They met earlier, when he couldn’t see her. She thought she was too young, and then she would stick to him all the time.

Because when I was a child, gentleness was actually very active, and I would chase after it when I liked it.
At that time, it must be hard for her to resist Teng’s heroic spirit.
Suddenly I thought of my brother and Belle. Did they really end up like that?
Gentle is waiting for him in the car. He said he would go back, just wait and wait, and he couldn’t help wondering what he was doing.
Seeing that the weather is going to rain again, he mustn’t get wet.
When she was thinking about Teng Yun, the phone suddenly rang. She glanced at Wen Yi and actually guessed what Wen Yi was going to ask her or picked it up.
"Elder sister, what time do you arrive? Xiaoliang stewed black-bone chicken soup for you? Oh, come here early, "said Wenyi, as she made a hissing gesture with the girl next to her. The warmth immediately dared not come out.
"I’ll be right out of the supermarket" whispered softly, and then my eyes looked out again.
"Is that true? Did you buy us roast duck? Elder sister said that her horse will come. Ha ha, the horse will come. "When Wenyi got excited, she forgot to say goodbye. Holding her mobile phone, she danced and celebrated with warmth.
Excited like a child, Wen Liang came out of the kitchen and saw that it was not very big. In the living room, two women hugged and jumped like children.
Gentleness was noisy by the sound coming out of the mobile phone, and Nai sighed and then dropped the mobile phone to prepare the car.
I just grabbed the handle and tried to hit it when I heard the door being hit from the other side.
The apex swings and then turns to smell a familiar fragrance …
Recommend the end of the article "The Giants Take a New Wife by Flash Marriage". On that day, at the door of the Civil Affairs Bureau, she held a red static in her hand and looked at him far away.
Twenty-three-year-old Zhuo Xing married 29-year-old Fu Zhi, and this commercial flash marriage surprised everyone …
The pain of her first meeting with him is her deepest memory.
In the middle of the night, a calculation created a pair of cute cute bags …
The second time she married him was after giving birth to a baby.
Dark room, narrow bed, he’s overbearing, leaving no room …
☆, 159 personal company
"You just went to buy milk."
"For your honesty."
Gentle with warm milk in his hand and then turned to look at his head, the man raised his hand and patted his hair gently.
It’s still cold in Mao Mao outside.
"Fool, I regard the roast duck chef as an elder, and my husband with such a high value will never compare you together."
Manager Teng …
What’s the feeling of being played?
"To apologize, let me stay and have dinner with you tonight?"
Teng always said when he started the car
Gentle immediately promised to come.
Warm, excited and nervous, Wen Yi has been waiting at the window, almost eager to see them. When their car drove to the building, Wen Yi excitedly shouted that she was coming.

"The greed of human nature and the limited resources have finally overwhelmed the planet Hubei, and the resources have almost dried up, and everything has returned to its original state," Kun Jian explained

"The struggle for this limited resource has caused great chaos, right?"
Kunjian nodded. "In order to survive better in this troubled times, martial arts is prevalent again. Our Wulin Sect has also ushered in a blowout development, but the six sects are harsh. Many people choose to join the army and aspire to be the mighty side of the mecha, but some like to steal camp and drill homo habilis to join those small sects without thresholds."
Lei Sheng is worried that "the small sects, three religions and nine streams are mixed, and the more people join in, the more chaotic the sky will be, or the weaker ones will suffer."
Kun Jian said, "I don’t understand these things. I don’t care so much about practicing foreign affairs in my life."
"Every man is responsible for the rise and fall of the sky, but everyone has his own will."
Kun Jian looked at Lei Sheng in astonishment. "I don’t understand a word of what you little guy said."
Well, I can’t help talking a lot today.
Lei Sheng smiled shyly. "I don’t know what I learned in the earth training ground, but I’m very interested in the history of the planet Ersi. Do you have any qualifications in this field?"
"Yes, but are you sure you know that many words?"
I don’t know why your characters are exactly the same as Chinese characters. If these characters are written, of course I know them all, but …
He thought of his age again. "I can ask you if I can’t read, but don’t worry, I know a lot of words earlier. This shouldn’t bother me."
Kun Jian looked at Lei Sheng like a monster. "Well, I’m going to see Master and recommend you to his old man’s house. You have to prepare with me."
Chapter 29
Leisheng nodded his head.
Kunjian left here
After walking for about an hour, Kun Jian turned back and found it. Lei Sheng signaled him to go with himself in Zamabu.
The two men went through the small forest full of buttonwood trees on the mountain to Kunjian, the mountain pass, and took out a warrant to guard their younger brother before they were released.
Winding all the way, the air is more fresh and pleasant, and after three mountain passes, I came to an altitude of 2400 meters and saw a row of magnificent buildings built on the mountain.
Whether to visit the scenery here or not will lead Leisheng to a slant hall.
Through several crescent doors, I came to a small courtyard with a quiet environment. Kun Jian put light steps and gently pushed the door and entered a room.
An old man with white hair and beard sat quietly on the futon and opened his eyes gently without waiting for Kunjiankou to report.
The essence of mans eyes flashed and showed a kind face. After studying Leisheng, he touched his jaw and beard and nodded. "Good indeed, it was a good seedling."
"Would you like to worship my teacher?"
In fact, it doesn’t matter who the teacher is in Wutong. Lei Sheng came here to seek a quiet practice environment. He has practiced martial arts in the divine realm on earth, and he has thoroughly understood the yin and yang forces. He broke through the black hole at the beginning, exhausted what he had learned all his life, not only lost his strength, but also became a baby. Fortunately, his meridians were not damaged, so he can practice martial arts. When the time comes, he will naturally practice again according to the previous method.
Although he is curious about this world martial arts, he doesn’t have to practice this world martial arts.
He doesn’t know and doesn’t care about the status of Kunjian master in the Wutong Sect, but judging from Kunjian people, his master must be no worse.
So Leisheng bowed to the end and said, "Brother Leisheng, meet the master."
"Well … after that, you will be my younger brother who understands the world." People who understand the world raised their hands and gave a virtual hand.
Leisheng straightened up and waited for a question.
The enlightened Taoist looked at his face full of flowers and Lei Sheng couldn’t help asking, "What made his face so dirty?"
Lei Sheng explained, "I don’t know why I can’t get a tan. My skin color is different from everyone else’s. I don’t want to be different and get my face dirty."
The enlightened Taoist laughed. "You’re an interesting kid, and you’re not the only one who has never been to the mountain. Which one is not fair-skinned? You’re not worried that it’s different from everyone, but it’s quite strange that you come from the mountain to get a little tan."
"I’ll personally go to the head teacher younger brother and say that I will bring you this piece of Yu Pei in your name register so that you can prove your identity."
Leisheng took it with both hands.
"Although you have been appointed by me, you are still young and need to learn from your brother Kun Jian."
"brother Bai"
"Well, go to your mountain."
They walked to the mountain in accordance with the words.
However, just out of the Pian Temple, a few people dressed in phoenix tree door ornaments came face to face. A bitter-looking man saw the deliberate avenue after Kunjian. "Hey, who is this? Who is this? I haven’t seen him for a long time. I forgot his name."
People around him burst into laughter.
Kunjian looked at each other with an expression and ignored them, so he took Leisheng away.
It was the other party who wanted to find another project and stretched out his hand and stopped Kun Jian’s way.
Kun Jian glanced at each other coldly. "What do you want to do, Yuduo?"
Yu Duo smiled contemptuously. "This is not to see if you are familiar. Come and see who this acquaintance is. How was your day?"
"What’s it to you?"
Yu Duo stared, "Watch your attitude, you eliminated garbage."
Kun Jian clenched his fist and was about to send Lei Sheng but gently pulled him. "Will fighting here be punished?"
Yu Duo glanced at Lei Sheng. "Who is this dirty little thing? It can’t be your illegitimate child. You didn’t bring him here to make enlightened scholars accept this little disciple. Isn’t that a mess?"
Like seeing the most ridiculous thing in the world, Yu Duo and his companions laughed.
"Do you have any students?" Leisheng suddenly asked
Yu Duo was stunned and suddenly pointed to Kunjian and sneered, "Only a waste like him who can’t get through the seventy-two acupoints can be a teacher. I want students."
Lei Sheng said, "Then you are wrong about a student, that is, a good relationship. As the old saying goes, the waves behind the Yangtze River push the waves before us. We are the phoenix tree school. The foundation is hope, and you will get old. You can’t stay at the top of your game that day."
Yu Duo laughed more after listening to Lei Sheng’s words, and tears almost flowed out. "What waves are there? What are you talking about? I can see that you are just a registered brother of the mountain. You are the foundation of the Wutong Sect. Is it hope? Don’t be ridiculous, okay? People like Kunjian are still rubbish. You don’t even deserve to work for us. You are Kunjian’s teasing. You know that we are boring and sent you to bring us joy. Brother Kunjian has a heart. "
"Laugh as much as you can now, but after laughing, please remember that the Wutong Sect doesn’t depend on your life. My name is Lei Sheng and you’d better remember this name."
Leisheng a serious said
"It’s meaningless to teach them to be brave, to be ashamed and then brave."
What do you mean by that? Everyone present was a little intimidated. They found that the child spoke in a different way.
Kun Jian knew that Lei Sheng was looking for steps for him. He despised a line "Go back and read more if you have no culture."
Say that finish, he flickered past Yu Duo and ran to the mountain with Leisheng.
"Mom, how educated are you?" More than slow lead to god swearing way
Lu Kunjian thanked me for helping me out.
Lei Sheng asked, "They look down on Shanji’s younger brother. Isn’t that how they came?"
Kunjian shook his head. "They were born destined to be Wutong people."

"Well, I’ve finally said something over the years." Professor Yuan nodded his head.

"We are not as gentle as you, but we don’t blame her. It’s all my fault. I let my daughter carry it when she is so young. Everyone blames her for being busy with work all day but neglecting what some girls should learn." Yan said here and blamed herself.
Gentleness can’t help but grab mom’s hand. Mom, don’t say that.
"That said, in fact, I think I am the biggest responsibility here. I have been teaching her how to be a housewife for so many years, but you can rest assured that my cooking is still good."
As he spoke, his lips spread warm and complacent.
Gentle stopped talking. He said that as if he had been training her on purpose all these years.
"Did you see her as soon as you entered the company?" Professor Teng plays jokes on children.
"Actually, it was earlier," he said with a smile, which seemed perfunctory and-
Gentle can’t help but look up at him and see his eyes shining with light.
Yan and Professor Yuan also looked at each other as if they were silently reaching some kind of tacit understanding.
But he remained silent, as if he were just saying that by Professor Teng.
Later, it was only after ten o’clock that the three of us dispersed. On the first floor, we gently grabbed Yan immediately. Why don’t I go home with you?
"No, you’re pregnant now. Just take care of yourself. Go home with your husband. Don’t let him worry about you." Yan said with a powerful look at her daughter.
I know what my mother means gently, but I can’t help but feel a little nervous after watching my mother get into the car.
That’s it? Just go back with him?
He looked at her embarrassed back behind her. Is she unwilling to be alone with him or afraid to be with him?
Are these years too strong?
So she is so difficult to get close to him now?
It’s dark and windy at night, and it seems that she doesn’t even want to look back.
And the man’s tall and straight figure is slowly approaching behind her, with his hands still in his pants pockets, and his long legs are getting closer and closer to her until finally he touches her heel at the tip of his leather shoes behind her.
Gentle low head sharp move.
Because Di Xin’s long shadow covered her, because the wind suddenly disappeared in her head.
He gave a long sigh. Otherwise, where shall I send you to Yunxiang?
Teng always slightly narrowing her eyes casually said a.
There was a flash of cool breeze in my gentle heart, and I didn’t turn my head to say yes
TengYun low eyes looked at her head and raised my hand in the face force knocked a dream about you?
Gentleness only covered her head and looked up at him. "You said you were going to send me to Yunxiang!"
"Ok, I’ll take you there!" He said without looking at her, holding her hand and taking it to the car.
"Hey, I’m pregnant now."
"Now I know how to blackmail me!" Teng always pushed her into the car and forced the door to dare to blackmail him. Good war.
Gentle ears were almost deafened and dare not speak again, because Teng always just said that it was a high note. He didn’t seem angry, but gentle already felt that his bones were cold all over.
Of course, the car will not go to a bar all the way, but their temporary residence is also their new home
Gentle suddenly remembered what happened after he got drunk last night. You said you would send me to Yunxiang.
The sound is so small that she can know it herself.
"Didn’t you hear me when I said you were dreaming?" He turned and glanced at her, and then continued to drive.
General manager Teng is a bit of a turnabout tonight. He turned gently to see him. Apart from the big problems in the company over the years, he will scold her and give her a face. It is really rare to argue with her.
And when she almost married Puyang Ruifeng, he also argued with her.
But today …
She was a little reluctant when she got on the bus. He went to hit the door and didn’t look at her. Please, Mrs. Teng!
Gentle forced car is forced.
After returning home, the gentle feeling is that a layer of haze hangs over his head, and General Teng throws the key into the sofa.
Gentle, don’t talk, follow your husband upstairs
In my heart, I can’t help but think that I still seem to love him with my elders, but now it seems that she owes him a lot of money.

Like a puppet who lost her soul, she wander along that sea street and suddenly found a strangely decorated shop on the pedestrian street opposite the gymnasium, with advertisement written in both Chinese and English in the shop window, which made Alice shine.

Magical magic weight loss liquid ten minutes to lose weight one kilogram live experience center
For this kind of advertising, Alice will definitely brag about it to attract customers, and she is extremely irresponsible. No matter what business reputation, such as signing a contract to lose weight, the promise of refund can be seen everywhere, but if you really take his promise seriously and ask the merchant to sue, the merchant will give you a shameful excuse or put the blame on your eating habits. If you want the merchant to get a real refund, you don’t want to.
This is the most exaggerated boast Alice has ever seen. This promise sounds even harder to believe than Alibaba’s story. But now Alice is in despair and would rather believe that it will be rare. This will be her only precious opportunity. She doesn’t expect to lose one kilogram of fat in ten minutes. If she can lose one kilogram, she can go to Taiwan to participate in the competition again.
When Alice walked into the Shennong Tuanhai franchise store, Miss Guan Sunny, who was in charge of the store, was surprised. Anyone who applied for the franchise store manager must be a fashionable young lady, Miss Sang Ni, but she knew Alice, a famous singer in Europe and America.
When she heard that Alice came to the sea to participate in the weightlifting competition, but lost the qualification for the competition because of the delicious food in China, Miss Sang Ni immediately took the Shennong group’s slimming liquid to prepare Alice to lose weight quickly.
Although Shennong slimming liquid is really amazing, it is still very difficult for Alice to lose one kilogram in ten minutes.
Because Alice is an athlete, her body fat is pitifully small, but she weighs 100 kilograms. How much fat can she have together?
Shennong slimming liquid can only reduce fat, but not even human muscles. Facing the skinny Miss Alice Sang Ni, it really feels like a hand.
In the end, there is really no way for Miss Sang Ni to be lucky in Alice’s sexy and plump buttocks. Fortunately, this slimming liquid is temporary to lose weight, and everything will recover after at most three days. Otherwise, the sexy beauty’s plump ass will be deflated, for fear that several teenagers who have a crush on Alice will go crazy. At that time, those guys who have too much money to spend may directly charter a special plane to tear down the Shennong group.
Once again, the toughness of Shennong slimming liquid has been verified. Although Alice, an alternative weightlifter, has almost no fat to lose, Miss Sang Ni still uses her wonderful hands to dig 5 kilograms of fat from Alice’s buttocks and abdomen in ten minutes. When she comes to Sang Ni, she wants to put her claws into Alice’s chest, and Alice will fight against it.
When Alice looked at the different numbers before and after weighing, everyone was shocked. Shennong slimming liquid turned out to be such a simple thing to lose weight. She didn’t even know whether the coach had suffered so much before losing weight before the game. If the coach deliberately cheated her world, why should he work so hard to lose weight?
Alice froze for a long time and suddenly thought that the final weighing time was coming, so she immediately exclaimed that she didn’t come, said thank you to Miss Sang Ni, jumped up and rushed towards the gym.
When Alice returned to the gym, it was less than five minutes before the final weighing time limit, and her coach had picked up things and was ready to go home.
Seeing Alice go back and forth, the coach’s face didn’t slow down at all. He wanted to reprimand a few words, but Alice gave him an OK gesture and excitedly said, coach, I have lost weight.
At first, the coach doubted whether Alice had taken medicine. In that case, there is no point in taking part in the competition.
When he heard that Alice had actually lost 5 kilograms in ten minutes, the coach was completely stupid.
There was nothing unexpected in the contest. Alice didn’t get very good grades, but she still got a fairly good ranking.
However, the coach seemed to have discovered a new continent and knew that the world was so magical to lose weight, so he accompanied Alice after the game to prepare to package the slimming liquid department in that store.
You know, after their national weightlifting team asked for this kind of slimming liquid, the players could lose their kilograms before the competition, so it was not a fish in the water in the competition
However, when they just came from the gym, they were startled.
Remember everywhere you look. Although Alice has made a big name in the entertainment circle, she has never seen so many memories. The gate of the stadium has been completely surrounded by the fans. A rough estimate is that there are at least six or seven hundred memories here.
When coach Alice took one of those notes, she immediately rushed forward excitedly and counted the flashing lights, so that two people’s eyes could not see anything except white in an instant.
The situation is completely out of control. We have surrounded Alice and her coach on the third floor. All kinds of questions have been bombarded with Alice, but they are almost all about the Shennong slimming liquid problem, which is even more evil. We took the camera at Alice’s hips and slammed it.
Alice, her coach, came to prepare to keep the matter of slimming liquid strictly confidential, but she never imagined that the news would come so quickly. Moreover, these records are not recorded by China media, and those of foreign media in China are estimated to be less than those in overseas countries. Now they are all here. It seems that everyone knows about Alice’s slimming liquid.
Later, when Sang Ni saw that Alice was now in the Shennongtuan franchise store, she realized a good opportunity for speculation, so when she received Alice in person, she specially asked a clerk to take a digital camera and shoot the process.
Of course, it wasn’t filmed when Miss Sang Ni helped Alice to lose weight by hip massage, but the conversation between the two people was recorded in part. Finally, after Alice successfully lost 5 kilograms of fat, Alice’s excited screams were recorded without missing a trace, which revealed why she wanted to lose weight more than Alice.
When Alice left, Miss Sang Ni immediately became a video file and then instructed the shop assistant to go from a bystander’s point of view.
In order to avoid trouble, Sang Ni immediately except the shop assistant and deleted all the records of the shop assistant in the franchise store, but promised to pay her five times the salary. At the same time, she promised to apply to the head office to let the shop assistant go to the head office if this thing was successful. The speed of information broadcasting was quite terrible. When the famous video was in China and the country at the same time, the broadcast rate rose to a very terrible value after just ten minutes, and it soon attracted the attention of all major media. Alice, a singer, was a binary star. The thickness of the news and Alice actually went to the streets to lose weight before the game, and therefore passed the weight check. The most important thing is that the process of losing weight turned out to be just ten minutes, which is even more explosive news.
Those with a keen sense of smell immediately flocked to the gym like crazy, which turned this common and friendly sports competition into a media meeting place. Even those with a poor sense of smell found that their peers in the sea were all merging into the gym, or their stupidity was all in vain. When this happened, they were behind, so they were not in danger of being fired.
However, these memories are not slow, but when they come to the stadium, the game has already been staged, which will not affect the players’ play. In the course of the game, it is absolutely impossible for people to casually enter the ground. When several security guards see so many memories coming like crazy, they are so scared that they quickly hold the gate firmly, regardless of the threats and inducements, that is to say, they refuse to wait until the game is over. These security guards are almost too tired to go into shock.
Because Alice came to China this time to participate in sports competitions, she will not bring economic agents, but she will have more experience than immature ones. Alice took pains to remember what she had experienced in dealing with such emergencies. Finally, she had to confess the fact that she had gone to Shennongtuan franchise store to lose weight before the game and personally confirmed the miracle of losing 5 kilograms of fat in ten minutes.
The whole world is crazy, and the major media reports that the fastest guns are coming.
Because too many media participated in this interview, they all racked their brains to make a detailed report on this incident from different key points and added some subjective comments. Some people even dug up the clue of Shennong group and went to various forums because of this incident. Almost 15% of the popular posts in the top ten forums that day were discussed by Alice Shennong slimming liquid.
First of all, the question of whether this slimming liquid is legal in sports competitions has been fired. It is almost a public secret that weightlifters lose weight before the competition. Many people will try their best to lose weight before the competition by joining the lower weight level. Since this is the case, it is no big deal to lose weight with slimming pills.
Generally speaking, athletes’ weight loss is a method of eating water control combined with heavy negative exercise, which is a rather painful way to lose weight. Athletes are not allowed to eat staple food or even drink water during the weight loss period, and they live on a little green vegetables and a small cup of yogurt every day.
When the weight-loss method of weightlifters was exposed, many people who were full and supported criticized the sports training departments of various countries for implementing this weight-loss method. This is simply inhuman. Since it is necessary to lose weight, why not just rub Shennong weight-loss liquid two hours before the game? This method is convenient and safe. It is recommended to promote it vigorously.
On the other hand, the opponent thinks that sports competition is a kind of spirit, so it’s wrong to lose weight before the game. Even if you want to reduce it, you have to always reduce it. This horse can also reflect a little sports spirit and perseverance, and losing weight like this drug is simply naked and harmful. If you are bold and honest, you may lose more than ten kilograms at a time and cross two weight classes. This is not obvious bullying.
Therefore, people simply suggested that the World Weightlifting Association should list the Shennong slimming liquid as a prohibited drug for athletes, and immediately disqualify him from the competition.
A war of words like this is being fought everywhere, and it is impossible to win a battle for a while.
But aren’t the people involved in the discussion interested in this kind of thing?
The answer is no, of course.
Female animals are always more interested in losing weight than men, but they can’t care whether this kind of medicine in weightlifting competition should be used to lose weight. They should know that a liquid in this world can make you slim in ten minutes. You are rich, but it is no longer a fantasy to take a slimming bath with this kind of slimming liquid.
Although the customers who have visited Shennong slimming liquid say that this slimming liquid is a temporary slimming liquid, it is not a lot of words to lose fat, but it may be completely restored in two or three days. But so what? Now it is a fast-paced era, what people pursue is that they used to hold on to it and don’t care about eternity, especially those fat sisters who have been troubled by obesity, so that they can really lose weight once, even for a short day, and let them taste the taste of being Diao Chan. Then, even if they are allowed to live for a few years, they will not hesitate.
But now it’s really such an opportunity that they don’t have to pay the cost of their lives, exercise or diet to lose weight. It takes some money to achieve this goal. Which beauty-loving fat sister will not be moved? Although the price of this weight-loss liquid seems to be a little expensive, will the price be a problem for great women who can even ignore their lives?
Therefore, after this incident, after the forum quarrel, the major media reports on Alice’s weight loss before the game were tantamount to giving Shennong weight loss liquid an advertisement covering the ball, and Alice, a singer and amphibious star, became the spokesperson of Shennong Group.
At that time, fat women, fat sisters and fat women all over the world are crazy, and they seem to be looking for this magical slimming liquid locally. Of course, most people believe that this is a kind of product that has just been produced in the market for a few days, and this kind of product has to be sold in Shennongtuan franchise stores. The most annoying thing is that this franchise store is actually in several provinces in southern China.
So in these cities, acquaintances immediately asked people to buy them, but they couldn’t find acquaintances so that they sent a purchase sticker to Shennong Tuangong’s mailbox.
Just four hours after Alice was interviewed in front of the gymnasium, Shennong Group was set up in 100 franchise stores all over the country, which were out of stock almost at the same time, while those who went there late refused to leave, as if they would miss their lifelong happiness if they missed this time, as if they had to force the franchise stores to transfer goods immediately.
Later, influenced by the weight loss frenzy, even the Shennong group was not noticed, and another Shennong freckle-removing capsule was also snapped up. At first, women’s faces were spotted like men’s Hong Kong feet, and there were almost five or six meetings in ten. However, most women went through painful freckle-removing experiences and didn’t spend their faces after all kinds of expensive freckle-removing. Even if they were lucky enough to love beauty for a long time, they could accept their fate and gain wisdom. When they saw what was blown up, they wouldn’t dare to mess up again.

"Good to send you twelve flags for fun!" Star Xuan said that the twelve gods recorded and flew over. At that time, the six colors were mixed and the fog rolled! Six flag gates blink and fly towards Deng.

By this time, Xuanmuzhu had already flown back and got the fairy rope tied by Xing Xuan, so she flew out to tie the old wild silkworm demon.
Just then, the three heads of Xing Xuan suddenly showed thirteen blood shadows around. Each blood shadow held a red flag and waved it everywhere. The yellow sand suddenly turned into a bloody blood, and in the sky, the blood clouds rolled, and the red blood was recorded flying around Xing Xuan. The bloody river was bitten and sang by the appearance of several devils in the ground and the sky emerged towards Xing Xuan.
It turned out that Deng Fei was also taking advantage of Xing Xuan’s rest for a while to find Xing Xuan’s trouble. Before refining 13 blood shadows, each with a bloody flag set up a large array of blood rivers around Xing Xuan.
This time, the fight is the opposite of the colorful, fierce and gorgeous horses attacking each other just now. However, it is already silent in such a vast desert, but everyone on both sides knows that this time it is a real life fight. Whoever moves fast in battle may live on the contrary, and the people who beat slowly will be wiped out and beyond redemption.
Xing Xuan’s deputy energy is concentrated in the twelve gods, and the three heads are turned in one direction. In the eyes, the red mans flash in my heart, and the double-yuan baby is superimposed and instantly put the body and mind into the highest command. The twelve gods record the cover and fly to Ying.
The eyes also saw that the twelve gods recorded Deng Fei’s head in King’s Landing, and the thirteen blood shadows of Deng Fei were also busy waving the bloody magic flag to move the blood river array.
I feel that among the three heads, "boom, a big ring, a number of gods rolled back and immediately cut off from the outside world. Even the twelve gods recorded and Xuanmuzhu fluctuated imperceptibly. I don’t know whether the six flag gates trapped Deng Fei or not. Whether Xuanmuzhu tied the wild silkworm.
I feel that my heart is in a state of agitation, and the monstrous blood waves in the large array are generally rushing towards myself. Several demons are biting their mouths in the blood waves.
Sewing clothes swelled up and made a debut. White light barely blocked the blood wave from the outside, but the pressure made Xing Xuan feel that his bones were broken and the immortal golden body seemed to be unable to withstand this huge pressure. Xing Xuan couldn’t help but open his mouth and spit out a few mouthfuls of blood.
If this huge overwhelming is enough, the smell in the blood array is fragrant and poisonous, which not only makes people sleepy, but also makes them feel like they have been eroded, and the pain goes straight through their hearts and lungs.
"It’s amazing!" Xing Xuan today, however, saw that the blood river array was badly damaged. He suddenly bit the tip of his tongue and spit out a mouthful of painstaking efforts. Then he sacrificed the five obscene blood pockets in an attempt to put away the myriad blood in the blood river array.
Then where is the small five-yin-yin blood pocket collected? Compared with the poor and poisonous blood contained in the blood river array, it is only nine Niu Yi hairs, and the five-yin-yin blood pocket is just a little less stressful for a week.
Is the star Xuan hard to hurry all the time thousands of poisonous blood suddenly back out and return to thirteen red flags in heaven and earth suddenly clear up.
The thirteen blood shadows are busy flying towards the fallen E blood shadows and flying their heads.
There are twelve banners lying beside Deng Fei, which is the record of the twelve gods of Xingxuan.
It turns out that the record of the twelve gods of Xing Xuan was a little slow, and it was a moment when Xing Xuan blew on the flag. Eventually, Deng Fei was trapped in life and death, and the six arrays were disillusioned. It also dragged Deng Fei from high to make him lose the ability to control the large array of blood rivers and let Xing Xuan escape.
Look at the Xuanmuzhu next to it, but it is also when the wild silkworm is about to break away from the instantaneous bundle of fairy ropes and bind the old demon of the wild silkworm.
Xing Xuan plopped down to the ground at this time and felt a splitting headache. He couldn’t get up any more and had to tell nine head worm, who was also seriously injured. Mo Long Excalibur trembled and went to Deng Fei, who couldn’t afford to fall to the ground.
The Ying Fei took back thirteen blood shadows and resumed some skills a little. At this time, he also got up and tried to kill Xing Xuan.
Just then, I saw the sky suddenly burst into a bright light, and a huge cross lightsaber fell from the sky, and a case was split in Xing Xuan, Xing Xuan, Wild Silkworm and Deng Fei.
The wild silkworm was trapped by the fairy rope and used magic. When it was split by the cross lightsaber, there was a black smoke scream. It was already in a coma.
And the star Xuan was hit by this blow, and he also opened his mouth and spit out a big mouthful of blood and hurt the rickety nine head worm’s strong body, but there was no harm, but the cross lightsaber force knocked nine head worm to the ground and smashed the yellow sand into the sky
The cross lightsaber was also harmful to the shadow of blood. Deng Fei screamed that a shadow of blood was fast and dim, which was also hurt and hurt
"Haha, luck, luck actually met three mature masters fighting. Look at this magic weapon that fell to the ground!" As the sound fell from the sky, an old man and a young man came in white robes.
Xing Xuan lifted up his eyes and watched the old man who didn’t know much but was an old acquaintance. It turned out to be a paradise parcel. Chen Feng was upside down on the mountain road leading to Python’s tooth, and the five elements of Gankun migrated to the small one.
"Hehe, Martial Uncle, I told you, coming out and walking will definitely gain something. Hehe, alas, you are so small!" That Chen Feng said, lifting up his eyes, he looked at Xing Xuan’s body and soil. At this time, Xing Xuan was injured and showed his original appearance. He was recognized by Xing Xuan.
"Ha ha, it is Chen Fengzong who is a friend of Tianlong Daochang, the head of the door to seal the gods. If you save me today, you will surely benefit from heaven in the future! "Star Xuanlai promised to delay, but sometimes the Xuanmuzhu gave up the wild silkworm and quietly came to Chen Feng’s head.
"Ha ha, it’s good to say that Taoist Feilong has always been kind to your beautiful apprentice?" Chen Feng with a mass at the right hypochondrium toward the star xuan came along.
"My apprentice Ma came to Fei Qiong, Fei Long, Fei Hu and Fei Xiong Fei Yun, all of whom were behind. Today, we are trying our best to get rid of these two demons!" Xing Xuan doesn’t know that Chen Feng’s temptation is also full of nonsense. He moved out the elders who knew how to seal the door of God, hoping to scare off Chen Feng and the old guy who he called ShiShu in white.
Chapter DiYiWuJiu amnesia bead
"Fenger, don’t listen to his nonsense and hurry up. These guys have countless treasures!" Said the old guy in white, as soon as he put a huge cross in his hands, he rose to the middle cross. The light of the cross lightsaber was like a storm, and it smashed towards Xing Xuan, Xing Xuan’s doppelganger and blood shadow Deng Fei.
At this time, Chen Feng’s face suddenly showed a trace of cruel hands flying sword flying out to take the star Xuan head straight.
Where do you know that before he flies his sword to the front of Xing Xuan, a big green hand will pat down a green awn to cover the sky and poison into the body? That Chen Feng’s body will be smashed into mud without calling out, and the body will fall to the ground and the essence will overflow and blink into a pool of blood.
The old guy in white couldn’t help crying out with sadness. More cross lightsabers fell on the head of Xing Xuan.
At this time, Xuanmu Bead has stayed at Xingxuan’s head, emitting thousands of green lights, resisting all the cross lightsabers, while Xingxuan’s two places at once violently hit the cross lightsaber, shaking up and stunned the old man in white. What kind of body is this? I can’t see a piece of armor, but my body is hard to resist my cross lightsaber, and it’s too abnormal to get up again.
More abnormal condition is yet to come. Blood shadow Deng Fei has already breathed a sigh of relief to avoid the white old guy’s cross lightsaber and released it again. Three blood shadows are busy and descended on the white old guy.
The old man in white doesn’t know what to do. The cross lightsaber smashed the blood shadow avatar hard, but the lightsaber always passed through the body at the cost of killing the blood shadow avatar with a dim light.
See a blood shadow busy has been close to the white old guy Xing Xuan couldn’t help but worry. If Deng Fei passes through the body, then Deng Fei will instantly restore his skill and display his bleeding river array again. He can’t have the energy to spell it with him again. Twelve gods can’t work again.
Thinking of Xing Xuan nine head worm’s avatar Mo Long Excalibur, he suddenly flew out a sword and cut off the little blood shadow. He shouted, "Heaven is a fool." Do you want to die? That’s the magic of blood shadow, which absorbs people’s spirit and blood gas, and you will be finished if he penetrates the body! "
Words that white old guy cold sweat quickly gave up the attack star Xuan cross sword flying around all toward Deng Fei that thirteen blood shadow busy attack in the past.
Although the cross lightsaber is not dedicated to restraining the blood magic to the sword light, it is full of sacred spirit, and it is natural to purify evil. It is right that the blood magic has not been practiced, and it is also harmful to fly. In the blink of an eye, Deng Fei’s thirteen blood shadows are dim, especially when he is cut off by Xing Xuan’s sword, which is almost extinct.

Guo Xiaosi doesn’t know what kind of family Yelv’s family is. I think it should be similar to the family of cultivating immortals in the Song Dynasty. However, if a master of cultivating immortals in a family of cultivating immortals in the Song Dynasty, it is simply to make people dare not look straight up, but what Yelv’s family sounds probably higher than the family of cultivating immortals in the Song Dynasty. I don’t know how many levels it is. Just look at the four servants of cultivating immortals in the Song Dynasty, and Guo Xiaosi can judge that the family strength is afraid to be similar to that of Chang Huai Zong. The strength of a family of cultivating immortals in Qidan is actually so strong that the force of cultivating

The Lord of Yelv doesn’t care about marveling at one side, but beckons a servant to send Lingshi, and then recruits three other people to the side to visually observe the three people as soon as they return to normal, while the three people silently nod and turn away.
Guo Xiaosi, however, can’t guess what they are going to do. He has spent more than 100 intermediate Lingshi, which is really a big eye-opener. He also went upstairs with the crowd, and quickly walked to Izumi Ridge, and then touched Qi Boyuan to give him Lingcuiyu. He gently threw Lingcuiyu forward and read aloud.
See a small feather dangling leisurely floating in front of him three paces away, and suddenly it becomes many times bigger. Like a big blanket, Guo Xiaosi stepped over and simply sat down to move her mind. Ling Cuiyu suddenly flew forward.
However, the speed of Guo Xiaosi dagger is amazing compared with that of Ling Cuiyu. Moreover, it is different to control the dagger. The wind in four miles can’t blow his face, but it won’t blow his face, and his eyes can stare at the world better.
Enjoy the flying like a gust of wind, Guo Xiaosi, only to figure out that I haven’t seen Xiaobai for a month. Touch some Dan medicine in the leather bag and turn to fly in the direction of Huai River to feed Xiaobai Dan medicine, that is, let it grow up quickly or make yourself a loyal and reliable partner. People in this world will change, but they will not.
Ling Cuiyu’s speed is really enjoyable. It took him three minutes to come to the old place by the Huai River on weekdays and waited for a moment. Xiaobai flew from the Huai River and his skin was a little dark, but it was even more vigorous. Seeing Guo Xiaosi, Xiaobai got up and quickly called two times and flew to Guo Xiaosi’s side.
Guo Xiaosi touched a few pills and stuffed them into his mouth. These pills are enough for Xiaobai to reach the state in a few years. It takes 30 years to reach the state. Guo Xiaosi doesn’t know if he can live for hundreds of years, so he must train Xiaobai as soon as possible so that he can get a good mount.
Well, Xiaobai should have a higher qualification than Luo Yangzhao’s Bai Linghu. Only a master like Luo Yangzhao deserves a mount like Bai Linghu, so he can have a mount like Xiaobai in the spinning period. Isn’t it enviable that Guo Xiaosi couldn’t help laughing at himself when he thought of this? It’s really worrying to wait until Xiaobai grows to thirty years, which means he often grows for hundreds of years. After thirty years, it is no problem to accidentally reach the Dan period.
It’s not a dazzling thing to have a white nu dumpling as a mount for a hundred years’ practice. It’s only after a thousand years that you can reach the strength of the Dan period, so you have to continue your practice and have the opportunity to wait until that day.
According to the current trend, Guo Xiaosi is in charge of the Taixu Temple in Changhuai Sect, and some good pills can be repaired at a higher speed than others, so as to cover up the demon soul platform.
After feeding Xiaobai Guo Xiaosi, it will take a month to see him because of this parting. I really miss this little guy Xiaobai, too. His head rubs against Guo Xiaosi’s cheek and barks a few times.
But it must come to an end. Guo Xiaosi patted it on the forehead and waved. Go ahead. I’ll come back to you in a month. You should be careful when you meet something fierce. Don’t fight it. Hide if you can.
Xiaobai blinked obediently, but suddenly she turned her head and her neck jumped up hard, and her eyes shone bright red.
What’s the matter? Guo Xiaosi is surprised. Is it just that the problem of Dan medicine has been calculated? Although these Dan medicines are a little uncomfortable, they should not matter much. After half a month, they can spread the medicine to all parts of the body, strengthen their bodies and help to increase their mana.
Xiao Bai screamed pointedly, and his head finally turned to a big stone on the left, looking like he was ready to move.
Guo Xiaosi is no stranger to this big stone. He once saw it when he beheaded the thousand-year-old dumpling. At this moment, he didn’t feel any change in this big stone. It still looks like a huge gray steamed bread. Guo Xiaosi suddenly thought of what treasures in this stone would be like Xiaobai. The spirit of heaven and earth must be very sensitive to natural materials and treasures. It felt that it had stayed here a little before. Why didn’t it be discovered at that time?
Guo Xiaosi jumped off the big rock and tried to split it, but suddenly he felt an aura.
He was surprised. This point is to cultivate immortality. Looking around the signs, he has cultivated immortality and a small white is such an angry dumpling. Isn’t the big stone face a cultivation?
Just thinking of this, I felt a shock in my feet. Guo Xiaosi quickly jumped back and went back to the first place. As soon as his feet left the big stone, a flying sword penetrated from the stone surface and shot straight into the sky.
Guo Xiaosi cold sweat straight at the place where the long sword flies is where he just stood. If he is delayed for a moment, he is afraid that the long sword will directly wear his head from his hip. In that case, his life is not only difficult to protect, but also ugly to die. This secret attack on cultivating immortality is despicable enough.
Who is a hero? Come on, don’t hide. Guo Xiaosi has just felt that this cultivation of immortality is a little higher than himself. It is probably in the middle of the rotation period. Although the mana is a little higher than himself, the two magic weapons in his hand are enough to make him invincible.
After Guo Xiaosi’s propaganda, a earthy yellow light shines at Guo Xiaosi, but when you look intently, you are surprised to sneak attack on one of your own people, and you are still an acquaintance.
Chapter one hundred and ninety-four Answer questions
It was you, Guo Xiaosi, who was surprised to see the bearer clearly. This man was not someone else. It was the first time that Guo Xiaosi, one of the two younger brothers of Baozong, asked for directions. Not only did he point to the road, but he also witnessed him, his elder brother and master, fighting against Liaoyang Gate. With the help of that set of dragon array, Guo Xiaosi later saw the auction of dragon array equipment in Yequanling.
Well, it’s an old acquaintance, and it’s Bao Zongdi. But when I met him two months ago, he was just cultivating immortality in the foundation period. At this moment, I didn’t expect that he had reached the middle level of the rotating photo period. This progress speed is too strange. It is impossible for Guo Xiaosi to reach this level with the progress speed of a large number of Dan medicines in the demon soul platform. Is this the function of Liaoyang Gate Town?
If it’s really a function, then I won’t kill this Bao Zongdi, and then I’ll find it. Unconsciously, Guo Xiaosi has also moved his mind
You know my brother Bao Zongdi, but you look surprised and return the sword to your own hands.
Guo Xiaosi spoke. Isn’t this guy’s memory so bad that he forgot himself in two months? But it’s not surprising that after all, he was in a hurry. Who will remember a passerby except a thoughtful person like himself?
However, the speed of his practice is really amazing, which is unusual. There must be something hidden in it. Since it is hidden, you must let him bring it. If it is really so powerful, it will be a smooth road to practice.
Guo Xiaosi really thought about this, but suddenly he felt that something was flying towards him, and it was flying at rest. This was definitely not a good thing. Guo Xiaosi was horrified and quickly took a shot of the magic turtle shell, and then he flashed aside and there was one more fantasy where he stood.
The name Bao Zongdi is terrible, and suddenly four Guo Xiaosi come before him.
As soon as Guo Xiaosi avoided, he saw a knife with a yellow earth color cut himself in the turtle shell before the illusion. Fortunately, his spirit was enough, otherwise he really caught the trail, and this Bao Zongdi knew that he was a Changhuai Sect and didn’t read nine big doors, so he secretly killed him. It is reasonable to defend him.
What does it mean to sneak attack me secretly now? Although you have made up your mind, Guo Xiaosi still wants to ask this guy about the speed of practice. It’s simply too shocking. It’s a big deal. Whether it’s good or not? By the way, see if you can ask what the pros and cons are. According to the common sense of cultivating immortals, it can promote the speed of practice to rise sharply. It must have its disadvantages
Hum, I’m practicing here. Who knows that you should come here? I have nothing to do with you. But since you have found me, I must be on high alert. If I meet someone with an evil plan, I won’t suffer, so I won’t be the first to explain it. No problem, Bao Zongdi said disdainfully

"Despicable-!" Auditions thundered, "You and I will bend … The Phoenix clan is a militant race by nature. If you Wu clan are determined to fight, we will continue."

"auditions so I Ba Du is not that kind of unreasonable person, if you promise to come with me, I won’t give you trouble" Ba Du suddenly said.
"What do you mean?" Tianyin said coldly
"It’s very simple …" Ba Du said. "In order to find Yu Long as soon as possible, I have to have a hostage in my hand and you are a good choice.
You come with me and I’ll let the news out. Yu Long is your son-in-law. I believe he won’t care whether you live or die. Otherwise, let’s fight … "
"Do you keep your word?" Tianyinshen asked
"Of course-!" Ba Du sneered, "My goal is Yu Long, not Fengzu. Don’t worry, I won’t give you a hard time unless I have to."
"I’ll go with you-!" Auditions nodded coldly.
Hearing the news, Yao and Jinfeng stopped in front of Ba Du. Yao looked murderous. "Ba Du, you dirty dog, why should we believe you?"
Jinfeng said to her mother, "Mother, don’t believe Ba Du’s words. This person is mean, sinister and cunning. You must be careful if you can’t believe his words."
"Well, I know …" Auditions said, "Phoenix girl, after I left, I’ll leave the colorful palace to you. I have something important to discuss with your aunt Yao."
"Mother, are you still going to go with him?" Jinfeng looked worried. "Don’t go to the big things. Let’s carry them together."
"No-!" Tianyin said simply, "Feng girl, we are the root of the Feng family to compete with the witch god Ba Du … Besides, there may be more powerful NPC magical powers behind him. I smell the breath of the Force in him, although it is very weak, but it is the Force."
"Mother, do you mean that the extraterrestrials colluded with him?" Jin Fengqi said, "How is that possible? Didn’t Ba Du always want to attack the outer world? "
"I don’t know the details, but I’m sure he has cultivated the Force to ensure the safety of the Phoenix family. I can be a hostage. I hope Xiaoyu can come back soon." Tianyin told me, "If he is less than sure, let him save me. If he is not sure, let him guard the Phoenix family."
"Mother …" Jin Fengyin choked.
"Phoenix girl, stop talking. I have to do this. Don’t choose." Tianyin interrupted her daughter and said, "I don’t choose after being a phoenix."
"Auditions I’ll go for you. You can’t leave after you are a phoenix family" ~ Yao turned to Auditions and said, "Listen to me, you go back …"
"Yao, I’m not interested in you. Go away …" Ba Du laughed. "I’ll give you one month, three months. If Yu Long doesn’t show up, it’s my slave in Ba Du. Only in this way can we quell the war between the witch and the phoenix. Are you still willing?"
"I am willing to-!" Tianyin gritted his teeth and said, "Ba Du, you will pay the price today. Xiaoyu will come back to settle accounts with you sooner or later."
"Ha ha-!"
Ba Du disdain sneer at "very well, I wish Yu Long could appear now, then I’ll save more trouble, and your phoenix family will be fine."
"Let’s go …" Ba Du’s cold drink combined with Wuli was put outside to distort the auditions and the two figures disappeared in the same place at the same time …
Then XuanMing and Wu warriors also disappeared one by one.
Ba Du sounded in the air, "Remember that if Yu Long doesn’t show up in three months, his mother-in-law will become my slave in Ba Du … haha …"
Jinfeng anxiously asked Yao, "Aunt Yao, do you know where Xiaoyu is? We must find him as soon as possible or mother will be in danger. "
"Hey-!" Yao sighed and said, "Xiaoyu’s whereabouts are even known by your mother?"
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Chapter VI Chapter 41 Well, it’s just in time
Witch god Ba Du and auditions figure after wu clan headquarters witch god Ba Du suddenly laughed "auditions auditions, auditions, you come to Yu Long, I will let you go? You are so naive. "
Tianyin was slightly surprised. After glancing at the surrounding environment, she stared at Ba Du, the witch god who was laughing wildly. "What do you want to do?"
"Gaga ….." Witch Ba Du left face upwards to laugh wildly. "My eyes are very simple to eliminate Yu Long auditions, so you must have sensed the fluctuation of my body, right? I won’t tell you the truth. I’ve got the practice of the Force, and I’ve also got the favor of the top leaders in the world. If you can follow me, I can give you this practice. "
"Why should I believe you?" Tianyin laughed angrily. "Ba Du, you are so bad. Do you think I will believe you?"
"Ha ha, don’t you want all the Phoenix warriors to practice the Force?" Ba Du, the witch god, kept staring at the woman’s cheek with a pair of shameful eyes when they spoke. "The Force is the most qualitative force in this world …"
"I’ll wait for Xiaoyu to come back and take me away" auditions bit his lip and said.
"Very well, I also hope that Xiao can find me as soon as possible, so I also have a good explanation." Ba Du Shen said, "Tianyin tells you the truth, it’s not me who really wants Yu Long’s life, but it’s a tour of Tianyuan. By the way, you don’t necessarily know Tianyuan that Tianyuan is no ordinary tour. It is said that he once competed with the blood baby emperor for the title of Tianwaitian, but he failed to repair it. Even if Long Yu has another big event, it can’t be Tianyuan’s opponent. Hehe, Yu Long will appear. He will die. I look
"How is it legal?" Auditions asked.
"Help me kill Yu Long. This is the only effective way for you to show your sincerity to me." Ba Du laughed. "From now on, I will be the patron saint of your phoenix family to protect your phoenix family."
"Ha ha-!"
Tianyin sneered and said, "Don’t dream. I won’t fight with you, a demon. I firmly believe Xiaoyu will take me out of here."
"Whatever you say … I have a good time." Ba Du laughed. "You will change your mind in a few days. This is a forbidden area around the witch residence. I hope you don’t wander around without my permission."
"Hum!" Auditions cold hum a "you plot will not succeed … I will stick to my faith …"
On the third day after Ba Du left, Xingtian, the ancestral witch, suddenly appeared in front of Tianyin. He didn’t seem ashamed of Ba Du, but he also said that he wouldn’t forget his identity. He was always an ancestral witch. He hoped Tianyin could tell him where Yu Long had gone. He was eager to fight Yu Long.
"You can’t find him …" Auditions around felt a breath of the Force, and there was no doubt that Ba Du, the witch god, was hidden nearby.
"I can’t find a place in the Three Realms …" Xingtian said, "I don’t have any prejudice against you and I don’t have any ambitions. I hope I can compete with him."
Tianyin chuckled and said, "To tell you the truth, Xiaoyu has gone to another world. When he comes back, none of you will be his opponent."
"Ha ha-!" Xingtian immediately smiled, "The stronger Long Yu is, the more I like it … My favorite in Xingtian’s life is the powerful opponent Feng Hou. I ask you that you are telling the truth."