Everything seems so real and clear except the fact that the body is getting bigger. The ability to control the changes in the whole environment makes Chen Shaobai feel happy and satisfied, and at the same time, it also gives birth to a stronger desire to break through to a higher level.

He knows that he has broken through the most difficult task. He has spent the marrow as clear as frost and as white as snow. It will take another two or three days to rest, and his hands will fade away and his body will adapt to the skills. When the blood is full and rolling like magma, he will completely enter the swordsmen’s realm, and his strength will increase a lot.
But will the python give it to him like a monster? The answer is obviously no.
"Hiss! Go to hell for me! " The black python, which has always dominated the forest, seems to have never been hit so hard that it spits out snake letters and licks up its tail wound. It took two or three breaths before it recovered from the severe pain and roared. It opened its jaws and bit Chen Shaobai at a faster speed than before.
Perhaps it is just a breakthrough in the realm. Before Chen Shaobai J: ng God will, the so-called concise movement of the other party is more rapid and fast, but it seems to be slow in his eyes.
Although it is slow-moving, his body is completely unresponsive, just like the high-level unified with low-level hardware, and the delay is scary.
In the face of each other’s huge mouth rolling and stirring, Chen Shaobai "slowly" stabbed his sword out of his eyes as calm as a lake.
This sword stabbed him, and he didn’t know if he could live, but the other side was bound to die.
He has enough confidence in his killing.
God’s will is like a knife, and no one can measure it. When Chen Shaobai is ready to hand over his life to heaven, he will clean up the whistling from a distance.
"The genie dares to hurt people!"
Then time seemed to freeze, and a girl named Chivalrous Swordsman, a tight girl in dark blue, suddenly appeared, and her figure suddenly flashed on the ground, dragging out a long ghosting image.
If it hadn’t just broken through Chen Shaobai, I’m afraid I would have recognized that a gust of wind had blown.
The girl who came to the front of the black python held a knife in her hand that resembled wood blade and waved it high.
Three-foot-long solidified sword Gang sprayed from wood blade will split the snake head as big as a door panel.
"Just a head of calcined bone peak small demon doesn’t even have a human form, dare to come out and harm people? It seems that the wind state really messed up "girl back wood blade soliloquize.
Snow …
When I was sprayed with scarlet snake blood, the passing speed seemed to suddenly return to normal. Chen Shaobai slowly put Wan into the sheath and handed it to the girl. "Thank you for your help. Although I dare not say that Yongquan will repay Chen Shaobai, I will keep it in mind."
The other party’s strength is beyond Chen Shaobai’s imagination, and in his heart it has become as high as it can be dismantled by hand.
Such scenes say that the girl smiles at her eyebrows, but then she realizes that her performance is really not superior, and then she thinks of some seemingly loyal people she met all the way from Xian Zhou, but in fact jiān deceives the villain. She will immediately face Se Lengsu up "Chen Shaobai? It’s a good name. I just saw what you did to save your heart in a crisis. It’s a pity that your family is excellent, but your talent is too poor, otherwise you can make a difference in kendo. "
The family is ok? Bad talent?
Chen Shaobai looked at the magnificent hilt hanging from the waist and suddenly realized that the latter was not good at boasting in front of the other side’s superb strength, so he asked, "Dare to ask the woman’s name?"
"Zhu Mohan, is it okay if I take this thing?" The girl shook wood blade’s snake head, and the head-sized sarcoma flew into her hand.
"Of course, no problem." The sarcoma is glittering and translucent, emitting a faint light and fragrant. Chen Shaobai will know that it is not a mundane thing at first glance, but if it is not for Zhu Mohan’s hand, whether he is alive or dead is still a question. The answer is simply.
"Playing the piano outside is your sister? Recently, there are monsters in Fengzhou, such as Beads, Calcined Bones and Shapeshift. This snake is a small demon that is equivalent to the peak of a swordsman, but it takes advantage of its unique talent and can do manual work at the beginning of a swordsman’s life. However, there are monsters that are stronger than it in this world. I don’t know how weak you are. Don’t stay too far away from your sister. "
Chen Shaobai some don’t understand each other.
"There must be no chance to see you again today, so I have to wake you up."
"Although it hurts, I still want to say that your soul has made different achievements. The swordsman is almost the limit and is not suitable for repairing swords."
After emphasizing the talent problem again, I wish Mohan didn’t look at Chen Shaobai for half an eye. Her eyes focused on the small white fox and she said with a little sigh and admiration, "There are two kinds of magical powers to find a fox, even if it is ordinary. If you can raise it well, there are not many creatures that can pose a threat to you."
Chen Shaobai, the little guy who clung to his thigh, knew that he had left his eyes and fought bravely. After exchanging pleasantries with the girl, he set about dealing with the huge body of the black python.
Chapter 51 Find Linghu Purple Pupil
The black python was a powerful horse before his death. It must have been the overlord in this mountain forest. The wolf, the tiger and the leopard were as fragile as ants in front of it, but after being beheaded by a sword, its body looked a bit ridiculous.
Chen Shaobai looked down the profile of the snake body and covered it with hard scales. It turned out that the muscles and blood vessels were firm and fine, and there was no bone organ in it. It was like eating sausages at festivals in previous lives.
After everything settled down, he repeatedly confirmed that he was not in danger of life. The little white fox stared at the black python’s body with shining eyes, and flashed away like a red cat. The short limbs seemed to have no restrictions, so he grabbed the snake and wolfed it down.
See it eat so jubilant Chen Shaobai also gave birth to some interest, although the black python can vomit a person’s words, but after all, he won’t produce any evil psychology.
So he picked up a thin crimson snake meat sword and shook it, so he easily drained the blood. The whole snake meat showed a semi-transparent color, and the muscle texture was fine and compact, and it shone brightly in the afterglow of the sunset. People would consciously recognize it as a tonic if they didn’t taste it themselves.
Chen Shaobai picked up this thin snake meat and put it in his mouth.
Zi …
Perhaps because of the loss of vitality, this piece of meat was directly melted by saliva into a fresh juice and slipped into the esophagus without chewing.
Although there is no doping, its taste is extremely fresh, fragrant and salty, and it has never tasted the natural taste. Chen Shaobai blooms in thousands of tongue buds, and Shu Tai closes his eyes unconsciously.
"It seems that the little guy is still a gourmet … if it weren’t for him, I’m afraid there are rare dishes in front of me. I wouldn’t know. Is that what the word" searching for a fox "means?" Maybe it’s just sharing weal and woe, maybe it’s helping yourself to act as a meat pad. Chen Shaobai now looks at the little white fox with more tenderness and less alert.
"Take more home and let Miao Miao taste it."
Stroking the hilt, Chen Shaobai’s wrist, shaking, sword light flying.
Shua shua shua …
Thirty pieces of founder snake meat neatly piled up into a hill in front of us. Chen Shaobai estimated that it weighed about 200 kilograms, but the huge body of black python was nine Niu Yi hairs by comparison.
After peeling the snake skin and wrapping the meat, Chen Shaobai took a deep look at the fox. "Little guy, you are so stupid. How long will it take to remember? Don’t be eaten as food. Let’s see you later."
Although it’s a great price to find Linghu in his childhood, even Zhu Mohan’s kind of behavior is high and high, and the dragon sees the tail and the knight errant is very important to Chen Shaobai, and he knows that it’s huge, but he didn’t want to use this little guy as a tool just now.
Little white fox can live in this dense forest if he doesn’t go deep into Zixiapo, but if he follows him, he will face a lot of cunning humans. For him, the dense forest around Zixiapo is the most stable home, safer and more suitable for growth.
"Meow?" Small white fox yum! Swallow snake meat in his mouth and turn around. Se is puzzled.
"Don’t play dumb with me. The human world is too dangerous. If it’s predestined, we will meet again."
Having said that, Chen Shaobai turned his head and walked away. Fox seems to be a child’s heart. At present, he gave up the idea of following and ate hard.
After a dozen breaths.
The little white fox suddenly sniffled to confirm that Chen Shaobai had gone far, and then his eyes flashed a decisive Se. He suddenly closed his eyes, and a pair of petite J: ng claws spread flat on his chest, gradually floating a little white light, and he didn’t know whether it was released by himself or attracted from heaven and earth.
The white light of the stars condenses into threads, and the white mans gradually escape from its claws and radiate to the python’s body to wrap it.
So a magical scene happened.
The python’s long body stretched for five feet was compressed rapidly in the white light package, but it disappeared after two or three breaths.
Instead, a pearl bead contains a small snake with a head because it is too small to look like an earthworm.
After all this, the original half-inch long wound in the paw of the purple pupil white fox suddenly cracked and extended to more than one inch. The strange white Se blood dripped on the ground and soaked the blue Se pine needles.
The little fox who swallowed the pearl limped on the ground and quickly disappeared into the dense forest.
After it left, the rapid evaporation of white Se blood made Fiona Fang suddenly covered with a layer of frost within ten meters, with a light and sweet taste.
Immersed in the melodious piano, the scenes that happened tonight have been replayed repeatedly in Chen Shaobai’s mind for a long time.
Being able to spit out people’s words and forge bones, the snake demon’s stomach exceeds its own size, and the purple pupil white fox can inspire a three-foot sword with wood blade. The girl swordsman Zhu Mohan is surprising. There are too many things that he needs to digest well and share with his fiancee when he gets back.

However, except for these two three robberies and scattered immortals, everyone is white. This is just an illusion. Maybe in one sentence, this white boy will suddenly explode and three robberies and scattered immortals will have a big war. After a series of mental devastation, these small sects have a strange feeling about 6 Can. It seems that nothing is surprising in this young man’s life.

"Did you hurt Ding Yin?" There is no anger, curiosity, expectation and a little appreciation in Ding Yuan’s eyes
"Please forgive me for not controlling my strength when I was forced to fight back."
Hearing 6 Can words, the onlookers secretly scold shame because he killed Mo Gucheng and others in front of Ding Yin, and it has always been when he easily attacked people and could not control his strength.
"Dan ding pie? I remember that their leader was just a baby. I didn’t expect this century-old exhibition to be so good. You are very good! " Ding Yuan smiled and praised as if the wounded coma was not his great-grandson, but his great-grandson.
Boss, you have a strange attitude. Do you still have a daughter who is not married? I’m going to say this little brother is owned by a famous grass. Don’t even think about it! "See Ding Yuan more and more strange attitude, without continuing to play directly interposed.
Master Dao knows this little brother? "Ding Yuan one leng didn’t expect Buddhism and the white boy turned out to be familiar with the sample.
"I’m not familiar with Brother 6, but I’m familiar with this wood …" Buddhism is very irresponsible to lead the woman to the Second Sword Emperor.
"I don’t know if the second sword emperor and he are …" Wan Fozong and Emperor Huang Zong actually have and are already brothers, which makes Ding Yuan pause and wonder if 6 Can is suitable for the plan in his heart.
“!” Two precious words spit out two words, but it’s a murderous look. Those brothers who kill the immortal sword are all limp and resist the murderous look in the second place, which makes them consume the real yuan.
When the original suddenly looked at 6 Chan again, there was a little more horror in the eyes. There was no one in the scattered immortals on three continents and six islands who didn’t know the meaning of the word. It was almost a taboo. It can be said that whether it was the Taoist Sect of Louguan or the Sword Sect of Zhuxian, it could be besieged and killed, but it didn’t dare to offend.
Brother, your dream lover seems to have a big background. That Ding Yuan just fluctuated greatly in fairy tales. He seems to be afraid of this name. It seems that you are in trouble after you want it! "Ice debris in ning Haitang is very good.
6 can roll their eyes. It seems that the identity of the fairy is not as simple as that of the emperor, but 6 can is not worried that he has Warcraft skills and modern experience in chasing women, but he doesn’t believe there will be any trouble when he has enough in hand.
Until now, the onlookers just knew each other. Think about just now, echo each other was like two people. Everyone once again cursed the shame of these two people at the bottom of my heart. Ding Yin was stunned in silence for no reason. He was able to make peace with the scattered fairy fearlessly. This 6 Can really didn’t put Ding Yin’s so-called face in the eye.
"Ha ha, Master of Buddhism, Second Sword Emperor, and Six Brothers, let’s talk about it again in the mountains. I’m afraid someone will say that we have no hospitality!" Ding Yuan’s long laugh and two affectionate leads the mountain of Buddhism and Taoism.
On weekdays, several sects have been fighting constantly, but when Huashan Sword Theory is a technical place where all sects coexist peacefully, how much hatred must be put here. This is also one reason why Huashan Sword Theory continues proudly. Such exchanges against the border waters are necessary and have been acquiesced by almost all sects.
However, today, the default rule behind 6 Canshan Mountain is bound to be broken. 6 Canshan will never take the common interests of the three continents and six islands into consideration, and there are birds in three continents and six islands.
As a result, an almost inevitable battle vanished because of the arrival of three robberies and scattered immortals. However, after today, the name of 6 Can of Danding Sect will be as loud as that of Hidden Dragon Disaster. Some people secretly decided to name their future female 6 Can. It seems that with this name, they have human ability.
With the guidance of three robberies and scattered immortals, 6 Can, Shi Dao and others were naturally led all the way smoothly to four quiet houses waiting for Huashan to discuss the sword.
There is also a small episode here, that is, the Second Sword Emperor once had hostility towards Qian Swift, a woman with a similar breath to 6 Can.
Although 6 Can and the fairy may not really have anything, the Second Sword Emperor has regarded 6 Can as a choice for the fairy in the future, and now there is a breath that is flat after the same repair, which makes the quiet two a little annoyed.
And 6 Can’s subsequent explanation is to make the Second Sword Emperor and the Buddhist monk stunned, so that a person can jump directly from the infant period to the early stage of Du Jie and have the same ability as 6 Can. This little brother, who they think is very strange, shocked them again.
I don’t know if it’s because of the requirements of the second species and the attempt of Qian Swift. On the surface, it’s aboveboard, but it’s still my niece’s practice of excluding potential rival in love, which makes the Buddhist monk lament that the world is getting worse and worse.
Of course, the result is naturally that both sides did not try their best, but the second sword emperor won, but the second Buddhism and Taoism were very impressed with the strength of thousands of swift.
After a contest, the Second Sword Emperor and Buddhism gained a better impression of Qian Swift. After knowing her blood feud, Buddhism patted her chest to ensure that this time it would help to kill a few more people. If the people know that these four people are talking about shooting to death in the refined house of the Sword Sect, how many people don’t know what a face it is.
In four people-in fact, six can and Buddhism two people-to discuss a set of plans that are not rigorous, and they are constantly laughing strangely in the refined house where they enjoy it.
"The second sword emperor can be in? Visit Ding Yuan! "
Three days later, a sudden visitor broke the temporary calm of four people.
"Can the Second Sword Emperor move to Paiqian Mountain for a Syria …" This arrival, Ding Yuan is polite and outrageous, and a three-robbery scattered fairy almost pretends to be a junior.
"I said, is there anything wrong with the old man?" Buddhism monk in Ding Yuan love dearly eyes to fill a bowl of Zhu Xian sword sent fairy wine some drunk said.
The original scattered fairy hesitated a glance at the sword in hand and kept silent for two sword emperors.
"Don’t be like a bitch if you have a fart! ) conscience of heaven and earth, this is the explanation of Taoism. The thief said baldly that the old water didn’t do anything. Sisters, if you are angry, draw a circle to curse and explain Taoism! ) "said Buddhism impatiently.
"A man who claimed to be the Lady of the Second Sword Emperor injured several scattered immortals and broke into the mountain gate!" Ding Yuan face a red grind said.
Tao Dengyuan’s eyes were round, his hands were stiff, the wine bowl was tilted, and the drinks poured down his crotch. You Zi was oblivious as if he had heard the most incredible thing of the day.
Chapter 41 Fierce woman
"There’s a lady who calls herself the Second Sword Emperor who is now in Qianshan …" Ding Yuannai repeated it again.
"Ha, ha, ha, laugh me to death. Are you kidding? Second, there will be women who like this wood? Second, they must have made a mistake … "The Buddhist monk laughed and clapped his shoulders and two bloody bodies, and all three sticks could not make a fart to be with him. I have never heard of any woman who dared to get close to the second sword emperor for thousands of years.
Buddhism is so said, but 6 Can has some doubts, because just now, when Ding Yuan said the second sword, Mrs. 6 Can showed that her hands trembled slightly with two swords. It seems that things are not as simple as Buddhism.
The Second Sword Emperor suddenly got up and ignored others and strode toward the outside.
"Can’t be true?" The Buddhist monk was stunned and looked at the quick departure. Second, the color changed behind him, and his body moved quickly. He whispered to his mouth that there was going to be big news! "
"Hehe, let’s go together!" 6 Can ordered Yi and Qian Swift to pull up their bodies and follow.
On the mountain road ahead, the strength of a few people is revealed. The first two are like a black flash, which is thousands of meters away.
Followed by Buddhism, a three-leaf lotus robe floated, but it smelled like a true Buddha. The principle of three robberies and scattered immortals was a bit difficult. Two people’s degrees of Buddhism and Buddhism were beyond his ability, and he could barely follow even if he flew with the sword.
The easiest thing is that 6 Can Qian Swift’s feet are flashing with rolling thunder. It’s like walking leisurely along the way. 6 Can still keeps telling Qian Swift something.
See two people relaxed appearance Ding Yuan sighed again in the heart. If this 6 can is not familiar with the second class, it is really the best candidate for that matter.
What can these monkeys do! Let Xuan Xin, that old bastard, come out to see me! "There are thousands of meters away from Qianshan when a binge drinking makes Ding Yuan look gloomy again.
"This woman is so fierce!" 6 Can is smiling. Since I came to this era, I have seen all women follow certain rules. Even Mo Qingyi can be said to be naughty. It seems that both the fix-up world and the secular world are male society. The appearance of such a fierce woman makes 6 Can remember to cross the former world.
After a huff, it was obvious that the woman’s demands were not met. The reddish light came out from the front, and it seemed that the whole atmosphere was shaking violently.
"Three two robberies and scattered immortals are seriously injured!" At this time, the powerful gods of Ning Haitang can already detect the things ahead. "I didn’t expect it to be her!" Ninghai Tangyin misses "Sister, do you know her?" That won’t do. Is this woman really the second lady? Incredibly, even his sister, who has been trapped for thousands of years, knows such a person.
"This fierce woman, but how did she get together with Er?" Ning Haitang seems to have fallen into some memories and directly looked at 6 can cultures.
But Ninghai Tang’s words still let 6 Can receive some messages, which can be called fierce by Ning Haitang, a woman who once robbed the scattered fairy, and this woman who claims to be the second lady will never be simple.
When 6 can and others came to the scene, the hill was already a mess, and more than a dozen scattered immortals at all levels fell all over the floor, and all the corners of their mouths were obviously badly injured.
A woman with a very high figure is carrying a giant sledgehammer similar to a 6-can mine hammer, and the English eyebrow stands on her hips, and she is furious.
This woman is one meter tall and well-proportioned according to the present standard, and she is not weird because of her high height, and her appearance is quite good and heroic.
"two! Is that why you’re here? !” Seeing the arrival of Er, the woman suddenly became angry, pointing to those who fell to the ground and scattered immortals and asked Er.
Ding Yuan’s face is like the bottom of a black pot. This woman is too fierce. Although Huashan’s sword-protecting mountain array has not started, there is still a strong ban on this mountain peak. Just now, these dozen people, including two three robbers and scattered fairies, formed a large array to trap people. I didn’t expect that I had just left. Not only was the large array broken, but these scattered fairies were also seriously injured.
"hope don’t be ridiculous!" The second sword emperor seems to have never thought that it was really this woman’s face, Chen Shuishui’s face, that was slightly red.
"I’m fooling around? ! Two, you bastard! You came here on our wedding day! Also said that I was fooling around! " Call if female rage will hand hammer hit the top of the mountain, the whole mountain with violent shaking.
When this tough woman said this, including Ding Yuan, everyone was stunned and injured. More than a dozen people were secretly cursing. What are you doing here if you don’t get married? We were so wronged this time.
At ordinary times, the glib words keep explaining the Tao. The master’s eyes are wide open. At the end of Er and Xi Ruo, he says dryly, "Xiao Er, I didn’t even know you were married …"
"Don’t worry about men’s things …" Second, I want to be hard and strong, but I saw that if the murderous eyes were honest, a few mouths finally remained silent.
"You are my second that evil monk Buddhism? !” When I saw Er, I was restrained by myself, and I hoped that the war would be burned to the monk who was staying to explain Taoism.
"The little monk is the Taoist priest …" Buddhism hurriedly put his hands together and was about to preach. Suddenly, the woman came over in vain. The woman charged herself with being a monk, so the big monk Ma had a hard time dealing with such an identity woman, Cong Ru, and he had no experience.
"The Second Sword Emperor, you see this Huashan sword-fighting period …" Ding Yuan coughed out and wanted a statement. Since this woman is really a Second Sword Emperor woman, it seems that this matter can be blackmailed today. After all, it is a taboo to use force in Huashan.
"Dead old man! Second, I didn’t get married because of this damn Huashan sword theory. In this case, I will tear down this immortal sword school and ruin Huashan sword theory here! "
If Mr Voice down a hammer in his hand toward Ding Yuan head stung.
Ding Yuan never dreamed that he stabbed a hornet’s nest andao without saying a word, just like flicker to avoid such a huge magic weapon-flying sword root method.
But he was horrified that the sledgehammer seemed to have some kind of posture, and it was difficult for him to move his strength, so he could watch the sledgehammer enlarge in his eyes and look pale.

I have seen the contents in the bag, and all the old people in the pavilion were immediately angry. Fan Zeng lowered his head and moved his mouth with mocking eyes, and the light was hidden in the half-drooping eyelids.

No matter what Fan Zeng is thinking at this time, several of them feel more pleasing to the eye as they look at Fan Zeng. It’s cold. Before someone gave a pillow, they were still worried about how to explain to the world that this award was so shabby and shameful. Fan Zeng sent them a reason. It is her honor for Liu Bi, a woman who has no background and can gasp at them, to make sacrifices to their reputation.
Chapter 276 Five years
Liu Bi knew that it was disgusting to let her go to cloud nine to send the award. People there thought it was nothing to deduct something from the award, but I didn’t expect someone to give some advice to those who were getting more and more stupid, and let them make a decision that they regretted afterwards.
However, before Liubi gave gifts, not all the departments fed the baiwenhang. She received the pavilion for the first time, and the old people decided to carry her out as a scapegoat. As the saying goes, the arm can’t be twisted but the thigh is worse. In front of Tian Shu Palace, she is not even natural. She immediately ran away after receiving the scenery.
Holding the idea that you are unkind and I am unjust, Liu Bi pretended to be suspicious at a meeting with many practitioners before running away. It was because someone suppressed some of the survey results that Cang Shuo and Yu Wen’s family turned against each other.
Although it’s Liu Bi’s word and credentials, the divination masters can ignore this. Moreover, there are some people who are willing to do it. Soon the news will spread all over the world. What is the result of the investigation? Secondly, most people are very concerned about who suppressed that part of the investigation, which made the Yuwen family and ascended a cloud against each other. There are many twists and turns.
Yuwen family is currently active in front of people. Yuwen Ji, the first parent, once occupied Tian Shu Palace. Although he didn’t take over the old identity, he still spoke a lot in Tian Shu Palace. Wei Wei was still dissatisfied with this, but he dared to talk privately about who the founder of Tian Shu Imperial Palace was the ancestor of Yuwen family, and the position of Yuwen family as the first family in the mixed world was indeed worthy of the name.
Besides, when the Sect of ascended a cloud was founded, few people knew that it seemed to appear in front of people, and they had considerable strength to provoke them. In the end, they realized that some people couldn’t provoke people who didn’t usually participate in things, but they definitely didn’t keep a low profile. If there were ascended a cloud, the movement would definitely be small again and again. What is mysterious and powerful for the world?
One is the first family in the mixed yuan world, and the other is a powerful clan with a mysterious veil. If the two collide, it will definitely make the mixed yuan world pull up a huge wave. It’s anyone’s guess what it will turn into. It’s just a matter of figuring out that there is a faint conspiracy. The Yuwen family actually let Liu Yaoxin do something, and the Yuwen family has never tripped over Cang Shuo, Qingyun and Ji Qian in the dry yuan world.
There is no shortage of wise people in the world, and everyone in Yuwen family and ascended a cloud kept silent. Even after the incident of Cangshuo and Yuwen Haojie, Cangshuo and Qingyun and Ji Qian did not do those things. Later, Yuwen family and ascended a cloud found that there were many people who wanted to fan the flames, and there was no news soon. It was not until that year that Ji Qian, Cangshuo and Qingyun brought dry world practitioners to join the alliance that they were reminded of some of the past events.
Now, people who have experienced those past events can’t help but exclaim, "Are you finally going to settle accounts?"
Things have developed unexpectedly again, and the Yuwen family and ascended a cloud still didn’t respond this time. All kinds of speculations were flying all over the sky, even if someone dared to ask them face to face, they didn’t move. They didn’t ask anything, that is, they didn’t say anything, but they couldn’t do any speculation at all, but in fact, the Yuwen family and ascended a cloud didn’t idle.
It has been prepared for more than ten years, and there is just such an excuse. The Yuwen family’s rectification action has been stared at by the world every day. The Tian Shu Palace has decayed into a present state, which is longer than the history of Tian Shu Palace. There are also many problems in the Yuwen family’s department, and there is nothing to raise fat moths. It must be cleared up. This shows that the first family has come to the Ministry to rectify the movement, and outsiders have not heard any wind.
The ninth heaven doesn’t need to be rectified by the Ministry. It’s a general mobilization of Zongmen. It’s a necessary project, but the most lively thing is that those technical fields, such as exchange refiners, alchemists, symbols, arrays, etc., didn’t take out the closet part, told some experiences and new discoveries, or discussed some puzzles. Everyone at the audience knew that they had gained a lot.
Yuwen family cut off the dead branches and leaves, and ascended a good watering and fertilization effect, but the effect is the same. Without the wave resources, moths and eating an inside-out wall grass, it cannot be said that it is difficult for the family to break into Yuwen family department, and it is not easy to break into the department here. Now, due to more exchanges, many people are close to each other, and there is no room for provocation.
I didn’t see the Yuwen family and cloud nine make any big noise. People who like to watch the scene of bustle and people with ulterior motives are depressed, but some people are more depressed than them. After releasing some words, they have been covered in the past and have no chance to get in touch with the planners. There is nowhere to make them always say, be calm, don’t say, listen to these four words. I am tired of saying these four words, but I can’t find the right opportunity. If I am bored again, I have to hold back.
Compared with some people who are also anxious to repair heights, Hu Yingxue is really comfortable. Because of the communication in the exhibition department of the ascended heaven, she returned to the ascended heaven without closing. She took a group of disciples and grandchildren to join in the fun of the tournament or sat with an alchemist to exchange needed goods. She also didn’t forget to practice sword burial, test dreamland and ask the tower of heaven. She can often be seen in line.
Hu Yingxue’s fate with Ganyuan World is probably that in the end, he followed her to Cangshuo’s temporary home and fell to the blade, and then he ran to Kunwu Mountain. There is also a sword peak, but the blade is modeled after his sword peak. The sword burial trial dreamland is still in the blade, and the spirit of the first spiritual wisdom mountain is in charge, but the reward is the sword code. Because the master’s sword has not been found, it has been brought here by the blade.
Know sword burial trial dreamland naturally, there are many people eager to try their own island. Every day, people line up to find a door. Hu Yingxue and Luo Shenjun ask for a place. Luo Shenjun gave her a waterfront near Zhongfeng with a young hand. The so-called waterfront is a lake where a mother Xuan turtle Lao Wu also wants to settle down in the lake. After a fight, the two turtles actually met each other, which is a beautiful talk.
The Pagoda didn’t move into the cloud nine and was placed in Jiuqu Mountain. Although Hu Yingxue, the owner of the Hidden Dragon Pavilion, was not fresh enough to give away something from the Hidden Dragon Pavilion. Naturally, it was better to put it in the Hidden Dragon Pavilion site. When Jia Cong left, he gave Zhang a burst of pictures and had trouble communicating with his classmates, so he ate it thoroughly. It was very convenient to arrange a send-off next to the sword peak of the blade and next to the Pagoda.
After the interview, the Pagoda has always been a money-making project in the Hidden Dragon Pavilion. Hu Yingxue will not give the Pagoda to Zongzhong Jiutian, nor will he take advantage of it in vain. Except for Hu Yingxue, the young pavilion owner and her straight people, others will have to pay for the stone.
To Hu Yingxue, I felt that all the disciples should be given a discount, but the result was that they were rejected. They became more and more friendly to each other, and the same family proved what it meant to be a good stone. If Zhang Qing hadn’t come forward to persuade them to pay a hundred tickets one by one.
And those people can not only spend money, but also earn Hu Yingxue. Let Zhang Qing arrange someone to help her set up an Yibaoge in Fengkuo City, and help those people in Zongzhong to sell things. Because it is a private property, Zhang Qing and Govin discussed choosing someone from Hu Yingxue’s servants who signed the life and death contract to take care of it.
Because it’s natural to sell things for the same family, it’s possible to draw as little as possible, but that’s how the store earns Lingshi or Man Cang can’t sell things. After communicating with each other, most of them will put new harvest or newly-born ideas into practice, which is particularly good to keep or send to their own families. All the others are thrown to Yibaoge to sell Lingshi for materials.
Dan medicine, magic weapon, symbol, array diagram, etc. are various and of high quality. Many people have already entered the door. Many people will still be dazzled when they see the shopkeeper take out the list. Therefore, after only one year of business, Yibaoge has become a must-see place for Fengkuo City. Now it has been five years, and there are definitely many people who come to the mixed world every day.
The business of Yibaoge is so good, naturally, some old forces like Wanbaoge won’t make a move, and some modest forces have died down before they make much noise, but it’s not Hu Yingxue or Hidden Dragon Pavilion, but Long Rui, the duke of Fengkuo City, who will directly expel several large-scale shops from Fengkuo City, and even the old forces like Wanbaoge are scared to stop immediately.
However, I heard that Hu Yingxue still sent the town building to be a machine puppet. The body of Yibaoge can’t be reduced. It has nine floors. It’s half wrapped around the building and half lying on the roof. It’s very eye-catching. A little observation will reveal that it’s not a living thing, but even if I don’t know whether it’s a machine puppet, the shopkeeper will be a little more afraid of placing it here.
On this day, a group of people came to the front of Yibaoge, but they didn’t directly walk in. The first seemingly gentle man looked up and someone immediately said, "This Taoist friend doesn’t worry that the red dumpling suddenly and violently hurts people. This puppet will attack Yibaoge people with intent."
The man’s voice just fell, and a bodyguard and a dresser behind him laughed. "My master, the puppet master of Red Dumpling, is an old acquaintance, and he probably knows a lot more about it than you do."
The active predecessors thought that this line of people should be born in an extraordinary way, so they wanted to take the initiative to sell well. It would be better if they could make friends with nature. After listening to the words of the bodyguard, how could they not recognize themselves? It was self-defeating, bowed their hands and turned around and left in a hurry.
After the man left, he raised his head and stuck his head out. "Is Wan Wenbin really looking for my master?"
Gentle man is Wan Wenbin. After he came back from Ganyuan World, he went back to Zongmen and closed it. He didn’t go out to smell speech until a month ago. He said, "I want to get together with Hu Shimei, but no one can see you, so I came to ask if it’s closed."
I shook my head. "The master didn’t close it, either in the sword burial trial or in the candlestick tower. I’ll inform her when you sit inside and wait for the master to come out."
L: That means not waiting too long. Wan Wenbin looked up at the sign of Yibaoge and smiled. "Then I’ll go in and sit down and wait. This store and Hu Shimei will have something good. I hope I can bring Lingshi."
I opened my mouth and gave a slightly giggle. "Only when there is not enough Lingshi can something be done. With Zhenjun and my master knowing friends, you can definitely default on who you owe first, and Zhenjun will not default."
"I’m sure I’ll put all my life behind me," said Wan Wenbin, taking his group of people into Yibaoge.
When Wan Wenbin entered the door, he moved his head back, ignoring the eyes projected around him. He lay on the top of Yibao attic for five years, shaking his head once in a while, never moving his head so much, not to mention communicating with people. A machine puppet is absolutely different from a clever machine puppet, and many people are shocked.
This impact is too great, and Wan Wenbin, who rose out of Dalian, has been valued. Wan Wenbin is a celebrity in the mixed world. Soon, it was said that he entered the Yibaoge industry. People from the city know that the shopkeeper and some things sold in the cloud nine came out from the cloud nine. Now Wan Wenbin, who is a mixed four-jie and one-friend, will not discuss again who is the shopkeeper.
This time, I didn’t let everyone down. At noon the next day, a luxurious treasure car filled with auspicious clouds was riding on a clouded leopard guard. The guard entered Fengkuo City and crossed several streets. Finally, he stopped at the gate of Yibaoge. The shopkeeper and Xiao Er had already waited at the door of the store to lift the bead curtain of the treasure car, so they turned over and bowed low.
A crisp impact rang out from the treasure car, wearing a white neutral robe and vestment. Hu Yingxue came out of the treasure car. Her hair was as simple as before, and she had a bun. Because the five-spirit sword could be stored as a body, the golden hairpin had long been on duty, and the color of the tunic was matched. Today, a white jade hairpin was inserted and a swaying jade carving butterfly was inserted obliquely. It seems that she is chasing the jade hairpin, and the lotus flower is very smart and more luxurious than those with pearls.
See Hu Yingxue posture tunic around immediately high and low sounded an alarm.
"It’s the five-star brother of cloud nine."
"Five-star brother is also a woman with ten/nine, and Hu Yingxue, a super-Dan medicine, was refined in Huimeng that year."
"If it’s really her, we’re not generally lucky to know that many people want to find her and beg for Dan when she comes back from the dry world. So many people with status want to meet her, but we met by accident."

Yi mark and others are also after the warfare platform for a moment. The old man glanced around and said in a serious tone, "Yesterday, 43 people in the first round of Jiubrake Mountain entered the second round today."

There are so many people worthy of praise.
During the practice period, the layer is easy to mark! "
Yi hen heard this, he immediately bowed slightly to the floating clouds platform and the audience and said, "Brother is here!"
"Xu Meiting in the practice period!"
"Brother is here!"
"The ninth floor of the practice period is quite successful!"
"Brother is here!"
"Dai Donghan, the ninth floor of the practice period!"
"The twelve-story screen during the practice period!"
"Brother is here!"
"Well, you forty-three people practice on the 11th and 12th floors for the time being. Others extract jade cards themselves and then play roulette! The fighting power is not good, and the elders help to heal and fight again in the backcourt. "
The old man said indifferently, with a wave of his hand, a light curtain suddenly covered the other side of the warfare platform, and a semi-circular film suddenly appeared in the warfare platform, covering the whole warfare platform completely inside.
Then a special elder led Yi Mark and a group of people to extract numbers and then roulette separately.
Yi Mark was the first to draw and got a "thirteen" number, and then the roulette wheel belonged to him.
This time, the roulette is easy to mark, and the roulette reaches the 17th, which means that he will fight with the person who draws the 17th number.
Extracting numbers continues.
Soon a man smiled at Yi Mark with a number plate in his hand.
This kind of smile is easy to mark and I have to say that it is very gloomy and insidious, because that kind of smile means no good.
**** *w*w*w**** ***o*m
Yi Mark has some impressions about this person. Yi Mark knows from the mouth of the ancestor of Yunfutai just now that this person’s name is Dai Donghan, but he looks very thin and his hands are as slender as monkey’s arms!
He gives people the overall feeling that he is weird and cruel!
Qian Yi Mark deeply remembers the strength of these 42 people. Dai Donghan is a nine-story monk in the practice period, but his strength is extremely good!
After all, there are no vulgar people at this point!
The third Yangxin spring Chapter 112 Amazing strength [2]
The third Yangxin spring Chapter 112 Amazing strength [2]
Yi Mark looked at Dai Donghan’s face and changed slightly. Such a person is so thin, but if he doesn’t want to gain weight, he will know that this is a monk who is good at speed and strength.
When Dai Donghan left the warfare platform, Yi Mark bent down slightly to show the courtesy of fighting.
That Dai Donghan’s face is indifferent and nodded. It is natural to bear the etiquette of easy marks without replying. The whole process seems to be very natural.
Easy mark face slightly ugly each other to do so is not to see him in the eye.
Although I don’t care what others think, after all, I don’t want the enemy to be too frivolous than fighting Yi Mark, so fighting is meaningless to Yi Mark except when it is a wave.
Dai Dong hanyin some hoarse way, the word "ba" just finished, and his body suddenly shot out like a phantom, and a strong breeze suddenly hit the surface.
Easy mark slightly surprised heart already skilled to the extreme ethereal phantom of the opera posture directly make out his foot stepped on a few Yin and Yang five elements orientation and then very strange to Dai Dong culvert the blow to dodge.
Dai Donghan was slightly surprised. Obviously, he didn’t think that under such circumstances, Yi Mark could evade success.
His face changed from the most leisurely to a little more, and he seemed to pay more attention to the whole person.
Yi mark for Dai Dong culvert strength also has some fear, so at this time he is not hiding anything, but preparing to directly lock the soul achievement method.
The battle between the two men seems dull and uneventful, but two people know in their hearts how fierce the battle is.
Easy mark clear drink and then suddenly huge momentum rose up to lock the soul work to yuan god lock the soul avatar for the first time without reservation.
This time, naturally, it’s not like Yue Lingshan’s bearing that momentum yesterday. It’s just a shock.
In a clear drink, the momentum soared, and then the sound of "om ~ ~ ~" resounded through the heavens and the earth, just like things in China shook up and shook.
"Hum ~ ~"
I didn’t hear the sound of other people’s fire and poison, but in Dai Donghan’s eyes, it was like a death warrant.
Suddenly appeared in Dai Donghan’s ear, and his mind was almost lost!
And at this moment, the tremor passed directly through his body and in his mind.
Mind can’t help but shudder a Dai Donghan strength although extremely strong at the moment also completely intimidated!
His eyes were cold and folded, and his face suddenly showed an involuntary blank color. As soon as this face appeared, it was quiet and noisy.
In Dai Donghan’s mind, at the moment, it seems like a dream. He feels as if he has entered some kind of dreamland or a dream. Although it is close to his ear, it seems so unrealistic to let the Buddha go.
At this moment, easy to mark out without hesitation, fiercely appeared in front of Dai Dong Han’s hands. The vitality energy took the lock soul work achievement method-the lock soul palm was severely bombarded in Dai Donghan’s chest!
Dai Donghan’s body suddenly flew out like a broken kite. In this case, Dai Donghan has no resistance. If it is easy to mark his hands, he will die!
However, since it is too vicious, it is not allowed to be easily marked. Instead of taking Dai Dong Han’s life with a sword, he left a profound lesson by seriously injuring him with a palm.
Before each other’s practice at the moment mess defeat naturally formed a very fresh contrast.
Dai Donghan didn’t wake up until he fell to the ground and spit out two blood.
When he woke up, he looked at Yi Mark with more hatred and fear. It was this kind of look that he quickly concealed the past.
He seems to be a very silent person. Since he failed, he didn’t say anything about returning to the stage.
This failure represents that all his opportunities have disappeared from now on.
Although he hates it, he is not as good as others and he has nothing to say.

Violet couldn’t help but gasp in air. She stayed in this Buda Winter Palace, but she didn’t expect the law in the Winter Palace to be so wonderful. Rao is herself going to the celestial world with Xing Xuan this time. First, she was stolen by Xing Xuan into the The six great divisions in the wheel of karma pool, which reduced her karma, and then she swallowed it. She has grown for thousands of years, but she still didn’t realize that this Buda Winter Palace is a hidden track. No wonder Xing Xuan was so relieved when she left. This mysterious law in Buda Winter Palace is also a reason to reassure him.

I was thinking of a charming shout coming out of Buda Winter Palace, and then Bai Ling flew out of Buda Winter Palace and threw herself into Xing Xuan’s arms with a flash of white light.
"Brother Xing Xuan, you can come back. How did you kill Mao Tong?"
Listening to Bai Ling’s scruples, Xing Xuan smiled and said, "Mao Tong didn’t kill him, but he killed one hundred of his hands together with the two emperors in heaven!"
"Heaven two emperors? It turned out that he chased you personally. Oh, it’s no wonder that Violet’s sister Yuyu Qiongzhou is his mother’s magic weapon. Only he can track you down. But Brother Xing Xuan, you are a little reckless this time. Although Compaq Qiaoyi rebelled against heaven, it was the Indra Master who made a big mistake after all. I’m afraid that his father will forgive him and you will dispose of him on his behalf. I’m afraid Indra mainly came to trouble us. I know Brother Xing Xuan, you came back this time to take us away, right? "
Listening to the Bering machine gun, there is a long list of judgments and speculations. Xing Xuan and Zi Rui couldn’t help laughing at the same time.
Laughing, Bai Ling blushed and murmured, "Am I wrong?"
Just at this time, Black Moon, Mungo, Yunyang, Qiongzhi, Manyun, Yiren and Yili flew out of Buda Winter Palace to see that Xing Xuan and Zi Rui were safe, and all of them smiled with joy.
"Go in and talk about it!" Star Xuan said to them with a wave of his hand
Everyone is happy and the stars are holding the moon, surrounded by Xing Xuan and Zi Rui, walking towards the palace.
When I came to the palace, Xing Xuan turned around and saw the black moon and saw her lips micro-moving, as if to say something to herself, but forbear.
Xing Xuan couldn’t help asking Black Moon strangely, "Black Moon, if you have anything, just say it!"
The black moon nodded to Xing Xuan and said, "Mao Tong has been to the exchange!"
"Did she show you?" Star Xuan was surprised.
"I’m not sure that she didn’t give a new letter to the exchange now that we live in this palace. I’m afraid there is fraud in it and I dare not pick it up!" Black moon hesitated to star Xuan said
"It’s so dark. You did the right thing. That Mao Tong may be cheating you. Let’s wait until we have improved our repair skills!" Xing Xuan finished taking out more than a dozen suet jade bottles in the mustard bracelet. Everyone shared a Sanqing Dan and told everyone to eat it and step up their work.
They got the elixir and were very happy. They flew into the gathering spirit array to eat the elixir, and went to practice in such a big hall, leaving Xing Xuan and Zi Rui again.
"Haha, Zirui, this furnace can’t be idle. We have to make profits quickly!" Xing Xuan studied the ancient demon article and the divination furnace method several times early along the way. At this time, when I came back to my home, I was no longer worried about immediately urging Zi Rui to make this divination furnace.
"An alchemist?" Violet doesn’t know what Xing Xuan really means.
"Hehe, it’s not an alchemist, but you can’t refine me overnight!" Xing Xuan’s amazing words scared Purple Rui to white and speechless.
"Ha-ha, there is something wonderful about the divination furnace. There is no alchemy all the way. Purple Rui, please protect me. Just don’t let anyone near the furnace for less than 7749 days!" Star Xuan said a wrapped purple purple purple waist and turned around and was in a huge defensive array. With a wave of his hand, the nine holy skeletons flew out of the array and fell into the star Xuan’s neck. With the rotation of the star Xuan’s mind, there were layers of large arrays gathered around to protect the two.
"Purple pistil is well protected!" Xing Xuan finished offering divination, and the furnace body suddenly became smaller, and he went in along the unsealed furnace cover.
Chapter two hundred and thirty-three
Star Xuan, who fell into the center of the endless rotation of Yin and Yang, suddenly felt a refreshing feeling from the skeleton of limbs to the body star Xuanda Lake. Suddenly, Zhang Liu Golden Body and one arm made a move to the furnace cover, and the furnace cover was tightly covered.
The furnace cover has just been covered tightly, and a huge fireball suddenly appeared in the furnace and burned towards the star Xuan body.
Star Xuanyiran is not afraid to read the newly-learned mantra, and the fireball suddenly flies away from his body, and the flame body slowly disappears into a relatively mild lux energy, followed by the Yin and Yang two gases spinning around the star Xuan.
Star Xuan saw that the first step had been to read the incantation handprint in the heart, and the scene suddenly changed. Dan furnace disappeared, black and white gas disappeared, and the lux energy flow disappeared. A brand-new world appeared in front of Star Xuan.
This heaven and earth is somewhat different from that formed by Xing Xuanyuan’s fishing out two filaments of yin and yang. In addition to the blue sky and the yellow earth, there is also a tall altar.
In the burning fire of the tall altar, the stone pillars lock one person with three heads and six arms, and the head of the golden body with a pair of golden eyes is the star Xuan.
Star Xuan felt that he was tied to the altar and didn’t panic. He secretly read the spell. The fire suddenly became more violent, and the wind generally called for the star Xuan to burn up.
In an instant, the six golden bodies and the chains that bound the stars and the mysterious bodies suddenly became red, and clouds of black smoke rose from the center. It was the flame that burned the karma of the stars and the mysterious bodies and was exercising.
Black smoke billowed and gradually flooded Xing Xuan’s body. Only the main head and a pair of eyes radiated red mans, which lit up the whole world like the night.
In this way, thirty-six days later, the black smoke was gradually exhausted, and the more refined golden posture of Xing Xuan gradually appeared.
Xing Xuan heard "crack" in the blink of an eye, and the sky suddenly cracked a gap where The six great divisions in the wheel of karma Pool was located.
Xing Xuan’s big hands flew out along the gap and reached inside, where they became adept and went straight to the hole where their karma was.
Reach out and grab the remaining karma, fly out of The six great divisions in the wheel of karma Pool and continue refining karma at the altar.
Two illusory hands just came out of the The six great divisions in the wheel of karma pool, and a golden light followed Xing Xuan’s hand to fly out.
"How bold a thief is to steal karma by force!" With this big drink of golden light, the figure is revealed in this world, but it turns out to be a shining golden god.
On that day, when the myth was just exported, it suddenly looked up and saw this strange day, strange earth and this strange altar. Suddenly, it turned pale with fear and immediately knelt down to Xing Xuan and shouted, "I don’t know that the boss is practicing here to disturb adults. Please forgive me!"
"Am I very old?" Xing Xuan’s three heads looked at each other and saw that the skin was thin, white-browed, smart and not a little old, so I couldn’t help heart.
"Do you know who I am?" Star Xuan Shen asked the shining golden god way
"Who can create heaven and earth to rebuild the earth, fire, water and wind except the big men in the celestial world …" The man laughed and then his face suddenly changed color and cried, "No, the boss and the villain don’t know the identity of the boss, so please forgive the villain!"
Star Xuan listened to the thought in my heart that this little girl thinks of herself as a celestial figure. Celestial world and heaven have always been friendly to each other. This little identity is humble. Of course, I dare not speak out about the things that celestial people have crossed the border and entered The six great divisions in the wheel of karma Pool, so that I can spare his life myself.
Thinking of this, Xing Xuan slowly released the crescent shovel and the fan with five fires and seven feathers, and asked the shining golden god again, "Why did you change your duty in the The six great divisions in the wheel of karma pool today?"
"Back to the boss, the Western Elysium guards the The six great divisions in the wheel of karma Pool, and today it is the villain who guards the The six great divisions in the wheel of karma Pool!" The shining golden god asked nervously.
"Oh?" Xing Xuan’s heart moved again and again, and Hui Ke recognized himself as Tang Fei when he wanted to sneak attack himself. He heard her say that the Western Elysium and Heaven were jointly in charge of the The six great divisions in the wheel of karma Pool. Today, it was confirmed again, and I couldn’t help wondering if the original was not managed by Indra.
"I heard that heaven has always been in charge of this place. Why did the Western Elysium join in? Has there been any change in heaven?" Star Xuan at this time to see the shining golden god so respectful tone to oneself also couldn’t help old-fashioned up and asked the shining golden god way
"Back to the boss, this is the layer that determines the humble status of the villain. I don’t know the specific situation. I will come to guard the villain in The six great divisions in the wheel of karma Pool when I arrange it!" The shining golden god’s answer is equal to no answer, which makes Xing Xuan’s brow wrinkled.
"Are you playing games with me?" Star Xuan Yin gradually turned cold.
"Dare not boss man villain is vaguely heard the magic world and the nether world have a joint Indra God, this just gave up a part of The six great divisions in the wheel of karma Pool and the western paradise Tathagata Buddha agreed to jointly resist the magic army ghost soldiers! I don’t know if the villain knows so many specific terms! " When the shining golden god saw Xing Xuan’s anger, he immediately shivered and quickly told Xing Xuan what he knew.
"Ha ha, you are honest!" Xing Xuan smiled and knew that he could cheat these words out of this shining golden god’s mouth, and he was not very clear about it.
"My Lord, if there is nothing else, I will go back!" The shining golden god knelt there and almost cried out
Star Xuan nodded his head, and the shining golden god was overjoyed and quickly escaped from Star Xuan, a brand-new world, and went into The six great divisions in the wheel of karma Pool and disappeared.
Xing Xuan smiled and recited the spell in his mouth, but he heard the sound of "crack" and the smoke sounded again and again, and he flew out again to exercise karma and condense the golden body.

Since then, Xu Shao has taken root in Qinglian.

The next day, the two of them got up early in Wulong Mountain to teach them martial arts. The most important understanding of Qinglian martial arts is that they understand it overnight, which is better than others’ hard work for decades. Those who are less qualified are afraid that the next generation will not be able to touch it. Xu Shao’s qualification is naturally rare to see Lan Fenghuang, but it is also a day when he can’t pick one out. Good Miaowu Leshan has made two people practice some basic moves frequently.
The Qinglian Sect has always had few brothers, but it has always been a double heart to accept the younger brother and master. Both of them have made a little progress. Wu Leshan can see that they are a little lazy and can’t hide it from Wu Leshan’s eyes. Xu Shao has a lot of homework every day, and he has a good understanding and Ma Rihao’s lightness skill to learn. He can’t learn anything. Wu Leshan teaches him fist and fist, and he can learn it as soon as possible.
Lan Fenghuang’s qualification is a little worse than Xu Shao’s, but the gap is a lot. Often Xu Shao takes an hour and Lan Fenghuang has to learn for half a day. In fact, if two people learn something about Nanhua Beiyue Kung Fu, the progress is not much different, but they just learned this violet martial arts school and then showed the gap.
So after nearly two years, both of them made great efforts, especially Xu Shao, and Wu Leshan was so happy that he took two people to Bohaige. Although Bohaige was not big, there were many martial arts classics. It was the machine trap in the forbidden area of the Violet Sect that was so fierce that Leshan took the opportunity to let two people in.
The rule of the Qinglian Sect is that the disciples choose their own martial arts according to the guidance of the master. The Qinglian Sect is rich in martial arts, and most of them are outstanding, and the fist, fist, swordsmanship and lightness skill are even more famous. Seven of them are called the seven wonders of Qinglian, and the magic palm cultivated by Wu Leshan is one of them.
The Violet Sect’s art of using saber is not long. Xu Shao turned over several pieces, which are not as exquisite as the dream art of using saber, so he no longer has the slightest intention to concentrate on practicing his dream art of using saber. After watching several pieces of martial arts, he turned several corners in Bohai Pavilion, and finally came to the front of the Violet Seven-Piece Frame, thinking that the palm of Wu Leshan Fantasy was envious than reaching for it.
I was about to leave, but now there is a thick ancient book next to me with the words "Proud Violet"
Xu Shao looked at it, but now there are actually many music scores. I don’t know if there is a problem. The proud violet here is actually quite different from the violet sword fairy, but it has the same mystery.
With some strange words written on it, Xu Shao naturally knew that those were a flute score when he was a child, but how could there be a score in this violet four-line? Xu Shaoxin was curious and took it in his hand, so he went out of Bohai Pavilion.
When I went out, I saw that Lan Fenghuang chose five characters that read "Sichuan Women’s Double Swords", presumably because one made the double sword violet send the female predecessors to stay.
He took two delighted former Wulong Mountain, and now he holds it in his hand. The proud violet is delighted to tunnel, "Xu Shao, you really have a good eye and took my violet four-line."
Xu Shao never imagined that this humble turned out to be violet martial arts with wide eyes at the moment.
Wu Leshan beat him to it. "Since you are determined to learn, you can’t give up halfway." Then he went to the mountain on cloud nine.
The next day, Wu Leshan granted Xu Shaocai to know what the proud violet was.
It turns out that there is a taboo when practicing kung fu, that is, even if it is gradual, it is difficult to avoid mistakes. Moreover, if it is really gradual, I am afraid that this generation will never become a master in practicing kung fu, so many people will take risks and take the initiative, so one will die of being possessed, the other will open up a new world, and the third will be to practice a set of evil skills.
Among these possibilities, I’m afraid that the first one is much more important. If it’s impossible to get rid of the habit, it’s almost impossible. However, the Violet Sect has found a martial arts wizard who has found the right music theory and is ingenious in adjusting the interest rate through D Xiao’s injection.
If the interest rate is slightly lower, you can play the D flute with your fingers, and naturally you can go back to the right direction along the flute. There are many musical instruments, but in terms of Qinglian Sect, D flute is the most suitable for flute syllables, which is rich and melodious, which is in line with the essence of Qinglian Sect.
Although these principles are simple, it is extremely difficult to find a unique melody to match the work. If one note is wrong, the meridians will be broken and the martial arts will be wasted. However, the pride of Violet will be much faster without the fear of being possessed, and it will be much faster than taking the Xuanmen work.
That’s why Aoshi Violet is so difficult to learn. The music score is gradually increasing. There are more than 200 music scores on each floor, and there are seven floors. There are hundreds of changes in each music score, and there are thousands of changes.
Because of the breathtaking practice, anything can happen, which is far beyond people’s expectation, and because of the work, every piece of music is weird and difficult to remember, but Xu Shao has a good memory, but he has to spend a lot of time
In this process, Xu Shao knew the danger, so he opened his eyes and remembered the changes clearly. If there were a few mistakes, this generation would be inseparable from wheelchairs. In addition to practicing, more than 1,400 music scores were needed, and the rest were used to heal the wounds, drive away poison and restore health. A total of more than 1,000 music scores were added up.
Since the proud violet is the medium of flute, this achievement can not be separated from the flute for a generation. How many violet disciples are poor and may not be able to recite these nearly 2,000 sheets of music all their lives.
When practicing Aoshi Violet, you should be absolutely quiet when playing this flute. According to the law of notes, if there is any noise, you will be paralyzed on the spot. Fortunately, if you have to endure the third level of work, you will have a great foundation. Then you don’t have to worry about any external influence.
Aoshi Violet has less worries about being possessed, so it is less dangerous to combine Yin and Yang. Aoshi Violet is not pure Yang work, but 20% Yin and Yang work. Therefore, this kind of work is not only strong but not inferior to Yang work, and its stamina is much too good. The so-called solitary Yang is not born. This yin and cold qi in the body promotes the continuous deepening of work and conforms to the principle of combining rigidity with softness.
Only after 40 years, Wu Leshan devoted himself to the magic of D Xiao. Only now did he have a small success. It was not because of his poor understanding, but because he missed the best age of cultivation. So he was particularly concerned about Xu Shao. It was really exhausting to recite this music score. Xu Shao was dizzy all day long. If Wu Leshan hadn’t encouraged and urged him, he would have given up halfway. Every day, Xu Shao recited the music score with peace of mind, but Lan Fenghuang practiced hard. The Sichuan female flying sword also practiced analog.
It’s been a year in an instant. When Xu Shao was fourteen years old, the proud violet didn’t reach the third floor. I don’t worry about the outside interference. Wu Leshan sighed in my heart. This proud violet magic also sighed that Xu Shao’s progress was great. It is natural for Xu Shao to enter the country and Ma Rihao to get through the governor’s second pulse.
However, the advantages and disadvantages of Wu Leshan are clear in his heart. Xu Shaoshen is not without practicing martial arts, but is imprisoned. Now it is tantamount to learning martial arts again.
Xu Shao’s understanding and artistic conception are all needed now, but it’s just to rebuild his skill.
This second pulse is the most difficult link in practicing martial arts. When Xu Shao was imprisoned, Ma Rihao spent a lot of money to get through his veins. It turned out to be Xu Shaotian’s great adventure, but there is also a difficulty in this. It is really difficult in practicing martial arts, but this difficulty requires practitioners to get through on their own when the foundation of martial arts is deep, which is in line with the right direction.
Xu Shao’s pulse was not pure in qi and had no foundation. After that, the cultivation skill was much faster, but the result was that the qi was more than pure and thick, but not dense. Worse still, Ma Rihao failed in the last link when he passed the second pulse, so Xu Shao did not benefit from it, but suffered from it. Wu Leshan sighed in his heart that Ma Rihao had done bad things despite his good intentions.
He has been preparing Dan yao for Xu Shao all these years, but the effect is not as good as his own step by step. Xu Shao knows that he is ill and he is always grateful to Ma Rihao.
Ma Rihao’s understanding of his governor’s second pulse has consumed his body. Where can he complain if he admires Xu Shao? Besides, if Ma Rihao hadn’t arrived at the third floor of Aoshi Violet, it would have been a whole year late. Even if the true qi is not pure now, he has already avoided the danger. This is a great favor.
Xu Shao was much faster than the original because he got through the second pulse of the governor, which made Wu Leshan feel relieved.
Xu Shao, an ordinary fighter, is a man who once entered Shinto and then rebuilt it. This kind of malpractice will naturally disappear with the spirit of cultivation.
After the proud violet has gone through the third floor, she will naturally stop worrying. Xu Shao spends the rest of her two hours practicing the art of using saber and flying saber. Needless to say, it’s always slow to enter the country. Xu Shao knows that violet’s work and his family’s saber are not the same way. Since it’s home, where can I throw it away?

With a quick mind, Fang Yun continued

With a quick mind, Fang Yun continued to plunder other places and collect herbs.
"Red jade is a blessing!"
Fang Yun in the air, saw a few humble herbs in the grass. Heart together, gently swept, it is necessary to transplant this medicinal material into the "universal clock of heaven and earth".
As soon as the news passed, Fang Yun was about to collect another piece of medicinal materials. All of a sudden, in front of me, this piece of "Red Jade and Fuze" disappeared.
Fang Yun dazed: "This …"
The front is empty, but there is a silver-haired man in front of him. His look is indifferent and his eyes are like starry sky. There are countless stars in it, which are born and died. Just a look, it seems that people’s souls will be sucked in. And his hand, is holding the Fang Yun just to collect "red jade Fuze".
"Unexpectedly, someone like me, look at these strains of red jade. Little friend, come out. "
Silver-haired man looking down at the front, a void. It was empty, but the man’s eyes seemed to have penetrated all the secrets and saw the tiny dust in the depths of space.
Fang Yun mind trembling, the silver-haired man didn’t how powerful momentum, but give the feeling of Fang Yun, but extremely dangerous. With his current strength, he can still feel threatened. This kind of person, for absolute reached, ghosts and gods unpredictable terrible realm.
A strong breath, cold as snow, locked in the space. Fujiki evil gentleman uses the magical power of "the best size" to change the dust. Fang Yun immediately know, he see is broken.
Void vibration, a grain of dust fiercely Yishan, suddenly stretched sharply, blink of an eye, revealing the appearance of evil Fujiki Jun, standing on the earth.

Chapter 664 The first person in Daomen
"Who are you?"
Rattan wood evil gentleman feet don’t touch the ground, gently floating, back several zhangs. After a distance, I looked at the silver-haired man in front of me This man makes him feel too dangerous, so it’s better to stay away.
"Xuan Xuan." Silver-haired man indifferent blinked, calm way.
Fang Yun was shocked, and could hardly believe his ears. It’s him! Fang Yun didn’t expect to go to Junnian’s master here.
The first master of Taisu School, Yu Xuan. This name is well-known in the sectarian world. Fang Yun also found out that Yu Xuan was the master of Junnian. But this one never went down the mountain, so Fang Yun never saw him.
Fang Yun didn’t expect, would be in a place like this, see the first master YuXuan.
"Turns out to be danger elders, surprisingly, the elders, like me, are interested in these few strains of red grass. A gentleman doesn’t steal people’s love, since Elder Yu also takes a fancy to it. I naturally dare not worry about the elders. "
Fang Yun didn’t discover the identity of "Red Jade and Fuze", only that it was a red grass. He bowed his hand and flew upside down, then he wanted to leave: "Elder Yu, I have work to do next. Don’t bother, leave! "