"You see, treasures are so easy for you, sometimes it’s as simple as that, but few people are willing to deal with these seemingly sloppy and dirty NPs. Do you know what it costs me to get the clue if I lose those two spell scrolls?"

Ye Feng shook his head, but his heart gradually turned white with a smile. The devil asked him to meet him and chose the meeting place in an obscure pub.
He gave his online game experience to Ye Feng in the most direct way, and Ye Feng guessed vaguely what he wanted to do …
Chapter 22 The Power of Faith
The smiling demon turned to look at Ye Feng and held out a finger. "I met a traveler who was dying of thirst in the desert, and then I gave him a bottle of spring water and some bread with a total value of one gold coin. He thought that the benefactor who saved his life deserved to be rewarded, so he told me that there was an ancient earl tomb buried in this desert with amazing wealth …"
"treat eternity as a real world. No, it is a real world. You can regard it as a dream. You can choose to continue or terminate the dream at any time. If you really blend in with it, you will gain a lot from its history, culture and precipitation!"
Smiling demon finished taking a sip of wine and turned to enjoy the snow outside the window.
Ye Feng pondered for a long time and finally couldn’t help but ask, "How do you talk to np about psychological barriers?"
"Psychological disorder?" The smiling devil frowned gently. "What should have psychological barriers? If you take it as a real world, how can you have psychological barriers?"? Besides, np is more sociable than people wearing masks in reality, isn’t it? "
Ye Feng nodded "yes! But I said that’s not it … "
"I am white! It seems that chatting up is really an art! " The smiling devil smiled. "For example, when I came in and saw them drinking and chatting by the fireplace just now, I went over and said," Boss, these friends have bought me drinks! "
"It’s that simple?" Ye Feng startled.
"It’s that simple!"
"Don’t they see that you invite them to drink with ulterior motives? For example, clues? "
"I have always been sincere to np. Don’t underestimate them. Although these np’s on the mainland are fighting very hard, Shui Pi’s fighting capacity is not strong, but the ability to distinguish sincerity and falsehood is unusually high. To exaggerate, I think they can understand people’s hearts."
Always sincere to np! A faint word is full of sadness, but Nai Ye Feng sighs and smiles. The devil didn’t hear the words behind him
Back to god, Ye Feng asked again, "What about the wild? For example, you met a np hunter."
"simple! Hey, my friend, I think your leather armor is really rotten. The root can’t stop the sharp teeth of wild animals. I just have a good quality here … or I have some gold coins here to mend it … "
"Not really?" Ye Feng’s brain was dizzy.
The smiling devil smiles without saying a word, which he does often.
"What if people don’t care about you?" Ye Feng asked again.
"Say hello to show your kindness and then leave." The smiling devil shrugged.
"Then what if np neither entrusts to speak nor gives clues? You don’t talk nonsense."
"Ha ha, in fact, most of the time, I can’t get anything or information, but I can’t hold my np friends. Besides, chatting with np is a pleasant process. You can hear many stories about unofficial history in mainland China, which are much better than reading those third-rate online novels. Every city or village in eternity has its own heroes who say that if you are a story-loving person, you will also move these heroes …"
The smiling demon laughed lightly at Kan Kan and talked about Ye Feng, but kept silent and listened.
Later, most of the time, I crossed Ye Feng in this way, and gradually I became envious of the smiling devil and yearned for his game style, but he knew that this kind of ranger-like life was doomed to his fate, and now it is like this.
He’s a president, commanding a million congregations, dominating one side, and the overlord can’t be as idle as a smiling demon!
Responsibility! Since everyone has come together because of him, and since he promised that they would create an era belonging to the gods together, he should shoulder this responsibility.
He pondered for a long time and looked at the smiling demon. "Do you have any regrets about Tianfengmeng?"
The smiling demon shook his head and nodded. "It’s not true at all, but in general, I feel ashamed. Unfortunately, I miss those who fought together under the banner of Tianfengmeng. I forgot to say thank you to them when I left!"
"Tuoba, if a guild wants to climb to the top of the world, it must first have a flag president recognized by the congregation, or believe that there is such a person in the guild to have unparalleled centripetal force. I once believed in Tianfeng League, and millions of congregations pointed out by Jianfeng fought with me, so that the guild was a real samurai! And you are like me. You are a belief in the field of gods. Although you have not reached my height, it is not far away … "
"However, if you get something, you will lose it. The invincible division will collapse with you. After Tuoba, you will go back to my old road, and the gods will sink like Tianfeng League until it is replaced by a new king!"
"No! Even if I am away from the gods, I am still a god! " Ye Feng determined way
"impossible!" The smiling devil smiled indifferently. "You, the master of the gods, can’t have a guild to compete without you, can you?"
"Not bad!"
"It is true that there are many masters of the gods, and there is no guild like to destroy the myth. The gods are bound to be a dominant leader. But have you ever thought that there is no master cloud, which is the dominant factor of the gods-but it is not the most important factor? The so-called belief is that he is the only one who supports a guild. Everyone, such as Optimus Prime, Luoshen, Qingcheng, Tianzong, Silent Lion and Huayu, is a leading master. Maybe you will take the place because you are away from one of them."
"Not bad!" Ye Feng did consider this issue.
"But I can assert that impossible! Take the broken mark as an example. In the mythical era, he was the executive president of Tianfeng League, and his personal strength was very high in the guild, especially his ability to control the field. People in China District can be second to none. After I left with Sunset Snow, he naturally became the leader of Tianfeng League all day. Maybe you don’t know that the overall strength of Tianfeng League was even better than myth, but in the end it was a fiasco. Because I left, my faith was gone, and people’s hearts were scattered. "
"This is the power of faith and the sorrow of a believer. I said that when you leave the gods, you will surely decline! You have to remember that no one can be invincible, including you and me in different times and different kings! If I had not chosen to leave four years ago, I was confident that the Tianfengmeng era would last, but it was only a matter of time before the Tianfengmeng era was subverted. Even if there was no myth, there was no sunset of the gods and snow, it was an accident, but even if there was no accident, I just followed the trend. "
Ye Feng’s eyebrows are slightly locked. "You said that I agree with most of them, but you ignored the power of money. The generous guild benefits can also make a guild have a strong cohesion. The original myth is a good example. As far as I know, Indra was not strong at that time."
Smell speech smile demon sharp eyes looking straight at Ye Feng "do you think I can win in myth?"
Ye Feng can’t help but lag behind the former king. Even the majestic domineering still makes people stare …
Chapter 22 God’s Choice
Ye Feng no longer refutes the idea of smiling devil, but he is still unwilling in his heart. Although he knows that smiling devil is right, he still hopes that the gods will continue to flourish after everyone tries to break this so-called "belief theory"
In the eternal operation period, he hopes that the gods can become the only eternal hegemon!
Is it possible? He has no confidence.
At this time, the smiling devil took out a small cloth bag from his backpack and pushed it to Ye Feng. "You want to regenerate ten crystals. How many do you want?"
"Ten? Are you a local tyrant? " Ye Feng was frightened.
"I am really the biggest local tyrant forever!" The smiling devil is very calm
"I want it!" Ye Feng’s eyes are shining and he is reborn with a crystal, but he can’t get one. He has no place to buy polar crystals if he has money. With these crystals, he can get the phoenix heart and his king Jin Peng can hatch.
"no!" The smiling devil flatly refused to "sell you at most!" "
"Don’t you keep the resurrection flying mount? You don’t need a plane super giant like you. Who dares to provoke you? " Ye Feng’s flattery and good heart-to-heart atmosphere are instantly destroyed.
"At most, one is reserved for Sunset Snow and one for Nuo Nuo."
Nuo Nuo?’ Ye Feng one leng.
"Oh, that kid," Ye Feng suddenly laughed. "Are you really having an affair?"
The smiling devil didn’t lift his eyelids. Since he took out two rebirth crystals in his bag, it means that he is too lazy to answer this question of talking about divination.
"Ten million gold coins!"
“wha?” Ye Feng was furious. "It was agreed earlier that you want to sit on the ground and start with four 3 million?"
"Four is three million, and ten million is the more you buy, the more expensive it is!"
What the hell is this logic?