Liverpool scored a goal in the first five minutes of the game, which was surprising, but after the game resumed, Barcelona showed their strength at home, their strong ability to control the ball and their oppression of their opponents

Football is controlled in Barcelona most of the time.
When Barcelona wants to play calmly, opponents really feel very strong. They just keep playing. It is impossible for opponents to press and grab the ball. Barcelona hopes that opponents will have a chance, but if they don’t do that, Barcelona will always play the ball. There is no good chance. They rarely take the initiative to move the ball forward. Occasionally, the football goes to the frontcourt and then two or three feet pass it to the backcourt. They always do this. Although their ball is gorgeous, it makes people feel sleepy for a long time.
Then Barcelona suddenly attacked.
They attacked without warning, from Deco to Iniesta, from Iniesta to Van Bommel, to Eto ‘o, to Ronaldinho, and then to Eto ‘o. Finally, the Camerons put the ball directly into the net.
This is the attack in the 36th minute at half-time.
"Eto ‘o! ! Eto’ o! !” The commentator of Camp Nou shouted excitedly, and the commentators of various TV stations also explained the goal, which shocked the fans who were sleepy just now.
The goal was too sudden.
The goal came too smoothly, and maybe the whole process could be shaped without any tension. Barcelona almost scored the goal in Liverpool’s goal, which is really impressive, not to mention that Liverpool has been trying hard to defend and the defensive formation has been stable. Even so, Barcelona scored such a goal.
The Nou Camp stadium immediately fell into a cheering ocean stand. Barcelona fans shouted Eto’ o’s name "Eto’ o! Eto’ o! Eto’ o! "
Of course, Eto ‘o didn’t score the goal alone. His only contribution may be that he scored the last goal. Most of the others were attributed to his teammates. This goal also reflects the offensive characteristics of Barcelona. They rely on the team’s integrity and continuous cooperation, which will make opponents tired and dazzled. It is really difficult for opponents to defend.
This goal also made Barcelona fans finally sulk.
Liverpool scored a goal at the beginning, and Barcelona fans were depressed. It is conceivable that this is the Nou Camp stadium, and there are two goals in two rounds. Even if they are optimistic, Barcelona fans think that the team may be eliminated from the Champions League. After these dozens of minutes of competition, they think Barcelona will definitely be the winner.
"This is Barcelona! This is Barcelona! " The fans rushed to shout.
"Barcelona managed to get a goal back …" The English commentator’s voice was a little naive. Before the game, Barcelona was always in possession of the ball. Everyone could see that Barcelona’s goal was a real problem. "Liverpool should pay more attention to not defending and how to change the situation. It is not surprising that they will lose to Barcelona at this rate."
This is the opinion of English commentators and most senior football players. The main point is not to score goals, but that Barcelona is firmly in control of the situation.
Barcelona’s ball control is in control of the situation. Their ball control rate has been 70%. This ball control rate means that Liverpool is pitiful when taking the ball. When taking the ball, there are not many natural attacks, so there are not many opportunities. In the previous game, apart from that goal, Liverpool had two chances to shoot, all of which were long-range shots from the periphery. They never scored in Barcelona’s restricted area once.
Barcelona has an advantage in various data.
This may not be a problem, but it is enough to say the situation of the two teams now
More importantly, Liverpool are passive, and they dare not attack Barcelona, which is almost the same as admitting defeat. Although Liverpool has a goal advantage, there are still half a game, and a goal advantage is really nothing. What’s more, if Barcelona scores another goal, it will be able to eliminate Liverpool by virtue of the away goal advantage.
The game was rather unfavorable to Liverpool.
At the end of the half-time, neither team scored again. At half-time, many media and fans who supported Liverpool took a long breath when they heard the referee’s whistle.
Liverpool were lucky to watch Barcelona score a goal in the last game of the half-time.
Back in the dressing room, Liverpool players are also in a heavy mood. At the opening stage, they scored a goal with small tactics, which was quite good, but they didn’t expect it to be like this in the next 40 minutes. It shouldn’t be said that they didn’t have the strength to fight back after being beaten. When they didn’t have the ball at all, they didn’t have much chance. Barcelona just kept controlling the ball to limit their attack times. This may be the’ Barcelona rhythm’ said by various media in China.
When the two teams played at Anfield Stadium, Liverpool didn’t feel that Barcelona was so strong, and these forty minutes were really a great test for the team. Liverpool cooperated well, and its ball control ability was also top in the Premier League, but it was really far from Barcelona.
They don’t know what to do.
Back in the dressing room, the players are waiting for Benitez to come back. They hope the head coach can tell them how to play at half-time, even Zhang man of iron. He feels very depressed at half-time. It is the first time that he has such a strong feeling that he can’t get the ball in the frontcourt and wants to participate in the defense in the backcourt. Because Barcelona’s attack is definitely a’ field level’, many times the football is delivered in the backcourt and he can’t do anything when he goes to the backcourt to participate in the defense.
That kind of feeling … Zhang Tiehan also realized Barcelona’s strength.
It’s no wonder that many media believe that Barcelona is the team with the highest hope of winning the championship. They are really strong and much better than Liverpool, especially in controlling the ball. Zhang Tiehan and all the Liverpool players can worship it, but it is not necessary to win it.
Zhang Tiehan actually still has a chance.
In addition to the opening goal, Zhang man of iron got another shot, which was in the corner of the restricted area. It was a counterattack opportunity at that time, but that time Zhang Tiehan didn’t play a positive football and flew directly out of the bottom line. He was also annoyed by the shot. If he could score, the team would be much better!
That’s what he thinks
What is strong in Barcelona? He thinks about it a little. He values his own performance more. If he can seize every opportunity, what opponent is invincible?
Benitez walked into the dressing room.
He has been thinking on the road. It shouldn’t be said that he fell into thinking from the middle of the half-court. He has been thinking about it until now. Many people know that the Spanish are best at tactics. He is a tactical master. He likes to think about tactical issues best.
Now it is a tactical problem before him.
He has been thinking about Barcelona tactics and Liverpool’s coping methods for a long time. Maybe he has been thinking about the phase problem for a month. He has come up with many tactics to deal with Barcelona’s playing style, such as Li and Barcelona playing the same physical confrontation to prevent the other side from controlling the ball, or attacking and attacking constantly and frequently, like Arsenal playing fast to score goals with Barcelona. Unfortunately, both methods are not suitable for Liverpool.
Now he has to face this problem.
He gave the team the choice of being the best at defending and fighting back, which is the best tactic. Liverpool can play the best, but when Barcelona played smoothly and let them control the rhythm of the game, it was too passive, which was equivalent to handing over all the initiatives.
The team still has a goal advantage, but it is too unsafe in the face of Barcelona’s attack.
Benitez will not hand over the initiative and let Di decide the future of Liverpool, especially if he still has a good card in his hand.
Zhang tiehan
This is the best card in Benitez’s hand
Other teams don’t have Zhang Tiehan as their Liverpool opponents, so they have to face the problem of restricting Zhang Tiehan. Benitez doesn’t think about this problem, but he has to think about how to give full play to Zhang Tiehan.
It is happiness to have such a player with outstanding personal ability.
In this way, the team has more choices. Without Zhang Tiehan, Benitez will almost certainly give up letting the team defend and try to keep this goal advantage, because he has no other choice but to have a chance.
But having a man of iron is different.
Having a man of iron means that the team has the ability to fight back, so he will not give up letting the team fight back to find the hope of scoring goals.
However, when he walked into the dressing room, Benitez said the first thing was "We should defend more closely …" To be continued.
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