"Well, just take these guns away for a while. Xia Fei, protect some dancers and don’t let her get hurt."

"Five …" Matthews is still counting firmly.
Li Wei said, "Let’s go!" Should walk towards the other end of the strip and ignore the police more than 20 meters away behind him.
"Dadada ….." The man in the overhead helicopter pointed a short shot at Levi’s foot. Levi raised his hand and pointed a finger at the mountain to shoot him and said, "If you shoot at my head, it won’t be the result."
Matthews had just counted "two", and two people had seen Levi shoot the finger and could not help but pull the trigger.
Make a big shot in a flash!
The gun lasted less than five seconds and was replaced by a scream. The five people were still there without a trace of scars.
Xia Fei said, "This time we gave you a warning! If someone shoots again, people will not only be injured. "
Five people walked on, no one shot them, and the police in front of them were afraid to give them the searchlight of the helicopter overhead on the road.
Xia Fei turned around and held his strange gun in his hand and said, "Don’t follow us or I’ll shoot you down." He hit the position of two helicopters with one shot and burst into a big basketball fire.
"Remember that we will hand over the real murderer to you at 12 noon in new york tomorrow, and we will forward the cloth through other channels."
The on-site police and FBI agents were surprised that the five men seemed to have taken a few steps forward but disappeared from their eyes!
In less than half an hour, reports on this matter have been overwhelming.
"Qin Shang appeared in new york, and nearly 100 policemen played against’ FBI’ personnel!"
"Seventy-six policemen and agents were injured, Qin wounded and his entourage left safely in the encirclement."
"A senior FBI official who asked not to be named revealed that all the injured people were shot from their own guns!"
"Qin Shang announced that he would hand over the real murderer to the police at twelve o’clock tomorrow!"
"Qin Shang challenges the US FBI to lose face!"
"People or Spider-Man?"
Levi has come to a residential area with sea view on Long Island.
Later, he expected that the man named Gus Bloodwings might contact the rest of the Field family after listening to Bill’s words, but he didn’t expect that he had a few drinks in that Bloodwings bar and then went dancing in another music bar.
Li Weihao decided to pick up this guy named Bill first.
It’s not bragging that this guy likes to collect beautiful women. There are more than a dozen women in Li Weixian’s huge villa, and there are actually two or three in the room. At this moment, Bill’s fat body is lying with two graceful golden girls crawling around his fat.
There were thirty blood wing bodyguards in the villa!
Levi thought it was the right time.
Since the formation of the soul purple sea, Li Wei has never felt the fullness of the soul before. He knows that his soul power can be high and the fastest way is to refine the soul.
But now Levi, after all, didn’t just come to this world when he didn’t want to kill those ordinary people, even if those people sometimes provoked him, for example, he let go of the ten people who went to Yu Chengguang’s new hotel to collect the protected area and didn’t kill these policemen today. These people are just executing orders.
But these blood-winged people are different. They are not ordinary people. If Levi wanted to kill Bill, these bodyguards would not be alive. In Levi’s pre-world, they were called Gateways because they were orcs living in the Ga temur Mountains.
Just a little more advanced than Warcraft!
Even if there is no reason for Levi to kill them, there will be no psychological burden
Butchers don’t feel uneasy about slaughtering cattle and sheep.
Besides, these cattle and sheep in Levi’s heart dare to provoke him now!
He needs all the bodyguards of these souls, and he did it himself, except for two bodyguards who punched three times.
Li Wei didn’t have a bodyguard with blood spirit now. Before he remembered, he caught the blood wing man in HaiWenQuan Villa and said that only with the strength of an earl can he be concise. It seems that none of these bodyguards has the strength of an earl!
Levi was sitting on a huge sand, and Qin Yu had come out naked except for his head, which was a pile of meat.
"Do you know who I am?" Levi looked at the shivering fat and trembled wildly. Bill asked, "Dancing has fallen behind."
Bill certainly knows who is in front of him, and now he hasn’t changed his appearance. He regrets saying those words in the bar.
"Know you, you are from China to hurt you, you don’t kill me! I won’t go to China. I really dare not go. Let me go and I will give you 300 million dollars! "
He seems to think that more money matches his life value.
Levi doesn’t want to kill him yet, and he needs to testify in the future.
"Now you tell me where the Field family’s lair is?" To find the murderer before twelve o’clock, no, it’s past midnight, or rather before twelve o’clock today. The easiest way to find the murderer is to find their lair.
"Their family is not based here. It’s in Britain. It’s just two hundred years since they came to the United States. I know they have a castle in Boston. I’ll tell you where you let me go."
Li Wei said, "No, you take us. If we can’t find a place, I’ll take you to take the fall!" "
Bill shouted, "It wasn’t me. I know it was Gus who killed him. That guy was called a genius’s favorite killer by his family. He must have killed him!" "
Levi ignored his cry and let Qin Yu take him away.
Outside Novi Castle, Qin Yu knocked Bill unconscious and threw him to the ground.
This is an excellent place to find. A few kilometers ahead is the sea, and there is this castle in dozens of miles.
But the defense here is extremely tight. Li Weixian is not a big castle, and there are more than 70 people.
In fact, Levi didn’t know that half of the guards came from the British family station in these two days.
Five people is really troublesome for seventy people!
Li Wei asked Xia Fei, Wu Mei and Qin Ye to form a triangle around the castle one kilometer away. He and Qin Yu will dive in from two directions.
There are more good practices.
It’s a pity that Li Wei is a little greedy. He not only wants to kill people, but also wants to refine his soul. As a result, he was killed until the eleventh, and then he was found. With a scream, his bloody wings fluttered in the air.
"What person?" A few people are yelling and asking.
Levi didn’t answer. Pack up the sneak attack on the black Bi Teng and take out the dragon dazzle silver gun in his hand. Then he will chop off three blood-winged people!
Shape more don’t stop helicopter to higher school than this group of blood wing people to cross the gun and stop.
At this time, the party came to scream again and again, and in the former Qin Yu, it was not now. At this time, everyone was attracted by Li Wei, and Qin Yu floated around with him and cut off the heads of more than ten blood-winged people before someone showed him.
Can take advantage of the chaos Qin Yu and strong into the blood wing people left and right, and cut four blood wing people in the dagger!
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The third volume Four Seas Surprised Chapter III
The third volume Four Seas Surprised Chapter III