When the female reporter saw that Mu Ming had no chance, she quickly handed it to Gu Jingke with a microphone. "What do you think of this hijacking case?"

What surprised her this time was that the latter still ignored her footsteps and kept walking around in circles. The female reporter was not disappointed and was going to rush in again, but she didn’t know that her peers were more brave than her.
Directly rushed to the front of two police officers to stop him, but before he could say it, he was interrupted by a cold voice. "Pull the cordon immediately, and please stay away from here!"
A police officer immediately evacuated the crowd, but the female reporter was fascinated by Gu Jingke. This man is so individual!
People are also good-looking and cold, but when she sees many men, she is instantly shocked. When she sees her peers with purple eggplant color on her face, she is actually a little happy.
Look, he’s stealing news! Now the Lord hasn’t even given him a chance to speak! Soon the cordon was pulled up and the crowd was evacuated, and the reporters were taken to the outermost floor, and there were some good citizens in front of them.
Mu Ming and Gu Jingke soon found that the parties to the case had no crowd to stop them and saw the situation there.
The hijacker is a man with a slight emaciated height and figure, and his face is sloppy. He is close to the door of a store and aims at the neck of the hijacked person with a dagger.
That’s where the aorta is. If it can’t be treated with a knife, it’s doubtful!
Mu Ming thinks that the hijacked woman is familiar, but she can’t think where she has seen it. Maybe she has met once … Maybe she is too embarrassed at this time to recognize it.
As soon as the man with a gentle spirit saw the police approaching, he immediately became excited, clasping his fingers around the woman’s neck and shaking forward with a dagger. "You should step back quickly!"
"If you don’t step back, I’ll take her with me!" He buckled the dagger to the woman’s neck again without pity.
Mu Ming stayed behind Gu Jingke, and Gu Jingke stayed where he was in order to stabilize the gangster’s mood. He looked at people and sipped his lips. "You can say anything for the hostage."
"Fart joke!" The man laughed and didn’t believe Gu Jingke at all. "Are you so stupid? You say a few words and I’ll believe you? I know that I let this dead woman go, and the only one who gets caught is me! "
Gu Jingke didn’t intend to meet his requirements. Everything was just a delaying tactic, so it can be seen that people were not attracted to give up this trick.
"Do you know her?" If you hijack a person casually in the street, how can a’ dead woman’ call names? If you can say that these two people are familiar with each other.
If so, we can consider whether it is retaliatory hijacking.
"Of course I know this dead woman. If I didn’t know her, I would arrest her!" The sloppy man’s eyes are red and the woman is excited. "Bitch should die!"
"Why should I suffer alone? The root is unfair! " He said that he was unfairly treated. "If it weren’t for this woman, how could I be like this? I would have been …"
Behind the words, he didn’t say regret in his eyes. Looking at the hand, the woman is even more uncomfortable. The hand holding the dagger is also close to the woman’s neck. "It’s all you! If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be like this now! "
"Even if you kill me, you won’t get her, but you will die miserably!" The woman was not afraid to stare at the man and was full of ridicule. "How can you match her now?"
"It’s just a dream!" She smiled at the corners of her mouth. It was very cold. "I tell you that daydreaming like this is best done less, or you won’t know how to die!" "
The man was angered by him, shaking his fingers and barely holding the dagger. Gu Jingke couldn’t hear what the woman said here, but he knew that the woman’s words angered the man, which was very unwise.
His eyes quickly narrowed and his eyes closed. He organized the language and said, "Since we know each other, it’s not good to hide so many misunderstandings."
The man’s eyes looked at Gu Jingke with some sadness. "What’s the misunderstanding! This dead woman hurt me! "
He was so excited that he thought of something. His eyes were so wide that he almost popped out of his eyes. His dagger was close to the woman’s neck, and there was a small blood stain quickly exposed.
This is not sure about the strength! His mind is so messy now that he can’t control himself to walk and move!
"Don’t come here!" He was sloppy and shook a few times, and his body trembled slightly. "Back off, back off!"
At that time, the scene was deadlocked and quickly turned around and picked up the car walkie-talkie and solemnly ordered "snipers to prepare and aim at gangsters!"
There is no need for the police to move snipers until it is necessary. As soon as the snipers leave the gangster’s roots, there will be no way out. One second before hanging up, Mu Ming said, "The snipers are waiting for orders!"
Pinch off the words Muming glanced at Gu Jingke’s situation and finally turned around and waved to the nearest police officer, who immediately ran over. I didn’t expect to be an acquaintance-Wei Xiaoguang.
After saying a few words to him, Wei Xiaoguang immediately turned to the crowd and asked, "Who is the policeman?"
The policeman has never appeared since the police came here. It is impossible that people have already left, and they have to wait until the police come, but now they have not appeared.
At this time, a woman came out of the crowd and raised her hand and said, "I am." This figure is very familiar, as if I had seen it somewhere.
When people approached, Wei Xiaoguang found out that this woman was a witness in that case. It seems that her sister’s name is Xu Jing.
Xu Jing looks as good as jade in a corset, but her face is a little stiff. Bai Muming glanced at her and was surprised. "Is the hijacker your sister Xu Ran?"
Seeing her nod, Muming guessed, "Do you know who the gangster is?"
Xu Jing nodded again. "He is my ex-boyfriend." Speaking of this, Mu Ming understood that at the banquet, Xu Jing regarded her as a bitter altar and poured everything on her.
Now that the boyfriend of the client has come, and one way is to hijack the person Mu Ming’s face and stare at Xu Jing for a while, "Why was Xu Ran hijacked?"
Xu Jing slightly leng leng didn’t expect Muming to respond so quickly that she would ask her about the specific matters. She bowed her head and said, "Little Ran and I walked out from the inside after shopping, and suddenly he rushed out from behind."
"At that time, he directly pushed Xiao Ran with a dagger, and Xiao Ran was hijacked by his dagger when we still didn’t respond." After Xu Jingying was dumb, I quickly called the police. "
"I didn’t expect him to become like this." Xu Jing covered her face. "What should the police officer do now?"
"Didn’t you say that your sister became her girlfriend after you broke up with him?" Muming rubbed his forehead and felt that this emotional thing was complicated and his mind was a little messy.
Xu Jing wiped her tears and looked up. "Xiao Ran broke up with him in a few days. I don’t know what happened to the rest. I broke up with him and I changed everything."
Mu Ming looked at Xu Jing in meditation and turned to look at the stiff atmosphere and frowned. "What’s his name?"
Her sister’s name Mu Ming knew Xu Jing and naturally knew who she was asking. After thinking about it, she honestly confessed "Liu Yu"
Mu Ming glanced at her and turned to walk. "You come with me." Xu Jing was a little nervous. When she walked, her body was shaking. She was brave, but she could see such a thing happen to herself.
She’s still afraid. No way! After all, the feeling of being blackmailed … the feeling that one’s life is in someone else’s hands … is extremely uncomfortable.
Mu Ming winked at Gu Jingke, who turned to look at Xu Jingbai for a few minutes. "Are you going to let her make Liu Yu hostage?"
"Yes" Muming blinked and pursed her lips. "Let her call for another session to calm down." If this method is good for the hostages, the hostages will be in danger if they are not lucky.
How do you know if you don’t try? Snipers have a chance to kill Liu Yu, but in the end, it is not too emotional to understand human life like this.
Xu Jing listened to the conversation between the two people behind her, knowing that she would be refused when she went out to publicize, but she didn’t want her ex-boyfriend to die like this. She raised her steps and took a few steps forward.
After all, she loved him. If he really died like this or Xu Ran was injured, the family might not spare her.
"Sessions I am Xu Jing, and you should remember me." At this time, Xu Jing has reached Gu Jingke’s side, staring at the sessions and trembling is not a performance.

"Brother Hai, take care. We have to meet the others first." Xiao Wen came to Hainong and bowed his hand to Hainong.

Hainong looked at Xiao Wen’s navy armor, which was better than his trident, and everything was white. Xiao Wen got the ocean heart …
But it’s too late to say anything at this time. Before Xiao Wen got the heart of the sea, he could easily kill Xiao Wen in the temple of the sea. Now it’s over …
He was just feeling that greed in his heart was not so strong that he smiled at Xiao Wen and said, "Take care."
Xiao Wen nodded and quickly let 90,000 return to the blood mark. He took the blue breath and captured Nan Yunqing’s four people and sesame gall. First, they flew to the old turtle and the old turtle said goodbye and then rushed away.
He wasn’t surprised that Sesame Gallbladder could get a water barrier, because the old turtle had already woken him up, but at this time he was really afraid to touch Sesame Gallbladder, because there was a bullet outside that little thing, and all the water barriers …
The sea temple layer is forbidden to block in and not to block out Xiao Wen. It is easy to go outside with four people, but the speed is much faster than when he flies alone before he gets the sea heart!
At this time, his realm has not risen to such a speed by that set of navy armor!
To some extent, that suit of navy armor is actually a part of the ocean heart. It is because of him that he has so many abilities in the blue breath of the sea temple!
Just after more than ten interest rates, Xiao Wen stopped at the side of two people with all the people, and they suddenly appeared to show that the two people were startled.
Zhou Heng and Gu Miaoxin fell to Brother Xinghai.
After taking two people, Xiao Wen rushed out again at such a fast speed that he didn’t take the wrong path and found another wave of people who fell into Xinghai.
After repeated five times, Xiao Wen finally rushed to the six monks in the Maha Monastery, so don’t fall alone in the sea temple.
Everyone has realized that Xiao Wen is afraid that he has mastered some similar virtual world observation method. Otherwise, how could he gather his own monks scattered in the Sea Temple so quickly and accurately?
At this time, the sea temple finally lit up with colorful lights, and all the scenery in the eyes of everyone had a feeling of being near and far away.
After the roar, the whole world suddenly became one!
The Thousand Caspian Sea Temple in Fiona Fang suddenly disappeared, leaving blue sky, white clouds and blue sea, as well as many Gods and Gods.
The Godsworn brothers had already tied up and formed a big sphere, but Xiao asked them that they were not in the center of the sphere, but in the north position of the spherical encirclement.
It’s enough for so many Gods to wage a world war, which really makes people feel suffocated.
It is no wonder that the alliance of gods and gods can unify the celestial world. In the face of such a big force, there is no power to be qualified to challenge.
Then there’s nothing to kill!
Every time I go to the Sea Temple, Brother Xinghai will certainly be killed or injured before entering the temple, and several people will be left behind after the Sea Temple disappears.
What the World God Union has done is just routine.
Then he caught everyone Xiao Wen growling a pair of arms as if he were showing his strength to the sky.
At the same time, his navy armor has a deep and remote blue breath, and he rushed out wildly, and in an instant, it was already full of Fiona Fang thousands of miles away!
The blue breath in the temple of the sea, the blue breath in the temple of the sea, is generally ready to teleport. The monks all recognized this because they didn’t teleport out …
If you can’t teleport, you can rely on the flying world. The Godsworn didn’t hesitate to rush immediately!
Monks in the Maha Monastery were still preparing to help Xiao Wen defend, but when they saw Xiao Wen’s arms stretched out at his side, his palms were holding the blue breath 20 feet away, and he quickly turned clockwise, turning faster and faster, and an impenetrable defense ball was formed in an instant!
The blue defensive ball is spinning at a high speed, which is even very frightening. It sounds like there are several knives spinning around the crowd.
Once again, Xiao Wen, with all the people, rushed forward to the blue defense ball and still protected them tightly.
Just after two interest rates, the right side finally has the first attack!
That’s a red Se fairy sword, and it was directly cut in the blue defense ball!
"Woof, woof, woof …"
As soon as the red Se Xianjian touched the defensive ball, it was hit by the defensive ball, and at the moment of collision, the rotating force of the defensive ball had been applied to the red Se Xianjian, and the red Se Xianjian flew out in the name of turning.
The second attack and the third attack!
But there is no difference between those attacks that are either scattered or flying!
Soon the deep and remote blue defense ball has rushed into the crowd and landed on the surface, and there are more attacks. The deep and remote blue defense ball has not slowed down at all, and it has not even shaken its surface. Even if those colorful lights almost cover up its body, Se is still unstoppable towards the north!
Breakthrough and then breakthrough …
Suddenly surprised all the monks in the human world, and the blue defense ball was instantly blown away!
But there’s no one inside!
Xiao Wen has rushed north enough distance to throw the defensive ball directly and teleport out with everyone!
When he reappeared, he and Brother Xing Hai were already outside the encirclement!
In the deep and remote blue breath, Xiao Wen’s escape speed is amazing, and in a blink of an eye, all the monks in the world will disappear into the sky!
At this time, everyone has doubts in their hearts, including Xiao asking himself to be continued.
Chapter five hundred The Temple
There were 19 people who fell into Xinghai and went to the Sea Temple, but in the end, 15 people went back through the array. The other four people were killed on the spot by the Godsworn, but luckily the Godsworn saw it with his own eyes.
It’s nothing to die a fairy king, but every time a monk dies in this realm, it will cause a shock because there are too few fairy kings in Xinghai.
Although this result was expected before departure, it was still very heavy after coming back, so Nan Yunqing and others were able to make the gains of this trip public immediately, and those hard and precious materials could greatly fall into the Xinghai practice conditions, which finally made people feel better.
Then the people recovered and practiced for a while, and settled down temporarily.
Yu Xiao asked him to shock everyone. He had already been digested by everyone on his way back, but he didn’t have a reason to fall back to Xinghai. Until now, Xiao asked what was going on. He wanted to find out thoroughly first.
This afternoon, Xiao asked, sitting cross-legged on the bed, his mind gradually returned to the moment when he just got the ocean heart.
There is no doubt that he was experiencing the dual evolution of J and NG God’s body at the beginning, but he could concentrate on the same thing at other times because of the impact of both aspects. In that whole process, he was more focused on J and NG God.

Xiao Lingyu shook his head firmly and said, "I can give you a profit because I didn’t think of it at that time, but I certainly won’t be benefited by you again.///"

It’s impossible to let him go if he kills a young master of terms. If he kills another one, he can’t believe that Ji Hongxuan can settle the matter.
Qi Hongli wants his second brother to die, but his father Qi Zhenghao certainly doesn’t want this.
"In that case …"
JiHongXuan words to this suddenly toward Xiao Lingyu alongside of.seem to a palm.
But this time, when the palms are opposite, thick black toxic smoke poured out from the palm of Jihongxuan’s hand.
Xiao Lingyu’s first dark call was bad, and then he was ready to retreat, so that he didn’t expect those black poisonous smoke to drill into his body crazily, even though he had comparable artifact body defense, he could prevent these poisonous smoke from invading his body.
Fortunately, Xiao Lingyu is also a highly toxic body, with severe toxicity in his body. Even though these toxic fumes are more toxic than others, he can temporarily suppress the method and destroy his body.
But in this way, Xiao Lingyu’s state is greatly limited, and the toxic smoke is full of his body, which not only attacks him constantly, but also blocks his meridians and penetrates into the abdomen at the same time.
"How can he have such a fierce poisonous flame hidden in his body? Is it because he was wrapped in poison lotus?" Xiao Lingyu was amazed.
This Qi Hongxuan has not yet shown the strength of the monarch period, but he Li’s poisonous smoke and physical strength can already face the monarch period, and it is possible to kill the monarch period
"Brother Qi has the strength to kill yourself. Second brother will invite me?" Xiao Lingyu crush those poisonous smoke asked incredulously.
Qi Hongxuan didn’t rush to attack, but smiled and said, "After all, he is my second brother. Although I want him dead, I can’t do it myself. If I do it myself, I will rebel and put my family behind me. The most important thing is that I don’t want to expose my strength yet. How about Xiao Xiong’s willingness to join me now?"
Xiao Lingyu still shook his head and said, "Your own brother will murder me. I don’t trust you to be such a person."
Ji Hongxuan still smiles and says, "Sometimes I don’t choose."
Xiao Lingyu replied, "Whether you have a choice or not, don’t just pull others."
"Xiao Xiong in that case, then we can’t be friends in terror."
After some consideration, Xiao Lingyu decided to stay in Duhucheng.
But before going to town, he still sent a message to Xiong Meng asking where they are now.
Xiong Meng several people went to the VIP building to celebrate and then drank some drinks. Naturally, they went to the opposite side of the VIP building and asked for several rooms to meditate and rest. Now they are still in that store.
Xiao Lingyu put away Xunzhu and went into Duhucheng, and then it took several hours to squeeze into the store opposite the VIP building.
When I saw Xiong Meng again, Xiao Lingyu said, "I changed my mind. I decided to stay with you and build a mercenary group that is no worse than Tianchi Armored Group!"
"Ha ha, that’s great. Just now, we were still hesitating whether to take care of the mercenary group. Now that Xiao’s predecessors are willing to stay, we won’t consider it any more." Xiong Meng laughed happily.
"I wonder what made Xiao Xiong change his mind?" Static girl asked a very serious sample.
"As Zhang Hai said, it’s so lonely to walk alone in the divine world. One hero and three people help me suddenly want to find some helpers."
Xiao Lingyu smiled and explained, "Of course, I don’t want to benefit you or send you. I think a few people are still congenial and want to walk a little more with you. If this road is not smooth, Xiao Mou is willing to be a pioneer."
"Hey, hey, we believe in Senior Xiao!" Xiong Meng before rustic laughter way
"We plan that Xiao Xiong also knows if Xiao Xiong has any plans for coming back this time?" Static girl asked again
"I ask for a quick control of the butler’s mercenary group, but I can’t let the butler lose his attention to this mercenary group." Xiao Lingyu calmly tunnel.
Chapter 72 Filariasis mercenary group
? Chapter 72 Filariasis mercenary group
"I wonder what made Xiao Xiong change his mind?" Static girl asked a very serious sample.
"As Zhang Hai said, it’s so lonely to walk alone in the divine world. One hero and three people help me suddenly want to find some helpers."
Xiao Lingyu smiled and explained, "Of course, I don’t want to benefit …
Chapter 73 Opportunities are all created
? Chapter 73 Opportunities are all created
However, there is an exception to everything. Today, a deputy head of the delegation has something to do. He heard that a master of the Shenjun period has just joined the league and decided to challenge one on a whim.
In Xiao Lingyu, a figure appeared on the platform to prepare for the challenge, and the tribe on the top of the stone building slammed into the center of the platform.
Chapter 74 The airship was besieged
? Chapter 74 The airship was besieged
It is far from enough for housekeepers to gain a firm foothold in Duhucheng. They need to have their own armed forces and their own ways to make money. It is naturally the first choice for housekeepers at the beginning of their development to form a mercenary group that is both shocking and profitable.
Filariasis mercenary group can be said to be in charge of furniture …
Chapter 75 Ambush 1
? Chapter 75 Ambush 1
"According to the housekeeper’s information, these employers are a middle-class family member in Duhucheng. They may come out this time with a lot of magic stones and their family has collected them for many years. Their family originally had a strong mercenary group, but almost all the strong ones fell during the execution …
Chapter 76 Ambush 2
? 564 Chapter six hundred and sixty Ambush
? With the powerful output airship, it has been struggling for nearly three hours, but it still has not been surrounded by birds and beasts.
But the airship’s position at this time has a dazzling divine light foaming at the mouth.
The divine light with colorful glow, though not showing too much power, gives people a warm and solemn feeling.
"No wonder there are so many birds and beasts here. There is a situation here." Guan Yichuan squinted.
After watching it for a while, Guan Yichuan was a little moved. He felt that it was very likely that a high-ranking baby would be born, which was an opportunity for him and the housekeeper.
But with this thousand mercenaries, I didn’t come to take risks to get treasure, but in case of an accident in the execution, it will not only damage the name of the filariasis mercenary group, but also attract family censure, which is likely to bring this thousand people into danger.
But if you really get great benefits in the face, your position in the family will rise immediately. If you get the baby, you can be greedy for it alone …
Guan Yichuan’s mind is active, and his heart is entangled in what should be done.

"It’s really heroic that the North is too helpful to Garuda." The dwarf grabbed the table and suddenly slashed his ear with a knife.

Xiong has killed people and cut off other people’s ears in his life, but he never thought of cutting off his own ears to try it. Now he has tasted it, and it is not good.
"Now it’s your turn to cut. If you don’t cut, you can choose to throw in the towel and we’ll bet on the third game."
"It’s just one ear." Our hero was so malicious that he cut his ear and his eyebrows didn’t knit.
It’s a lot of money for Tang Tai to help a woman cut off her ear. The dwarf’s eyes suddenly showed cruelty and pleasure, and it felt like he was the overlord. He cut off this ear himself.
"It’s only one ear. Look at the price again." The dwarf suddenly slashed his left wrist with a knife.
Knife shining like snow.
This knife is obviously excellent, and the position of his knife is also excellent. It happened to be in the wrist. This knife didn’t cut the bone. It was very clever to unload a palm of your hand and spray blood on the ground. He quickly pulled out a piece of white cloth to wrap the broken wrist and didn’t wipe it. He laughed wildly and said, "Are you coming?"
Until this bully’s face finally changed, cutting his flesh and ears was nothing but pain for him, but it would definitely be a big discount for his martial arts if he cut his palm, which was really killing himself.
The dwarf looked like he knew you wouldn’t dare. He quipped, "You say you love her, but you don’t want her to pay like this three years ago, and you still do."
"Three years ago"
"Do you want to hear a story?" Perrin said slowly in a dignified tone in the dim candlelight. "A very strange, absurd and unruly story."
Cao Yiqi said, "You have to tell a story."
Perrin said, "You don’t want to listen to me. Haven’t you noticed that it’s getting harder and harder for us to breathe?"
No one talks about "breathing", but it doesn’t feel deep. When Perrin said this, Cao Yi also felt that breathing didn’t seem to be smooth, as if he couldn’t get enough oxygen every time he breathed. "How did this happen?"
"Because there’s not enough oxygen here," Perrin said in despair. "I calculated it and forgot that there would be not enough oxygen here."
"Oxygen" Cao Yi murmured, "This shouldn’t be. Is the stove mouth blocked again?"
Perrin said, "Don’t forget that this tunnel is very deep and the bottom of the stove is dusty. It is naturally difficult to circulate. In this case, it is very difficult to breathe oxygen for two people, so maybe we will be suffocated."
"suffocate" Cao yi suddenly said, "since you suffocate, why don’t you go out again?"
"I’d rather die if I go out and face that disgusting dwarf again," Perrin hated. "You can go out if you want, but if you escape and fall into the hands of that dwarf, you might as well die directly."
Cao Yi’s brow twisted into a Sichuan character.
"Before I die, I have a story that I want to tell myself if you don’t listen to it." Perrin said slowly. "My name is not Perrin. Perrin is a kind of grass. My name is Zhang Xiaolan."
Maybe she is desperate, maybe she has other thoughts, but it is a sad, bizarre and unbelievable experience to slowly reveal it in her cherry mouth.
Chapter three hundred and thirty Evil genes
Zhang Xiaolan’s name is not better than Perrin’s. It doesn’t have much cultural background, but it’s nice to shout and listen to Shu.
I heard her say in a strange voice, "I was born in an ordinary small town in the north. Although I look mixed-race, I am actually from China. My parents are both middle school teachers. They are strict and inflexible in my education, and I am also shy and conceited among my classmates."
Pretending to be lofty is the backbone of all China’s knowledge and also their sorrow, especially in this era, lofty is often insulted by the smell of copper.
"If I had followed this life drama, I might have taken the senior high school entrance examination, graduated from the university, and made a blind date. When I married a man, he was most likely a scholar and a child." She said that she had never lived in a strange and terrible way. "But it happened that when I was one year old, my parents died overnight in a foreign land. At that time, I didn’t know what to do. Who was the murderer? The police also hastily closed the case and lied that it was an accident."
"Can you imagine that a young girl suffered a tragic accident in an instant without help? From then on, I told myself that I had to be strong for life and revenge."
"Being strong, I’m afraid what she calls being strong is becoming evil," Cao Yi replied. "It turns out that her fickle and vicious character is caused by the shadow of her childhood."
"After ten years of exploration, I finally found out that the people who killed my parents in those days were too helpful."
Cao Yike can imagine what a girl needs to pay for taking a slow revenge. Fortunately, she can pay more than beauty, but he never imagined that she finally tracked down the person who turned out to be the overlord. He was surprised and said, "Isn’t the overlord your lover?"
Perrin Maybe she doesn’t want to be named Zhang Xiaolan before, but let’s call her Perrin. She said with a mocking look, "How can I get close to him if I don’t be his lover? How can I kill him if I don’t get close to him?"
Cao Yi thought carefully, "You say it makes sense. This is the best way."
To say that Cao Yi is absolutely not inferior to this Perrin from the perspective of interests, this is a good way, but I’m afraid Cao Yi can’t do this forbearance to commit himself to sleeping with an enemy.
"I shook hands with him for four years when I was sixteen, and three years ago when I was twenty."
Three years ago, three years ago, what happened three years ago will involve Perrin, Xiong and Dwarf. Oh, my god, three seemingly unrelated people. It was three years ago that the cause of this happened that led to today’s results.
Cao Yi said, "He saw through you and you ran away."
Perrin sneered at Cao Yi’s lack of imagination. She said, "He naturally didn’t see through my forbearance for many years. Just now, he had scruples in his heart. He looked heroic, but he was extremely suspicious. He didn’t really believe anyone and never spent the night in my room. But as the years passed, I grew more and more beautiful, and he became more and more obsessed with me. But I didn’t make a move once. I didn’t even dare to think that I would be a canary in my room. Even if you showed any signs, you shouldn’t have the word" death "in
Cao Yi is not surprised by this. After all, Garuda, who dominates the six roads, would have been eaten by people long ago if his scheming was not deep and his suspicion was not heavy. Just look at the copper face and the four girls’ means.
"But three years ago, he suddenly changed and took me everywhere to play. He took me to see him. He introduced me as his wife. He was willing to give me anything I wanted. People said that he was a lion and ate dragons and Dapeng birds, but I became a poodle in front of me." Here, her eyes turned gentle and affectionate, saying, "If you haven’t seen him, you won’t know how gentle and affectionate he is when he looks at me. Even a fire is submerged in his deep affection."
Cao Yi suddenly felt a strange feeling in his heart. He found that Perrin’s feelings had changed here. She had been miserable for many years. The man * * lived a life of humiliation, but one day he suddenly became everyone and had everything. Maybe the man who had ruined her before was still trampled on her feet. I’m afraid the change in her heart is an outsider’s imagination.
People are very strange animals. They hate their teeth when they see other people’s high positions, but once they are in power, they become idiots who don’t waste or corrupt.
"You guessed it." Perrin could see his mind from Cao Yi’s eyes. "I finally had a chance to kill him, but I just couldn’t do it."
Cao Yi looked at her coldly and said, "You can’t stop. You can’t stop. Once you stop, no matter whether you succeed or not, you will lose the status and scenery of that person. You can’t stop being modest. Your childhood parents’ love is long gone for you. You don’t want to die. People will give up everything."
Perrin was told by him that there was a hidden acne in her heart, but she didn’t become angry from embarrassment. She sighed, "You’re right, I really didn’t do it at that time. I really wanted to live like this. Anyway, people will die a hundred years later, and he will die. Even if I take revenge, then someone suddenly appeared in front of me and disrupted all this."
Cao Yi blurted out, "dwarf!"
"Yes," Perrin said, "but have you ever wondered what he means, why do people take such names?"
Cao Yi told the truth, "I don’t know that Jianghu says a lot about this man, but no one ever knows what his real name is."
Do you know who he is, where he comes from and what he likes to dig people’s hearts?
Perrin said, "Do you believe me if I say that he is my uncle and his surname is Zhang Zhang Xiaojun?"
"Uncle" Cao Yi said "I believe"


"What a fool?" He felt her hair judo.
"You have solved it for me." Her heart was soft and her face was ruddy.
He looked at her head with a light smile, then at her eyebrow eye. It was so quiet until she looked at each other, and then he spoke the melodious sound like a grand piano, which made people feel excited.
"I’m your husband. Naturally, I have a duty to solve everything for you unless I can."
"My gentle husband is the most important man in the world. You can have these two words."
Gently raise my hand, hook his neck, sip his lips and smile and tell him the fact.
She is subtle and active.
That kind of reserve is the best way to shape her.
She seldom goes into hysteria. She is quiet most of the time.
But this afternoon, she was probably really angry before she turned to Han Xi.
The most unhappy time for her during this period is the warmth, and this is it again.
No matter how big she is, she won’t be tempted by anything.
Even a small grievance of someone will make her want to draw a sword to help.
She has another sister, but he is more worried.
Worried about her extra work.
"So your score for me is still quite high." Teng always raises his eyebrows and makes people feel sweet in his jokes.
"Of course."
"Is it because you are in a good mood now that you get a high score and then you don’t look at me again when you are in a bad mood?"
He seems sincere but gentle, but his heart is a little tight.
I couldn’t help but look at him with black eyes. She loved his eyebrows most, and then raised her hand and gently held his face.
"Teng Yun, I don’t want that day for a generation."
It’s also true that she confides low.
She loves him very much. She knows that it will be her own generation’s regret to miss him. How can she be willing to miss him?
If I really let go that day, then the reason can be that I have to.
Because it’s all love, it’s like he would rather be wronged than tell her that he is afraid of losing another relative and forced to divorce her.
I’m afraid he was almost crazy when she was dying.
So the two of them hugged each other quietly for a long time before they suddenly remembered that what happened the next day after Anli and two girls went to trouble us that day was you?
Teng always squints slightly, as if thinking hard and then smiling lightly.
It’s a shallow smile that makes me feel tender. Teng always has a black belly and affirms that he did it.
"I did one."
"Punch people’s tires?"
Gentle …
"Cut their car."
"Teng, you are a public figure. You should make such a …"
"I want to take it out on you," he said affectionately
Be gentle, open your mouth and want to educate your husband and adults.
"But I didn’t do it myself. I heard that someone went to puncture the tire."
Gentle, I can’t believe that two famous men, black and white, actually climbed the wall to someone’s house by themselves after such a little thing …
"Are you angry? Angry that I didn’t go in person? "
"I …"
"I’ll go myself."
"You …"
"I love you dearly"
"You, you, you …" Tenderness was vomiting blood with anger.
"Do you know that in fact, Yun Xiang and Yun Jian taught the girl a lesson on the spot that day? I heard that you will be sent to the hospital. You will have to do something that big again. News reports have come out. If people know that it is you and Yun Jian, then you …"
"I don’t care. I don’t think he will care about wanting your heart."
She’s still worried. She almost laughed, but then she was worried.
Hey, what a heartbreaking man
"Don’t be so impulsive later."
Gentle low way is not just so stubborn.
"Okay, I promise," Teng always obediently.
It is particularly unacceptable.
Two people left the office building for dinner last night, but they met Su Jin and her boyfriend in the restaurant.
Su Jin was surprised when she saw her, but her eyebrows were surprised for a moment, and then she was quietly there, looking at Teng Yun and hanging her eyes.
Gentleness is also a lag, and then I nodded to the big star. People don’t think much of their gentleness. It is estimated that they have done excessive things to their girlfriends.
So I also understand that manager Teng is generous and so clever.
Light one is three words, but it makes people listen to it with a smile.
"Since it’s such a coincidence, let’s sit together."
Su Jin’s boyfriend said that Su Jin was nervous and turned to look at him, but the man smiled faintly.
Su Jin’s eyes are flashing with some complicated emotions, but he can’t see through tenderness, so he also quietly pays attention to it and doesn’t talk much
Anyway, she is the most outgoing person when these four people talk together.
So I knew that my situation was not so good and gentle, so I sat quietly beside my husband.
"Manager Teng, do you want a drink?"
"A cup of coffee" Teng always said lightly.
Gentle know him a drink, but because he wants a car.

Little Dragon, you can’t say that. You know we do ghost stories, but it’s always true. Believe this, you know better than we do. Black often looks at my face and says cautiously.

Hey, hey, you two know me quite well, but I still can’t go. I don’t believe you. You’re both ghosts. What’s so rare about telling a lie? I’m not stupid. Of course, I’m not going to die. My birthday has really reached the palace of hell, and it’s not a chopping block.
I know these two kids are afraid of me, and I know they can’t stand me sitting in bed and watching them in an ostentatious manner. I’m here, and my life is here. If you want, come and get it yourself.
Gangster Chang Ke Nai looked at me, and after two people had a small discussion, they often gathered in Bai Chang’s ear and said something, and Bai Chang turned around and walked through the door.
I frowned slightly. I don’t know what the hell these two guys are up to.
I can’t help but be vigilant in my heart, saying that these two guys have been doing ghosts for so long, and they are living in human beings. Is there any good idea?
You let Bai Chang go. Aren’t you afraid of being alone and me? I deliberately tested Heichang.
We also know that you don’t meddle in the water, don’t you? I haven’t done anything to you now. You can’t deal with me for no reason, can you? You are so bold that you dare to walk up to me without changing your face, but no matter how pale his white face is, it’s just like that. I don’t know if his heart beats faster.
I said that if I haven’t seen Brother Black for a few days, will your courage get bigger?
Black Chang has come to my bedside and sat down. I praised him for showing off in an ostentatious manner. Of course, I’m not a coward. I’m a hungry ghost. My stomach is small and my courage is not small.
Only then did I know that Laihei Chang was a starving ghost. No wonder this guy was always attracted by food when he first saw him.
I can’t help but be surprised when I look at the black and white. What was this black and white whispering just now? I was so afraid that I was suddenly not afraid of me. White often left, and I was not in a hurry to let me go to hell.
I thought that Bai Chang suddenly came back and had something in his hand. To be exact, it should be regarded as a soul. Everyone has three souls and seven spirits, but Bai Chang has a fine spirit in his hand.
My heart was shocked. I saw that spirit turned out to be Lin Sheng.
I understand that this black and white often tries to threaten me with this trick. No wonder the black often shows off in an ostentatious manner in front of me.
What do you two want? I asked warily, Lin Sheng’s birthday should not be over yet. You have taken away his spirit. You have violated the regulations on underground works, right?
Hei Chang looked at me, hey hey, laughed, and then said, if we can’t take Xiao Long Ye away, we have to be punished. We can’t stand Xiao Long Ye, so it’s good to find someone familiar with Xiao Long Ye to suffer with us.
I don’t have to gnash my teeth again. Looking at black and white often means risking my life this time. I don’t have the heart to think that Lin Sheng tearfully said that my grandfather and I were dead and regretted being stupid. This article should have lost my life and let Lin Sheng sacrifice his own life.
After all, I followed black and white often, and black and white often pulled my soul away before I let Lin Sheng’s soul go.
Black and white often say that because I’m not dead, I can’t see the way to the grave. Take the quick black cloth and cover my eyes.
Although I can’t see anything, I’m happy to hear from these two guys that I’m not dead yet, which means that the devil is really not here to kill me. I said, I don’t want to go to the grave yet. I’ll just take a walk outside
I think it’s great. What’s the walk to hell? It’s as bumpy as the countryside in the tens of years. I always feel like I’m stepping in a puddle, but I’m blindfolded. It’s dark in front of me. If I wasn’t supported by two ghosts, I’m really afraid I’d be killed alive.
In my heart, this is the way to die. Isn’t this cheat people? Is the hell on the moon? I thought to myself, it must be hard to build a road, and I have no money
I don’t know how long I’ve been gone, but fortunately, ghosts won’t be tired, otherwise I really think I’m exhausted, and I can’t help feeling sorry for black and white.
I have nothing to talk about when I’m chatting. I said, two ghosts, I’ve always been here, and it won’t be difficult to walk. I didn’t expect it to be so difficult to walk. It’s really hard for you two to survive all these years. Perseverance is so perseverance. I really admire it
Yes, I don’t even know how I got through it. Well, I come and go on this road every day, Black often said.
Little Dragon, it’s not that we don’t talk about people. You should know by now what we are threatening you. We’ve been doing this for so many years, and it’s really necessary to leave the opportunity. Don’t worry, we’ve done it. We all admire Little Dragon. He didn’t lie to you. The former terrifying wanted to kill you very much, but this time the terrifying did want to discuss something with you. We dare to make sure that Bai often got back together.
Talking with Black and White Chang all the way, I gradually learned that Black Love Chang and his two guys are not evil spirits, but they are kind and easy to get along with, and they can be friends if there is no conflict of interest.
In a short time, I became very intimate with Black and White.
Black and white often tell me a lot about their work, mostly about what kind of tricks they encounter, and when they say it, they will bring it to my head.
I didn’t know that black and white always admired me.
Bai often talks about himself and secretly hopes that he can be as good as me as a ghost, so it is easier to get up when it is difficult to play tricks.
I said with a smile, it seems that it’s really hard to do the ghost difference. You’ve been hooking people’s souls and prestige, and there’s a lot of bitterness behind them. I patted my chest and said, two big brothers, if you have any trouble, don’t come to me. Maybe I can handle those difficult tricks.
Brother Long, you said it, but it’s really a black and often exciting sound.
Of course, I’m serious. I’m never joking. I promised you something, that is, I promised to come back to me if I didn’t die. You can rest assured to come to me, I vowed