"well! To tell the truth is really just’ a little believe’ and can’t believe it yet. "

Lin smiled and said, "Then let me tell you something that will make you sure that I am the thing!" "
Bing Lian also smiled and said, "You try!"
Lin Bao smiled and said, "Do you believe that the nutrient solution formula is for me to go out?"
"I believe this!" Binglian said, "You said you had other nutrient solution formulas, which is easy to verify. There is no lie."
Lin asked, "Do you know how many people have eaten this nutrient solution formula now?"
I don’t know! Binglian replied very directly, "But there are certainly thousands of people who have eaten it."
Lin continued to ask, "How many people will eat it in a year or two?"
"By that time, it is estimated that everyone on this planet will have eaten it," said Bing Lian. "Of course, this means that there will be no more nuclear explosions. If we continue like this, it will take a year or two, and we will not find enough materials to configure this nutrient solution in a few months."
"In this era, the energy device of the armored robot is a nuclear reactor … I’m afraid some players don’t know that if the prisoner base doesn’t know it," Lin has figured it out. At that time, the fifty-five criminals fled immediately after seeing the armored robot, which proved this thing. Otherwise, there were just fifty-five of them who knew that Lin said, "The nuclear explosion was caused by nearly one hundred nuclear explosions by players, and hundreds of players died … Although it may continue to happen, it will definitely not be supported as frequently as this one or two months."
"That’s true!" Ice lotus also wants to understand that "I’m afraid everyone will have eaten this nutrient solution by that time."
"This nutrient solution is poisonous!"
When Lin said this, he spoke in the same tone as before. It seemed that it was not a big deal, but it was a stormy wave when it fell into the ears of Bing Lian. Not only Bing Lian, but even Lin, who had never spoken, was greatly shocked.
Bing Lian asked, "Is it really poisonous?"
Lin nodded "well! This matter is also easy to confirm, isn’t it! "
"And you are?"
Bing Lian knows all about the first three special trainings, especially the second special training. Lin finally won because he got a base and buried several bombs in the base. Although it was not a bomb, it made no difference.
Being able to make this kind of foresight in special training … She knows that there are thinking roots that can be done in players, which is not a normal player’s thinking. If it is placed in ordinary games, it is a player who destroys the normal operation of the game and the balance of the game.
In reality, there will be such a person, but there will be no such player in the game!
In her opinion, it is the only one!
"hmm!" Lin smiled and said, "Did you believe it this time?"
"Don’t believe it?" Ice lotus said, "What do you want to tell me about this? Want to control me to help you? "
Lin shook his head and said, "Do you still need to show my identity to control you to help me? Need to expose my big plan? "
Bing Lian wondered, "Then who are you?"
Lin said, "I want you to help me, not to control you to help me, but to help me, you must trust me and I must trust you. If I can prove that I am, you will definitely believe me, won’t you!"
"That’s true!" Bing Lian said, "If Long Zhi had not been controlled to delete the number, then Long Zhi would have won the individual track competition … If you can give the championship to your partner, you will definitely be a trustworthy person. You will never betray your partner from the perspective of interests!"
"hmm!" Lin said, "There are three awards this time. If you want the first one, it’s you!" "
"What?" Ice lotus couldn’t believe what she heard.
Lin asked, "What what?"
"What will you give me the first reward? What will choose me? " Bing Lian can’t believe this kind of good thing will fall on her.
"First of all …" Lin turned to look at his life and said, "If it weren’t for you, my wife would have been eliminated. If it were someone else, my wife would have experienced more suffering. For me, my wife is definitely more important than this special training award!"
"Is she really your wife?" Now that Binglian believes in Lin’s identity, she also doubts her life identity, which has to make people doubt … Lin’s identity is no secret now. Lin is a clone, and now she has fled to the universe and I don’t know where to hide. Moreover, Lin is alone from the earth. How can there be an extra wife coming out?
Lin nodded. "Hmm!"
Bing Lian asked, "In reality?"
Lin continued to nod. "Hmm!"
Bing Lian said, "Did you leave the earth alone?"
Bing Lian was stunned when she heard this definite answer. She is also a smart person. Then she said, "No wonder there is such a simple player in this special training who was originally a clone like you … made by the God Corps?"
"It must be your reward!"
Bing Lian turned the topic to the topic and said, "Just because I helped her, are you willing to give me the first reward?"
"Yes!" Lin said with a smile, "but it’s only if we can hold on until the end and get a reward!" The second reason I chose you is because you can put those np together, which proves that you have enough ability. The third reason … "
"There is a third reason?" What’s the correspondence between ice lotus and ice lotus is one reason.
Lin said, "Of course, the third reason is because of you. You entered this special training alone, and there is no partner in this special training."
"eh!" Bing Lian asked, "How do you know this?"
"I can see that …" Lin said, "It is impossible for special training players and players to be arranged together after entering, but after entering special training, there will be a way to connect. In this place where there is no communication tool, either you come to me or I will come to you … If you want to find someone, you have to agree on a secret code, but I haven’t found any secret code around here."
"So it is!" Bing Lian asked, "Is there anything else?"
Lin said, "the fourth reason is a non-reason, because you are a woman and I chose you as my partner!" "
Ice lotus is very strange "because I am a woman? What is the reason? "
Lin explained, "I don’t have a mutation to be seen by other players. Even if I don’t, I will be suspected of being targeted by all other players … but you are different. You are a woman and you can’t be suspected of being mutated because of you. You are normal and won’t be targeted too much! And with my help, when everyone has eaten this nutrient solution for a while, you will be an enemy player and prisoners will not be your opponents! "
Ice lotus carefully thought about a … If everyone ate this nutrient solution, they were poisoned.
I just thought of Binglian when I met a key question and asked, "What is this nutrient solution poison?"
Lin said, "It’s a lethargic poison!"
"Sleeping toxic?" Bing Lian’s eyes are full of doubts. Obviously, she doesn’t know much about this technical term.
Lin said, "In short, you have eaten a lot of this toxic nutrient solution, but in fact, you are not poisoned. A little chemical will remain in your body. If another substance enters your body through your nose or mouth, it will produce a chemical reaction to produce a highly toxic substance!"
"So that’s it!"
Ice lotus, this is the meaning of poisoning in Linkou. That’s how the enemy in Linkou came.
Suddenly Binglian laughed and looked at Lin and said, "But I haven’t promised to help you. Why did you tell me so much? Are you so sure that I will help you? "
Chapter three hundred and twelve Towards the end!
"Are you so sure that I will help you?"
Hear this sentence ice lotus Lin smiled "ha ha! To be honest, I really can’t think of the reason why you don’t help me. Give me one if you have something to say! "
It’s Binglian’s turn to be upset. When Lin saw Binglian frowning and flashing her eyes, she knew that Binglian would definitely help herself. Now she just doesn’t want to be dominated by Lin in words.
Looking at Binglian’s distressed look, Linkou said, "I can give you the biggest benefit from the actual benefit. You can’t refuse it on the benefit side. If you want to be famous, if you can live to the end, it will prove that you have defeated me. Although your fame is rapidly rising among ordinary players, you can become famous in the circle of experts!"
After a pause, Bing Lian didn’t refute Lin Cai. "This is special training. The most important thing is training. Sometimes you can train … If you are with me, you can get a lot. Otherwise, your life expectancy will not exceed ten years!"
Bing Lian was surprised. "Is there something wrong with this mutation?"
"What about you?" Lin said, "Are you really that kind of mutant?"? It is no secret that genetic variation leads to cell variation and the enhancement of body function will inevitably lead to the acceleration of cell metabolism and the decrease of body cell life span! "
"…" Ice lotus leng a she really don’t know this.
Lin looked at Binglian in surprise and said, "You don’t even know this?"
"eh!" Ice lotus nu way "it’s not what common sense is less to get access to the university … if I read a good word still need to play games! Make a fuss! "