deep blue planet found some anomalies when it passed through the Antarctic region, where there seemed to be traces of human hair and heat source, but after our army sent a reconnaissance plane, we didn’t see anything. I want you to go to the field for reconnaissance-there may be some huge conspiracy there."
The general statement sounded in everyone’s ears, "Wei Chenglin, chief of staff of Hengzhou Military Region, issued a report to you on’ Investigating the Antarctic Region of Deep Blue Planet’. Do you accept it?" "accept"
The chief of staff went on to say, "You go directly to the military airport located in Hengzhou, and I will arrange a transport plane to parachute you directly to the Antarctic region. Pay attention to the harsh climatic conditions in the Antarctic region, where there is no place for you to stay. You must take the mecha on the transport plane and then directly transfer the mecha from CIC. This process is not simple. I hope you will not have non-combat layoffs."
Mecha shot! Was the mecha! The rank and rank of sergeant are really different, not to mention the process, the strength of the enemy, and finally the final BOSS is a big test.
Wang Tianping is an ace pilot, and it is not a difficult problem for him to often throw a spy plane for an unknown planet, but others are different. Even the three soldiers have not experienced such training. After all, they have only been in contact with the mecha for a few months, and most of them are basic training. They have not learned this skill yet.
It stands to reason that a successful online game will not appear and cannot be completed, all of which will appear before the player can reach the current level, that is to say, it should not be a problem for the system to judge that when the player reaches the rank of sergeant.
It happened that Wang Tianping was a variable, and now the players’ strength, whether it is a frenzy team or a military pilot, can’t be so perfect to complete the hiding, and it is impossible to be promoted to sergeant so quickly. Their speed is an abnormal state.
The idea of the system is that the elite players should have been promoted to the rank of sergeant for a long time, but there is still a long way to go. It is difficult to get promoted quickly by virtue of the fact that they meet the player’s level at this stage.
Elite players must accumulate more experience and skills at this stage to raise their level to a higher level, so that they can get good results in teams with high difficulty levels, and they can brush out good comments in the rank of sergeant, hide them, or choose to deliver them before they get little rewards, or train again or find strong teammates.
After a while, the level of players will be improved, even if ordinary players are on the basis, there will be no problem. Elite players and military pilots have the ability to brush out the perfect evaluation of the rank of sergeant and the completion of the S-class team is even hidden, so it will not be a problem for the mecha to vote.
But now, the frenzy team can rise so fast to a great extent with Wang Tianping. With his strong technology and years of experience as a pilot, he can always play a key role at the key moment and work out reasonable tactics to help the team tide over the difficulties before it can perfectly complete the concealment, which has triggered many difficult battles and seems to be the only one. Only in this way can he get a lot of military promotion.
At present, all the teams in the frenzy team are sergeants, who are ahead of the players in the world, and the three of them have attracted much attention because they have surpassed one of their bases, including "Blood Dragon-",but their skills are not as good as those of Wang Tianping, but because of his careful guidance, the talent is too short, and the rest of them may be unbeaten against the military pilots now, but they are far from winning.
Everyone looked at the column and the sergeant frowned. What can I do? Wang Tianping thought about a private channel with the army and said, "Hu Jun and Jia Liang, you two should be okay. We also practiced parachuting before."
Hu Jun said, "Yes, we did practice it, but the problem is that we practice parachuting alone, even if the armored personnel are lowered, the armored vehicles will also descend together, but we have never practiced sitting in the car and descending with the car."
Jia Liang said, "However, it is not impossible to control the parachute according to the main points of parachute descent, which is also similar to the human shape and structure."
Zhang Kexin also said, "Don’t forget me. Although I’m not an armored soldier, our communication soldiers have also been trained in parachuting. Otherwise, would you fight with your armored soldiers without our support?"
Wang Tianping’s three faces are red, which is true. In this era, intelligence is overwhelming. Without the support of communication soldiers, surrounding maps, level instructions, friendly signs and marching routes, it is really impossible to fight. Just throw them behind enemy lines and wait for them to be surrounded.
Chapter 44 mecha cast
The four ended the private channel dialogue, and Wang Tianping hit the squad public channel and said, "Now there is no other way. I have to bite the bullet. I practiced parachuting when I was a soldier, but I have never experienced armored parachuting. We have actually tried it, and even if it is a group annihilation, we have accumulated a little experience at a time."
All right, although there are some worries, everyone is not afraid of challenging people to adjust their mentality immediately and go to Hengzhou Military Region Airport together.
Lu Wangtianping said to the crowd, "The first difficulty in individual parachuting is that there is no problem if you can’t look at such a high distance and dare not jump and jump once."
"Then the umbrella bag hits the main umbrella bag. Don’t worry, the drawstring is fixed on the transport plane and will automatically press the key at the set height after jumping. It is because the main umbrella bag is out of order and you don’t need to hit it when you need it, otherwise you will fall to your death."
"Once the parachute is officially connected, it is to adjust the angle according to the wind direction and altitude so that it can land at the scheduled place. This process is complicated, and it can’t be said clearly in a few words. If we can land safely, let’s meet again."