And he always pushed people out before Yan Xue, and now he can’t wait to put people in his arms so that no one can see that he has reached the point of sharing a bed, although the two have not broken through the last line of defense.

Yan Xue doesn’t have no feelings for Xiao Jin, but she can’t accept Xiao Jin’s attitude. Everything is in his charge. So what does he think of himself as a plaything?
Now that he is well, he feels qualified to be by his side. If he is seriously injured again, will he have to push himself out as before? This kind of love is like a castle in the middle, and it may collapse at any time. How could she sink in?
Just as Yan Xue was immersed in her thoughts, Xu Lihao said to Xiao Jin, "Please let go of my sister, men and women. Don’t you know?"
Owl Jin’s eyes flashed with murder. "This is something we don’t have outsiders to intervene in." Xu Lihao ignored those who raised their hands and played against Owl Jin. If you like someone, you should give her enough respect. Where did this bastard know that Yan Xue was respected?
Although Xu Lihao can’t beat Xiao Jin, how can Yan Xue look at Xu Lihao and help him deal with Xiao Jin because Yan Xue makes Xiao Jin look even uglier?
Seeing that Xiao Jin’s palm was about to hit Xu Lihao, Yan Xue was in the way. Xiao Jin narrowly withdrew his palm. His eyes were scared and he shouted at Yan Xue, "Did you even care about your life if you killed him?"
Yan Xue said lightly, "He saved my life. I naturally won’t watch him get hurt. Don’t you have business to talk about? I won’t participate. "
Yan Xue finished pulling Xu Lihao and left to stay alone. Did Xiaoxue already choose Xu Lihao? Since when does Xiaoxue regard another man as so important?
Yan Xue took Xu Lihao out of the house and let go of his sleeve. She said to Xu Lihao, "You!
Said, "You don’t want him to care about him, he is a pervert." Xu Lihao knew as soon as you listen that she could save herself because she owed him a favor, but she was sincere in maintaining Xiao Jin.
Xu Lihao couldn’t tell whether he was disappointed or sorry, and finally asked gently, "Have you accepted him?"
Yan Xue didn’t answer for a long time. They had been sitting silently in the corridor until Xu Li Hao couldn’t answer. When she couldn’t answer, she heard Yan Xue gently say, "I don’t know." She didn’t know how she felt about Xiao Jin and knew that Xiao Jin wouldn’t let go. If both of them were alive, they would entangle.
Xu Lihao smiled and gently rubbed her hair and said, "If you don’t want to be white, don’t think about it. Let Brother Yi give it to you. If he can’t meet the requirements of Brother Yi, Brother Yi won’t let him marry you."
Yan Xue listened and smiled. "Thank you, Brother Li. Maybe I don’t know what love is yet, but I know that I feel very at ease to have a righteous brother like you." Xu Lihao giggled because of Yan Xue’s words.
Just when they were both relaxed, a voice suddenly sounded, "Do you think you can catch up with your girlfriend with this smile and stupidity?"
Xu Lihao immediately got up because of this abrupt sound, and Yan Xue was protected behind him. The martial arts must be here. Xu Haolang said, "It’s not a hero’s fault to hide his head and expose his tail."
The crisp sound sounded again, "We didn’t hide our heads and tails when we came. We were sunbathing on the roof. It’s true that you have to come here to talk and disturb our sunbathing."
Xu Lihao and Yan Xue looked up at the roof at the same time and saw a man and a woman sitting leisurely on the roof looking at their looks and temperament, and they knew that they had a lot of connections, which made Yan Xue strange. She felt that the speaker was very familiar.
It is said that Feng Zhu Xuan Re Yan Xue lived together almost day and night when they were at the base, but Yan Xue was always protecting Feng Zhu because of Feng Zhu and Xuan Re, and she had some complaints about both of them, so she didn’t know enough about them.
Phoenix bamboo and Xuan can recognize things with one eye, but in Yan Xueshen, she has to pass repeated verification to be sure
At this time, Yan Xue felt that this woman was very familiar, but she had not guessed that the bearer was Xuanre Yan Xue and said lightly, "Excuse me for sunbathing? Don’t you know that you come to see the thief uninvited? " These two people may be sent by which forces to spy on the news.
XuanRe ha ha smiled "inn is not to welcome visitors? We should be guests when we come here! "
"I haven’t heard of the people who closed the inn. They are still guests. Advise the two to leave or don’t blame us for asking the two to leave." The cold eyes in Yan Xue’s eyes flashed, and it seems that the two men are more severe. When the time comes, they will stall them and let Li Dage call someone.
"Stubborn crazy wife and princess want to escape" generation elder sister 13
Xuanyuanchao law stipulates that men can only take concubinage when they are thirty, except for the royal family, which has opened branches and scattered leaves. However, it happened that just after passing through, Yunyan Ning was married to Taitai, so Yunyan Ning was divorced and constantly struggled in the road of having an affair with an almond.
Disrupting the marriage of the concubine, ruining the marriage of the famous imperial palace, making the palace smoky, and still not moving, so Yunyan Ning used his killer weapon.
It is said that the Seven Emperors adored the Princess Taifei but accidentally ran to the bed of the Seven Emperors. When someone broke in, she had the strength to say, "I should be divorced this time!"
The man who had been lying beside her turned over and said with a smile, "It’s only natural that husband and wife share the same bed. How did Taifei know that I was resting here with my seventh brother tonight?"
Cloud inkstone coagulation horrified to see the ghost too "help! 138 show love!
Seeing Xuanre and Yan Xue’s explosive war, the ghost deep sitting beside Xuanre said to Xuanre, "You can’t beat her." Looking at Yan Xue’s breath, the ghost deep knew that Xuanre’s ordinary people’s physique was definitely not a move in her hands.
Xuanre looked at Ghost Deep with disdain. Who said she was going to fight in person? She’s not stupid enough to know that there are a lot of troubles in this world. She looks like a weak woman, and maybe she can kill herself in an instant, unless she’s stupid enough.
Xuanre said "Come" to the ghost deep behind. In Yan Xue and Xu Lihao’s stupefaction, Xuanre has taken a big step back, waiting to see that the ghost deep will beat Yan Xue out of the water and not hit a woman. If Xuanre can’t think of it, it’s okay for the ghost deep to not hit a woman except her.
Ghost deep looked at Xuan Re move suddenly corners of the mouth a smoke, how could he forget if he never disturbed routines to play cards! If you look forward to looking at yourself, Yan Xue said, "We’re here to find Fengzhu and friends of Chongyang Mountain."
Chongyang Mountain? Know friends from Chongyang Mountain? Yan Xue looked at the temperament of the two people, and it cleared up like a mist in his mind. Yan Xue kept a close eye on Xuanre’s hard work!
Yan Xue jumped at Xuanre with a blink of an eye. Yan Xue reacted too suddenly and moved too fast, and immediately he came to Xuanre.
In front of Xuanre, the ghost deep has also been blocked, but I don’t know how Yan Xue did it. I have no strength to bypass him in front of Xuanre. For so many years, the ghost deep has never been so flustered. If something happens again in front of your face, he will be crazy.
Ghost deep suddenly turned back to Yan Xue, but when he turned his head, he was shocked. In his eyes, Xuanre had always been weak and stopped Yan Xue.
However, I still see Yan Xue afraid of things in Ruoruo’s hands for a moment, but I am riding to Ruoruo’s body for a moment. Two women are full of images. You scratch me, I catch you, and it’s a pleasure to roll on the ground. How many people have never seen the world in Ghost Deep and Xu Li Hao? However, at this time, they are white-faced.
Xu Lihao, you worship the goddess and roll around in the image of Di Hao. He really doesn’t know what kind of expression to put on!
Yu Mingyuan also has a stroke at this time. Since if she wakes up, she has been refreshing her own acceptance of the law. He is surprised at the beginning and can calmly watch.
"Ah … how dare you grab my hair? I’ll spell it for you." Xuanre was combed neatly by Ghost Deep. At this time, the ancient women’s hair has been scattered, and it is no different from the crazy woman when it is scattered.
"Catch your hair or light, I can’t wait to dismember you ten thousand pieces of Xuanre. How did I offend you with Yan Xue? Do you know that I was almost raped because of your bad drama? " Yan Xue killed Xuan Re at this time.
She was calculated by the enemy, and that’s what she thought until she died. Whoever wanted to harm her turned out to be her closest friend. If she didn’t know Xuanre, she would have become a sworn enemy if she had been someone else.
Xuanre pushes Yan Xue, who is riding on her body, and then rides to her body. She thinks that there is a queen fan squinting at Yan Xue. In fact, at this time, there is no queen fan in her long hair.
"Are you almost raped? You almost raped a man. Pay attention to the order. Please don’t reverse black and white! " Xuanruoyi’s words said that he was not afraid of big things, but he didn’t expect the conversation between the two to be heard by Xiao Jin, who came out of the house.
Xiao Jin, although he has been growing up together for a long time, how could Yan Xue have such an experience? However, when he heard that Yan Xue was almost defiled, he burst into blood and gas and regarded Yan Xue as a treasure. How could he accept Yan Xue being calculated like this?
Owl Jin’s eyes are full of murder, so he will kill Xuanre. However, when he moves instantaneously, he is stopped by the ghost deep. How can he let him go of murder and fight together without saying anything?
Fengzhu came out to see Xuanre and Yan Xuehao rolling around the corner of her mouth. She couldn’t help but say, "Go away again, you two will be gone. If you don’t mind if there are a few men watching, just forget it."
Women never fight according to the routine. When Yan Xue pinched Xuan Ruo’s neck, Xuan Ruo took the opportunity to tear off her belt. When Xuan Ruo pulled Yan Xue’s hair, Yan Xue tore off her collar. Xuan Ruo’s slender neck was exposed, and even the pink underwear was faintly visible inside.
Fengzhu words Xuanre and Yan Xue naturally don’t care about sunbathing on the beach in a bikini triangle in modern times, which is also a common thing. Now they just tear off their coats. How can they care?
However, these two people don’t care about people who care about them naturally. When they heard this, Ming Yuan and Xiao Jin played happily. Then they instantly separated and tore the ground apart. When everyone looked at it again, they wore a man’s coat respectively.
Phoenix bamboo see two people or with black-eyed light said, "have you had enough? If there is nothing, then rest assured that I will not let others stop you. "
Although the tone of Fengzhu is light, it is obvious that the two people have some scruples about Fengzhu’s words. The trio has been accustomed to listening to Fengzhu’s orders for a long time in the past. They no longer stare at each other and put aside their faces like lazy eyes, and they have to spit out overnight meals.
Ghost deep and owl Jin talk to phoenix bamboo. Xuanre and Yan Xue are like children who have made mistakes and have been reprimanded by adults. Generally, they can’t help but look at phoenix bamboo. Although they are not unhappy, they also reveal discomfort.
Fengzhu didn’t care, but Xuanre and Yan Xue quit. Xuanre stared at Mingyuan and said, "What’s your look?" Yan Xue also said faintly to Xiao Jin, "You men had better stay cool when it comes to women!"
What else can Mingyuan and Xiaojin do? I am rejected by my own women, but I dare not complain anymore. Who makes the women around me my God? How dare they make them unhappy!
Xu Zhongyong looked at the ghost deep and owl Jin, and the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but become warped. But the phoenix bamboo around him was like an induction. Although he didn’t speak, his eyes were white. It means that you are cool and stay there!
Xu Zhongyong touched the nose and saw the eyes of Ghost Deep and Xiao Jin gloating. He also despised it back.
Fengzhu said to Xuanre, "Come in and talk!" When they re-entered the house, Ghost Deep consciously found a comb and looked at Xuanre elegantly. Obviously, he is used to doing this kind of thing.