They met earlier, when he couldn’t see her. She thought she was too young, and then she would stick to him all the time.

Because when I was a child, gentleness was actually very active, and I would chase after it when I liked it.
At that time, it must be hard for her to resist Teng’s heroic spirit.
Suddenly I thought of my brother and Belle. Did they really end up like that?
Gentle is waiting for him in the car. He said he would go back, just wait and wait, and he couldn’t help wondering what he was doing.
Seeing that the weather is going to rain again, he mustn’t get wet.
When she was thinking about Teng Yun, the phone suddenly rang. She glanced at Wen Yi and actually guessed what Wen Yi was going to ask her or picked it up.
"Elder sister, what time do you arrive? Xiaoliang stewed black-bone chicken soup for you? Oh, come here early, "said Wenyi, as she made a hissing gesture with the girl next to her. The warmth immediately dared not come out.
"I’ll be right out of the supermarket" whispered softly, and then my eyes looked out again.
"Is that true? Did you buy us roast duck? Elder sister said that her horse will come. Ha ha, the horse will come. "When Wenyi got excited, she forgot to say goodbye. Holding her mobile phone, she danced and celebrated with warmth.
Excited like a child, Wen Liang came out of the kitchen and saw that it was not very big. In the living room, two women hugged and jumped like children.
Gentleness was noisy by the sound coming out of the mobile phone, and Nai sighed and then dropped the mobile phone to prepare the car.
I just grabbed the handle and tried to hit it when I heard the door being hit from the other side.
The apex swings and then turns to smell a familiar fragrance …
Recommend the end of the article "The Giants Take a New Wife by Flash Marriage". On that day, at the door of the Civil Affairs Bureau, she held a red static in her hand and looked at him far away.
Twenty-three-year-old Zhuo Xing married 29-year-old Fu Zhi, and this commercial flash marriage surprised everyone …
The pain of her first meeting with him is her deepest memory.
In the middle of the night, a calculation created a pair of cute cute bags …
The second time she married him was after giving birth to a baby.
Dark room, narrow bed, he’s overbearing, leaving no room …
☆, 159 personal company
"You just went to buy milk."
"For your honesty."
Gentle with warm milk in his hand and then turned to look at his head, the man raised his hand and patted his hair gently.
It’s still cold in Mao Mao outside.
"Fool, I regard the roast duck chef as an elder, and my husband with such a high value will never compare you together."
Manager Teng …
What’s the feeling of being played?
"To apologize, let me stay and have dinner with you tonight?"
Teng always said when he started the car
Gentle immediately promised to come.
Warm, excited and nervous, Wen Yi has been waiting at the window, almost eager to see them. When their car drove to the building, Wen Yi excitedly shouted that she was coming.

Haven’t come to think much about the huge ice pick, which is directly bombarded by the cover power. The meteor hammer bears the brunt, which is directly knocked off by the ice pick, but the ice pick’s power has not been weakened at all. It is still so forcing people to frown, and the body armor is crazy. At that time, Guanghua General’s defense power has risen to the extreme. This is also a good thing. The sky is slightly more emboldened, and then the arrival of the ice pick is directly to bombard the sky towards the back, and the roots are just unbearable. There was a terrible pain in the’ chest’ mouth. The whole’ chest’ mouth was squeezed and sunken. Fortunately, it had armor defense first, or even it would be nailed to the ground directly by this ice pick. But the strength that armor can bear at this time seems to have reached the limit, but it has a faint trend of going to pieces.

The day after tomorrow, the true balloon with the size of a disk was directly poured out. It was directly bombarded by an ice cone from this side, and it was just a natural blow. It was just that the ice cone was knocked off the sky’ chest’ mouth, and it flew to one side and hit a small hill not far away. It was directly submerged in the mountain and then collapsed. The hill was directly shortened by three or four meters.
The sky vomited one mouthful blood, and then it rushed towards Cather again. At this time, it was already red-eyed, and the whole thing was ready to go all out. At this time, Cather was not much better. Just now, the huge magic consumed his body very much. At this time, it was a weak time, but then another bombardment scared both of them, but one was happy and the other was depressed.
Boom! Once the magic circle of the high-ranking sorcerer outside is bombarded again, it is forbidden to have a protective layer. At this time, it is like being hit hard and the ice is crashing and breaking.
See this wood pass family several high-order wizards at this time is already a burst of smile and refining device of several face’ color’ is ugly to the extreme.
A large number of high-order wizards rushed in and rushed towards the refining institute
Even if you leave a message of * _ *, it will be a success. Please work hard!
[37] massacre
? Banned once broken a large number of high-order wizards like "tide" water poured into the refiner’s ancestral roots, which was unable to resist Cather’s cruel big order.
"Kill one and don’t stay!"
Wizards get orders one by one, and they are even more concerned about the whole refining clan’ door’. At that time, they killed and shouted the big refining clan, but there were more than 20 martial arts strong men who could resist it, and then the wind flying technique could float and fly. Magicians took advantage of all the’ color’ magic, and there was a refining clan whose younger brother fell to the ground and was killed. There was no way to get out of the martial arts strong men’s roots, but they couldn’t touch those magicians. A simple fire dragon technique or a lance attack by magicians was to directly slay one or two younger brothers.
"ah!" Refiners of several King Wu’s strongmen were in a hurry to crack their hands, and they kept getting up and watching their brothers and their families die from the sorcerer’s butcher’s knife. They were all desperate, but the other party kept walking, blocking themselves but refusing to contact themselves, so that their roots could be from exerting their strength and watching their own troops be slaughtered by the other party.
"This is the price you kill my son! Whether you are the murderer of my son or not, you are to blame! " Cather sneered at his son, and he was almost crazy. He vowed to refine the blood of the whole clan’ door’ to pay homage to his son, the little chief of the Mupas family.
"kill!" The sky was red, and the meteor hammer kept flying around him. Some high-ranking wizards unfortunately bumped into his gun. The wizards were weak, and they could bear it. Those wizards who were hit by him didn’t even say a last wish, but they died directly! Both sides are red-eyed, but there is no scruple. Cather is naturally unwilling to lag behind. A lance directly swept through a large number of refiner brothers. Once these refiner brothers were "wave" by the lance storm, they also died beyond recognition.
The two sides are "mixed". Either you die or I die. A magician just burned two refining brothers to death by fire dragon technique, and then his back was also killed by refining brothers. The red-eye brother stabbed a heart-rending show that he could not live, but the refining brothers had not yet come to be glad that he had another weapon directly "inserted" in his heart … It was a desperate play.
The whole refining device Zongzong’s’ door’ is bloody, and it has already been dyed red with S-curve blood. Even the plants inside are covered with blood.
Both sides have their own winners and losers, but it’s doubtful that the refiner is always the case of the refiner. There are many repairs in this fashion, but some of the younger brothers of the fighters in the early Jin Dynasty didn’t even react when they were killed directly, and the high-order wizards of the Mupas family suffered losses. At this time, they are no longer close to the refiner, and Kaiser several people dragged the three of them to make their roots come from the hand.
"You! I swear to god, if I don’t die today, I will destroy you someday. The Mupas family is full of doors! If this oath is willing to soul town in ten hell forever! " Anger, rage, crazy dance, a mouthful of blood gushing out, mumbling something, but actually swearing a blood oath. When the blood oath comes out, his life must be the goal of this oath, vowing to destroy the Manchu of Mupas family.
"You have no chance!" Cather’s eyes’ color’ has also changed. He knows that blood oath is also a blood oath in the West. Once a blood oath is made, it must be irrevocable and it is the most poisonous oath.
With a wave of his magic wand, Kaiser’s hand was condensed by large tracts of red clouds, and then by large tracts of ice arrows. Two kinds of "sex" are mutually exclusive, and in Kaiser’s hand, they actually complement each other and "mix" together and impact towards the sky.
Just now, the magic wand in the hand of the Dark Magic Caregiver was also murmured in Guanghua’s mouth, and the sun was fading rapidly, so it was difficult to’ shoot’ in and then a huge black’ hole’ was formed in the void. In the black’ hole’ with a wave of his wand, there were a large number of white’ color’ skeletons pouring out from the inside, which was actually a magic call. I don’t know where to call these skeletons to help out.
The other two care division also formed a large number of lance meteorites bombarding the refining clan.
With Blue Haizhu, the root of heaven is to be afraid of Kaiser’s fire, but the cloud of fire is mixed with a lance, which makes him have to deal with it carefully. But at this time, he has just made a blood oath, which is fatal. Not only did he not evade it, but he actually rushed directly towards Kaiser. Blue Haizhu formed a huge light group to block the cloud of fire, but he’ shot’ it through the light group every day. He was fearless and evaded the key parts, and the lance crossed his body to get close to Kaiser and gave him a fatal blow.
The weapon kept crossing the sky, and the body endured severe pain and rushed to the front. The whole person became a bloody person from the sky to the outside.
Kaiser root just didn’t expect that the sky was so desperately rushing towards him. He simply forgot to flee. By the time he came to his senses and wanted to flee, it was only three meters away from him. There was no’ flower’ move and no weapon. The sky was just a blow to Kaiser’s chest. Kaiser jumped to avoid the rich combat experience, which made him make a correct judgment and let him escape the important part of the chest. The fist was directly blasted on Kaiser’s shoulder, and the whole shoulder was hit by a steel fist. Head should be broken, blood’ flesh’ fuzzy is almost directly blown off by the blow of the day, holding a magic wand in his hand. One is out of control, and the day is actually picking up Cather’s magic wand without a 56-point thrashing. Holding it with both hands is actually going directly to the knees, and it is actually trying to break Cather’s magic wand directly.
With a crash, the magic wand fell to the sky, and there was a pain in the knee. The magic wand didn’t break.
"Ha ha hubris ACTS you this is a stick? This is a magic blessing made of Cycas, and you want to break it directly. "Cather laughed when he saw this irony, but then he couldn’t laugh when he tried to summon the magic wand. Although the magic wand still listened to his call and wanted to leave the hands of heaven, it was grasped by the sky like iron tongs, and then a crack appeared in his knee again, and the magic wand was broken. The day after tomorrow, it was broken and fell into two pieces, losing its effectiveness.
The sky stared at Cather like a wounded beast, eager to spit out his’ meat’
Cather felt a chill in his heart, and the physical strength of the Eastern fighters was too shocking. The root was not comparable to that of the Western wizards. If it was not for the slight advantage of speed, I was afraid that several of them would have to throw their lives here today.
The sudden outbursts of heaven have made you and the real people in Holland generally angry at this time, just like rushing rivers. they nest’s hand is getting more and more fierce, and he keeps rushing towards the three care teachers. If you want to rein in the western wizards, you can’ force’ them to melee.
At that time, the three care teachers were all in a hurry, taking care of themselves and running around in chaos. These two crazy people sometimes summoned magic to the enemy’s department, and they were stunned by the deadly style of refining.
At this time, the family members of the Mupas clan were almost slaughtered, and the Mupas clan brought more than 70 high-order wizards with about 40 losses. The Mupas clan is worthy of being a hermit sect, although it can be in the middle of combat effectiveness, but its strength is still there to occupy such an advantage. When the overall situation of the Mupas clan strikes, it is even more than half of the casualties. This shows that westerners must deepen their definition of eastern fighters.
High-order wizards have nothing to do after killing people, but they dare not come and help a few care teachers. In fact, they can’t help. They can only increase losses, but they can make things cool.’ Sex’ sets fire to refining devices. Gas fires are everywhere, and they are already surrounded by fires.
A white-haired old man suddenly appeared in the ancestral temple of the refining vessel, shot a magician who was about to light the ancestral temple with a palm, and then drank a lot.
"Ten breath don’t leave the department to die!" Roar with great pressure is specially joined the old soul attack inside log pass family left more than forty wizards department is nose and mouth bleeding on the spot! And Cather and the other three care division also vomited an one mouthful blood in their heads. They looked at each other in amazement and then looked at themselves with high-order wizards. They were all shocked to death by this big drink.
Without hesitation, the big horror in my heart turned and fled far away, and nothing was taken care of. It was rare for me to see you. Suddenly, a mysterious strong man came out and was about to kill him, but he was stopped by the old man’s divine voice.
The white-haired old man’s god’ color’ is mournful and lonely. He looks at the ancestral temple and waits quietly for heaven and others in the ancestral hall.
Even if you leave a message of * _ *, it will be a success. Please work hard!
[3] Medicine store (delivered in the second watch)
? The mighty warrior!
Great prestige shows the identity of the white-haired old man. He is the guardian Xuan of the refining clan. A warrior in the early days of the martial arts chose to stay in the refining clan instead of entering the longevity palace after being invited by the longevity palace. He also didn’t expect that the refining clan actually caused such a big trouble at this critical moment, but he was afraid to make moves easily. Even if the clan came to the longevity palace for instructions, it was necessary to start work when he got the news. When he got back, the clan was already so miserable, except for transferring out in advance.
Xuan’s wrath is to directly solve these high-order wizards. If he hadn’t left, the people in the Palace of Eternal Life wouldn’t have killed those care teachers, or it would have given the West an excuse to wage war. The East side is not ready yet. It’s not appropriate to fight at this time. Xuan is afraid that the four care teachers would have been solved once.
"And you are?" Day three people helped each other into the ancestral temple and looked at the front with a sad face and white hair. The old man in front was surprised and asked, "It’s too much for this old man. It’s just a big drink. It’s a direct shock to more than forty high-order magic teachers and students. Does he already mean the realm of martial arts?" The three people guessed in their hearts, but no one was sure.
"Hey, I am the 17th generation patriarch of the refining clan!" The old man turned around and looked at the ancestral temple. The 17th memorial tablet was engraved with the name of Xuan.
"What? !” The three-person department of Heaven looked at the white-haired old man with a face of shock and an unbelievable expression. According to this algebra, if this old man is really the seventeenth patriarch, wouldn’t it have lived for three or four hundred years?
"Is this a joke?" Lotus scattered first spoke, although the other party saved their lives, but the refiner can’t just trample on it at will.
"Who has time to give you a joke? Haven’t you heard that every major sect has a guardian? I am the guardian of the refining clan! " White-haired old man not anger since wei looked at three majesty said
"Since you are the guardian of the refining clan, why did you watch the refining clan’s younger brother be killed before you shot?" It’s said that there are only three of them left in the whole Sect at this time. The refining clan is bound to be weakened, and it must take a hundred years to develop again.
"You things as simple as that old want to sell is to be able to sell? There are some things you can’t know now, and when you know them later, you will be white, "said the white-haired old man with a sad hand."
"The younger generation paid a visit to the elder", and these three talents believed in Xuan’s words, and each made a ceremony and said.
"All right, don’t stand on ceremony. Go and transfer the Zong you out and the outstanding brother department back to me. No one dares to be presumptuous after I sit in this place!" Xuan waved his hand as if he didn’t care much about these vulgar rituals, and then he ordered the three people to wait for people to be brought to this place. With such a small level of martial arts, the strong are afraid of what day they will feel their shoulders lightly. After all, they can have a backbone after they have a martial arts strong leader.
At this time, the south mountain of Jinling, Chu is already full of excitement. This year, the annual Young Strong Competition will be held here again! All kinds of rare’ medicine’ materials were transported from far away by Chu State to build a competition platform and watch the competition stands. However, this year’s young strong competition is not the same as before. This year’s strength can be said to be far greater than that of the previous one. All the outstanding brothers of the major hidden sects were born and went to the competition, and even the young people in Wuling realm have never been there. This year, because of the outstanding brothers of the major sects, I heard that there are several strong kings of Wu. Although the strength of many sects has not been fully understood, it is obvious to the eye. However, I know that this young strong competition is very interesting, and the organizer of this competition, Chu, has not restricted others from coming in to watch the game. It is not like going to the semi-finals that the family is eligible to come in to watch the game. This time, the grandstand is put for the public and it is very wide. If you can afford it, you can come in.
In this regard, it is to let those rich families who are not strong enough to come in and watch the game. At the moment, there are still nearly half a month before the game. Many outstanding brothers have come here to know some young and powerful people in the contemporary era, but some people have fought, but later they have been reconciled by some older people.
Lin Sheng and Duan Xin stayed in the Lin Fu for a few days and chatted suddenly. Then they also set off with small flowers to Jinling City, which is the most prosperous city in Chu and the whole fairy continent. There is a large population here and a well-developed business. Lin Sheng went to the streets and crowded with people. I wondered secretly when the Northern Zhenghe Huiyang City would be able to reach this prosperous level, even if it was possible to recuperate after a hundred years.
From time to time, there are one or two fighters with long swords or broadswords in the street. These fighters have the root of the martial arts realm at first sight, but they are not qualified to participate in this young strong competition. It seems that they should come to watch the fun. Lin Sheng is holding Duan Xin’s hand and walking on the street. From time to time, Duan Xin is dragging them to buy some gadgets at some stalls.
Suddenly a god swept to Duan Xin oblivious but Lin Sheng is in the mind a surprised.
"Wu Sheng God knows!" Is it the guardian of Liu family that there is a strong warrior in Jinling city? Lin Sheng was amazed in his heart, but the surface remained the same. He didn’t disturb the gods. The gods just stayed in Lin Sheng for a moment and disappeared.
Lin Sheng is lost in thought and secretly thinking that this young strong competition will not be anything unusual. Duan Xin patted Lin Sheng, who was absent, to call Lin Sheng back to God.
"What’s the matter? Elder brother "Duan Xin pull Lin Sheng asked.
"It’s okay, let’s go." Lin Sheng took Duan Xin and walked towards the post to entertain the contestants. The little flower was lying in Duan Xin’s arms and fell asleep. Just now it came to the door of a medicine shop. Suddenly Duan Xin woke up and stared at the big door of the medicine shop. Then he waved his paws at Duan Xin and Lin Sheng and pointed to the medicine.
"hmm? What happened to the little’ flower’? " Duan Xin suspected "confused" and looked at where the little "flower" was jumping around.
"Is it found? Go in and see "Lin Sheng pulling Duan Xin is looking at the" medicine "material shop, and the small" flower "is also sleepy and excited at this time. Where is Lin Sheng’s shoulder atrophy? Others can’t see whether it is a holy dragon or a lovely pet.
It seems that the’ medicine’ material store has been in a state of decay for some years, and the signboard gold-lettered paint has become deformed. At this time, a wooden’ door’ is also tattered. It seems that it is almost across. Looking at this dilapidated sample, Lin Sheng and Duan Xin frowned at the same time, wondering what good things this poor place can have.
Entering the big door is a bright eye. Although it is still very shabby, it is spacious and bright inside. There is a strong’ medicine’ fragrance in the whole’ medicine’ store. Three or two small pages are dot some’ medicine’ materials inside. Lin Sheng looks at Tianqi Gastrodia and Ganoderma lucidum, but they all look like ordinary goods. The’ color’ roots are nothing big.
"Aye, two guests, but what kind of medicine do you want to buy? This is an old shop. It’s all excellent’ medicine’ materials. We have several plants here. I don’t know what the guest officer wants? " The shopkeeper is a little old man with half black hair and half white hair and a small goatee. He looks like a "traitor" and makes both of them very funny. If it weren’t for politeness, they would have laughed.
"Boss, I think you are all ordinary goods’ colors’ here, so you can’t see them." Lin Sheng looked at the ordinary’ medicine’ materials around here and deliberately disdained to say that he was ready to go out. When’ flowers’ came in, he just stared directly at a curtain behind the shopkeeper. It seems that all good things should be in the room behind the shopkeeper.

Everything seems so real and clear except the fact that the body is getting bigger. The ability to control the changes in the whole environment makes Chen Shaobai feel happy and satisfied, and at the same time, it also gives birth to a stronger desire to break through to a higher level.

He knows that he has broken through the most difficult task. He has spent the marrow as clear as frost and as white as snow. It will take another two or three days to rest, and his hands will fade away and his body will adapt to the skills. When the blood is full and rolling like magma, he will completely enter the swordsmen’s realm, and his strength will increase a lot.
But will the python give it to him like a monster? The answer is obviously no.
"Hiss! Go to hell for me! " The black python, which has always dominated the forest, seems to have never been hit so hard that it spits out snake letters and licks up its tail wound. It took two or three breaths before it recovered from the severe pain and roared. It opened its jaws and bit Chen Shaobai at a faster speed than before.
Perhaps it is just a breakthrough in the realm. Before Chen Shaobai J: ng God will, the so-called concise movement of the other party is more rapid and fast, but it seems to be slow in his eyes.
Although it is slow-moving, his body is completely unresponsive, just like the high-level unified with low-level hardware, and the delay is scary.
In the face of each other’s huge mouth rolling and stirring, Chen Shaobai "slowly" stabbed his sword out of his eyes as calm as a lake.
This sword stabbed him, and he didn’t know if he could live, but the other side was bound to die.
He has enough confidence in his killing.
God’s will is like a knife, and no one can measure it. When Chen Shaobai is ready to hand over his life to heaven, he will clean up the whistling from a distance.
"The genie dares to hurt people!"
Then time seemed to freeze, and a girl named Chivalrous Swordsman, a tight girl in dark blue, suddenly appeared, and her figure suddenly flashed on the ground, dragging out a long ghosting image.
If it hadn’t just broken through Chen Shaobai, I’m afraid I would have recognized that a gust of wind had blown.
The girl who came to the front of the black python held a knife in her hand that resembled wood blade and waved it high.
Three-foot-long solidified sword Gang sprayed from wood blade will split the snake head as big as a door panel.
"Just a head of calcined bone peak small demon doesn’t even have a human form, dare to come out and harm people? It seems that the wind state really messed up "girl back wood blade soliloquize.
Snow …
When I was sprayed with scarlet snake blood, the passing speed seemed to suddenly return to normal. Chen Shaobai slowly put Wan into the sheath and handed it to the girl. "Thank you for your help. Although I dare not say that Yongquan will repay Chen Shaobai, I will keep it in mind."
The other party’s strength is beyond Chen Shaobai’s imagination, and in his heart it has become as high as it can be dismantled by hand.
Such scenes say that the girl smiles at her eyebrows, but then she realizes that her performance is really not superior, and then she thinks of some seemingly loyal people she met all the way from Xian Zhou, but in fact jiān deceives the villain. She will immediately face Se Lengsu up "Chen Shaobai? It’s a good name. I just saw what you did to save your heart in a crisis. It’s a pity that your family is excellent, but your talent is too poor, otherwise you can make a difference in kendo. "
The family is ok? Bad talent?
Chen Shaobai looked at the magnificent hilt hanging from the waist and suddenly realized that the latter was not good at boasting in front of the other side’s superb strength, so he asked, "Dare to ask the woman’s name?"
"Zhu Mohan, is it okay if I take this thing?" The girl shook wood blade’s snake head, and the head-sized sarcoma flew into her hand.
"Of course, no problem." The sarcoma is glittering and translucent, emitting a faint light and fragrant. Chen Shaobai will know that it is not a mundane thing at first glance, but if it is not for Zhu Mohan’s hand, whether he is alive or dead is still a question. The answer is simply.
"Playing the piano outside is your sister? Recently, there are monsters in Fengzhou, such as Beads, Calcined Bones and Shapeshift. This snake is a small demon that is equivalent to the peak of a swordsman, but it takes advantage of its unique talent and can do manual work at the beginning of a swordsman’s life. However, there are monsters that are stronger than it in this world. I don’t know how weak you are. Don’t stay too far away from your sister. "
Chen Shaobai some don’t understand each other.
"There must be no chance to see you again today, so I have to wake you up."
"Although it hurts, I still want to say that your soul has made different achievements. The swordsman is almost the limit and is not suitable for repairing swords."
After emphasizing the talent problem again, I wish Mohan didn’t look at Chen Shaobai for half an eye. Her eyes focused on the small white fox and she said with a little sigh and admiration, "There are two kinds of magical powers to find a fox, even if it is ordinary. If you can raise it well, there are not many creatures that can pose a threat to you."
Chen Shaobai, the little guy who clung to his thigh, knew that he had left his eyes and fought bravely. After exchanging pleasantries with the girl, he set about dealing with the huge body of the black python.
Chapter 51 Find Linghu Purple Pupil
The black python was a powerful horse before his death. It must have been the overlord in this mountain forest. The wolf, the tiger and the leopard were as fragile as ants in front of it, but after being beheaded by a sword, its body looked a bit ridiculous.
Chen Shaobai looked down the profile of the snake body and covered it with hard scales. It turned out that the muscles and blood vessels were firm and fine, and there was no bone organ in it. It was like eating sausages at festivals in previous lives.
After everything settled down, he repeatedly confirmed that he was not in danger of life. The little white fox stared at the black python’s body with shining eyes, and flashed away like a red cat. The short limbs seemed to have no restrictions, so he grabbed the snake and wolfed it down.
See it eat so jubilant Chen Shaobai also gave birth to some interest, although the black python can vomit a person’s words, but after all, he won’t produce any evil psychology.
So he picked up a thin crimson snake meat sword and shook it, so he easily drained the blood. The whole snake meat showed a semi-transparent color, and the muscle texture was fine and compact, and it shone brightly in the afterglow of the sunset. People would consciously recognize it as a tonic if they didn’t taste it themselves.
Chen Shaobai picked up this thin snake meat and put it in his mouth.
Zi …
Perhaps because of the loss of vitality, this piece of meat was directly melted by saliva into a fresh juice and slipped into the esophagus without chewing.
Although there is no doping, its taste is extremely fresh, fragrant and salty, and it has never tasted the natural taste. Chen Shaobai blooms in thousands of tongue buds, and Shu Tai closes his eyes unconsciously.
"It seems that the little guy is still a gourmet … if it weren’t for him, I’m afraid there are rare dishes in front of me. I wouldn’t know. Is that what the word" searching for a fox "means?" Maybe it’s just sharing weal and woe, maybe it’s helping yourself to act as a meat pad. Chen Shaobai now looks at the little white fox with more tenderness and less alert.
"Take more home and let Miao Miao taste it."
Stroking the hilt, Chen Shaobai’s wrist, shaking, sword light flying.
Shua shua shua …
Thirty pieces of founder snake meat neatly piled up into a hill in front of us. Chen Shaobai estimated that it weighed about 200 kilograms, but the huge body of black python was nine Niu Yi hairs by comparison.
After peeling the snake skin and wrapping the meat, Chen Shaobai took a deep look at the fox. "Little guy, you are so stupid. How long will it take to remember? Don’t be eaten as food. Let’s see you later."
Although it’s a great price to find Linghu in his childhood, even Zhu Mohan’s kind of behavior is high and high, and the dragon sees the tail and the knight errant is very important to Chen Shaobai, and he knows that it’s huge, but he didn’t want to use this little guy as a tool just now.
Little white fox can live in this dense forest if he doesn’t go deep into Zixiapo, but if he follows him, he will face a lot of cunning humans. For him, the dense forest around Zixiapo is the most stable home, safer and more suitable for growth.
"Meow?" Small white fox yum! Swallow snake meat in his mouth and turn around. Se is puzzled.
"Don’t play dumb with me. The human world is too dangerous. If it’s predestined, we will meet again."
Having said that, Chen Shaobai turned his head and walked away. Fox seems to be a child’s heart. At present, he gave up the idea of following and ate hard.
After a dozen breaths.
The little white fox suddenly sniffled to confirm that Chen Shaobai had gone far, and then his eyes flashed a decisive Se. He suddenly closed his eyes, and a pair of petite J: ng claws spread flat on his chest, gradually floating a little white light, and he didn’t know whether it was released by himself or attracted from heaven and earth.
The white light of the stars condenses into threads, and the white mans gradually escape from its claws and radiate to the python’s body to wrap it.
So a magical scene happened.
The python’s long body stretched for five feet was compressed rapidly in the white light package, but it disappeared after two or three breaths.
Instead, a pearl bead contains a small snake with a head because it is too small to look like an earthworm.
After all this, the original half-inch long wound in the paw of the purple pupil white fox suddenly cracked and extended to more than one inch. The strange white Se blood dripped on the ground and soaked the blue Se pine needles.
The little fox who swallowed the pearl limped on the ground and quickly disappeared into the dense forest.
After it left, the rapid evaporation of white Se blood made Fiona Fang suddenly covered with a layer of frost within ten meters, with a light and sweet taste.
Immersed in the melodious piano, the scenes that happened tonight have been replayed repeatedly in Chen Shaobai’s mind for a long time.
Being able to spit out people’s words and forge bones, the snake demon’s stomach exceeds its own size, and the purple pupil white fox can inspire a three-foot sword with wood blade. The girl swordsman Zhu Mohan is surprising. There are too many things that he needs to digest well and share with his fiancee when he gets back.

"The greed of human nature and the limited resources have finally overwhelmed the planet Hubei, and the resources have almost dried up, and everything has returned to its original state," Kun Jian explained

"The struggle for this limited resource has caused great chaos, right?"
Kunjian nodded. "In order to survive better in this troubled times, martial arts is prevalent again. Our Wulin Sect has also ushered in a blowout development, but the six sects are harsh. Many people choose to join the army and aspire to be the mighty side of the mecha, but some like to steal camp and drill homo habilis to join those small sects without thresholds."
Lei Sheng is worried that "the small sects, three religions and nine streams are mixed, and the more people join in, the more chaotic the sky will be, or the weaker ones will suffer."
Kun Jian said, "I don’t understand these things. I don’t care so much about practicing foreign affairs in my life."
"Every man is responsible for the rise and fall of the sky, but everyone has his own will."
Kun Jian looked at Lei Sheng in astonishment. "I don’t understand a word of what you little guy said."
Well, I can’t help talking a lot today.
Lei Sheng smiled shyly. "I don’t know what I learned in the earth training ground, but I’m very interested in the history of the planet Ersi. Do you have any qualifications in this field?"
"Yes, but are you sure you know that many words?"
I don’t know why your characters are exactly the same as Chinese characters. If these characters are written, of course I know them all, but …
He thought of his age again. "I can ask you if I can’t read, but don’t worry, I know a lot of words earlier. This shouldn’t bother me."
Kun Jian looked at Lei Sheng like a monster. "Well, I’m going to see Master and recommend you to his old man’s house. You have to prepare with me."
Chapter 29
Leisheng nodded his head.
Kunjian left here
After walking for about an hour, Kun Jian turned back and found it. Lei Sheng signaled him to go with himself in Zamabu.
The two men went through the small forest full of buttonwood trees on the mountain to Kunjian, the mountain pass, and took out a warrant to guard their younger brother before they were released.
Winding all the way, the air is more fresh and pleasant, and after three mountain passes, I came to an altitude of 2400 meters and saw a row of magnificent buildings built on the mountain.
Whether to visit the scenery here or not will lead Leisheng to a slant hall.
Through several crescent doors, I came to a small courtyard with a quiet environment. Kun Jian put light steps and gently pushed the door and entered a room.
An old man with white hair and beard sat quietly on the futon and opened his eyes gently without waiting for Kunjiankou to report.
The essence of mans eyes flashed and showed a kind face. After studying Leisheng, he touched his jaw and beard and nodded. "Good indeed, it was a good seedling."
"Would you like to worship my teacher?"
In fact, it doesn’t matter who the teacher is in Wutong. Lei Sheng came here to seek a quiet practice environment. He has practiced martial arts in the divine realm on earth, and he has thoroughly understood the yin and yang forces. He broke through the black hole at the beginning, exhausted what he had learned all his life, not only lost his strength, but also became a baby. Fortunately, his meridians were not damaged, so he can practice martial arts. When the time comes, he will naturally practice again according to the previous method.
Although he is curious about this world martial arts, he doesn’t have to practice this world martial arts.
He doesn’t know and doesn’t care about the status of Kunjian master in the Wutong Sect, but judging from Kunjian people, his master must be no worse.
So Leisheng bowed to the end and said, "Brother Leisheng, meet the master."
"Well … after that, you will be my younger brother who understands the world." People who understand the world raised their hands and gave a virtual hand.
Leisheng straightened up and waited for a question.
The enlightened Taoist looked at his face full of flowers and Lei Sheng couldn’t help asking, "What made his face so dirty?"
Lei Sheng explained, "I don’t know why I can’t get a tan. My skin color is different from everyone else’s. I don’t want to be different and get my face dirty."
The enlightened Taoist laughed. "You’re an interesting kid, and you’re not the only one who has never been to the mountain. Which one is not fair-skinned? You’re not worried that it’s different from everyone, but it’s quite strange that you come from the mountain to get a little tan."
"I’ll personally go to the head teacher younger brother and say that I will bring you this piece of Yu Pei in your name register so that you can prove your identity."
Leisheng took it with both hands.
"Although you have been appointed by me, you are still young and need to learn from your brother Kun Jian."
"brother Bai"
"Well, go to your mountain."
They walked to the mountain in accordance with the words.
However, just out of the Pian Temple, a few people dressed in phoenix tree door ornaments came face to face. A bitter-looking man saw the deliberate avenue after Kunjian. "Hey, who is this? Who is this? I haven’t seen him for a long time. I forgot his name."
People around him burst into laughter.
Kunjian looked at each other with an expression and ignored them, so he took Leisheng away.
It was the other party who wanted to find another project and stretched out his hand and stopped Kun Jian’s way.
Kun Jian glanced at each other coldly. "What do you want to do, Yuduo?"
Yu Duo smiled contemptuously. "This is not to see if you are familiar. Come and see who this acquaintance is. How was your day?"
"What’s it to you?"
Yu Duo stared, "Watch your attitude, you eliminated garbage."
Kun Jian clenched his fist and was about to send Lei Sheng but gently pulled him. "Will fighting here be punished?"
Yu Duo glanced at Lei Sheng. "Who is this dirty little thing? It can’t be your illegitimate child. You didn’t bring him here to make enlightened scholars accept this little disciple. Isn’t that a mess?"
Like seeing the most ridiculous thing in the world, Yu Duo and his companions laughed.
"Do you have any students?" Leisheng suddenly asked
Yu Duo was stunned and suddenly pointed to Kunjian and sneered, "Only a waste like him who can’t get through the seventy-two acupoints can be a teacher. I want students."
Lei Sheng said, "Then you are wrong about a student, that is, a good relationship. As the old saying goes, the waves behind the Yangtze River push the waves before us. We are the phoenix tree school. The foundation is hope, and you will get old. You can’t stay at the top of your game that day."
Yu Duo laughed more after listening to Lei Sheng’s words, and tears almost flowed out. "What waves are there? What are you talking about? I can see that you are just a registered brother of the mountain. You are the foundation of the Wutong Sect. Is it hope? Don’t be ridiculous, okay? People like Kunjian are still rubbish. You don’t even deserve to work for us. You are Kunjian’s teasing. You know that we are boring and sent you to bring us joy. Brother Kunjian has a heart. "
"Laugh as much as you can now, but after laughing, please remember that the Wutong Sect doesn’t depend on your life. My name is Lei Sheng and you’d better remember this name."
Leisheng a serious said
"It’s meaningless to teach them to be brave, to be ashamed and then brave."
What do you mean by that? Everyone present was a little intimidated. They found that the child spoke in a different way.
Kun Jian knew that Lei Sheng was looking for steps for him. He despised a line "Go back and read more if you have no culture."
Say that finish, he flickered past Yu Duo and ran to the mountain with Leisheng.
"Mom, how educated are you?" More than slow lead to god swearing way
Lu Kunjian thanked me for helping me out.
Lei Sheng asked, "They look down on Shanji’s younger brother. Isn’t that how they came?"
Kunjian shook his head. "They were born destined to be Wutong people."

When the female reporter saw that Mu Ming had no chance, she quickly handed it to Gu Jingke with a microphone. "What do you think of this hijacking case?"

What surprised her this time was that the latter still ignored her footsteps and kept walking around in circles. The female reporter was not disappointed and was going to rush in again, but she didn’t know that her peers were more brave than her.
Directly rushed to the front of two police officers to stop him, but before he could say it, he was interrupted by a cold voice. "Pull the cordon immediately, and please stay away from here!"
A police officer immediately evacuated the crowd, but the female reporter was fascinated by Gu Jingke. This man is so individual!
People are also good-looking and cold, but when she sees many men, she is instantly shocked. When she sees her peers with purple eggplant color on her face, she is actually a little happy.
Look, he’s stealing news! Now the Lord hasn’t even given him a chance to speak! Soon the cordon was pulled up and the crowd was evacuated, and the reporters were taken to the outermost floor, and there were some good citizens in front of them.
Mu Ming and Gu Jingke soon found that the parties to the case had no crowd to stop them and saw the situation there.
The hijacker is a man with a slight emaciated height and figure, and his face is sloppy. He is close to the door of a store and aims at the neck of the hijacked person with a dagger.
That’s where the aorta is. If it can’t be treated with a knife, it’s doubtful!
Mu Ming thinks that the hijacked woman is familiar, but she can’t think where she has seen it. Maybe she has met once … Maybe she is too embarrassed at this time to recognize it.
As soon as the man with a gentle spirit saw the police approaching, he immediately became excited, clasping his fingers around the woman’s neck and shaking forward with a dagger. "You should step back quickly!"
"If you don’t step back, I’ll take her with me!" He buckled the dagger to the woman’s neck again without pity.
Mu Ming stayed behind Gu Jingke, and Gu Jingke stayed where he was in order to stabilize the gangster’s mood. He looked at people and sipped his lips. "You can say anything for the hostage."
"Fart joke!" The man laughed and didn’t believe Gu Jingke at all. "Are you so stupid? You say a few words and I’ll believe you? I know that I let this dead woman go, and the only one who gets caught is me! "
Gu Jingke didn’t intend to meet his requirements. Everything was just a delaying tactic, so it can be seen that people were not attracted to give up this trick.
"Do you know her?" If you hijack a person casually in the street, how can a’ dead woman’ call names? If you can say that these two people are familiar with each other.
If so, we can consider whether it is retaliatory hijacking.
"Of course I know this dead woman. If I didn’t know her, I would arrest her!" The sloppy man’s eyes are red and the woman is excited. "Bitch should die!"
"Why should I suffer alone? The root is unfair! " He said that he was unfairly treated. "If it weren’t for this woman, how could I be like this? I would have been …"
Behind the words, he didn’t say regret in his eyes. Looking at the hand, the woman is even more uncomfortable. The hand holding the dagger is also close to the woman’s neck. "It’s all you! If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be like this now! "
"Even if you kill me, you won’t get her, but you will die miserably!" The woman was not afraid to stare at the man and was full of ridicule. "How can you match her now?"
"It’s just a dream!" She smiled at the corners of her mouth. It was very cold. "I tell you that daydreaming like this is best done less, or you won’t know how to die!" "
The man was angered by him, shaking his fingers and barely holding the dagger. Gu Jingke couldn’t hear what the woman said here, but he knew that the woman’s words angered the man, which was very unwise.
His eyes quickly narrowed and his eyes closed. He organized the language and said, "Since we know each other, it’s not good to hide so many misunderstandings."
The man’s eyes looked at Gu Jingke with some sadness. "What’s the misunderstanding! This dead woman hurt me! "
He was so excited that he thought of something. His eyes were so wide that he almost popped out of his eyes. His dagger was close to the woman’s neck, and there was a small blood stain quickly exposed.
This is not sure about the strength! His mind is so messy now that he can’t control himself to walk and move!
"Don’t come here!" He was sloppy and shook a few times, and his body trembled slightly. "Back off, back off!"
At that time, the scene was deadlocked and quickly turned around and picked up the car walkie-talkie and solemnly ordered "snipers to prepare and aim at gangsters!"
There is no need for the police to move snipers until it is necessary. As soon as the snipers leave the gangster’s roots, there will be no way out. One second before hanging up, Mu Ming said, "The snipers are waiting for orders!"
Pinch off the words Muming glanced at Gu Jingke’s situation and finally turned around and waved to the nearest police officer, who immediately ran over. I didn’t expect to be an acquaintance-Wei Xiaoguang.
After saying a few words to him, Wei Xiaoguang immediately turned to the crowd and asked, "Who is the policeman?"
The policeman has never appeared since the police came here. It is impossible that people have already left, and they have to wait until the police come, but now they have not appeared.
At this time, a woman came out of the crowd and raised her hand and said, "I am." This figure is very familiar, as if I had seen it somewhere.
When people approached, Wei Xiaoguang found out that this woman was a witness in that case. It seems that her sister’s name is Xu Jing.
Xu Jing looks as good as jade in a corset, but her face is a little stiff. Bai Muming glanced at her and was surprised. "Is the hijacker your sister Xu Ran?"
Seeing her nod, Muming guessed, "Do you know who the gangster is?"
Xu Jing nodded again. "He is my ex-boyfriend." Speaking of this, Mu Ming understood that at the banquet, Xu Jing regarded her as a bitter altar and poured everything on her.
Now that the boyfriend of the client has come, and one way is to hijack the person Mu Ming’s face and stare at Xu Jing for a while, "Why was Xu Ran hijacked?"
Xu Jing slightly leng leng didn’t expect Muming to respond so quickly that she would ask her about the specific matters. She bowed her head and said, "Little Ran and I walked out from the inside after shopping, and suddenly he rushed out from behind."
"At that time, he directly pushed Xiao Ran with a dagger, and Xiao Ran was hijacked by his dagger when we still didn’t respond." After Xu Jingying was dumb, I quickly called the police. "
"I didn’t expect him to become like this." Xu Jing covered her face. "What should the police officer do now?"
"Didn’t you say that your sister became her girlfriend after you broke up with him?" Muming rubbed his forehead and felt that this emotional thing was complicated and his mind was a little messy.
Xu Jing wiped her tears and looked up. "Xiao Ran broke up with him in a few days. I don’t know what happened to the rest. I broke up with him and I changed everything."
Mu Ming looked at Xu Jing in meditation and turned to look at the stiff atmosphere and frowned. "What’s his name?"
Her sister’s name Mu Ming knew Xu Jing and naturally knew who she was asking. After thinking about it, she honestly confessed "Liu Yu"
Mu Ming glanced at her and turned to walk. "You come with me." Xu Jing was a little nervous. When she walked, her body was shaking. She was brave, but she could see such a thing happen to herself.
She’s still afraid. No way! After all, the feeling of being blackmailed … the feeling that one’s life is in someone else’s hands … is extremely uncomfortable.
Mu Ming winked at Gu Jingke, who turned to look at Xu Jingbai for a few minutes. "Are you going to let her make Liu Yu hostage?"
"Yes" Muming blinked and pursed her lips. "Let her call for another session to calm down." If this method is good for the hostages, the hostages will be in danger if they are not lucky.
How do you know if you don’t try? Snipers have a chance to kill Liu Yu, but in the end, it is not too emotional to understand human life like this.
Xu Jing listened to the conversation between the two people behind her, knowing that she would be refused when she went out to publicize, but she didn’t want her ex-boyfriend to die like this. She raised her steps and took a few steps forward.
After all, she loved him. If he really died like this or Xu Ran was injured, the family might not spare her.
"Sessions I am Xu Jing, and you should remember me." At this time, Xu Jing has reached Gu Jingke’s side, staring at the sessions and trembling is not a performance.

However, except for these two three robberies and scattered immortals, everyone is white. This is just an illusion. Maybe in one sentence, this white boy will suddenly explode and three robberies and scattered immortals will have a big war. After a series of mental devastation, these small sects have a strange feeling about 6 Can. It seems that nothing is surprising in this young man’s life.

"Did you hurt Ding Yin?" There is no anger, curiosity, expectation and a little appreciation in Ding Yuan’s eyes
"Please forgive me for not controlling my strength when I was forced to fight back."
Hearing 6 Can words, the onlookers secretly scold shame because he killed Mo Gucheng and others in front of Ding Yin, and it has always been when he easily attacked people and could not control his strength.
"Dan ding pie? I remember that their leader was just a baby. I didn’t expect this century-old exhibition to be so good. You are very good! " Ding Yuan smiled and praised as if the wounded coma was not his great-grandson, but his great-grandson.
Boss, you have a strange attitude. Do you still have a daughter who is not married? I’m going to say this little brother is owned by a famous grass. Don’t even think about it! "See Ding Yuan more and more strange attitude, without continuing to play directly interposed.
Master Dao knows this little brother? "Ding Yuan one leng didn’t expect Buddhism and the white boy turned out to be familiar with the sample.
"I’m not familiar with Brother 6, but I’m familiar with this wood …" Buddhism is very irresponsible to lead the woman to the Second Sword Emperor.
"I don’t know if the second sword emperor and he are …" Wan Fozong and Emperor Huang Zong actually have and are already brothers, which makes Ding Yuan pause and wonder if 6 Can is suitable for the plan in his heart.
“!” Two precious words spit out two words, but it’s a murderous look. Those brothers who kill the immortal sword are all limp and resist the murderous look in the second place, which makes them consume the real yuan.
When the original suddenly looked at 6 Chan again, there was a little more horror in the eyes. There was no one in the scattered immortals on three continents and six islands who didn’t know the meaning of the word. It was almost a taboo. It can be said that whether it was the Taoist Sect of Louguan or the Sword Sect of Zhuxian, it could be besieged and killed, but it didn’t dare to offend.
Brother, your dream lover seems to have a big background. That Ding Yuan just fluctuated greatly in fairy tales. He seems to be afraid of this name. It seems that you are in trouble after you want it! "Ice debris in ning Haitang is very good.
6 can roll their eyes. It seems that the identity of the fairy is not as simple as that of the emperor, but 6 can is not worried that he has Warcraft skills and modern experience in chasing women, but he doesn’t believe there will be any trouble when he has enough in hand.
Until now, the onlookers just knew each other. Think about just now, echo each other was like two people. Everyone once again cursed the shame of these two people at the bottom of my heart. Ding Yin was stunned in silence for no reason. He was able to make peace with the scattered fairy fearlessly. This 6 Can really didn’t put Ding Yin’s so-called face in the eye.
"Ha ha, Master of Buddhism, Second Sword Emperor, and Six Brothers, let’s talk about it again in the mountains. I’m afraid someone will say that we have no hospitality!" Ding Yuan’s long laugh and two affectionate leads the mountain of Buddhism and Taoism.
On weekdays, several sects have been fighting constantly, but when Huashan Sword Theory is a technical place where all sects coexist peacefully, how much hatred must be put here. This is also one reason why Huashan Sword Theory continues proudly. Such exchanges against the border waters are necessary and have been acquiesced by almost all sects.
However, today, the default rule behind 6 Canshan Mountain is bound to be broken. 6 Canshan will never take the common interests of the three continents and six islands into consideration, and there are birds in three continents and six islands.
As a result, an almost inevitable battle vanished because of the arrival of three robberies and scattered immortals. However, after today, the name of 6 Can of Danding Sect will be as loud as that of Hidden Dragon Disaster. Some people secretly decided to name their future female 6 Can. It seems that with this name, they have human ability.
With the guidance of three robberies and scattered immortals, 6 Can, Shi Dao and others were naturally led all the way smoothly to four quiet houses waiting for Huashan to discuss the sword.
There is also a small episode here, that is, the Second Sword Emperor once had hostility towards Qian Swift, a woman with a similar breath to 6 Can.
Although 6 Can and the fairy may not really have anything, the Second Sword Emperor has regarded 6 Can as a choice for the fairy in the future, and now there is a breath that is flat after the same repair, which makes the quiet two a little annoyed.
And 6 Can’s subsequent explanation is to make the Second Sword Emperor and the Buddhist monk stunned, so that a person can jump directly from the infant period to the early stage of Du Jie and have the same ability as 6 Can. This little brother, who they think is very strange, shocked them again.
I don’t know if it’s because of the requirements of the second species and the attempt of Qian Swift. On the surface, it’s aboveboard, but it’s still my niece’s practice of excluding potential rival in love, which makes the Buddhist monk lament that the world is getting worse and worse.
Of course, the result is naturally that both sides did not try their best, but the second sword emperor won, but the second Buddhism and Taoism were very impressed with the strength of thousands of swift.
After a contest, the Second Sword Emperor and Buddhism gained a better impression of Qian Swift. After knowing her blood feud, Buddhism patted her chest to ensure that this time it would help to kill a few more people. If the people know that these four people are talking about shooting to death in the refined house of the Sword Sect, how many people don’t know what a face it is.
In four people-in fact, six can and Buddhism two people-to discuss a set of plans that are not rigorous, and they are constantly laughing strangely in the refined house where they enjoy it.
"The second sword emperor can be in? Visit Ding Yuan! "
Three days later, a sudden visitor broke the temporary calm of four people.
"Can the Second Sword Emperor move to Paiqian Mountain for a Syria …" This arrival, Ding Yuan is polite and outrageous, and a three-robbery scattered fairy almost pretends to be a junior.
"I said, is there anything wrong with the old man?" Buddhism monk in Ding Yuan love dearly eyes to fill a bowl of Zhu Xian sword sent fairy wine some drunk said.
The original scattered fairy hesitated a glance at the sword in hand and kept silent for two sword emperors.
"Don’t be like a bitch if you have a fart! ) conscience of heaven and earth, this is the explanation of Taoism. The thief said baldly that the old water didn’t do anything. Sisters, if you are angry, draw a circle to curse and explain Taoism! ) "said Buddhism impatiently.
"A man who claimed to be the Lady of the Second Sword Emperor injured several scattered immortals and broke into the mountain gate!" Ding Yuan face a red grind said.
Tao Dengyuan’s eyes were round, his hands were stiff, the wine bowl was tilted, and the drinks poured down his crotch. You Zi was oblivious as if he had heard the most incredible thing of the day.
Chapter 41 Fierce woman
"There’s a lady who calls herself the Second Sword Emperor who is now in Qianshan …" Ding Yuannai repeated it again.
"Ha, ha, ha, laugh me to death. Are you kidding? Second, there will be women who like this wood? Second, they must have made a mistake … "The Buddhist monk laughed and clapped his shoulders and two bloody bodies, and all three sticks could not make a fart to be with him. I have never heard of any woman who dared to get close to the second sword emperor for thousands of years.
Buddhism is so said, but 6 Can has some doubts, because just now, when Ding Yuan said the second sword, Mrs. 6 Can showed that her hands trembled slightly with two swords. It seems that things are not as simple as Buddhism.
The Second Sword Emperor suddenly got up and ignored others and strode toward the outside.
"Can’t be true?" The Buddhist monk was stunned and looked at the quick departure. Second, the color changed behind him, and his body moved quickly. He whispered to his mouth that there was going to be big news! "
"Hehe, let’s go together!" 6 Can ordered Yi and Qian Swift to pull up their bodies and follow.
On the mountain road ahead, the strength of a few people is revealed. The first two are like a black flash, which is thousands of meters away.
Followed by Buddhism, a three-leaf lotus robe floated, but it smelled like a true Buddha. The principle of three robberies and scattered immortals was a bit difficult. Two people’s degrees of Buddhism and Buddhism were beyond his ability, and he could barely follow even if he flew with the sword.
The easiest thing is that 6 Can Qian Swift’s feet are flashing with rolling thunder. It’s like walking leisurely along the way. 6 Can still keeps telling Qian Swift something.
See two people relaxed appearance Ding Yuan sighed again in the heart. If this 6 can is not familiar with the second class, it is really the best candidate for that matter.
What can these monkeys do! Let Xuan Xin, that old bastard, come out to see me! "There are thousands of meters away from Qianshan when a binge drinking makes Ding Yuan look gloomy again.
"This woman is so fierce!" 6 Can is smiling. Since I came to this era, I have seen all women follow certain rules. Even Mo Qingyi can be said to be naughty. It seems that both the fix-up world and the secular world are male society. The appearance of such a fierce woman makes 6 Can remember to cross the former world.
After a huff, it was obvious that the woman’s demands were not met. The reddish light came out from the front, and it seemed that the whole atmosphere was shaking violently.
"Three two robberies and scattered immortals are seriously injured!" At this time, the powerful gods of Ning Haitang can already detect the things ahead. "I didn’t expect it to be her!" Ninghai Tangyin misses "Sister, do you know her?" That won’t do. Is this woman really the second lady? Incredibly, even his sister, who has been trapped for thousands of years, knows such a person.
"This fierce woman, but how did she get together with Er?" Ning Haitang seems to have fallen into some memories and directly looked at 6 can cultures.
But Ninghai Tang’s words still let 6 Can receive some messages, which can be called fierce by Ning Haitang, a woman who once robbed the scattered fairy, and this woman who claims to be the second lady will never be simple.
When 6 can and others came to the scene, the hill was already a mess, and more than a dozen scattered immortals at all levels fell all over the floor, and all the corners of their mouths were obviously badly injured.
A woman with a very high figure is carrying a giant sledgehammer similar to a 6-can mine hammer, and the English eyebrow stands on her hips, and she is furious.
This woman is one meter tall and well-proportioned according to the present standard, and she is not weird because of her high height, and her appearance is quite good and heroic.
"two! Is that why you’re here? !” Seeing the arrival of Er, the woman suddenly became angry, pointing to those who fell to the ground and scattered immortals and asked Er.
Ding Yuan’s face is like the bottom of a black pot. This woman is too fierce. Although Huashan’s sword-protecting mountain array has not started, there is still a strong ban on this mountain peak. Just now, these dozen people, including two three robbers and scattered fairies, formed a large array to trap people. I didn’t expect that I had just left. Not only was the large array broken, but these scattered fairies were also seriously injured.
"hope don’t be ridiculous!" The second sword emperor seems to have never thought that it was really this woman’s face, Chen Shuishui’s face, that was slightly red.
"I’m fooling around? ! Two, you bastard! You came here on our wedding day! Also said that I was fooling around! " Call if female rage will hand hammer hit the top of the mountain, the whole mountain with violent shaking.
When this tough woman said this, including Ding Yuan, everyone was stunned and injured. More than a dozen people were secretly cursing. What are you doing here if you don’t get married? We were so wronged this time.
At ordinary times, the glib words keep explaining the Tao. The master’s eyes are wide open. At the end of Er and Xi Ruo, he says dryly, "Xiao Er, I didn’t even know you were married …"
"Don’t worry about men’s things …" Second, I want to be hard and strong, but I saw that if the murderous eyes were honest, a few mouths finally remained silent.
"You are my second that evil monk Buddhism? !” When I saw Er, I was restrained by myself, and I hoped that the war would be burned to the monk who was staying to explain Taoism.
"The little monk is the Taoist priest …" Buddhism hurriedly put his hands together and was about to preach. Suddenly, the woman came over in vain. The woman charged herself with being a monk, so the big monk Ma had a hard time dealing with such an identity woman, Cong Ru, and he had no experience.
"The Second Sword Emperor, you see this Huashan sword-fighting period …" Ding Yuan coughed out and wanted a statement. Since this woman is really a Second Sword Emperor woman, it seems that this matter can be blackmailed today. After all, it is a taboo to use force in Huashan.
"Dead old man! Second, I didn’t get married because of this damn Huashan sword theory. In this case, I will tear down this immortal sword school and ruin Huashan sword theory here! "
If Mr Voice down a hammer in his hand toward Ding Yuan head stung.
Ding Yuan never dreamed that he stabbed a hornet’s nest andao without saying a word, just like flicker to avoid such a huge magic weapon-flying sword root method.
But he was horrified that the sledgehammer seemed to have some kind of posture, and it was difficult for him to move his strength, so he could watch the sledgehammer enlarge in his eyes and look pale.

"Well, I’ve finally said something over the years." Professor Yuan nodded his head.

"We are not as gentle as you, but we don’t blame her. It’s all my fault. I let my daughter carry it when she is so young. Everyone blames her for being busy with work all day but neglecting what some girls should learn." Yan said here and blamed herself.
Gentleness can’t help but grab mom’s hand. Mom, don’t say that.
"That said, in fact, I think I am the biggest responsibility here. I have been teaching her how to be a housewife for so many years, but you can rest assured that my cooking is still good."
As he spoke, his lips spread warm and complacent.
Gentle stopped talking. He said that as if he had been training her on purpose all these years.
"Did you see her as soon as you entered the company?" Professor Teng plays jokes on children.
"Actually, it was earlier," he said with a smile, which seemed perfunctory and-
Gentle can’t help but look up at him and see his eyes shining with light.
Yan and Professor Yuan also looked at each other as if they were silently reaching some kind of tacit understanding.
But he remained silent, as if he were just saying that by Professor Teng.
Later, it was only after ten o’clock that the three of us dispersed. On the first floor, we gently grabbed Yan immediately. Why don’t I go home with you?
"No, you’re pregnant now. Just take care of yourself. Go home with your husband. Don’t let him worry about you." Yan said with a powerful look at her daughter.
I know what my mother means gently, but I can’t help but feel a little nervous after watching my mother get into the car.
That’s it? Just go back with him?
He looked at her embarrassed back behind her. Is she unwilling to be alone with him or afraid to be with him?
Are these years too strong?
So she is so difficult to get close to him now?
It’s dark and windy at night, and it seems that she doesn’t even want to look back.
And the man’s tall and straight figure is slowly approaching behind her, with his hands still in his pants pockets, and his long legs are getting closer and closer to her until finally he touches her heel at the tip of his leather shoes behind her.
Gentle low head sharp move.
Because Di Xin’s long shadow covered her, because the wind suddenly disappeared in her head.
He gave a long sigh. Otherwise, where shall I send you to Yunxiang?
Teng always slightly narrowing her eyes casually said a.
There was a flash of cool breeze in my gentle heart, and I didn’t turn my head to say yes
TengYun low eyes looked at her head and raised my hand in the face force knocked a dream about you?
Gentleness only covered her head and looked up at him. "You said you were going to send me to Yunxiang!"
"Ok, I’ll take you there!" He said without looking at her, holding her hand and taking it to the car.
"Hey, I’m pregnant now."
"Now I know how to blackmail me!" Teng always pushed her into the car and forced the door to dare to blackmail him. Good war.
Gentle ears were almost deafened and dare not speak again, because Teng always just said that it was a high note. He didn’t seem angry, but gentle already felt that his bones were cold all over.
Of course, the car will not go to a bar all the way, but their temporary residence is also their new home
Gentle suddenly remembered what happened after he got drunk last night. You said you would send me to Yunxiang.
The sound is so small that she can know it herself.
"Didn’t you hear me when I said you were dreaming?" He turned and glanced at her, and then continued to drive.
General manager Teng is a bit of a turnabout tonight. He turned gently to see him. Apart from the big problems in the company over the years, he will scold her and give her a face. It is really rare to argue with her.
And when she almost married Puyang Ruifeng, he also argued with her.
But today …
She was a little reluctant when she got on the bus. He went to hit the door and didn’t look at her. Please, Mrs. Teng!
Gentle forced car is forced.
After returning home, the gentle feeling is that a layer of haze hangs over his head, and General Teng throws the key into the sofa.
Gentle, don’t talk, follow your husband upstairs
In my heart, I can’t help but think that I still seem to love him with my elders, but now it seems that she owes him a lot of money.

Whoosh ~ ~ is the blink of an eye Li Feiyang has rushed to Yu Gong Fang and then jumped high and Lei Jian stabbed Yu Gong all over.

~ ~ Li Feiyang, it doesn’t matter. This channeling immediately provoked an exclamation. This guy’s degree … It’s terrible.
Yu Gong was also startled by Li Feiyang’s degree, but he didn’t react slowly. The jade fan instantly protected his body and his predecessor, Qi, and a cloud of white light had appeared in his hand.
Li Feiyang’s sword cut in the jade fan immediately broke into a burst of gold and jade, and the jade fan came over and laughed. "So that’s it … I want to win by degrees, but your mana is too low! ! Look at it … impossible! "
Jade Gonghua didn’t say that finish, but suddenly he felt a sharp pain in his abdomen, and then he saw Li Feiyang’s left hand shaking several gorgeous golden lights and easily penetrating the jade fan and hitting him in the body.
Jade male body really yuan disorder immediately before he made any response Li Feiyang hands thunder Excalibur sideways crazy split a then spin a week from the split in the face.
Pa ~ ~ A blue sword mans severely penetrated the jade fan and cut it in the jade male body.
Jade male body was immediately wrapped in blue flow and paralyzed, but his eyes were full of horror and hard to look. As a result, Li Feiyang’s sword turned around and it was the same sword!
Pa ~ ~ a sword with mans also hit the jade male body is the second and third …
Poof ~ ~! Yu Gong poured blood out. He urged the jade fan to protect his body, only to see Li Feiyang throwing a golden light at him and then squeezing his right hand horizontally!
Ka Cha Cha Cha ~ ~ Lei Feng vented his anger on Yu Gong … To be continued.
Chapter 9 Death Fight
The fate of Chapter 9 Fight to the death
Gong finally blew up the new fast novel Qi★ Li Feiyang worried that Guo had released three five-thunder spells in a row, and directly chopped Yu Gong into dust. The only thing left was the jade fan.
Li Feiyang walked out of the ring and went straight to the front of the jade fan to pick it up, and then walked back to Taiwan with a jade fan Shi Shiran.
"Li Fei, the brother of the five elements, asked Tiantong for advice!" Look at Li Feiyang. It seems that he is going to keep rolling in this ring.
Wow ~ ~ the square brake was in chaos, noise and amazement. Only then did people recover from the scene just now, and the famous Yu Gong died like this? ! So … So easily killed by a repairman who seems to have a fusion period?
Just now, Yu Gong was in the ring, and that was when the young Junjie was waiting for the prestige day. One person was his opponent, and one person was required for three strokes … Li Feiyang … but it was also rare to kill Yu Gong! Moreover, it’s really a pity that the technique is varied and the means are sharp and quick! !
At that time, everyone looked at Li Feiyang’s eyes and became full of awe.
Jean Wan Ding looked at Li Feiyang’s eyes full of complexity and a little inexplicably moved. I don’t know what. She quietly looked at Mu Zhuoqing behind her. At the moment, she was looking at Li Feiyang with deep affection and worship …
Jean Wan shook her head as if to throw something out and sat down silently.
Xiao injury happened to look at the expression of Jean Yue Wan’s expression in his eyes. He pondered and smiled.
Jian Gong and Jiu Gong looked at Li Feiyang slowly, and there was a scorching light in their eyes.
Fighting spirit!
The outstanding practitioners, especially the young generation, are all arrogant, and the three of them will come here today to defend themselves in the ring to deal with Godsworn Tian because Wu Yue has already visited them one by one and made a bet to decide the outcome.
Three people all lost to Wu Cangyue, who was willing to come here to keep it. However, the young monk’s department was defeated, and the position of this collar was given to Wu Cang Yue. Of course, if possible, they also lost to Wu Cang Yue in front of the Ministry of Heaven and Man, so he could be all the people.
The three of them lost to Wu Cang Yue and did such a thing. Although they were willing to lose the bet, they felt very unhappy. The day before, Wu Cang Yue was the only one who could win them, but they didn’t expect the public to be killed by this unknown Li Feiyang!
What’s even more exaggerated is that this person who seems to have a fusion period and doesn’t even have the ability to fly, but can exert such a tough skill, must be not simple.
Aggressive in the hearts of wine and sword, the two men looked at each other and were planning to challenge before, but they saw Wu Cang Yue jump up and step on a golden sword whistling towards this side, and the sword awn was as dazzling as a horse.
"Wu Cangyue, the younger brother of Taiyimen, came to teach Master Li a brilliant move!" Wu Cangyue’s breath is like spring thunder blooming in Chongxuan Temple, and the echo is endless. Not only the young monks, but also the heads of various factions are furious and discolored, so the repair is too strong!
Li Feiyang looked coldly at Wu Cangyue while he was waiting to speak, but he heard Wu Cang Yue Lang say, "In front of so many fellow practitioners, you agreed to stop at once but killed Yu Gong Li Feiyang without mercy. Can you make friends with heaven and man?"
Li Feiyang one leng knot Wu Cang Yue continued, "I don’t want to make moves, but if you are not punished for killing people, then justice is in people’s hearts?" Li Feiyang, if you still have the consciousness of the yogi, waste it yourself. It’s not difficult for me to ask you. "
"Are you blind? Why should I kill Yu Gong? Pretend your mother is fair? " Li Feiyang cursed and immediately provoked a burst of laughter from all the monks present, but even so, many people spoke for Li Feiyang.
"Brother Wu, this younger brother is trying to avenge his elder sister. That jade male and frivolous female brother really went too far."
"Yes, if there weren’t so many people at the meeting, if he dared to do so, he would have been killed by his predecessors." "Although it is said that" point to stop ",I think this jade man has gone too far …" "Just forget it …"
Li Feiyang looked at Wu Cangyue with a sneer, and listened to the people’s discussion about Wu Cang Yue’s complexion. He still said that there was a reason for this, but there was one more thing but he didn’t say it! "
Wu Cangyue turned around and saluted Taiyimen’s direction, saying, "Today, my brother wants to do justice for heaven, except for the evil of this Uber collusion, please allow him."
Hear Wu Cang Yue said that the presence of the monks is a big surprise.
And? Li Feiyang? Collaborate with evil?
Taoist Tianfeng replied, "So?"
Wu Cangyue said, "That’s the way it is …" He told the story of Li Feiyang, who lived in Lu Yu in the Five Elements as usual with Yin, but it was hidden. Yin wanted to rob Jingjunbao as usual, which means that Li Feiyang colluded with Uber and almost killed both of them.
"Is there such a thing?" "No, the yogi colluded with the uber. Doesn’t he care about his legacy?" "Don’t blame this small integration period for being so severe, it must be the uber’s evil method …" At that time, some people scolded Li Feiyang, others were deeply puzzled when he spoke, but the theory of Wu Cang Yue’s eyes has reached his twice, and he has won a lot of people’s favor righteously.
"Wu Shaoxia is really righteous and worthy of being a brother sent by a noble family." "Yes, yes, Taimen is Taiyi | admirable … Is this Wu Cang Yue Li Feiyang’s opponent?" "What are you? What he said just now is absolutely not up to the standard without then. I guess it’s even worse … "
"Is there such a thing?" Taoist Tianfeng exclaimed in the distance and asked, "Dear Master, am I telling the truth?"
Dear up light way "half is true and half is false"
How to say it? "road flyover tianfeng asked.
"I’m really colluding with several goblins … but he didn’t hurt one person. This essence didn’t help two demons to behead another Uber …" Dear first told Li Yang about killing Hou unbeaten with Baixiang and Yuankite, but he didn’t know that Li Feiyang didn’t tell the truth. No one except a few of them knew that Hou unbeaten was a Millennium repair … but it was too shocking. Li Feiyang certainly wouldn’t be stupid enough to let people know.
Dear, after saying these things, I told you what happened when Yin coveted Jingjunbao Bow as usual and then clashed with them.
The yogi present suddenly exclaimed again.
Many sect leaders have frowned. They obviously want to know more about it. Road flyover Tianfeng, who has been living for so long, absolutely can’t be unaware of the truth. Then at the moment, he still pretends not to know and ask and answer … There is something wrong with it … It seems that Road flyover Tianfeng and Road flyover Tianfeng are not easy to deal with.
Dear voice as usual, I immediately dismissed it. Just now, I was kind like an old friend catching up, but now it’s like a needle in the mouth.
More importantly, if you say yes, isn’t this too much as usual?
Road flyover Tianfeng replied with a smile, "Dear Leader, don’t worry about protecting Yin, and don’t get angry. It’s been so long and other witnesses are present. I can’t tell for sure that the five elements of ancestors have misbehaved. Dear Leader said that there is no evidence … On the other hand, how can I covet a magic weapon without a magic weapon? Hehe … Tell me more. Since the disciples are going to challenge your brother, I think young people can solve it themselves. What do you think of your brother? "
"Master, please allow me to live and die with Brother Wu. He slandered me. I can’t just give up." Dear Li Feiyang said before he spoke, but his eyes flashed clean. Well, the five elements of Zongdi heard that Li Feiyang was killed by Wu Cang Yue. Others didn’t seek revenge and offenders were dealt with by the door rules! "
As soon as I was amazed at the practice, I heard Taoist Tianfeng say, "My brother also listened to me and ordered that if Wu Cangyue was killed by Li Feiyang, others would not seek revenge and offenders would be expelled from Taiyi!"

"Brother Hai, take care. We have to meet the others first." Xiao Wen came to Hainong and bowed his hand to Hainong.

Hainong looked at Xiao Wen’s navy armor, which was better than his trident, and everything was white. Xiao Wen got the ocean heart …
But it’s too late to say anything at this time. Before Xiao Wen got the heart of the sea, he could easily kill Xiao Wen in the temple of the sea. Now it’s over …
He was just feeling that greed in his heart was not so strong that he smiled at Xiao Wen and said, "Take care."
Xiao Wen nodded and quickly let 90,000 return to the blood mark. He took the blue breath and captured Nan Yunqing’s four people and sesame gall. First, they flew to the old turtle and the old turtle said goodbye and then rushed away.
He wasn’t surprised that Sesame Gallbladder could get a water barrier, because the old turtle had already woken him up, but at this time he was really afraid to touch Sesame Gallbladder, because there was a bullet outside that little thing, and all the water barriers …
The sea temple layer is forbidden to block in and not to block out Xiao Wen. It is easy to go outside with four people, but the speed is much faster than when he flies alone before he gets the sea heart!
At this time, his realm has not risen to such a speed by that set of navy armor!
To some extent, that suit of navy armor is actually a part of the ocean heart. It is because of him that he has so many abilities in the blue breath of the sea temple!
Just after more than ten interest rates, Xiao Wen stopped at the side of two people with all the people, and they suddenly appeared to show that the two people were startled.
Zhou Heng and Gu Miaoxin fell to Brother Xinghai.
After taking two people, Xiao Wen rushed out again at such a fast speed that he didn’t take the wrong path and found another wave of people who fell into Xinghai.
After repeated five times, Xiao Wen finally rushed to the six monks in the Maha Monastery, so don’t fall alone in the sea temple.
Everyone has realized that Xiao Wen is afraid that he has mastered some similar virtual world observation method. Otherwise, how could he gather his own monks scattered in the Sea Temple so quickly and accurately?
At this time, the sea temple finally lit up with colorful lights, and all the scenery in the eyes of everyone had a feeling of being near and far away.
After the roar, the whole world suddenly became one!
The Thousand Caspian Sea Temple in Fiona Fang suddenly disappeared, leaving blue sky, white clouds and blue sea, as well as many Gods and Gods.
The Godsworn brothers had already tied up and formed a big sphere, but Xiao asked them that they were not in the center of the sphere, but in the north position of the spherical encirclement.
It’s enough for so many Gods to wage a world war, which really makes people feel suffocated.
It is no wonder that the alliance of gods and gods can unify the celestial world. In the face of such a big force, there is no power to be qualified to challenge.
Then there’s nothing to kill!
Every time I go to the Sea Temple, Brother Xinghai will certainly be killed or injured before entering the temple, and several people will be left behind after the Sea Temple disappears.
What the World God Union has done is just routine.
Then he caught everyone Xiao Wen growling a pair of arms as if he were showing his strength to the sky.
At the same time, his navy armor has a deep and remote blue breath, and he rushed out wildly, and in an instant, it was already full of Fiona Fang thousands of miles away!
The blue breath in the temple of the sea, the blue breath in the temple of the sea, is generally ready to teleport. The monks all recognized this because they didn’t teleport out …
If you can’t teleport, you can rely on the flying world. The Godsworn didn’t hesitate to rush immediately!
Monks in the Maha Monastery were still preparing to help Xiao Wen defend, but when they saw Xiao Wen’s arms stretched out at his side, his palms were holding the blue breath 20 feet away, and he quickly turned clockwise, turning faster and faster, and an impenetrable defense ball was formed in an instant!
The blue defensive ball is spinning at a high speed, which is even very frightening. It sounds like there are several knives spinning around the crowd.
Once again, Xiao Wen, with all the people, rushed forward to the blue defense ball and still protected them tightly.
Just after two interest rates, the right side finally has the first attack!
That’s a red Se fairy sword, and it was directly cut in the blue defense ball!
"Woof, woof, woof …"
As soon as the red Se Xianjian touched the defensive ball, it was hit by the defensive ball, and at the moment of collision, the rotating force of the defensive ball had been applied to the red Se Xianjian, and the red Se Xianjian flew out in the name of turning.
The second attack and the third attack!
But there is no difference between those attacks that are either scattered or flying!
Soon the deep and remote blue defense ball has rushed into the crowd and landed on the surface, and there are more attacks. The deep and remote blue defense ball has not slowed down at all, and it has not even shaken its surface. Even if those colorful lights almost cover up its body, Se is still unstoppable towards the north!
Breakthrough and then breakthrough …
Suddenly surprised all the monks in the human world, and the blue defense ball was instantly blown away!
But there’s no one inside!
Xiao Wen has rushed north enough distance to throw the defensive ball directly and teleport out with everyone!
When he reappeared, he and Brother Xing Hai were already outside the encirclement!
In the deep and remote blue breath, Xiao Wen’s escape speed is amazing, and in a blink of an eye, all the monks in the world will disappear into the sky!
At this time, everyone has doubts in their hearts, including Xiao asking himself to be continued.
Chapter five hundred The Temple
There were 19 people who fell into Xinghai and went to the Sea Temple, but in the end, 15 people went back through the array. The other four people were killed on the spot by the Godsworn, but luckily the Godsworn saw it with his own eyes.
It’s nothing to die a fairy king, but every time a monk dies in this realm, it will cause a shock because there are too few fairy kings in Xinghai.
Although this result was expected before departure, it was still very heavy after coming back, so Nan Yunqing and others were able to make the gains of this trip public immediately, and those hard and precious materials could greatly fall into the Xinghai practice conditions, which finally made people feel better.
Then the people recovered and practiced for a while, and settled down temporarily.
Yu Xiao asked him to shock everyone. He had already been digested by everyone on his way back, but he didn’t have a reason to fall back to Xinghai. Until now, Xiao asked what was going on. He wanted to find out thoroughly first.
This afternoon, Xiao asked, sitting cross-legged on the bed, his mind gradually returned to the moment when he just got the ocean heart.
There is no doubt that he was experiencing the dual evolution of J and NG God’s body at the beginning, but he could concentrate on the same thing at other times because of the impact of both aspects. In that whole process, he was more focused on J and NG God.

Seeing that the other four people still have doubts, Dream Liuli explained, "The patrol master the propeller rhythm much better than Windrunner. In many places, the patrol did not need the propeller, but the patrol drove Windrunner to a state where it was necessary to continuously make the propeller state, and then at that moment, the patrol still had the ability to jump, but Windrunner evaded because the propeller was turned off."

Wang Tianping nodded and said, "Dream glass analysis is good. I deliberately created a propeller for the parade, and Windrunner finished the flameout opportunity and then instantly jumped to expose Windrunner to fire at that moment. This is what I told you before. Propeller makes the rhythm respond."
If they think, they bowed their heads and thought for a moment. Just now, the whole action of the patrolman was not going to sacrifice himself in exchange for the opportunity to attack, nor was he going to fight Windrunner with the help of the patrolman. What he has been doing is to make the propeller shorter than Windrunner every time.
It may take less than a second each time, but after going back and forth so many times, the patrolman has enough chance to support a jump, but Windrunner turned off the propeller because of overheating to control the patrolman to leave the line
After carefully recalling the whole process, everyone had a little intuitive understanding of Wang Tianping’s real strength. To be honest, although Wang Tianping had a war experience before, Wang Tianping not only showed more flexibility in manipulating the mecha, but also showed great brilliance in tactical play, which made everyone have Wang Tianping’s illusion. Now, I can’t see the bottom of Wang Tianping’s strength.
Everyone is dreaming that coloured glaze suddenly said to Wang Tianping as if remembering something. "Right, right, I just wanted to ask you. You just saw the BOSS mecha and recognized it as Windrunner at a glance, and it seems that you are very familiar with the properties of Windrunner. Where do you see it?"
Wang Tianping left a drop of sweat on his forehead and has a future soul. He knows all the data of prototype armor and derivative mecha, and naturally knows these methods of methyl warfare very well, so that he can deal with them by corresponding tactics. But how should I say these?
Wang Tianping casually said, "I can’t remember official website."
Dream coloured glaze immediately said, "official website hasn’t come to these derivative mecha until the rank of master sergeant, and official website has also come to all kinds of prototype mecha, but what’s the name, shape, performance and so on are all silent."
Wang Tianping explained, "If it weren’t for official website dialect or when I was in the army, the military department could still find many things that were not in the public network."
Although it’s not a perfect explanation, the dream coloured glaze can’t find any flaw for the time being to let Wang Tianping go without asking, and Wang Tianping also breathed a sigh of relief and hurriedly changed the topic and said, "This problem is here while a large number of new enemies have not been refreshed. Hurry up and pick up the battle benefits. Whoever picks it up is who."
After that, I didn’t wait for others to respond. I rushed to the core device, central processing unit, soldiers’ dog tags and so on in the most central area of the battlefield. Although they were all small things, it is still necessary to collect them at this stage and then exchange them for repairs.
Seeing Wang Tianping’s first step, the rest of the people are not willing to lag behind. They are busy with the enemy wreckage. After being picked up because of the war, the wreckage will soon be brushed off, and it won’t be long before the ground is like being cleaned again.
At this moment, Blackie suddenly asked, "Brother Wang, I picked up something called a technology chip in Zhanli. What is it?"
When Wang Tianping heard the science and technology chip, he immediately came to the spirit. He also got lucky at the first time and picked up one. Besides, he has never seen it again. Surely those military pilots also have some.
He immediately said, "That’s a good thing. Look at what attributes it is and whether you guys have found this thing." Others hurriedly hit the object bar, but in the end, Doudou loves Tintin and found one.
Xiaohe looked at the properties and said, "I have alloy combat knives to increase durability." Doug Aiding also finished checking and said, "I have the armor-piercing effect of laser combat rifles." Wang Tianping thought for a moment and said, "I have a shield durability here. Let’s change it for the three of us."
The two men immediately understood what he meant. The patrolman had a small shield, and it was better for Wang Tianping to avoid the Lord and increase the durability of the shield. Doudou loved Tintin’s marksmanship less than Xiaohe’s, and when he was a shield, he wore more armor for the pursuers, which helped Xiaohe to kill the enemy in the battlefield. Finally, the durability of alloy combat knives was of course reserved for Wang Tianping, the strongest in melee.
After some exchange, all three people got the most suitable things, naturally they were in high spirits, while the other three were jealous and couldn’t wait to kill the refreshed enemy again.
Chapter 24 Hide
Wang Tianping, who got the right technology chip and hit his own property column, was also very excited when he looked at lying there and increasing the durability of alloy combat knives by 5 points. At this moment, he suddenly remembered that there was another thing that he had just picked up with the property.
When I turned my head, I saw that it was a device, which was almost the same as the one he picked up in the front mate and recorded with audio. It showed that it was "Karl’s last words"
Wang Tianping played team sharing and then motioned for everyone to be quiet. Then the screen was still a piece of audio. "My name is Carl, the former major of the Federal Army and the captain of the Fifth Mechanized Hunting Brigade directly under the Hengzhou Military Region. From the day I fled with my brothers, I knew that one day I would be wiped out by my former comrades, but there were some words I wanted to kill my comrades and listen to."
"First of all, I want to say don’t trust Zhang Linlin, the war adviser of Hengzhou Department. Although there is not much strong evidence, I believe that she is an imperial spy. She is very careful about her traces. I didn’t grasp the very certain handle."
"She is responsible for the distribution of independent forces, but in order to weaken the federal combat effectiveness, she downgraded all levels except D and then distributed them to independent forces, which means that all independent forces can receive their own level, so that the death rate of independent forces remains high."
"She also took advantage of her position to steal many military secrets from Hengzhou Military Region, which made Hengzhou’s supply route to Hong Kong frequently harassed by imperial infiltration forces. I was aware of all this, but just as my horse was trying to find more evidence, she suddenly took out evidence and accused me and my brigade of selling arms and stealing military supplies."
"At that time, I knew that there was a traitor in my team. He forged the criminal evidence of me and my brigade for his own identity. I was hard to argue and fled. After sacrificing many brothers, we finally came to this wilderness."
"You can beat us and say that you have great strength. Presumably, this will be rated as A in Zhang Linlin, but you have completed the actual difficulty in A-level psychological preparation, and S-level also said that your adaptability is good, so I can give you the rest."
At the end of the audio, there are some communication records, photos, recordings and records of independent forces in the receiver, which are obviously the evidence mentioned in the audio. At this time, the unified display rings in everyone’s ears, "You triggered the hidden’ spy case’, and the reception of your bank will have different effects on the completion direction."
Hide! Wang Tianping had to sigh that he was so lucky that he had to have keys to open and hide, and the probability of these things falling was very low. The first time he was a squad, he actually dropped the hidden keys.
However, after reading the theory of concealment, everyone felt quite troublesome, because this concealment involved the release of Zhang Linlin’s attitude towards Zhang Linlin, which decided the direction.
You can choose to go back to me and get a reward as if nothing had happened, and then continue to pick up new ones. However, if you hide it, it will end before and there will be no reward. You can also choose to hand over the evidence directly to Zhang Linlin and get an extra reward from Zhang Linlin.
Of course, the best reward is not to turn in the spy case for a while and then find the corresponding NPC to receive the reward.
What should I do? Of course, Wang Tianping is willing to choose the most complicated solution, so the reward will be very rich when it is completed. Maybe there are other rare things obtained in ordinary China and France, but spy cases? This is really out of his hunting range
Then dream coloured glaze said excitedly "spy case! Just leave it to me. "